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FULL MOON EROTICA by Reverend Goddess Charmaine, The Sensuous Mystic

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March, 2012: The Final Chapter for Full Moon Erotica

Dear Full Moon Erotica Fans:
For six years now, we have all enjoyed Rev. Goddess Charmaine's
Full Moon Erotica as part of her ritual of honoring Great Goddess.
However, all good things must come to an end.

First time in print!
Please enjoy the stories archived here whenever you
desire. And now, you may also enjoy the book,
The Goddess Scrolls: Sacred Erotic Tales,
a collection of the best Full Moon Eroctica stories, and also gifted with a special bonus erotic story,
Rise of the Underground City.

Beginning with April's full moon, Rev. Goddess Charmaine will bring sacred erotic prayers, affirmations, and blessings for the body and spirit –
and for lovers!

Order your copy of The Goddess Scrolls: Sacred Erotic Tales today!

Installment LXVI: The Full Snow Moon - February 2012
Acts of Sex
Installment LXV: The Full Wolf Moon - January 2012
The Wine of Sex - Part II
Installment LXIV: The Full Cold Moon - December 2011
The Wine of Sex - Part I
Installment LXIII: The Full Beaver Moon - November 2011
Yoni Getaway
Installment LXII: The Full Harvest Moon - October 2011
Harvesting Desire
Installment LXI: The Full Hunter Moon - September 2011
Sweet Goddess of Mercy
Installment LX: The Full Sturgeon Moon - August 2011
Ecstatic Union! A Tale of Erotic Bliss
Installment LIX: The Full Thunder Moon - July 2011
Anal Portal Power
Installment LVIII: The Full Strawberry Moon - June 2011
The Bliss Breath Anointing
Installment LVII: The Full Flower Moon - May 2011
Yoni/Lingam Love in the Sky
Installment LVI: The Full Pink Moon - April 2011
Vibrational Love: The Eros of Sound - Part I
Installment LV: The Full Worm Moon - March 2011
Installment LIV: The Full Snow Moon - February 2011
The Love Journey
Installment LIII: The Full Wolf Moon - January 2011
Installment LII: The Full Cold Moon - December 2010
The Eros of Dharma
Installment LI: The Full Beaver Moon - November 2010
Installment L: The Full Hunter Moon - October 2010
Tantric Thoughts
Installment XLIX: The Full Harvest Moon - September 2010
Chapter 4, Verse 22
Installment XLVIII: The Full Sturgeon Moon - August 2010
The Great Naked - Part II
Installment XLVII: The Full Buck Moon - July 2010
The Great Naked - Part I
Installment XLVI: The Full Strawberry Moon - June 2010
Invocation of the Erotic Spirit
Installment XLV: The Full Flower Moon - May 2010
Circle of Love
Installment XLIV: The Full Pink Moon April 2010
Yes! Great Goddess - A Ritual
Installment XLIII: The Full Worm Moon - March 2010
Yoni Puja
Installment XLII: The Full Snow Moon - February 2010
My Sadhana
Installment XLI: The Full Wolf Moon - January 2010
Sacred Sexual Salvation
Installment XXXX: The 2009-2010 Blue Moon - New Year's Eve 2009
In Service of the Goddess
Installment XXXIX: The Full Cold Moon - December 2009
Natural Urges - A True Full Moon Encounter!
Installment XXXVIII: The Full Hunters Moon - November 2009
She comes in beauty...
Installment XXXVII: The Full Harvest Moon - October 2009
Lingam Love - Fall Harvest Ritual
Installment XXXVI: The Full Corn Moon - September 2009
Drinking from the Fountain of Youth
Installment XXXV: The Full Sturgeon Moon - August 2009
The Water Wizard Lover
Installment XXXIV: The Full Buck Moon - July 2009
The Sacred Medium
Installment XXXIII: The Full Strawberry Moon - June 2009
My Womb (A Rant)
Installment XXXII: The Full Flower Moon - May 2009
Eternal Exctasy
Installment XXXI: The Full Pink Moon - April 2009
Private Enlightenment
Installment XXX: The Full Worm Moon - March 2009
The Cleansing of Officer Bradley
Installment XXIX: The Full Snow Moon - February 2009
The Goddess Eclipse
Installment XXVIII: The Full Wolf Moon - January 2009
Pleasure for Prosperity - Worshiping Your Lover

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Installment LXV: The Full Wolf Moon - January 2012
Acts of Sex

This full moon offering: Seven Acts of Sex for Universal Healing and Empowerment for all....

Acts of Sex

Acts of Connection, increases my blood flow and my swollen loins pulse with the heartbeat of mutual joy and strength in all relationships. May my act and need to live connected with others bring dripping love trickles of bliss in my body with whom I share it with.

Acts of Abundance, allows me to have a great supply of wetness, hardness of loins and my more than enough vibration continues to increase in health and sexual power for me and others.

Acts of Prosperity, expands my favorable love vibration with all those I come in contact with. I share the success of my sexual ability and my gift of seed and juice evolves in energetic and material wealth for all.

Acts of Sensuality, experiences the deep pleasures of my body with fucking sucking licking kissing and to penetrate for the love of all sensual delicious beings. I love for the spirituality of others.

Acts of Nurturing, includes spiritual sexual self love time. The enjoyment of food, never eating in a rush and find my orgasmic voice with food. Time for educating myself about the world and how I want to share my body and purpose! And everyday and in every way seeing and feeling the pleasure in all that I choose to do.

Acts of Desire, keeps me evolving and encourages my sexual appetite. I desire love, I desire, penetration, I desire the smell of another, I desire life.

Acts of Unity, each time we merge our body with our related parts it magnetizes our oneness for all life to harmony. And the ongoing continuity of purpose. To Unite all life beings in which every universal personal relationship they desire and choose for themselves is honored. All unions are accepted as the first ones understanding of mutual sexual enhancement of spiritual and physical love comes in various forms of human worship.

Incorporating these acts of sex by consciousness and behavior allows you the transformation of your body spirit and sexual evolution, for us all.

– Goddess Blessings

Installment LXV: The Full Wolf Moon - January 2012
The Wine of Sex - Part II

As I long to give her all of me. To tell her everything there is to know of my desire for her! My truth is all I want is to drown myself in her liquid wet pussy love. Nothing else exists in this now for me! That is my truth. Her...

Her eyes, her tongue, her neck, her hair, her smell, her legs, her ass, her arms, her everything, her life energy, is all I can worship in this moment. This full moon empowers me to be devoted to this woman!

I am drunk in her embrace and my cock follows with deep passionate abandon as I look into her eyes and I see her. I see her liquid eyes dance through my body and I tremble in wait for our union.

Yes, she whispers....yes, slide into me now she begs, and I deliver!

I dip my longing dripping cock ever waiting into her luscious yoni. She is so warm wet and deep. I stroke in her womb universe and receive the trembling tingles of ache crawling up my spine. I am thrusting and traveling throughout her body. She breathes and I catch her breath between my lips.

We kiss ….....

My desire for wine is my desire for her. I realize now, that every time I have ever had a glass of wine, it was my need for sex. My need for liquid goddess pussy! My need for her! For her, tonight on this full moon, I understand the connection of all that we do eat and drink and live in worship at all times.

All for this moment. To be in her body in her union in my goddess wine of sex! I am in love with her!

I embrace his weight on top of me and receive his lingam gift deep inside of my body. I feel his words with each of his thrusts. His love and his wanting of me travels as our bodies rock in harmony. As I reveal more of myself to him as we fuck tightly and deeply all emotion begins to fly from me as I experience sensations of ecstasy through the hungry passions flowing between us.

My legs spread wide as I caress his body and squeeze his ass firmly as he thrusts. I look into his eyes and I want to penetrate him the way he penetrates my deep red pussy now! I stroke my fingers along his back and ass and I grab his ass tighter and force his body deeper into mine and as I am able to do this I find my fingers crawling up and down his ass crack and I desire to slide my finger into his ass and I do so! I press into his ass while he thrusts into my body and our eyes lock and my breath shoots out of my mouth into his and he swallows my soul into his in agreement as my finger pushes deeper into him.

The pleasure of her finger in my ass causes an immediate eruption from my cock! I jerk and look deeply into her eyes as I spill my sperm into her womb.

I am out of control with my juice surrendering to her touch. I pump and pump my body into her and I feel as if my ass is drawing up into her body and that my whole self is being sucked into her wonderful body universe. I want to disappear in her life-force.

As he comes forcefully into me the emotions fully rise out of me and I begin to cry and shake as he holds me and buries himself even deeper into me. My tears reveal my pleasure. My tears reveal all truth! All pain and joy I've ever known flows from me and he is witness to this as he melts into my body. The tears lead way to more trembling as our eyes never leave contact as the rivers of ecstasy flows out of them. He stayed connected! He stays locked into me as I receive his juice! He stayed and held me and did not run from this emotional embrace!

He is devoted to me and honors all parts of me as woman as goddess on this full moon. I feel his truth! His language. I can share more now!

I turn him over and let his body lay on the red wine drenched earth and I kiss his eyes and nose and lips. Then I smoothly move to his ears and neck and I bite him. And I leave a mark. He is mine!

I kiss and bite him all over. My hunger for him grows in the moons powerful glow. I suck his nipples and lick all over his belly. I smell his sacred manhood and I know that now he his the wine of my sex.

I want him. I can reveal it all to him now! He witnessed the ecstasy of my grief and did not run! He deserves my piss all over his cock. My juice of love and power to fall and drip over his body as I come all over his dick!

We now drink the wine of sex together!

I Straddle his body and pound my pussy onto his waiting lingam, his golden rod! Our cries of joy erupt simultaneously and we experience peace and joy. I lean myself closer to him as I thrust and he strokes my back and lifts to suck my tits and embrace the waves of light energy flowing from my nipples into his mouth. He is fed. I am exposed.

This full moon has offered the foundation of our physical truth to be revealed through our love of wine together. The love of wine is the mutual desire of sex. Of our pursuit of oneness. The meaning of life, is the Wine of Sex too!

I rock my body on him as he sucks strokes and squeezes my nipples. The love flowing from us is the life-force growing between us! I shiver as I spasm into convulsions or rapture and scream into my orgasmic bliss and I come and I cannot stop coming all over him. He is drenched!

I see her blossom as she pours her lovely yoni juice onto me! I can hear her words without her speaking. I sense the writhing heartbeat of her rocking body and it speaks volumes of wisdom. I realize that her very essence is the ecstasy of wisdom, the ecstasy of inspiration and the ecstasy of love. As she lifts the veil of her physical love for me to witness and share, I know that my worship and devotion to her in this moment on this full moon is why she has allowed me the gift of knowing.

She falls on my body spent and I cradle her. My Goddess, my woman, my wine. Oh how I love my wine.

Then in our silence, I this now, I realize! I have paid attention to her essence. I have received her bounty, her beauty and honoured it! My devotion to her in this now has allowed me to pass through the layers of initiation. All emotions are veils that teach us about her! All women are goddess. This woman helped me to know that! If only I could have given myself in this vulnerable way before.

As I succumb to this realization and I cradle her as we melt into the earth. My eyes open and my smile is wide and I go into a full body awareness of this truth! Tears soak my cheeks and drop onto the earth and I wonder to myself. How I could have ever taken her in all her emotional forms for granted even for a second!!!

My dick lays at rest. She lays on my form and we are in peace and in harmony. I smell the wine in the air around us as the moon begins to sleep above.

I am happy to be blessed, to have shared the juice of the grapes of rapture with this woman, with this goddess on this Full Moon!

I love wine and I love her ….. always, too!

The Liquid Goddess lives in us all.....

Goddess Blessings...

Installment LXIV: The Full Cold Moon - December 2011
The Wine of Sex - Part I

Our last two attempts to meet failed and finally on this night, on this full moon it works. We’d been emailing for sometime and it lead to texts and phone dates. How nice, yet no time worked before tonight to meet in person.

I look up at the moon before I enter the restaurant as I think about my personal ritual I would be doing at my home altar tonight. Instead I’ve chosen to meet with him. I get the feeling it’s the right thing to do. And, I become aroused by the thought. And then, I thank her energy for being in me as I honor the goddess in me. I receive her moon glow and allow it to bathe through me and enriching me. How I wish I could be nude and moon bathe correctly. Yet her energy is full and her rays drape over me and I am still connected. Nude or not, I am goddess.

I feel the energy in the full moon tonight is very erotically charged! Nude or Not....

I turn and walk into the restaurant.

I pull into a parking space and turn off the engine. I’m looking forward to meeting her. My body grows with excitement! We’ve been in contact for a while and now finally it happens tonight. I get to meet her in person and share my spirit and body with her. I look up at the moon through my car window and embrace the layers of colors surrounding her. It’s as if the colors are invisible messages of energy being sent to the earth and to us. I can sense what the full moon wants me to know. While I find myself radiating with the embrace of the moon I blink and then I notice a woman looking up into her full moon grace as well. I wonder to myself, could that be goddess? I think that it would be nice to be sharing in this moment of the full moon before we meet. She is looking up at the moon as I am and understanding and appreciating the power of this night. I think back to the other times we tried to meet and it didn’t workout. Tonight is the night. It was always suppose to be this night!

I notice a thump in my cock. Whew....I gaze further at the beautiful woman looking up into the glowing night sky. Her long curly chestnut hair shimmering and her curvy body teasing me through her long coat. I am aroused. I think of the ways I would love to worship her. And the desire to spring my cock from it’s warm bed gives me pause.
My fantasies take me away for a moment. As, I smile and imagine the growth that erupts between us as time goes by. I see myself kissing her and sucking her nipples and breasts. Holding her close and enjoying her neck and collarbone. My lingam swells....I think about how loud I am and how much of myself I will give her as I fuck her deeply her neighbors down the street will hear us! I pack quite a load and she will be gifted with all of it! I pray. I know....It is my will.

Back, to this now.....

I watch her turn and walk away into the restaurant we planned to meet at. I realize that must be her. I open my car door and join her.

By the time I walk in I see her at the bar having a glass of wine. Red wine. I watch her lips part slightly and pour the wet red wine into her full shapely lips. I’m staring. I should go to her, I think to myself. Wishing for my lingam to soften. As I approach her she turns towards me and her eyes. Her bedroom dark eyes capture mine. Our eyes lock into a union of knowing, I can feel the connection between us as I make my way closer to her. She smiles, as I am now in reach of her and I stretch my hand to her face and cup her left beautiful cheek and bend to her cheek bringing my left cheek to hers. I stroke her face with my left cheek as I whisper, “Hello Goddess” and then I gently kiss her cheek. She smells of rose oil. And as I pull from her face, her eyes capture mine again and we just gaze for a moment. A moment of knowing.

I sit and order my glass of red wine. “The same please, I request from the bartender.”

My dick is rock hard now!

Waiting for him, I order a glass of the house red wine and it is quickly served and as I take my first sip, I feel a tingling in my face. I turn to see him staring at me. I think it’s him. I smile and look at him as our eyes lock and he comes towards me. I feel the strength of his energy as he draws nearer to me. He’s so focused on me. I like that. I can see his clear blue eyes making it’s way to my soul through his stare.

He kisses my cheek.

All the words we shared with each other over the internet phone and texts seem to fall away as we just sit and share space. Drinking our wine and looking at one another brings a peace into my body and a strong surge of passion for this woman.

I look up from his gaze and over his shoulder behind him the huge curtain free window gives a clear view to the full moon glow! Seeing her full moon presence makes me feel as if the great goddess energy is witness to our first union. I smile and return my look into his comforting gaze. I begin to feel turned on by his look. Turned on by his silent thoughts. Just turned on. It is the full moon for heavens sake! My body pulsates in his presence. Can he sense that? The full moon energy makes it harder for me to hide my longing.

We talk and eat and enjoy the night and the wine is especially perfect.

I pick up my glass and I pour some red wine onto my plate and I say. “In honor of the full moon, I pour this liquid goddess to revive the body spirits tonight and to honor the divine in you and me.” I look at him and take a sip of wine from my glass and then I offer it to him and then he takes my glass smiles at me, takes a sip and then pours some wine onto his plate and says. “In honor of the full moon and in honor of the Goddess in you.” he looks at me smiles and then returns my glass.

I am wet.....very, very wet.

Our knees and thighs touch and as we talk and other parts of our selves and bodies connects and responds.

I excuse myself to go to the rest room and catch my breath. I wonder how this evening of full moon wonder will end. I enter the bathroom and take a look at myself in the mirror. I breathe.....I breathe.....I breathe....once more. I view myself and then......I see the image of the moon in the mirror and remember the importance of this night, this moons energy for me. To be Blessed and to be full....Full of love desire love and wine. I smile.

She opens the ladies room door and without her seeing me, I grab hold of her and take her in my arms before she can become to afraid and embrace her with passion! I look deeply into her eyes once again and then I stick my tongue wet hard and ready deeply into her mouth. I open her mouth wider to receive me. She receives me! I press her body firmly to mine. I caress her ass and press my penis in between her thighs and yoni area. She knows what I feel now. Our wet tongues continue to share liquid electricity and my body shivers to be inside her. Harder and harder I squeeze, and wetter and wetter we are. I drip from my tip with need. I slowly break from her lips and we speak without words for a moment. Then a knowing smile erupts between us.

I have a surprise for you, I inform her.

I smile, What is it? I ask.

We finish our evening at the restaurant and we leave. Let’s leave your car here and take mine, he says. I have a surprise for you! Okay, I agree with him. We head to his truck. I realize as I look up at the moon and think to myself. I guess on the full moon, all acts are ritual acts to honor the full moon if you are aware of the energy and it’s gifts to the planet and us.

I would normally be at my altar. But tonight, the altar is the sky, the company and the wine. I smile at the simplicity of life.

We jump in his car and he reveals three bottles of red wine in the back of his car. I am surprised and I say I cannot drink that! He laughs and says. It’s not just for you and me! He pulls off. I laugh with wonder and excitement!

Enjoying the ride and not asking him any questions. I am happy for the safe sacred connection I feel with him. My arousal increases, as I am blissful to be spending this full moon with him. I watch him as he drives and I see his happiness and I wish him blessings in silence. With each blessing my pussy throbs.

Onto the highway, out of the city I drive her to a special place. To a scared special place. Off the road into the woods, along the clearing. I stop. I look at her. I smile, she smiles. She still smells of rose oil and we exit my car. I grab the wine and a bag. It’s not far, just a few steps. I tell her.

I trust him and I am happy to be here out of the city and with nature. So nice. It’s a bit cold, but I don’t feel cold. I just feel the breeze. This is nice.

We enter into the spot I think is best for us.
I open my bag and pull out a big thick blanket and place it on the earth. Then I pull out sage and cedar and other incense and stick matches. I pile leaves bark and sage together and then I light the fire to bring the light and sage scent into our space. S the fire grows I throw in the cedar and other incense to add to the sacred circle creating. We remove our shoes.

I also bring the bottles of wine out and open them. I pull grapes from the bag, then bread and butter. I look up at her and she smiles. As I lay a separate cloth for the food and wine she joins me. As I pull the grapes apart she butters the bread. This warms my heart. She gets what I am creating for us!

With the air filling with warmth and scents of sage cedar and vanilla. I bring her to the center of the blanket like a woman statue to be worshiped. I look into her eyes. I bow to her. “I honor the Goddess in you!” Silence pauses the moment. My dick rises once again! She looks at me. She bows. “I honor the God in you!” We embrace and then I remove her clothing. Piece by piece, I reveal her true beauty! Naked, her chocolate silky skin glows in the moon light. I want to lick and pray over every inch of her. I desire her strongly.

I stand naked in the dark moonlit breeze. My nipples erect! My pussy wet and my heart open! I Look at him and in our mutual silence I remove his clothing. Jacket shirt to his bare chest. I stroke nipples. He shivers. I remove his pants underwear and socks. He’s naked and dripping. I want to suck his cock. I stand.

I pick up one bottle of wine and I hold it over her head. She looks up. I invoke out loud! “The spirit of the Liquid Goddess to bless and bring the union of our oneness to prosperity and mutual love. May this wine anoint her and bless her as I worship her!” I pour the wine over her shoulders and let it drip all over her silky warm skin and then I lay her on the blanket while she shivers and drips in pussy wine juice. I drop drips of wine into her belly button. Over her breasts. Over her neck. Into her mouth.
I then proceed to lick and suck all over her delicious body and with each lick, I am thankful to God to be here to bring her this pleasure, this arousal, this love. She moans. I smell her, and feel her body as I rub my cock on her legs as I crawl along her curvy goddess form. My dripping growing cock longs to go deeper into her core. I drink the wine from her body and she allows me this gift. With every sip tingles of light flow from her and the moon glow colors stream into our circle of wooded sacred love.

I want to fuck her!

With every lick sends waves of carnal passion throughout my loins.

I turn him over and I grab the bottle of wine and I pour it over him from his beautiful golden face all over his neck with laughter flowing, to over his chest down his belly and to his rocking cock. Shimmering dripping lights of juice falling over his wand with the wine moistening every morsel. I lick and suck him. I bite and rub up and down him in a gentle sweep of prayer and body passion! I stroke my face over is wet lingam caressing my nose and lips over his tip shaft and balls. I spray my nipples across his dick, left to right and the right to left again. Teasing and tingling his wand of light and watching it throb and pulse and pound! I desire to drink him as I open my mouth and sink his swollen lingam into my other yoni, deeply penetrating him into a gentle intercourse. My mouth wants to be his whore!

As I suck and lick his sacred cock visions of colors flow through my mind as I am thankful to embrace him in sexual prayer. Colors or red orange yellow and green and then as he rocks his hips up into my mouth I see more of the moon glows colors of blue indigo and purple passion. I want his seed in my body. In my soul. Or is it my pussy calling for attention as I suck? Great Goddess hear my prayer!

My hard aching body filled with blood of a strong dick sliding in and out of her other wetness, I crave to rock her womb and give her my longing semen gift.

The gift of light flows over us from the full moon. I slide from her mouth. Our naked bodies lay in sexual union on the blanket in the sage smoke drenched in wine.

Goddess is Good!

Moving on top of her. I wrap her with my body. Our light and dark shades mix in the moon light and we embrace with the wetness of yoni lingam reaching into the moonlight of full fellowship. My cock, my joystick, my right is to worship!

Feeling his weight on top of me. I feel his passion, his purpose. “Our” desire, and then the drink of desire is the love of wine. The love of liquid goddess! I see her all over us! We exist. We matter. Always! In all ways!

His kissing and rubbing embraces me in the melting earth. I look up and witness the draping of the moons grace over us!
Colors or red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet stream over us and pulsates into the earth the way the red wine drips over us and soaks into our cuticles of lust!

Then as I open my mouth to say the words to him I realize, I realize the truth! The desire of wine is my desire for him! My desire to for her is my desire for drink.

I drink her in my body and I exist. The full moon blanket shimmers just above us. It’s glorious golden orb floats and sends rays of ecstatic pleasure through us. And then I begin to tell her my truth as my cock throbs while my blue eyes meet her dark almond joys and I begin to release........

Goddess Blessings... Part II next full moon ; )

Installment LXIII: The Full Beaver Moon - November 2011
Yoni Getaway

Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam
Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam
Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam

Sitting in my Baudelaire chanting and gazing into the golden full moon glow.. I am experiencing the expansion of my chakras as I continue my chant on my half round chair naked with my legs spread and my dick and balls exposed to all of her energy I can receive. I am filled with motivation for union with this full moon.

This is a very powerful time during this portal full moon. I have been chanting for hours and gazing at her essence and rays as the night continues to envelop the sky and as I intend to connect and become one with her full force during this time.

Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam
Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam
Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam

The tingling grows in my body as my chakras strengthen and the colors flow normally throughout my centers. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Purple vibrates stronger and the energizing energy begins to bring my lingam to lift.

The embrace of the Sacred Masculine Sun shining through her full moon form from behind is the perfect union to the Divine Feminine.

It is at this full moon time mostly (because of this portal year 2011) that I offer myself to the Goddess energy through awakening the Sacred Masculine within me by chanting as my chakra centers spin and expand to meet her vast energetic balance to hopefully join. If it is ever going to happen it will be during this portal full moon.

I stroke along my sacred lingam to the point that I want to explode and give all of my seed to the goddess source, but I don't, instead I place my hands over my heart to connect my sex and heart centers even stronger.

From my nipples on my chest to the intense feelings waxing and waning through my entire being with each wave of bliss, I climb the steps up the erotic altar of life.

With my true dedication sweat rolls down my back into the crack of my ass and adds goosepimples all over!

Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam
Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam
Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam

I close and open my eyes as the full moon's rays steam through my big windows, the windows framing the moon like a portrait as I sit silently in my Baudelaire, facing her magical glow. My desire to unite growing. The moon is my altar and I see her in my minds eye as strongly as when they are open and gazing. My lingam rises to meet her power and my arousal increases as my chants continue and my body spirit responds to the embrace of the moon as I offer myself to this full moon goddess glow as my lingam tip now throbs.

Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam
Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam
Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam

Dripping pre-come fills my head and smoothly begins to drench my shaft and my chair. My natural juices just add to the flowing strength of my chakras and sounds of desire start humming from my voice as I chant.

The throbs grow in my cock and it starts to feel like my lingam is being stroked by other hands than mine, first lightly, and then increasing in speed to faster, fythmic strokes. The waves build in my body and I want to grab hold of my rock hard lingam and shoot my juices into her warm golden glow but I know it's not time. I am here for her! Her Glow is my altar and I am offering myself to her full form. This is my ritual in honor of the Goddess during this special full moon.

I feel her pull on me tighten around my long wand and the pulling travels into my sacred sex center into my groin and up my spine into the top of my head. My crown chakra pulls up and stretches further and the pulling sensation feels like my body begins to lift off my chair. With my eyes shut my lingam begins the dance of flap and bounce with my aching juices falling. The heat grows as it continues to sail up and down from root to crown.

My chair starts to tremble in it's place and rumbling from underneath grows. Then the trembling grows more forcefully and I open my eyes to witness the lights radiance beaming into my windows and all though my home space.

The pulling sensation grows and I am now experiencing the waves of motion flowing all over me. Colors and sounds and movements beat throughout and around me and now I decide to open and close my eyes because it's getting very intense and each time I look into the moons glow the pulling charges faster and I find myself pulled up right from my chair crashing through the window with glass shattering everywhere! My body being controlled by this force and my dick growing harder and longer as I fly!

Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam
Continues to vibrate and rise inside me.

The heat grows as I am brought closer to her fullness. The winds breeze cascades over my body as I fly higher and higher. The full moon glow is dragging me to her light as I am drawing nearer to the moon!

I'm thinking quickly to myself, my promise. “My Goddess, my whole body and spirit is yours and I offer myself from the top of my head to my feet as your Sacred Masculine.” I will become a full body lingam as I realize I need to become this in order to penetrate her golden orb soon.

My body becomes firmer as my dripping cock continues to grow and grow longer wider harder faster. At a length I realize is not a human man's length. Not at all! It is a Sacred Masculine Man's length. My purpose to be one with her increases as I sore through the melting colors of life force extending from her planet body.

And my body, my body as I am swept through the light changes color. The color of my skin is changing before my eyes. I cannot make clear, the color of my skin, it looks like a mix of green and gold. And my lingam, my engorged wand is a deep red wonder with a purple dripping fucking tip! And how long it is. It seems I have stretched and grown in form to be equal to her massive size and quality. My sacred cock looks to be a length of 3 miles....and my entire form from my quick scanning is at 3 times the size of my sacred wanting cock!

At 30 miles in physical growth I am the full measure of a human planet myself as I rise above the earth and soaring closer to her through the powerful personal growth I am experiencing in Om Shum Hum Yum Ram Vam Lam supported with my intention to give myself and be in union with her as her consort! My arousal increases!

As I expand, the way is being made clear for me to enter her atmosphere.

Then the planets center appears right before me and I see something or is it nothing?

I am here Great Goddess! I manage to yell guided by my intuition.

I stretch my awesome arms up above me with the strength of a million men. My body cocked strong and ready!

I am thrown into her form right at the center of her light and then the light disappears. Her hole is moist and tight. Sending shock waves of tingles and needles spiking through my massive form! As I break into her the glows of light and dark blend as the dense passionate energy takes over my whole and newly created masculine form.

I am sucked inside deeper and deeper...seeing nothing, yet feeling everything...everywhere.
Her yoni gateway has allowed me in.....

I am on the erotic verge to explode and come everywhere out of my pores not just my dick. This rise in temperature grows in my body as I swim through her gateway! Then I realize, I am a giant sperm generating the life semen energy power with every stroke which is my strength! I am the dick of the sacred masculine! That is how I am able to travel within her womb, within her yoni gateway! This must be why I want to come so badly and squeeze all my life into her out of my entire body from every orifice of my being. That is my purpose of union with her. To die inside of her. I am her gift, her offering. I am her Sacred Masculine who witnesses her full moon form and brings light to her form in honor of the great goddess life force in our world consciousness. By shining my light, like the Sun which is my seeds awareness body mind and deed during this time. I am in the portal power of the goddess that began all life on earth. Her goddess pussy smells sweet and I am licking the dense walls as I glide through her and the stingy sensations evolve into spams of ecstasy as I swim. Multiple orgasms flow through me with bursts of new strength with each rocking motion of pleasure erupting from me!

And as I am closer to dying inside her womb when I explode into the rapturous joy of our union I am gifted with the clarity of all creation of life on earth through the union of the divine feminine masculine forces of life by the light of the sun honoring the moons glow in oneness.

I blast forward from the moist tightness and begin descending fast and falling into a nothingness that only awakens my massive ability to connect with all darkness nowhere and right here in this now. I stretch my arms wide and spread my legs and my fall comes to a halt as I float in her sacred chamber. I look around at nothing and sense the growing fulfillment of closeness that is surrounding me as I drift.

MMMMMMmmmmmmmmm............I hear her sound. I recognize her, she is aware of me.
I remain motionless in her grip.



I cannot resist any longer...I reach for her and then I am instantly THERE!!!!
All light is around me! I cannot see through the light. I hear sounds of laughter and playful words that I cannot make out. I just know it is a joyful tone. I still cannot see a thing through this light but I am aware that I am standing on the ground. On a surface with a firm foundation. I take a step but cannot move from my spot. I soon realize that my eyes are still closed. Ohhh Goddess! I open my eyes and It is still very bright, yet I start to see an image moving slowing towards me. An image of...laughter and erotic wonder. She is seductively strolling towards me. Her deep intense eyes just makes me want to run to her yet I cannot move from my spot. I can only continue to take in her form and I then notice her long flowing hair dragging the ground behind her springing fourth new flowers from the ground with every step she takes. She is life energy it self in the flesh. And her arms long shimmering like silk in the light and her curvy body with round full hips and ass with a shapely waist just begging for me to embrace, and her breasts with dripping nipples firm and darting lights of energy springing forth from them, guides our heart centers together.

As she comes closer to me the environment reveals itself. All around as far as my eyes can see...layers of grass and ground with flowers and trees of multiple shapes and colors making way for the mountains and lakes creating a scene of perfection with soft colors abounding all around with it's own vibration adding to the lands life sensual force and the joyous sounds of life giving life to itself. I see all sorts of flying birds and other flying beasts that I cannot name and animals all sharing a sacred space with everyone! I see others running around at play all naked and in joyous unions of oneness. All different life forms are here. Not just human. All I sense are either a feminine or masculine entity.

Our eyes now connecting with our hearts becoming one.
Where am I? I ask
You are in the core of my being...her voice sings into my heart mind and cock.
You are changed by way of my yoni gateway, great goddess continues and...I have heard your request and I receive your offering as you are truly a divine sacred masculine in human form. I see you and now you see me.

With that a trembling begins beneath us on the ground and as the ground grows in its quake she starts to fall back as the ground opens and I reach to her and grab hold of her as we both fall into the opening growing light filled pit beneath us expanding and with her in my arms our bodies mesh and her legs wrap around mine and we fall and continue falling fast. Then her arms are wrapped around my shoulders and our eyes remained locked as her mouth opens wide and her tongue makes an appearance and I quickly take her lips and tongue into my mouth and suck her energy into mine. It seemed to be what she wanted and then I feel my sacred cock slide between her legs rubbing wan-tingly between her moist lips.

And then the fall comes to a slow halt and our hovering begins and our embrace continues. There is nothing here yet everything we need is here. I feel the security of the cores invisible force and I lay her back fully and glide my masculine body over her and with our lips locked I finally slide my red dick with purple dripping cock tip into her throbbing wet fucking great goddess body!

My 3 mile long cock in her 3 mile long pussy sings to me. I am fucking her so deep and our hearts and mind becomes one heart and one mind. I see and hear all life energy inside of her gateway of life. Our wet bodies bounce in unison and our breaths continue in a shared flow of life giving energy. My ass rises and falls with each thrust and she opens more and more of herself to me and I seek to know her more. I feel sparks popping out of the tip of my cock like lightening bolts with every thrust. My power increases as the light grows within me.

My minds collapses as harmonious moans erupts between us and I give my thrust my breath and my body to all of her. With every advance I make in penetrating her core I am witness to the creation of all other races and lifeforms in the universe. She is not just mother goddess to our earth she is mother goddess to all other planets and life forms. Her cycles spins with the sacred masculine sun energy that shines in oneness with her as the phases of her full form is shared with all life throughout the entire astral system. She is appearing to me in her human huge radiance for my ability to be one with her. I get that now and I am here to offer her my sacred cock to my sacred great goddess with on going thrusts of power love balance and ecstasy.

As our genital embrace tightens my green golden form starts to vibrate a light body frequency. I am becoming light energy and with our loud moans and faster gyrating bodies my light shimmers through her body and I see her true form. She is the moon a round voluptuous life giving yoni with a seduction for creating life through connected union with any other life form. The ultimate being the sun and the form body being the sacred masculine light force being in a man.

I am close to dying within her by releasing my life seed into her and knowing my erotic status she then rolls me over in the empty space around us and continues our romp with her on top of my cock. Squeezing and releasing her grip around my dick we rock with arched backs in and out of each other. With our sounds of ecstasy growing between us with yells of yes happily escaping, as the celebration of our union growing. I look above and I see our holy hole created for our union has witnesses! At the edge of our sacred circle there are those I saw in joyful union earlier now witness to our creation. I feel their joy! I feel every joyous feeling all around as my crowning eruptions begins ascending!

I stroke her lovely rump and hips and draw her nearer to me. I feel her ass and the dripping of her sensual sweat as she rides me. Our mutual sweat drips over us both and each drip turns into a crystal that falls and penetrates the nothingness and creates another source of life energy flowing forward!

The air beneath us supporting our spiritual romp, gives way to the universal love alive in all areas of existence. I slide my hands up and down her back and then to her breasts and I squeeze her nipples with her delight. Our huge forms never leave my awareness as my time is here. With movement on top of movement of deliberate pleasure filled motions. She wraps her arms around my neck holding me in place as her pussy and awesome clit ride me harder and with more purpose. I am loving her smell and taste and our eyes lock as I pump and pump with a scream as the pulling from my penis piles high and my throbbing cock juice aches to rock all life out of me into her. I am here for her to honor her and give myself to her for her! I need to give it all to her and I jerk my sacred body and then all I have is given with loud spasms as I burst forth!

With my drops of seed inside and alive in her private gateway, my goddess yells a life force sound so fierce that it rocks the planet! All fall into mutual ecstasy as my juices bring her into her orgasmic life giving form.

In our blissful union our eyes locked her lips find mine again, and as we kiss sweetly she then breathes deeply into my mouth and as I drink her in completely our embrace releases and I fall and fall into nothingness.

I am here Great Goddess, the union is made through your yoni gateway for all life! May my seed continue to bring harmony and prosperous healing and balance to our astral system.

Nothingness......then the gateway...I'm falling into...nothing. Then...I open my eyes spent in my Baudelaire as I catch my breath, I look around my space home and think what a dream I must have had and then I look up at the shattered window making way to her golden glory as the sunlight dawns on the morning, I smile as my offering was received. My lingam responds in kind.

Yoni Gateway....

Installment LXII: The Full Harvest Moon - October 2011
Harvesting Desire

Seek ye desires and achieve enlightenment...

This full moon ritual is in the heart of the fall season and it is the time of harvest. We will hold our ritual out doors this evening in the back of our temple building on the 20 acres in our back yard. It is a cool night and the moons glow is growing as the bonfire is lit and sage and cedar scents begin to fill the air as the fire grows!

The grounds are filling with ritual participants and what a harvest it will be for us all.

As I walk to the gazebo altar, my flowing thin gown strokes my nipples and the gentle cool breeze sends tingling sensations through my body with promises of desires being filled. I grow wet between my legs with the thoughts of how this evening will go. We are a blessing and all are here to continue to be a blessing with their bodies.

Hello all and thank you for sharing in the harvest of desire this full moon. I ask that those of you that have brought vegetables, herbs, fruit, nuts and any food in honor of the full moon and mother earth please come forward and place on the altar.

As the offerings are placed in on and around the altar, I notice the different types of people that are here to receive share and celebrate this full moon. People from all walks of life that feel this is their truth of sharing in their holy body and the honoring of the god/goddess within.

In Honor of the full moon, the Goddess in me honors the god/goddess in you all. Raise your arms high with me towards the moons growing glow and as we all raise our arms high....I continue...We lift our arms and open our hearts in celebration of our bodies as holy temples that resides on mother earth. May this full moon support our ability to harvest our desires for the blessing of our prosperous lives to continue to grow by a thousandfold.

And So It Is...

Let us now bow once in honor of the divine within ~ everyone bows. And again to honor the divine in the other ~ everyone bows once more.

I clap my hands and call to the drummers. May the drumming begin!

As the beats begin and the rhythms grow I call out to all. Now everyone! I invite you to disrobe and throw your clothing into the bonfire so that your energy will be cleansed as we receive the harvest of our desires.

Shirts dresses pants and panties are flung into the fire along with bras blouses etc...the fire expands as the energy fields of all is cleansed by the fire ritual. I join by removing my gown and allowing the breeze to greet my naked form and throw my dress into the desired flames! The coolness in the air starts to shift into a warmth from the bodies in attendance.

Dancing clapping and chanting ensues! As the fire grows to a powerful light force that keeps the grounds lit for us all to share!

As the freedom of expressions grows through our dancing the desires to unite in sexual union becomes evident. The bouncing lingams and mini kisses that pop from one to another. The railroad of colors flowing from the moon expands the colorful energy fields of those most excited! Swollen cocks and drenched pussies play a part is the desires to unite!

Speak your desires...I call out! Speak them loud into the air around you into the love vibration that exists all around us!

Dancing and movement continues as we looked into the eyes of the one we want to share our desires with and then move on to share with the next person and so on....

I desire you to kiss my lips ...
I desire love
I desire penetration
I desire to be held
I desire love
I desire to fuck you deeply
I desire to rub my body all over you
I desire love
I desire to lick your yoni
I desire to rub my pussy on your hard cock
I desire to stroke my cock and for you to watch
I desire love
I desire you to kiss my nipples
I desire to suck your lingam
I desire to give myself to you
I desire to give pleasure
I desire to massage your body
I desire to kiss you
I desire love
I desire to bury my body deeply inside of you
I desire to lick your ass
I desire to embrace you
I desire to press my lingam deeply into your ass
I desire to come in your mouth
I desire love
I desire to sit on your face and have you suck my clit
I desire to kiss you
I desire to lick your entire body with my tongue
I desire love
I desire to suck your toes
I desire to stroke your head
I desire to make out with you
I desire to drink your juices
I desire to drink with you
I desire joy
I desire to stroke your pussy with my yoni
I desire you both
I desire love
I desire pleasure
I desire you to enter my ass
I desire to be free to love everyone
I desire love
I desire to suck your tongue
I desire to kiss your face
I desire to stroke your long hair
I desire to eat with you
I desire to come on your breasts
I desire you to slide your fingers into my ass
I desire love
I desire that you all receive your passionate harvest now!!!!!!

...and on and on the desires grew and the passions rose as we shared loudly our desires for union! Seek ye desires and achieve enlightenment .... I call out!

Gaining everyone’s attention once again at the altar! I bow and they respond with a bow.

I place my hands in a prayer position in front of my heart and I turn to the North. Aroused and sweaty they join me. We offer thanks for our homes, finances and physical health. I turn to the East and they turn with me. We are thankful for the gifts of knowledge and then we turn to the South. We are thankful for our accomplishments in career and hobbies and then turn to the West. We are thankful for our relationships, family lovers friends and community. Then we turn to the Altar and bow. We are thankful for spiritual insights and messages.

I turn to the naked group thriving from the growing energy between us all.

I honor the god in all men as the Corn King and Harvest Lord Emerges! May your manhood show all honor to her earth body and be continuously blessed by your actions of service!

Let the receiving begin!

At once as if I just revived everyone with fresh air with my commencement, the connections begin.

People cover the grounds with their bodies and begin wrapping themselves around one another in unity and in connection! The heavy moans and loud sighs turn into natural erotic chants. The love making grows around me as I remain at the gazebo altar witnessing the physical passion play. My own arousal grows as the fire offers the light and sage scents to fill the rocking aching joyous rapture being created in this moment.

The drumming continues with song as each drummer and singers take turn sharing music and their bodies.

I witness the harvest of desire flowing from a lingam slowly soaking into a yoni and the bliss that erupted from the bodies in union. Another person in yoni worship as she lays on her back with legs spread wide and his head bouncing up and down and his mouth and tongue honors her pussy with passion. Another bent over a beautiful woman at her head and sucking her breasts from over her head while another is thrusting into her wet dripping pussy as she explodes!
From behind him, he grabs hold of his hips and holding him steady he slides his ass cheeks slightly wide and lick his ass wet with his mouth and then crawls back up his body kissing his back until his hard cock pushes up into him with joyous praises.

One woman has straddled herself over him and with her teasing pussy she soaks his lingam into her tight warm yoni and then pulls off his wanting cock, and then pushes herself onto him over and over with jaunting fun.

As the passions build with all receiving the blessings of desire, I look up to the moon and experience a peace and powerful presence in her form. The glow from the sun behind the moon shows the ultimate union of the divine masculine and feminine. My heart and mind opens to this understanding of true union and this is an ongoing desire of the planets to unite each month and that is why we also celebrate this time with increase desires to unite. We are connecting to the one within each other and through our loins.

My pleasure grows as my desire for knowledge expands and I look upon the people in rapturous rocking union and the grounds begin to shake as the bodies pound more onto each other. The drumming grows louder and louder as if the instruments have desires to be heard themselves.

It all takes on a growing sensation of color pleasure and power!
The group orgy of love and desire is the harvest!

The rumbling of the earth expands as she is beginning her ascent into orgasm. This causes more pulsating sensations in those involved in love acts! The crescendo of moans and yells of excitement continues. Then the rumbling expands, but not from the earth. From the sky! I look up into the sky and witness the ever expanding colors of light growing across the atmosphere!

Through the sounds of bliss as desires are met the colors in the sky seem to respond in unison with dripping hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. The rainbow is growing thorough the moons glow and dipping itself like a lingam into the earth.

As I witness the colors pour it’s illuminated cock into the earth, the sky crackles and the rain begins to fall. The pouring of the rain feels like drippings of potent semen spilling on our bodies and into the earth giving her the fullness of her fruits through our body unions. As it falls the bonfire expands. Her flames responds to the rain in pleasure. The flame does not fall out, it grows! As it grows so does my desire.

I stand in the altar witnessing this miracle of nature and watching the wet bodies roll in the magic juice emerging as lingams erect their juices into the earth and onto the bodies of all the lovers and the women exposing their yonis to the full moons glow in mutual satisfaction.

I feel the crawling of wet hands and fingers along my body and then lips at my neck and pleasing squeezes at my tits as my body if lifted up and now carried out into the muddled grounds. I continue my vision quest with the rainbow spirit and see the colors of the earth sky union all around and the joys of our desires impress into our environment for pleasure and prosperity.

As I now stand in the ongoing love circle at play, I am filled with touches and strokes all over my body temple and the sensations are ever expanding and widening my need for union. As I look around and notice the unending love unions with women licking other woman’s yoni and men sucking on life rods, I bask in the glory of unified oneness as I witness a man holding a woman tight around her hips as she rides and rocks his cock into wondrous ecstasy!

And the hands, all the hands anointing my body and sending waves of delight throughout my energy centers. Then as if I can read his mind, I see him crawl between my legs as I stand and he tips his head back and up and opens his mouth to suck my yoni moistened lips. As he parts my lips with his tongue and penetrates with pleasure I gyrate my hips to join in the ecstasy dance taking place between my legs as his worship grows with his tongue licking and sucking and dipping deeply inside me. I award his gift of strength to maintain his focus between my thick chocolate thighs with squirts of my yoni juice for his blessing. Then from behind me, arms wrap around me and a thick hard lingam between my round full ass cheeks finds a home, and his dripping lingam juice add to the comfort of his stroking grace of happiness flowing up and down my ass. I smile with sweetness and then another devotee comes to my left side and cups his left hand under my left tit and commences to gentle squeezes of my breast and sucks my tit tightly. This fills me full of life’s delights and then another lover comes to my right side and cups my right breast and sucks from my portal tit and waves and waves of intense pleasurable pressure is building and soon the cries of ecstasy and rapture erupt over and over around us and orgasms springs forth from others and semen spills onto the earth for growth and bodies are being filled with potent semen for life giving energy to grow inside the wombs of those that need it.

Desire is fed and the Harvest is full and we are blessed with the assistance of the full moon and with the drippings of the rain falling it’s last few drops, his lips meet mine as my pussy is sucked and another lingam honors my ass with my tits being sucked in mutual delight his tongue makes it’s way to mine straddled over the head of the man worshiping my yoni on the verge of all truth of expression! Being held by the Sacred Masculine is my true desire! My Harvest for honoring the Goddess in me is to be held firmly and fucked lovely and embraced by the God Man as I come into his mouth and he sucks my tongue and worships my body with his heart soul body and strength!

Yes , yes, yes, I scream in my romp of joy! My explosion comes without warning and as I pump my ass and wet my pussy with my warm flood of yoni juice my worshiping yoni lovers come falls from his hardened cock and feeds the earth and then my guy holding and supporting me from behind comes all over my ass and gifts me with his powerful juice! I love it and then my nipples are squeezed and when I come my tits shoots erotic electricity from the tips of my tits and my suckers receive the energy and shoot their wands full of wonder over my thighs and onto the muddy ground, which springs forth silver light buds bouncing like fairies. Then the kissing, the kissing continues as I breathe my breath of life into his mouth and he sucks my breath into himself deeply and as our eyes open to embrace and I see his deep brown/green eyes. Something I have never seen before. He gazes deeply into my eyes and never removes his lips and tongue from our lip-lock embrace and yet he speaks to me.

“I am your Harvest Lord”

You are my Earth Goddess...I come in your mouth with my tongue and we will be one, forever! With that said he sticks his tongue deeply into my mouth and his tongue grows long and begins traveling down my throat and I scream a loud scream heard all over!!!!!

I come so hard out of my deep throat and my pussy and the flow is soooo strong it causes others to move away to make room for the flood flowing out of my pussy!!!!

Left with our embrace and the witnessing of everyone in the ritual and the offerings are made and the spent joy relaxing into sweet union they watch and they receive the last desire for us all...

He lays me on the muddy earth while my pussy continues to spill orgasmic juices and as he stands over my body he calls out to everyone that can hear him!

“I am the Harvest Lord, she is my Earth Goddess!”

With that he lays on top of me and enters my swollen womb with his 50% full lingam and with a gentle press he is inside of me and looking into my eyes and remaining still his magical cock grows inside my womb 100% and the world of earth and sky opens up in my mind as his dripping lingam feeds me, and the rainbow filled rain stops dripping over us all as the moon glow lifts us up from the muddy altar and his thrusting is witnessed as we both kiss and then yell a joy of yes, yes, yes as we jerk with orgasmic bliss and come hard one and all and onlookers cannot help but feel this pleasure and join in the rapture once again and then the colors grow and grow wider and wider around us and the light takes over the entire grounds as we escape in the rapture of desire and the harvest is full with the joys of my multi- orgasmic love with the Harvest Lord and then. We are ONE and then we are light and then we vanish in the bliss of the full moon glow. The gazebo altar vanishes with us! The Harvest Lord Desire was filled with the Earth Goddess! The Earth Goddess desire was filled with the Lord. The Altar offerings have been received and we are all blessed this full moon!

Harvesting Desire......May your Harvest continue to bless you - by a thousandf

Installment LXI: The Full Harvest Moon - September 2011
Sweet Goddess of Mercy
an offering from: RAK

sweet goddess of mercy
have mercy on me
guide me to mountains
plunge me to sea
your every movement
is locked in my heart
i’m dreading each moment
the moment we part
part of me’s with you
and part of me’s gone
sweet goddess of mercy
take me beyond
angel of angels
hold me once more
are you but a vision
when dreams start to pour
tell me what’s real
i haven’t a clue
i’m seeing things vanish
yet i still see you
what does it take
to find a new star
angel of angels
let’s go that far

Installment LX: The Full Sturgeon Moon - August 2011
Ecstatic Union! A Tale of Erotic Bliss

Once upon a time on a night just like tonight's full moon... I found myself in need of being in Her energy more directly. So, I decided to take a late night run in the night time heat. It felt great and with the light of the moon I felt my path was lighten before me by the glow, so I followed.

Running through the park and into a more woodsy area, I came onto a small lake. It seemed hidden away from others and could only be found by those who knew of it. It was nestled in the center and in the cover of trees and bushes, yet the trees were not to high to cover the sky. The sky view was wide and the full moon glow brightened the whole lake with shaping colors of silver and red waves bouncing from the water to the sky in union. You could see the image of the moon in the waters of the lake. I felt the lake calling me, I ran to the edge and immediately removed my shoes and dipped my tired feet into the water which felt perfectly cooled.

I laid back on the earth and just gazed into the moon and meditated and allowed the moon to bathe me with her vibration. As the ring of colors came into view I was able to bring each particular ring of color and connect it to each one of my chakras from root to crown. The ring of red to orange to yellow then green to blue and indigo to violet. Such a nice wave flowed throughout my body as I connected deeper to the energy of the moon and the earth beneath me as the lakes waters cleansed my feet. I decided to take a dip in the water. Why not, I thought to myself it's a beautiful hot night on this full moon. No one was around and if I wasn't suppose to get into this water I would not have found this lake.

I jumped up and took off my shorts and t-shirt and let my lingam fall to my thigh. I raised my hands to the moon and thanked the earth, sky and moon for their relationship, so that I could join in the Joy of this union! I could feel the wave of heat blowing pass my body and my sweat dripping freely now. I bowed and blessed my body before I stepped into the cool water. The water appeared so sacred to me. It was the right thing to do. It felt like I was going to make love and penetrate these waters. I wanted to bless my body the way I would before I made love with another. My lingam started to rise at the thought. I kissed my fingers and simply said, Blessed are my feet, knees, sex, heart and lips. Then I thanked my body for being with me, because it is my holy temple. Then I stepped into the water and dipped my body all the way in covering my head.

Aaahhhhh......As I drift in the waters I am able to connect to the gentle movements and soon feel the lakes vibration throbbing like a heartbeat around my body. I float and swim across the pond and I start to feel the waters around me caressing my body as it feels like it is literally reaching to firmly touch my skin, as if to share this space with me now. The touches are distinct and clear that it is a different energy around me. It is not a wave of water, but a sort of ball full of desire firmly stroking on me when it wraps itself to a part of my body. Like my arm and face and then over my belly and butt and legs and then sliding up and down my groin and I begin to strengthen “their” again. With each stroke I feel the desire in my body the water has for me. I feel connected to this lake, I feel like I am not the only thing penetrating the water now. I am being penetrated.

I turn over and float on my back and I notice my fully erect lingam reaching out of the water and I feel the tip of my cock stretching upward as to rise high very high towards the sky. The pulling causes my back to arch and I feel my cock control me. The waters around me slid up and over my thighs and dribble around my groin and up and down my cock with a life of it own. What in the world is this?, I think to myself. Is this a supernatural lake? Am I crazy? I feel the joy of the pulling on my cock and I start to drip out of the tip of my lingam and the water continues to seduce me into rapture. I am no longer floating but being carried it feels. I am not moving my hands or feet and I am drifting and tingling all over. The sensations from my dick well up my body into my torso and chest. The crawling of the waters over my body are like fingers stroking me in a sensual massage.

I exhale and I open my mouth to moan in ecstasy as I feel the presence of pressure beneath me and I feel stroking along my ass cheeks and the deliberate stroke of water between my ass. I embrace the sensations and reach my arms out of the water to the moon and placing my palms up, I say aloud. Please receive me and bless me with my Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth!
I know that in sensual delight if you were to offer yourself to the source energy, to god/goddess you can be blessed with more prosperity in your life. The sexual energy is life energy and it can bless us with more than just life in a person. It can bless us in our lives now! I say it again. Please receive me!

I continue to wave around in the water in the bliss of peaceful pleasure and then I let my self stand in the water as I hear my name being called. I look around and of course I don't see anyone. Yet, I still hear my name being called. Is it coming from the trees? The Moon? I look down, the lake? Nothing. Soon, I feel it. Hands crawling up my legs from below the water. Crawling up my ass and over my very hard dick. Sliding up my belly and to my face, he looks into my eyes with water blue eyes. How can this be possible? His lingam caress mine. I feel his breath on my lips. He says nothing. I say nothing.

He looks up into the Sky and gazes as if in some sort of silent communication and then he quietly whispers. Thank you......

I am so drawn to him. I have never been so sexually turned on by a man. I have never been with a man. Yet, I am not sure if I even view him as a man or woman aside from his lingam. This is something more! He is something more! Together we are neither man or woman in a traditional sense yet his cock is longing for me and I can tell how much he desires me. He wraps his arms around me and sinks his tongue into my mouth and when he blows into my mouth, I recognize his breath and the hot wind that flowed passed me before I entered the waters. With his firm hands squeezing my body, I remember the feel of his touch from the waters stroking me.

I pump my hips slowly towards him and raise my arms to greet his embrace. My wanting increases too and I celebrate this opportunity to be in union with this spirit man. As we kiss under the wonderful light of the moon the heat increases between us and it seems the lake cannot cool us. My hunger growing I gently push him through the water to the edge of the lake and with his body pressed against the rock wall. I lift his legs wide and up around my hips and as if I been with him before. I reach my hands around to his ass and spread his cheeks wide and I dip my hips under him a bit and slide my needy dripping lingam up into his crack and as I soak up into him he looks deeply into my eyes and says. Thank you!

His water blue eyes speak truth and I say. Thank you to him to as I thrust up and down and slide my harder than ever cock in him. He begins to bite my neck and suck on my ear and he tightens his legs around my hips as I hold him hard on the rock surface. His asshole fits me perfectly, his body is strong, firm and tender all at the same time. His kisses penetrate my body and my heart loves him. He is a blessing the blessing that I need. I think to myself. The overpowering feeling of Joy escapes from me and I moan and sigh and push deeper into him. As if it is possible to live in him at this moment I would. My desire is to be one. In one union right now! My ache for him grows as I feel the pull in my cock to come and as I sense the rise of my juices starting to flow out of me, he yells yes my love give me your love gift. And he squeezes his ass tight around my lingam and I yell and jerk my cock juice into him and I push and pump my body hard up in him and I grunt as I shake and arch and pump my love juice all into him. Aaaaahhhhhh.....the joy is overpowering! I can barely breathe and I start to laugh in my rapture and I look at him and see waves of colors in his eyes. The rings around the moon that settled in my body were the same colors in his eyes. He is one with the moon and we are in union, I think to myself. Perhaps tonight the moon is male energy. Not female. I wonder. Or maybe both or neither. Yes!

Then he says to me. We are in Union. He can hear my thoughts. We are one he continues. I am you.

I slide out of him still remaining very close to him and his body and then he reaches for me and grabs my body and lifts me up and walks up and out of the lake. He then lays my wet body on the earth and lays his body on top of mine on my back side. We drip onto the earth and create a moist bed for us. He feels like he is melting into me as our bodies drench the earth and I am peaceful.

We rest in this position and drift in and out of sleep or is it bliss. Yes Bliss.

He begins to massage me again. The way he did in the water. Very sensual. Now I am beginning to feel charged up again! I am wanting him again. However, I now have a different desire. I moan loud as he feels me. I desire him to be in me! I want him to give me his gift. I am aching and start to moan louder as his touches find there way over my entire body. Lifting me to my knees, he presses my back to his chest and lets his cock slide up between my wanting ass crack. His hands stroking my chest over my nipples and down to my stomach sends shivers. Sucking on my ear he holds my lingam in his hands and strokes me. With every stroke his dick becomes wetter and wetter. I feel his dripping lingam falling down and between my ass and I hunger for him to penetrate me more. His moans grow in my ear and I can feel his need for me. His Thank you's continue in his mind and I can hear him. I can hear his thoughts. They are not just thoughts of carnal desire. Not just for my ass. For Life!!! For all healing and love to heal this earth and this planet.

He is praying as he strokes me. He is praying for us all!!! My desire grows and with that his prayers are heard louder in my head. My dick grows with his every pump and now. Now, now, I can't wait anymore. I want you! I yell! I..., and before I can say it again. He pushes me onto the ground and slides my ass wide and for a moment I think his hot dick is sliding in wet and hard. But it's his tongue. He is sucking my ass with his lips and tongue. He is stroking my ass lips with his wet mouth and strong tongue. Inserting me in and out. Like he is eating a full course meal. My dripping erect lingam cannot take anymore as I am pressed onto the earth my arousal has reached a high pitch state and I am pumping my ass up and down and direct counter flow with his tongue to meet his every thrust into my ass with his tongue so that it will go deeper into me and I feel the joys of ecstasy rising up in me and my energy is pulled out from the top of my head and I arch my back as my cock grinds the earth as he digs deep in me and I scream out my juices into her warm wet soil. My seed plants into the earth body. I jerk and spasm as I come and he kisses up my ass and onto my butt cheeks and up my back and without another moment of rest, he penetrates my ass with his hard dick and I stretch my body up towards the moon and the last drops of my come drips into the ground.

The power of his lingam over takes me with instant joy at a very deep core level of pleasure that just continues the rocking of union between us.

His mind speaks of pleasures throughout our world though this universal love with nature and one another. A time of universal ecstatic bliss is among us for those that respond. You responded he says to me out loud. You are ready to receive my Ecstatic Union for I ache and pray and jerk my life force into you loudly!!!!

And with that, he pumped and pumped into me, held me tightly and my eyes went blank.
I dropped into nothingness and just fell into his embrace as his body and lingam pounded into me and the flow of his juices pumping up into my ass filled me with so much wetness, I felt a crawling sensation flowing up my spine and into my crown. His tight embrace pressing his belly on my back with no space for even air between us was sending even more shivers into him. His yells and growls grew and my mind was lost in the ecstatic union of us and with his belly on my back and his breath on my neck and his arms wrapped around me, we were one. My dick became hard again! Responding to his charged energy! And just then, this union of ecstasy finished with is loud yell of joy inside my body. He holds me still for a moment and breathes in deeply before he slides his cock out of me and some juice of his falls onto the earth with mine. We collapse onto the moist earth together and I turn my body around and look into his eyes and as our eyes lock all I can see, is the bright light of the moon. The blue of his eyes flutter from silver to blue in a wave like the water in the lake, and then we kiss and touch our foreheads and connect our third eye.

Our spent lingam's rests on the earth.
We sleep.

It is Done! I hear at a distance....

I wake up just before dawn, when the moon is being replaced by the sun. I am alone. Yet I am full of joy.

I get up and dress and jog back to my home.

Once upon a time on a morning just like this one, I recalled a time spent in the woods at a lake with a spirit man. I heard the call and I responded yes.

I will again.

Installment LIX: The Full Thunder Moon - July 2011
Anal Portal Power

You may enter. She opened her arms and embraced me. Then pointed toward the curtains for me to enter. Remove your shoes and then stand in the center of the room on that red cloth, facing the altar at the window.

She left.

I did as instructed and as I stood facing the altar, I was amazed at how much light was flowing into the room from the full moon. No other lights were on except for the candles flickering on the altar.

She returns and this time I notice she is naked.

Remove your clothes and I will cleanse your aura before Goddess comes in. I remove my clothes in silence because I was told that part of my healing time during this full moon was to do what I was told only and not to ask any questions. I didn’t know what to expect from this healing session, I just knew that being able to get time with Goddess during the full moon would prove powerful for me.

I needed to release the blockages I felt in my body. I found it hard to connect to myself deeply for a long time now and I knew this block showed up in the way I made love with my wife. She deserved better and so did I. She was happy when she knew I had finally gotten this full moon time with Goddess.

Spread apart your legs and raise up your arms so that I can smudge you. She then uses a feather and blows the sage smoke around my body. Her nakedness starts to arouse me and my dick can’t hide. I hope that this is okay, I think to myself. It feels so good to be excited, but I don’t want to offend and lose my session. I just can’t make my cock go down!

Then she goes onto her knees and blows smoke at my dick and balls. She seems okay with my erection. Whew....

You can drop your arms.
She lays the sage on the altar and then picks up a small bowl. This is blessed oil, she informs me. I will anoint your body. She then taps oil onto my Feet and then says. Blessed are thy feet. My knees, Blessed are thy knees. My softening dick. Blessed is thy sex. My chest. Blessed is thy heart. And then my lips. Blessed are thy lips. She returns the bowl of blessed oil back to the altar and leaves the room.

She says nothing.

Some time passes and then, I start to smell incense wafting through the air. It smelled sweet to me, but I couldn’t tell what scent it was.

The naked lady returns and then she blindfolds me. Saying nothing to me she grabs hold of my dick and strokes me quickly to a full erection. My breathing quickly speeds up and I am becoming confused and aroused and very hot! I feel the softness of her hands and the rolls of her fingers as she has total control of my cock. Her pulling is causing me to want to rock and jerk my body and bust my juice all over her face. My dick gets rock hard and soon I start to feel the tip of my cock drip. I feel close to coming. She stops stroking.

I am pouring three drops of blessed oil over your erect Lingam, she announces. I feel the drops and then soon I feel her hands cupping my cock/lingam.
May the power of this Full Moon and the power of your Lingam hold strong your Yang energy for your healing power to be increased during your time with Goddess and beyond! And So It Is....

She leaves....Silence.

The Light of God Surrounds you
The Love of the Goddess enfolds you
The Power of God protects you
The Presence of the Goddess watches over you
Where ever you are the God/Goddess is and
All is well.....

This was a different voice, a powerful soft voice already starting to penetrate me. This must be Goddess.

She lays a hand over my heart....still....I feel her heat penetrating my heart. I want her in me! I already start to fall into her loving hands. I need her, I can tell already how powerful she is. My lingam pops up at attention again!
Then, I feel her hand move to my back. She lays it at my upper back at my heart center there. More heat pours into my body and soothes down my back. I am warmed by her energy.

Get down on your knees. I do what she says. Now lay onto your belly. I lay down and my dick has a hard time trying to adjust. Her voice is intoxicating to me. I feel the red silk cloth I was standing on and it seduces me to relaxation.

Soon I feel her breast laying on my butt. She is just lying on my ass. In the silence in the air and the heat growing in my body, I start to tune into her heartbeat. And as I tune in deeper, I go deeper into an aroused relax state.

She then begins rubbing her breast across my ass and her soft mountains tingles my ass and sends vibrations up my spine. I begin to float as I fade into her energy.

She spreads my ass cheeks apart and blows into my asshole. I shiver in response and waves explode throughout my body. Then it begins, her touching my spot. My Sacred Spot. And she rubs me there! In circles as her oiled finger glides around and up and down she rubs and generates sensations not able to be explained in my ass. The folds of skin at my asshole flip and squeeze into tingles of delight. I start to see light behind the blindfold and deep in my minds eye. Light of different shades of color as my spot is rubbed into openness. She blows into my opening again and now I feel her wave all the way at the top of my head. I shiver and exhale as my ass wants to pop up in the air and receive more.

You must surrender yourself to me fully, Goddess commands! Let me enter!
Enter me Goddess, I agree!

She squeezes my ass cheek. One and then the other. My dick hardens. I feel the drips of oil fall over the opening of my ass and then I feel her. A shooting sensation spiraling up my body and through my spine causing me to arch my back and then I feel her finger glide into me and I widen my legs for more. I start to drip out of my cock and in my minds eye I see colors. All different colors and shades as they glow and dim as the energy flows thorough me. Her penetrating pulse pushes me closer and closer into ecstasy. I see the moon Full in her glory and I am thankful. I have a strong desire to penetrate Goddess and give her my gift. How I wish that could come true. For now though, I am open to receiving her. I need her inside me doing to me what she wants!

Deeper and deeper I feel her fingers probe and with each thrust I feel unburdened. I feel free to express my pleasure as she strokes the inner walls of my ass and then pulls out to circle the sacred spot hole and blow into my portal and send waves of information into my aura. Aaahhh....I now understand why the cleansing needed to take place with the anointing. So that I could receive what Goddess has to give me. Give to me! Give to me! So that I can let go! Let go! Let go!

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

With this understanding comes another level of arousal and I am now being pulled up onto my knees as she fucks my ass! One then two fingers in my ass and I groan and ache for more! I want more cause I am Free!!!

She wraps her other moistened hand around my swollen cock!
Your love wand is happy she says to me! My Goddess understands my Dick! The Lingam is always telling the truth! Goddess continues. She stokes my lingam as her other fingers travel through my ass portal and visions of joy and progress float into my consciousness. I see myself making love to my wife and sending the same charge of energy into her pussy as Goddess is sending into my ass! She is so powerful I think to myself.

YES!!!! She answers...she hears my thoughts. Yes! She is truly GODDESS.

I am up straight on my knees and at oneness with Goddess as she slides up and down my cock and slip finger one and then two fingers in and out of me. I can no longer control my desire to come! I wish I could remove the blindfold and behold my Goddess face to face, eye to eye. Truly...however the energy is stronger than me. She has me captive in her power, in my ass and I just.......EXPLODE!!!!!

As I come, I jerk my body and shoot and shoot and I feel as if I am filling the room with my seed! My exploding bomb seed is filling all free area! I am shaking and coming and breathing and writhing in the splendor of my rapture. I fall to my belly.

I am then overtaken with spiritual bliss and connection. I turn over quickly and am able to grab hold of my Goddess and she allows a hug between us! I feel the urge to cry and then instead I have another explosion of orgasm! I come so hard I realize I have to let her go to stop the seed from spewing out all over me and everything. Oh my Goddess, I love the gift of healing Power!

I fall to Ecstasy!

Colors of red orange yellow green blue indigo and purple pop all over in my minds eye and bliss resides.
I receive your gift and offer it to The Great Goddess for your Prosperity and Healing. Goddess Pronounces...

I am alone.....

The Goddess has given you the release of your portal power. You will no longer suffer. Said the other voice. She was a kind voice too. Goddess has healed you!
Some of your seed is placed on the altar for your continued healing and prosperity during this full moon. Afterwords it will be given to the earth.

Goddess Blessings she said and then she removed my blindfold and allowed me time to shower. I dressed and left. Still bathing in the glow of the Goddess and the full moon.

That night, when I got home. I made love to my wife and connected deeply with strength and slow loving bliss. She is very happy this full moon and beyond!

Installment LVIII: The Full Strawberry Moon - June 2011
The Bliss Breath Anointing

It's so beautiful tonight on this full moon. I enjoy camping during the full moon because so much energy is alive at this time and in the woods, I feel especially connected to mother earth. I have been going through a hard time for a while now. It seems every area of my life has produced challenges for me.

I am hoping this time with the earth and full moon connection I will be able to shake off some of this negative shit that's been happening. I'm stressed out and feeling so horny I just pull my pants down right before I set up my tent because release seems to be the only way I can relax right now. I pull out my cock spit in my hand and start to stroke it hard and I quickly fill my dick with blood and my tip expands wide. I am stroking so fast I don't even have time to fantasize about fucking anyone! I just want to come. Ahhh....I shoot so hard out of my dick my body jerks once real hard.

I know enough to at least bless my gift even if I don't feel so blessed right now.
“Please receive my gift great goddess, I bless my semen.” I say out loud while looking at the moon and then to the ground that has just ingested my come.

I am all settled with my tent up now, and my small fire burning. I pop open my bottle of wine and offer some to the Goddess and then pour some on the ground to honor my ancestors. I then remove my clothing because I love to be naked and I want to moon bathe to receive her essence.

I bend over and let my ass float up and allow the moon glow to cascade over my ass crack. Nice. And then I turn and stand and stretch my arms up and wide and just breathe to suck in her essence deeply. Eye gazing sends tingles into my body as I breathe and witness this union of earth sky and me here right now. What a sensation, being alive at this moment makes all the struggles I've gone through seem a little less painful.

I then sit to meditate before I prepare my meal. Sitting on a small towel on the earth feels wonderful with the gentle warm breeze that's flowing. I sit and my dick rests on my balls and my balls rests on the towel and my ass pressing into the towel offers sensations of the earth beneath. I feel my ass is cementing me into the earth energy connection.

I start with squeezing my pc and sphincter muscles at the same time to allow the wave to grow through my body from the earth to the moon through me. Squeezing my pubic coxes muscle is the muscle that's stops the urine from flowing and when I squeeze there my cock starts to bounce up and down and when I squeeze my sphincter I just close the opening of my ass hole. This sensations creates a charge of energy flowing up from the earth through my ass up my spine and out the top of my head and into the full moon vibration.

I continue the squeezing with my breathing and just riding the wave and allowing this bliss to build. I feel peaceful and present. I need this. I have had such a hard time achieving this level of connectedness at home with so much going on. I am glad I took the time to come out in nature and reconnect. Some times it's just what we have to do. I think this to myself and wonder why I didn't do this last full moon.

Anyway, back to breathing and peacefulness.

After my meditation I prepare a simple meal and eat and gaze at my full moon companion. Enjoying the wine and food, I make sure to offer a little to the earth in honor of the full moon and my ancestors. I place a small amount by the tree closest to me. I say a prayer of thanksgiving and then I kiss the tree.

After my meal, I pull out my drum and spend some time beating with the rhythm of my heart and the sounds of the nature around me. I chant and hum and groove on my created rhythms of the moment. I look up at the moon and I can now see rings of colors around her fullness. Red and Orange stick out the most and that adds to the heat and warmth growing in me.

After my recital, I start to feel the pull again. That pull to come so hard and release my tension and I decide to try to take my time now and let the moon assist me with my self love. I lay my body down on the cool warm ground and I lay my hand over my lingam. My lingam, yes!

I just lay there still for a moment to reconnect with my lingam and then with my heart. When did I stop doing that? Shit, I think to myself, I let my issues get in the way of my own personal love. Shit. I start to stroke my lingam and let myself feel good and then I just get the fuck out of the mood. I stop. I sit up.
I'm a mess. I think to myself. How quickly I can pull myself from my peaceful place and for what? I get up and start to pace around my sacred space, and I am becoming frustrated that my anxiety is building. I start to obsess over the problems I've had in the past and why this has been happening for so long.

I want to scream because I don't want to ruin this night with my bad mood. Maybe if I just let myself come, I will feel better. I spit in my hand and grab my cock again and start to stroke so hard I quickly fill up with blood and my tip expands. I want to come so bad, I need to relax so bad, I can't stop until I come! I start to jerk my hips to make myself explode quickly. Make these crazy thoughts leave my mind! I want to come and then.....

What are you doing?! I hear....
I am startled! Who was that? I stop and turn quickly. No one is there! I look in the other direction! No one! What the fuck? I think to myself. Now, I'm really bugging.

I decide to drink some water instead and lay in my tent and look at the moon and let it watch me fall asleep. My dick slowly becoming flaccid.

I am awakened when I am drugged out of my tent. Whoa....I scream as I am being pulled. I look up and no one is pulling me! I swing my arms and kick my legs at nothing but the strength of the pull scares the fuck out of me! I am then pulled to the tree that I laid my offering next to and am then pulled to standing and my body is somehow sucked onto the tree and I cannot move from it!

Hey! Hey! Hey! What's happening, I'm screaming!


I'm naked on this tree and I cannot move! Am I dreaming? Am I still asleep and having a full moon nightmare?! I look up at the full moon and the rings of colors around her have grown. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Purple pop out! I let my head rest on the tree as I begin eye gazing again and allowing my energy to connect with the colors vibration.

Soon the warm breeze flowing starts to increase. I become aware of scents in the air. The leaves the dirt and the grass scents heighten. The air smells sweet like vanilla and I have the desire to sniff and smell more. Each inhale tastes sweet to me.

Then it begins......

A breeze and direct and deliberate breeze directed at my.


My dick.....

I feel a strong blowing breeze cascading all over my cock! What?!

I feel it traveling all over my groin and it feels.....nice.

The blowing over my balls increases into arousal and my dick begins to grow! Wow what a sensation and I cannot move my hands or my body from this tree but my dick is responding and it feels wonderful! A natural blow job is happening to me right now! I must be fucking dreaming!

I look up at the full moon again and continue my deep breathing and receive the joyous scents floating all around me.

Then gently my ear is blown into and I long for the kiss to follow.

I will cleanse you with my breath and you will give me your seed to feed, and all of your troubles will be gone. Give me your offering and my anointing of you with my breath will bless you.

Who are you, I ask? I cannot see you.

You know me.....

Then it begins again....the blowing over my growing lingam. The blood fills me up so hard and strong and I feel the tip of my cock swelling and dripping. The drips grow and fall to the ground as the blowing continues all over my sex center.

My legs part as the breeze expands and the sensations grow. I start to feel the rocking of my hips as this breeze expands to my inner thighs to under my balls as they tighten and fall with the ache to push all the come out of me. I start to moan in enjoyment as my blow job is sending so much pleasure all over my body. My entire body is tingling and my bouncing cock is wet. The blowing all over my lingam evolves upwards to my belly and around my stomach and with each breath comes pleasure! As the breathing floats up to my chest my nipples feel like they are being sucked by the strong breath and they become erect! I continue to rock my hips and am enjoying the rise of bliss I am experiencing.

My mind starts to go back to the anxiety I was feeling earlier and those thoughts that took me there. Oh man, as I start to remember the shit happening in my life the breath starts to increase and then those thoughts leave. Wow and then my balls all being pulled and my dick squeezed and there is no one there!

How is this happening? I think to myself.

The blowing now has grown all over my body. From the top of my head and all over my face and my arms and chest. All over my belly and down my legs to my feet. It keeps flowing all over me and grows in intensity as my lingam in fighting the urge up and down up and down and my load is growing as my cock is throbbing and dripping and spilling with heat and desire. I just let it all go and resume my joyful and thankful moaning. And let my hips rock as much as I can and my lingam flows in and out of the vortex of wind that pulls at my lingam and grabs my juice from inside of me and I squirm and push my body! As I writhe with the pumping pleasure and build my juice up to give! As I feel the tree holding me it becomes my lover too! The wind the breath the tree the ground the life and all this bliss comes screaming out of me as I yell! YES, YES, YES!

I shoot so far and scream so loud and open up so much! My load won't stop! My grinding hips pump more and more come out of my body than I've ever seen in my life! My body is trembling! I am trembling.

I witness the ground soaking all of my come into her!

I pass out on the body of the tree, my goddess!
When I wake up I am sitting on the ground leaning on the tree. I turn and kiss the tree again.
I look up at the moon and say! Thank you great goddess for your anointing and blessing.

I have received the bliss breath anointing this full moon, I am cleansed and all is well now!

~ Goddess Blessings

Installment LVII: The Full Flower Moon - May 2011
Yoni/Lingam Love in the Sky:
A Note of Honor to the Goddess

This month, a contibution from one of Reverend Goddess Charmaine's loyal followers.

When I see the full moon in the sky I still reach my hands up, cup it, bring it to my face to kiss and suck it. I love being able to sit naked in Service, crossed legs with balls resting. Upright torso like the erect lingam, and my cockhead aglow, attuned to and activated by the vibratory words coming thru your mouth and from the sacred depths of the Yoni Goddess!

Rise lingam in salute to the Yoni! Enter into her Sacred depths. Shine your light within the warm cave of her mysteries and together bring the revealed truths to bear upon the Earth.

I love and give my offering to you my Goddess this full moon my body spasms with relief that you share your Goddess Yoni with us all.

Happy Full Moon!

~ Love, Your Loyal Lingam

Installment LVI: The Full Pink Moon - April 2011
Vibrational Love: The Eros of Sound - Part I

On my way to the full moon sound healing empowerment gathering. I am happy to be able to attend. It was hard to get into the group because it’s always full during the full moon. I had to get on a waiting list to attend. I am hopeful that the ceremony will help me and yet at the same time I feel so disconnected, so tired of where my life seems to be going now. I’ve had a hard time for a while now and I really need this full moon empowerment to hopefully help me gain the courage and wisdom I need to get out of this funk. I lost my job and then my lover and I can’t even come when I masturbate!! Shit! I am just feeling fucked up and I am noticing my friends don’t even want to hang around with me because I am so toxic. I feel lost.

Walking through the temple doors I am greeted by someone with a smile and a bow, guiding me to remove my shoes and place my belongings in a cubby hole. I do as told. Then I am given an agreement to sign. “Please read this and sign, if you agree and want this transformation, it is our universal intention for the sound healing tonight”

Group Intention:
A True Warrior is a Protector of The Earth.
You worship Spirit in every Living Thing.
You consume only what you need.
You remain Balanced and Alert.
Loving Life as it comes.
You allow multiple mirror reflections of self so that you may perfect your Whole Self as a Lover.
You Honor your lovers as a resource to connect to The Source which is the Great Spirit.

~ Eternal Truths in Native American Sexuality

Please sign in agreement: ______________________________ .

I sign. Then I cross my fingers.

Please enter into this room and remove your clothes the priestess with give you a wrap to put on and a towel to lie on. I open my eyes wide. Do I have to change? I ask, I prefer to keep my clothes on. Sorry, I am told. No street clothing can be worn. He points to the changing room.

I remove my clothing in front of the priestess and I wonder if she is looking at my ass as I bend over and put them in the cubby the priestess points too. She then hands me a white wrap and I tie it around my body covering from my breasts to my knees. I wish it was longer. She then hands me a big towel, then bows to me and says. Follow me please.

I am guided to another room and the scent of sage starts to float into my nostrils. Upon coming into the sacred space another woman is standing at the cloth entrance and bows to me and then says I will sprinkle the holy water over your feet and then you may enter. Whatever, I think to myself. Can we get this going. My mood is really getting funky. I put on a fake smile and look down towards my feet. She sprinkles cool water over my toes.

You may now enter.

I enter. There are so many people in the room. All sitting in a circle around singing bowls drums rattles a flute and chair in the center. I look around and find a space to lay my towel and I sit crossed legged like most others are. My wrap falls when I sit and my breasts pop out bouncing and I scream and everyone looks at me and I just feel like a fool. I cover my tits and feel frozen. If I grab the wrap my tits will be exposed. If I stand the wrap will completely fall. My goodness why did I come here I think to myself.

May I help you? A soft voice whispers to me. I turn and a very nice looking man with dark eyes and long dark brown hair flowing over his shoulders reaches to me. He smells of sandalwood. I will lift your wrap for you and place it over your hands covering your chest and tie it and when it is secure for you to remove your hands you can tighten it more. How’s that? He asks. Thank you, I say. Gently lifting my wrap his scent sails into my nose and his hands stroke over my fingers as he ties the wrap until I move my hands and take over. I look up into his eyes and say. Thank you, I really appreciate this. He stands and bows.

Catastrophe averted I think to myself.

Then he walks over to the chair in the center of our circle and I realize this must be the well known sound healer. Lord have Mercy, I become embarrassed that he saw me this way and then when I notice him looking over at me, I start to feel calm and think that it is okay. I look back at him with a smile.

Thank you everyone for joining the full moon ceremony this evening! I am Lion Heart and I am your guide through sound tonight. You can sit crossed legged on your towel. Or you may lay down. During the vibrational connection you may feel the need to remove your wrap. You are allowed to do so.

I open my eyes wide at such an announcement. I look around the room at the others and wonder who would remove their wrap. I know it won’t be, thinking to myself. Then I think. I am so uptight.

Now, the priestesses, Lion Heart continues and turns to the ladies who are now topless! Will be smudging the room through the sound ceremony so that the energy remains cleansed as you all release and heal.

Now in Honor of the Full Moon. Red Wine is being passed around. Let’s all raise to the moon and allow this liquid goddess to become one with us and let the moon glow in. He raises his glass then pours some onto the floor and drinks the rest. We all do the same and the wine is sweet. I like it. It helps me relax more. Perhaps that is part of their plan as well in sharing the wine.

I will read our group intention for tonight.

Group Intention:
A True Warrior is a Protector of The Earth.
You worship Spirit in every Living Thing.
You consume only what you need.
You remain Balanced and Alert.
Loving Life as it comes.
You allow multiple mirror reflections of self so that you may perfect your Whole Self as a Lover.
You Honor your lovers as a resource to connect to The Source which is the Great Spirit.

~ Eternal Truths in Native American Sexual

The lights go dark and candles are being lit. As all the candles flames grow they illuminate the moonlight in this space. I start to feel as if I am in the sky. Like I am being drawn into the moon. Sage and Cedar scents waft through the air and silhouettes of naked women float around.

I see in the dark glow Lion Heart his long hair his white t-shirt and white wrap shaping his body. I see him picking up an instrument and soon the sound of the singing bowls send an alto melody through the room. How nice. I decide to lie down.

The waves of the bowls bounce in the air as he walks around playing. Each shift in sound starts to send a wave through me. It’s smooth movements travel through my body and I am impressed at how fast I am being touched by is sound. I rest deeper.

Soon the sound is over my body directly and Lion places a vibrating bowl onto my chest and the singing bowl shares it’s song in my heart. I feel the deep vibration in the bowl as it travels from my chest into my heart and down my torso. Breathe...he whispers. I breath deeply and feel the bowls vibration moving slowly down into my sex center. I start to feel a wave and a pulsating sensation as I exhale and breathe in again deeply. I wonder if he can tell what’s happening? Lion removes the bowl slowly lifting it from my chest and I experience a stretching sensation in my aura. Like a pulling up from my body through my hands torso legs and feet. It feels freeing.

He plays the bowls for a while gifting everyone with the heart connection to the bowls. I hear sounds of moaning and breathing and this brings a connection to others in the room for us all.

I open my eyes for a moment and see in the night glow the moon light seems to be following Lion Heart as he plays around our trusting bodies. He seems to be charged by the moons energy. Or that the moon is charged by is sound magic. His hair swings as he seems to dance as he moves around. Soon he slows the singing bowl song to a silence and then places the bowls down and stands and removes his shirt. Revealing a slender chest with silky hair across his chest and it flows down to his belly ending at the wrap around his waist. He then pulls a drum towards him and sits in his chair and opens his legs wide to fit it in between his thighs. I can’t help but notice his graceful ways. I am becoming aroused by him. I am feeling shy. I close my eyes.

He strokes the drum at first with his fingers making a wooshing sound come from it. He strokes and strokes it and the sound builds like a wind and I fall into the sound as my body goes into a deep relaxed weightless space. Then he brings his voice out and sings. Native American singing and chanting fill the space as his drumming joins. His deep voice vibrates with his fast drumming and I feel my heart racing with it. I float deeper into my body as I expand into a lightness that cannot be explained. The tingling that’s building up in my body causes me to feel every beat that’s coming from his drum. Every single one. Beat after beat, after beat with the ha ha ha coming from his voice I am rocking along.

I smell the sage again and as the smoke flies past me, I see deep into my third eye my body. My naked body in my minds eye. Beautiful...I feel light and beautiful. I can feel the dancing music in the air. I want to play with the sounds I’m feeling. The vibrations are so strong I feel it pulling me into it’s dream. I cannot resist my urge to touch myself. I feel light hot and free. I open my wrap.

So peaceful and yet full of quaking fire! My Eros!

I am in union with the vibrations being shared through the sound. The dream of union with the music is taking me there. I am so hot and aroused my nipples stand erect. And my breath grows! I am being caressed by the vibrations and my body is joining the dream. I feel like he’s singing and drumming for me! Around my body in my minds eye the vibrations start to take form as color. I see all the colors of the spectrum moving in and around my body with each beat and tone. They stroke me and I am rising as I feel out of control with excitement. I feel touches stroking across my face and onto my lips. I lick them. I feel the waves of movement crawling down my belly and over my yoni causing me to increase my wetness. All the way down my legs I am tingling as I sense my primal nature awaken. I see myself stand tall under the moon in the middle of the woods. A large fire burning and growing high. I throw my hands up to the moon and she sends me her waves as Lion Heart beats his drum in honor of her power! I feel my power erupt in my body and my roar screams from my throat! ROAR.....I push from my mouth and I immediately jump into my dance. In my body I run around the fire and feel the air trying to keep up. His drumming increases with me and our union locks and we send and receive through every beat and movement. I stop in front of him and as he plays he looks up at me and our eyes gazes images of one another. I rock my hips and grab my breasts and pull on my tits and ofter my energy to his! He opens his mouth wide and licks his lips and with a big smile tilts his head back and the moon drops her light energy all over him. He yells loudly and then continues his song chant. I continue my rise. I lay back on the ground and opening my legs, I lay in the butterfly position with my knees down and the bottoms of my feet touching. This helps to keep my pussy lips wide so my portal can open to receive the vibration deep inside. I’m dripping.

I feel the music is pulling at my pussy and I want to stretch it wider to embrace the vibrational cock that’s entering me.

I slide my fingers in and out of my yoni and I squeeze my pussy tight and then let the muscle relax and I do this over again. Every time I squeeze and release my pussy muscle it feels like a large cock is soaking deeply inside my yoni and each tight squeeze makes my clit grow!

I am drawn deeper into vibrational love as I lift my hips and let my fingers glide over my lips and clit with his beating. I pump and pump my hips up and soon he matches my thrusts as his beating drum becomes like my beating heart. Sounds are growing all around me as it must be others feeling the growing ecstasy like me. It gives me more freedom to moan out my pleasure as well. The heart beat of his drum thumps and thumps through me. Soon the heart of the drum becomes still and the shaking of rattles quiver in the air.

I hear her....The Full Moon Vibration. “You are entering into life through the veil of the Dream ~ A Shaman Saying.” I feel it in my body and through the veil I feel full of life and the wave of vibrations rocking through me as his rattles release any blockages of shame fear rejection and any other fucking blocks left in me are jumping out through my pussy with painful pleasure, and I am entering into a place of possibilities!

I continue to sing over her wet thriving body. My song grows as the vibration speaks! She is strong and I see her medicine magic has fallen asleep. I am tapping into her primal energy to awaken her medicine again and her pussy power responds. I remove my wrap as I shake my rattle through the air as all others here are ripping off their wraps and responding to the vibrational love affair! Aching pleasures of wonder arise as someones lips embraces another and bodies begin to connect. The scent of sex blends with the sage and cedar in the air and the love moans join in. The expressions of yes and please continue as my music sound healing continues. I travel with my eyes for a minute to notice the many have become one in wet delight. I am witnessing lips on lingams and yoni’s on lips. With hearts embracing in the mix of three or more. For it is written......

When you fine your Tribal Mate, be brave together. Follow the SPIRITUAL PATH to love your Self your Partner and Others openly, honestly, with maximum mutual respect and benefits for everyone you agree to touch. ~ Native American Sexuality

My lingam rises and falls as my pre-cum dripping slides down my shaft. I push my energy into her like a lingam through my sound healing and this makes my cock desire to vibrate inside her!

The Eros of my Sound is taking over. The fire in my cock is sending vibrations of arousal all over the temple space. The group sounds of ecstasy grows as one person starts to love another.

It’s growing and growing and now I want to reach out to her and give her my gift of vibrational love...I look at her and just then in her wild rapture she looks up into my eyes and sees my joyful turmoil. We embrace.

To be continued.......

Installment LV: The Full Worm Moon - March 2011

Looking up at the brilliance of the full moon I am feeling the rush through my body as I recall my experience with her last month. I think of her often and we have shared our feelings of the spontaneous ritual that started our journey with one another. Her firm body and soft skin are part of me now. Her scent intoxicates me and I am filled.
I have been touched.

Planning to be together this full moon brings such excitement to me. It's so wonderful to be able to share with him again. I will never forget the way he pushed me onto that mirrored wall last month and sucked me into ecstasy. His image remains in my third eye. I have been touched.

I arrive at his place just as the dusk settles in for the night and the full moons glowing essence is starting to fill the sky. He opens the door with a smile and a bow. Hi beautiful goddess, how are you? I'm great, I answer as I walk into his space. I hang my coat and turn and bow to him. Happy full moon. We both open our arms to embrace, and as soon as he touches me it begins. The warmth of his touch travels throughout my soul and into my chakras sending waves of oneness with our connection.

As soon as she walked into my home her energy begins to charge the space with her essence. I cannot wait to worship her and honor the goddess in her. My boner is growing. I open my arms to hold her and as soon and she wraps her arms around me my breath and dick respond. And then we melt into oneness.

The stillness of our embrace brings about a peace and arousal of the right kind. I can feel the hardness in his pants. I wonder if he can imagine the wetness growing in my yoni.

Piece by piece we remove our clothing and then we walk into the shower to wash together. Stepping under the flow of the water and feeling the heat and the splash of the water flowing over us supports the erotic play our ritual needs tonight. He pours peppermint liquid soap into his hands and rubs my back and shoulders and massaging me as he cleans me he slides his wet soaked hands down my back and into the crack of my ass. He washes and touches me like he never touched anyone so special before. He is in true honor and worship and as I receive this, I think to myself how any person can be blessed by such an experience.

As his fingers slide up and down my ass, I feel such a great aching in my pussy for him to be inside me. Pouring more oil and washing my legs he turns me around and begins the travel up the front of my body.

The peppermint oil soap penetrates my skin and invigorates my body. He washes my yoni and I have dreams of him doing more. He pulls on my lips and slides the tips of his fingers up and down my vulva and then climbs up to tapping the head of my clit. My body jerks. He sees this and looks up at me with wet hair and deep blue eyes and a smile and then he kisses my pussy lips and continues up my belly and then sticking his tongue into my belly button while rising and rubbing up my chest to my wet dripping tits and standing completely erect now he looks me deep into my wet eyes and rubs my breasts simultaneously and then gently squeezing one nipple and then the other. My mouth wides. He slides his soaked hands up around my neck fully encircling my neck.

He holds me firm and forces is tongue into my wet mouth and presses his very hard lingam right between my legs as he moves me to the wall of the shower. The kiss, the kiss, the kissing grows. I can't tell if the wetness flowing down my face is from the water of the shower or from my tears of ecstasy and love.

I am touched.

She starts by washing my hard cock. I don't blame her, it's fucking hard and all over her. I want to be in her now! Her touch is delicate and firm and as she strokes my balls I am feeling her prayer of pleasure for me. Sliding around to my ass her face presses on my cock as she washes my ass and slides her fingers up and down my ass crack. Oh my god this feels so intense, I want to burst all over her face and have her suck me dry. I feel a huge load building up and I want to give it all to her and I think I will come if she continues. Sliding down my legs and washing back and front at the same time is sending tingles all over me. Sliding soap in between my toes and stroking me the way she is brings such a grounding feeling and peace. I really feel the honor she has for me.

Climbing up my body her body strokes over mine and I just want to reach out again and just pull her up on the wall, lift her up and bury my cock and soul into her. Her strokes across my chest and her playing with my nipples starts to cause me to shake and I look right into her almond eyes and she knows what's next. She smiles. I've been holding my gift just for her and she knows it. She holds me close and slides her hands around me to my back side and she then washes my back while her breasts stroke my chest.

Up and down my back she washes and her body rocks on mine and we sway together. She slides her hands to my arms and finishes her cleansing and then we rinse off together. The erotic embrace brings the peacefulness again and I calm down and just breathe my breath of life into her mouth and we are one.

I am touched.

We emerged out of the shower dripping and stepping onto the towel to soak up the water he brings out the blessed oil I prepared and we gently rub the oil onto each others body while we are still wet and then we each take a turn and dry the other off. Leaving our skin glowing moist and blessed.

We bow and greet each other with the heart salutation.
I honor the god in you.
I honor the goddess in you.

I take her hand and escort her out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. I prepared the space with candles and incense and I already have big plants in three corners of my bedroom sharing it's life energy with us. The huge window just in front of the bed/altar has now framed the moon and it's sending direct moon light onto it.

While she is just standing in silence looking around our sacred space. I light sage and smoke the room and once that is done. I close the bedroom door. I guide her to the front of the bed and motion for us to sit on the mediation pillows on the floor.
We sit.

As we sit on the pillows for meditation, I am feeling the appreciation growing in me to know that he takes this ritual as seriously and sensuously as I do.
I begin with a prayer.

The Light of God Surrounds us
The Love of the Goddess Enfolds us
The Power of God Protects us
The Presence of the Goddess watches over us
Where ever we are the God/Goddess is
And All Is Well
And So It Is.....

I continue....

We are Spiritually Whole and Sexually Perfect!
Our Bodies Know it and Show it!
And So It Is.....

We finish with three Oms.

After her prayer and our Om Chant I bring over the wine and grapes. One Chalice for wine and several grapes to share.
My body to your body, I say to her and then I feed her a grape.
She receives.
My body to your body, I say and then I gently pour some red wine into her full lips.
She receives.

I take the plate of grapes and I say. My body to your body and I feed him some grapes. To many and he laughs.
I then take the chalice of wine and I say. My body to your body and pour some wine into his mouth.
He receives.
We stand....
I place my hand over his heart and I pray. May this full moon ritual bless you and empower you. May our sacred union continue to bring the pleasure of prosperity into your life as we experience the pleasure together.

I place my hand over her heart and I pray. May you continue to be blessed this full moon and bring your desires into reality. May you expand and grow in the love and respect I have for you. May our pleasure together forever bless us.

We kiss and sink into our lips as the moon watches with colorful gazes that bounces from candle to candle in the room. The flickering lights seem to be dancing for the union that's taking place. I crawl my hands all over her body as we kiss and my hardness quickly comes back. She wraps her arms around me with such a hold that I know she is desiring me as much as I desire her.

As my eyes are closed in our frantic embrace I see her image in my mind. Her curvy sexy image full of spiritual grace flows erotically all over me. She has the ability to fill me with her love and it sinks deeply into my heart and loins. Her beauty spirit captures me and I am going to fuck her so deeply and long, I promise she will be filled with my essence and never lose the image of me in her.

I am touched.

With the glowing moon enhancing the space I am drawn to her gaze while we kiss. I feel she is calling to us. I motion to the window with my goddess and we walk over to the wide window and I open the window pane to let in the wind charged by the moons force. This wave flows perfectly over us as our lip lock embrace begins once again. Her wet hair drips as it flows with the enticing wind and our breaths soon create sounds as our moans express how we are really feeling now! As she inhales deeply the exhales with a silky sigh I find myself drinking deeper from her fountain. Soon I discover the waves have evolved with the plant life in my room bending to her every sound. The actual leaves are leaning towards us and each time my goddess shares her sounds of ecstasy the leaves and branches respond.
The tingling grows in me and my ache for her becomes more intense for me as my wand is dripping!
The moon glowing rain is showering us and this connection to the energy is extending to the area around us through our erotic connection with our spiritual body.

I need to be in her.

I move her to the bed/altar and bend her forward. She glides onto the bed and spreads across it like a fallen perfect silk wrap. I lay over her back side and kiss the back of her neck and then I lick her and suck on her skin. I need to taste her like the red wine we shared to become one. I lick her all over her back and kiss her in several spaces along her spine as I bless her energy centers with a bite. MMM...I then slide my waiting lingam up between the crack of her delicate ass and I find my way to her moist pussy. I start to go slowly into her and with my pelvic push she moans and lifts her ass up to guide my cock in. Her pussy is tight and my head is needing to prove his worthiness as worrier dick to penetrate her glorious womb. With each push my dick hardens and drips until finally I slide my wand into her warm wet juicy cave. I am now alive!

Every stroke sends electricity up my body and I tremble to pleasure as I rock my cock deep inside of her. Her warm wetness builds as I throb on her womb wall and our creamy juices blends together to continue our electric surge of power between pussy and cock. Looking at her body as I stroke I am able to witness my long hard white cock sliding from the base of my shaft to the tip of my dick in and out of her black juicy pussy. I feel very close to coming so I stop deep inside her and I move the energy to come up into my heart and allow my heart chakra to explode open even more.

I slide from his lingam and turn my body over to witness his heavy breathing with his hand over his heart. I sit up and take his tasty cock into my mouth and I slide my tongue and tighten my mouth over him while I suck and taste our juices together. He rests his hands on my head and follows my up and down stroke over his deserving cock. He goes deep into my mouth like deep throating and my gag reflex open my throat more for him to penetrate my mouth and feed me his dripping pre cum.

I am touched.

I pull him out of my mouth and stand and turn him onto our bed/altar and as he drops on the bed his dick bounces and I can see the aura of his cock showing sunshine colors flowing from his dick. MMM

I slide onto his dripping lingam with my body straddled over him. I squeeze my yoni tight around his cock so that her can feel the strength of my wetness and my pussy as I sink his dick deeper inside of me while I pray for him to fuck me more.

Thank you goddess! I say to her as she is holding me hostage in her yoni.

I rock back and forth on him and slide up and down on his lingam now finding my clit a spot to rub as we grind. The colors in the room are so beautiful as the wind is mixing with our erotic love dance and our vocals of yes and ahhh and more are revealing the closeness of orgasm.

As I am riding him he takes my breasts one nipple at a time into his mouth and this causes my pussy to get closer to erupting. And then I grind and suck him deeper with my pussy muscle and then as I feel myself about to blow. I stop and move this sensation to come up into my heart. This is a very powerful technique to do in full moon ritual. It cultivates the power of our juices and energy to be able to bless each other in a every aspect of our life. We have already experienced a surge of blessings since our last encounter last month.

She holds her hand over her heart. The beauty of sex flows through her and the light of the moon has captured her in it's aura. I see all shades of colors around her body.

I am touched.

I turn her over onto the bed and with her on her back and her legs open for me. I slide on top of her first making my way to her yoni. Kissing and licking and sucking for a moment to taste our lovely juices. I then rise over her and stick my lingam into her and with my eyes open wide and hers too. We stroke, and stroke, now in silence.

I give her everything I have inside of my body. My moans, my sweat, my energy, my cock. It's all hers as I look into her eyes and see the oneness of everything in life at this very moment. With my cock inside of her she is sharing her pleasure of me in her through her eye gazing embrace. I see what she feels. My long slow gentle fuck thrusts. My dripping lingam moistening her womb and the tingles that arrive because of that. What a gift she is giving me. Her pussy speaks to me. It says yes and more and yes and please and you shall be blessed it says the most. I know this because I see it in her eyes and feel it in her pussy power.

Oh my, we are locked into one another. He is holding me so close as our eyes meet in agreement. His beautiful face brings sunshine into my heart as my prayers are answered by his deep fucking. All I can say is thank you for the gift of his deep fucking that is all for me. He is a gift.

My body is close to dissolving in orgasm as he continues his thrusting. I think I will die now. I am close.

She is so beautiful and sexy. I must tell her. You are so sexy and beautiful. She just smiles and with that I am done. I am going to come deeply into every part of her pussy and hopefully her spirit. I will drench her because my load is huge. I have been saving it all for her.

I am going to fill you now, I tell her.

Please, I respond.

Oh my god! I push and pump my body hard on her as I jerk out all of my come into this lovely goddess temple. My body receives his gift as I pump up and as his drips flood into me the sensations over whelm me and my pussy finally erupts! We look into our eyes and see simply everything that matters in this moment.

Then we kiss......

We are


Installment LIV: The Full Snow Moon - February 2011
The Love Journey

This full moon.....I find myself working later than usual and I am hurrying to get home to do my personal full moon ritual to the goddess.

Finishing my charts in my office I am reminded of the fullness of the moon through the big window framing the moon and guiding her full vision into the window along the mirrored wall beside me. I finish the day by cleansing the space with sage and a grateful prayer of thanksgiving to the sacred space I use. I am about to leave.

Then he comes in.....Oh you are still here he announces. (The man I share this office space with)Yes I am, I reply. I am just on my way out. Cool, he responds. How are you doing?
I am well Thank you. Grabbing my coat and going to put my shoes on. It's full moon and I want to get home and do my ritual.

Oh yea, that's right. I love the full moon, he replies. Reaching out for my hand, he takes hold of it and says. Happy Full Moon, Goddess.
I turn and look into his eyes and I see the moon in his eye gazing glow. I lift my hand from his and allowing my coat to fall I touch his left cheek with my hand and locking our eyes together. I say...Happy full Moon to you. In the stillness of this moment we continue our meditation of one another with the moon as our witness. Raising my other hand to his face I bring our third eye together by touching our foreheads. This mediation allows the at-one-ment to begin. Our eyes close as our souls touch through the third eye. Breathing deeply and slowly I let my hands fall to his body as he brings his hands to my hips we become at one.

With every breath his image becomes stronger in my minds eye. First his face then is eyes only and then nothing. Just a void filled with his essence. As I am experiencing him, he says.

This is very profound...I can feel you inside of me...Is this okay? He asks....
This is what the Goddess wants, I answer.

I see you clearer with my eyes closed than ever before, he states.
I know....

In this peaceful connection the hands start to move where our minds want them too. He begins stroking my back and I just hold him firmer as he dances strokes along my back. The strokes start to send waves of tingling pleasure that escapes to other parts of my body and I step a little closer to him and our heads rise and our third eye meditation ends as the body meditation begins.

Looking slightly up into his eyes again I see the full moon even clearer and I notice shades of blue and green around the moon in his deep eyes. Taking a deep breath into my mouth I rest my lips on the tip of his and I blow into his mouth and he receives me. He continues by blowing back into my mouth as I receive his breath and the yab yum of our heart connection continues.
I am feeling the love between us growing as the room starts to vibrate these same sensations with the moon colors floating around us. His tongue touches mine and our embrace meshes our bodies closer. I am now becoming very aware of his arousal as his lingam now pressed against my body is speaking to me of desire.

You are so beautiful he says to me. I see your full goddess glow in your eyes he continues, the moon is in your eyes with an indigo hue. That's so cool you are connected. Then our kissing continues as our bodies sway with wetness growing between my legs.

Our hands support our erotic embrace and we kiss like we are breathing for the first time. His tongue tastes sweet to me and his cock is forcing itself onto my clit right through my clothes. I slowly pull away and I place my hands in a prayer position in front of my heart and I bow to him and then I say. I honor the God in you.

He then follows along and bows to me saying. I honor the Goddess in you. Then he smiles and goes to the desk and opens it and reveals a candle and then placing it on the table by the mirrored wall he lights it.

We stand in silence and then he comes to me and he says. I believe the ritual has begun.
I agree.....

He then approaches me and slowly stroking my blouse he starts to unbutton. Is this okay....he asks. Saying nothing, I smile. He returns the gaze. I reach to his pants and unbuckle his jeans. He slides my blouse from my body and my naked breasts are exposed with perkiness. He deeply inhales. We slide his pants off and his lingam bounces to freedom and I desire to take him into my mouth fully. Just not yet though. My hunger is growing. He removes my skirt and sees my yoni lips throbbing and I can tell by his momentary freeze he wants to suck me. Just not yet though. He stands and I pull his shirt off over his head and soon we are both naked and accompanied by the energy of the moon and the candle light everything is perfect.

I slide to my knees and give him the five fold kiss to anoint his body. Kissing my fingers I then touch him with my kissed fingers on his feet and I say. Blessed are Thy Feet and I continue the blessing to his knees and then his sex center with a gentle stroke of his cock and balls I then bless his heart and then lips.

He then kisses his fingers and bends to his knees he looks up at me and instead of touching my feet, he kisses each and then says. Blessed are Thy Feet and then he kisses my knees and then when he reaches my yoni, he slowly spreads my legs and thighs apart just a little and then slides his lips and tongue gently over my lips and clit and I sway a little as the erotic bliss floats up into my body and he repeats the blessing. Then to my heart and then to my lips with a kiss that's locks our mouths together again. Now we are one and blessed and our bodies and heart start rocking and throbbing harder and harder.

He forces me to the mirrored wall and grinds his cock harder onto me. I feel his dripping lingam sliding up and down on my swollen pussy. It's as if we are going against nature if he does not enter me. Then he slides himself in between my legs and strokes between my lips with his dick and I rock my pelvis forward to support this connection and my wetness builds and I want to beg him inside of me. His hair is falling over our faces as we kiss and he begins stroking his hands through my long goddess braids and with every stroke of his hands in my hair he pumps forward his pelvis and we continue to rock in unison and the wetness fills between my legs with his pre-come and my wet pussy juice.

You are a true goddess, he announces, I want to give you my entire being. I feel so connected to you and I thank you for sharing with me.

My feelings exactly......
He glides his lips from mine and travels to my breasts and begins his sucking prayer of my tits and he wraps his hands over them one by one cupping and sucking and breathing so heavy I swear by his breath alone I will explode and come all over him. Thank you goddess for the gift of this man. He then moves down to my belly and licks over my belly and belly button his tongue travels into me and kisses me there several times as his hands grabs my ass and then he puts his head right into the kingdom of my delight. He licks my yoni and spreads my lips with his and pushing his tongue into my womb my thighs spread wider. He is fucking me with his tongue and I respond. The moon light is showering over us and you can see the image of the moon encasing us in the mirrored wall. We have her blessing upon us. My body rocks and shakes as he enters me deeper and deeper with his love tongue and then gently teases my ass by sliding his finger up and down my ass crack. I pump and cry with ecstatic joy as I am climbing the mountain top of orgasm. I place my hands over his head and guides his face in and out of me and I grind as my clit is swollen and with his tongue and pressure I move slower and slower as the focus of orgasm is growing closer I pump and start to yell yes...yes...yes...and the waves shoot through me from my clit to inside my deep deep pussy up into my heart as I pump and scream my juices out of my pussy all over his face.

He holds me....

You taste so sweet, I love that you let me drink you and be inside you that way. He kisses my lips and my pussy scent arouses me again!

I embrace him and turn him towards the mirrored wall and pressing his body onto the wall I kiss his lips then his heart and to his belly and down to his sex and then his knees and kissing his feet I rest onto my knees and then looking up at him I take his throbbing lingam into my hands and I stroke him. I pray, I honor your lingam for the yang life it has. He smiles and rests his head on the wall and surrenders to my hands. I then open my mouth wide and place him into my wet mouth and I just hold him there quietly, letting his cock receive my energy through the tip of his lingam.

He moans.....

I slowly start to tongue him and gently move my mouth to the left and then right as I cup his cock with my mouth and tongue. The motion of my head causes my hair to drape over his thighs and tickle his legs and this adds to his pleasure. You are so beautiful, he voices...thank you for giving to me in this way. I love your energy and your light goddess. I suck harder and grab his ass and now I allow my worship to include sucking his balls and deep throat him as often as I can. My heart is opening up even more and the love of my worship makes me happy. I am honoring him and this ritual is more than I expected this full moon.

For a moment I think about my stress for working so late today and I now realize this is truly what goddess wants. For a union to take place through this love journey on this full moon.

I continue to suck him and his moans grow into thankful comments and thrusts. I pull back and continue with stroking him and with my saliva and his wetness I stroke him and is lingam pulses in my hands as his hips dances back and fourth. He smells so good to me and his taste is sweet and clean. I love this. Together with my stroke and his moans he says, goddess I am going to come. Can I give it to you? Yes, give it all to me, I answer.

Thank you goddess, thank you goddess, he says as he pumps and pumps and pumps and moans and yells yes! As he squirts all of his love juice thick and white out of his love wand and I open my mouth and let as much of his juice into my mouth and allow the rest to fall onto my lips and cheeks and down to my chest like drips of rain drops blessing my body. His quivers stop.

I bless Us....”Great Goddess, Please receive his offering and continue to Bless us with our Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth and Healing for Us All, And So It Is.”

I stand and he looks at me with come all over my face, he says you are so beautiful, you're glowing. I know...then he kisses my cheeks and then my lips and we hold one another as the moon witnesses the worship of love.

We laugh together and then I bring our third eyes back together by touching our foreheads and breathing. In Silence the sweat and sex juices leave a sweet scent in this sacred space.

We shower.....
We Bow as we dress....

See you next full moon, He says to me.

Goddess Blessings, I respond.

Installment LIII: The Full Wolf Moon - January 2011

I am laying in my bed slightly tired from the night before. Sprawled out horizontally across my bed on my belly with my legs hanging off the edge. Wearing only a white silk sarong that's scrunching up between my legs begging for room or attention. I lift my head to gaze up at the full moon. Knowing it's watching my heavy breathing take me back into slumber land. As I start to melt into sleep I can only feel and hear the sound of my own breathing and the flowing sensations of my breath which allows me to drift into peacefulness. The waves of my drifting breath allows my body to float into a true flowing connection of nothingness to everything. From the tips of my toes to the crown of my head, I am breath....a portal or true relaxed pleasure. I sleep.

In my slumber my sleep is only enhanced by my tiny body movements while I pull my right leg up slightly and cause my silk wrap to press against my naked yoni and a slight aroused shiver floats up into my body. I am drunk with deep sleep and yet the energy around my body from the moon to my wrap add to my aroused comfort. I reach under to address the subtle sensation flowing between my legs and with false hope I soon sub-come to my drowsy friend. My sleepy haze continues as I turn my head towards the stream of light flowing into my room from the moons glow traveling through my space and over my body and towards my bedroom cracked door.

In my dream state I notice him and his piercing eyes and golden glow. Am I dreaming I wonder and I think I am. I am asleep right? Or is it the Veil?

In my sleeping contemplation I dream deeply of her. She is the wonder of my heart and loins and I desire to touch and smell her essence. I love my full moon dreaming because the Full Moon Goddess always blesses me with her form in my dreams during this time. I often see and feel myself deeply inside her and holding her close as I collapse inside of her yoni and give my gift of life. As I sleep deeply I feel my body spirit pull out of my skin as I lay in my bed under the gaze of her full moon wonder. My outer body sensations sends tingles of flames all over me and I float across my room into her spiritual sensual universe. She sleeps so lovingly and I love her and need her. I have never come this close to her before each full moon I am gifted with her image in my dreams and allowed the opportunity of closeness in this reality. I have learned that offerings on my Altar to Goddess grants me more connection to her during this time and in my meditations I offer prayers of gratitude though my body and during my self love. So now I believe she accepts my love and has allowed me entrance into her spirit temple this full moon.

I watch her quietly sleeping on her huge flowing bed sprawled across like a raft on water to every where. She is beautiful, a full body with chestnut skin long hair and wrapped like the goddess she is in white silk. I desire her. My body vibrates at the sight of her and my wand starts to grow in anticipation of our union.

He looks so powerful in his silence. Can he see me looking at him? Perhaps there is a Veil between us. He seems to be staring strait into my eyes but no movement from him. I must be asleep and dreaming because I am not moving from this spot on my bed while my body is being pressed to sleep I continue this dream, he feels safe.

In my desire I open her door slowly wider and walk into her sacred space. The light from the moon growing brighter as I enter. With each step towards her the light glows! I start to feel increasingly drawn to her stronger than before. Like I cannot breathe unless I am with her now and that's when I notice my lingam growing to full attention and when I look down to witness my growth I see that my feet are not on the floor. I am walking on air, I am spirit in form in my male body as a whole holy form in the presence of goddess in form. I must be dreaming.

I see him float into my room and I know I am dreaming and as he moves closer to me I feel his vibration spread across my room and slip onto my bed and tap into my body. I desire him. I slide my right hand down between my legs and I join the bundle of silk squeezed between my thighs mimicking a hard cock lovingly nestled. I place my hands over the hardness of the silk and stroke it up and down on the now growing wetness of my yoni as his golden vision joins my dreams.

He is golden in color tall long streaming brown and blond hair which falls long past his strong shapely shoulders and his lingam in hard. Hard long wide and dripping wet.

I desire him.

In my beautiful dream I allow my arousal to grow and I stroke my nice hot pussy with my hard silk dick and enjoy my dream as I press and rock my hips towards my dreamy silky lingam. My pumping sends streams of pleasure all over my body and I look up at the moon again and notice the most beautiful site. I see his image in her glow. He is in the moons energy and watching my love play and now my love prayer. I desire to be with him and bless him with my joy and the power of my yoni. These feelings grow greatly in me and now I begin to float and turn over on my backside and continuing in my stroking quest I now allow my other hand to stroke over my visible breasts. My wrap is beginning to fall away from my body and I am rising up and burying my finger now into my yoni and squeezing my nipples as I start to moan. He watches me and the moon is making this happen. I am floating in the air. What a Dream.

She is rising up and opening her womb to me and I am eager to join her yet my body cannot move from the spot it stands in. I am to just witness her greatness and revel in her bountiful spirit of pleasure. My lingam grows and my wetness begins to ache for home. Her home my life in oneness with her. I feel her arousal growing and I am being tormented by her pleasure and not able to be one with her.

Dear Goddess, I pray, let me enter....

Then she hears me! She is floating now high above her bed. Floating and then as her white silk wrap falls from her body her legs and arms spread wide as if a wind forcefully blew through. Her hair raises up and wide and the glow from the moon connects to her strings of hair as they become beacons of erotic rays charging this room with pleasurable power. Her beautiful almond eyes are wide and piering right into my entire being! She sees me.

Her yoni portal opens wide and I see her wet world open the doorway to life right before me. I am swept away by the vision and fall to my knees and I grasp hold of my throbbing cock and begin stroking it as I look up to the wet womb controlling me. The colorful butterfly walls open to the pink chambers of her sweet pussy. The tip of her clit protruding at the top like a mountain peak. The pulse of her pussy sends waves of communications to me and I hear her voice through her yoni saying, begin the growth of all life through your desire to plant your seed in me. Begin, begin, begin now with your wand of life and stretch into my force field and spray me with your essence. I will obey!

I stand and see him clearly stroking his wand in desperation for me. I look around and notice I am not on the floor below me. I have risen in the air and firmly planted in the energy everywhere. I am aware of what is happening now. I know who he is. He is the god in form that has earned my audience. He is worthy.

I reach to him and he stands and I lay back and spread my holy body and allow my yoni scent to float towards him and give him my scent which will stay forever in his aura. For I am Goddess.

I smell her vanilla scent wafting from her hot pussy and am risen with love and strength to my feet as she is floating over me and I feel my swollen love wand waiting to explode inside of her.

I reach toward her chestnut form and am gifted with her consciousness through her vanilla pussy. I slip my tongue into her paradise and I drink and suck and am filled. I feel the shivering of my cock wanting it's turn. So powerful my joy wand and I know my hunger is strong and I need to eat before I feast.

As he slides his tongue like a dick in and out of my humping pussy I am thrilled by the pulsating vibes caressing all over me as I glide into his strong embrace. His long hair strokes the sides of my thighs as he pulsates up and down into my communicating womb. We are one! My body spasms quickly as I rock and come all over his mouth and tongue! My rocking body causes my nipples to shoot strong energy waves from my tits and rings of colors of red orange yellow float into the space as I scream in my first wave of ecstasy! Now my hard filled pussy wants more! Fuck me now! I think to myself.

I pull unwillingly from her rapturous pussy and as I taste her sweetness all over my mouth and tongue pull her down to my dripping stick and lay back to guide her yoni into place onto me as we melt into cosmic union. We are one with the Full Moon She knows us! Who We Are! I feel the glow growing brightly all around as our union is met and so is the light force in this sacred space! I am blinded by the light as colors green blue indigo forms around us as she wraps her legs around my waist and her breasts fall into my face. I grab hold of her round firm ass and cup her to guide her up and down on my lingam of love. She is in my loins. I fuck her deeply now!

He fills me full of charged energy and I am excited by his strong embrace and his vigorous pumping takes hold of my body and his strength speaks volumes of life lessons inside my pussy. I know it all. I see him and who he is. She know us! The full moon knows who we are.

I am close to screaming with ecstasy again and as I call out loud to catch my breath I suddenly awaken from my sleep! I am startled by my embrace with him. He is still holding and stroking his wet cock inside of me and his moan speaks love songs to my pussy and heart. I know him. But how. Am I still dreaming?

My eyes are wide and I grasp hold of the vision of my room and my bed and the moons glow. Glowing so brightly I can barley see. But I do see. I see it all.

The vision of us in union brings forth to cosmic union of one life. We are the beginning and the ending in my pussy fuck motion on his cock. He pumps for my pleasure. My pleasure only!

We drop fast to the floor and then we are lifted quickly back up! Our sexual union brings forth spastic prayer from my mouth and body.

Allaaagosimagosticforthisispasicissalllassssummminoonorisummiummofthrossiilllism...and so this causes our forms to mesh as his pumping and breathing increases and he finds his way to my mouth and we hungrily suck the breath from one another into parallel life. The creation of the Universe.

My legs around his as his lingam lays cemented inside me he gives with his hips into me and draws nearer to explosion. My legs around him and his mouth on mine as I draw him into me with my heart open and tits aroused we thrust. Wrapped tightly around we merge and continue merging as we fuck! He his forcing his weight on me now and he lays forward on my body and I melt back as his penetration rocks us both. We are painfully fucking in the pleasures of the god goddess form and we begin the rise of our ancestors. Plant Animal Human all life forms begin here.

I am closer to coming and I pull my hands through his hair and it drapes over me. His silky firm lips caress me with sweet wetness. He tastes of cinnamon and the oak of the air. We grow.

We are growing like my dick grows for her always. As my cock sucks into her pussy world I am close to dieing inside of her. I need her blessing and as I think and feel her warmness around me, I feel the oneness of our union speaking through me. We grow.

We grow into the ground beneath us and his simple wand of life pushes his way up and into me deeply. My wetness and warmth receives his embrace as our crown chakras extend beyond this sacred space of my bedroom.

The moon calls to us as home call us in every night. Our legs branch into the earth body and we are rooted by the connection of the beginning. As I stroke up into her and our fluids blend we see all life together. The Purpose of every being! All Life through our fucking fiercely into each other we are the life we see! The Power of the Union of all Souls.

Each cock push causes me to gush more wetness and I love for the life of all through his embrace of me. I send life seed to the earth body and our embrace is the fertility needed to bring forth the promise.

Fuck me, fuck me, my god in form. I love thee till the evolution ongoing of all sacred life. I come for thee in the union of one.

We stretch into the heavens as our bodies expand beyond this space room and into the roof of this house and out into the air of this town and up into the skyward indigo realm. We are one as our ache for explosion comes near and the roots of our legs and feet have formed into her earth body and our arms shoulders and head has embraced the branches and leaves of the tree goddess that speaks to the moon sun and universe. We are connecting.

We are receiving.
We are hearing
We are understanding
We are coming......Coming for the one life of us all in this one floating space of genitals throbbing into the full moon flow of life.

I look beyond my lovers face and I see us out in the sky above it all. 500 feet tall embedded into each other as my arms are the branches of a tree as we see the life of all beginning and being. As he fills my every need instantly. We are one.

As I start my ascent into her universal womb and drench her with my come for all life to continue. I am witnessing the growth of us into this space of greatness as our bodies has transformed into the planets only signal of communication. Plant life as tree life as organs into the dirt body as the earth body as the cock and pussy juice that flows as I give it. As I give it all to my Goddess and I scream my inner fire semen into her pussy, all my joy! All my tree god life into her precious life pussy and I pump my sap into her cavern of grounded life force....forever. The Purple Sky of the universe promises to continue these waves of pleasure for us all. Look up at the Full Moon see us in the tree image through her. We are forever together and together with the Planet you can now continue. As We are one....and my lingam remains in her universal womb in continuous rapture. Forever.....




Goddess Blessings

Installment LII: The Full Cold Moon - December 2010
The Eros of Dharma

I awaken to the shine of the bright white moon upon me. This morning this early morning, I lean over to look at my clock and it flickers 3:00AM. Flicker, flicker it blinks and my eyes cannot focus as I turn to my window and witness her greatness over me. I always keep my curtains open during the full moon it's the best way to bask in the energy. The next best thing to moon bathing. The crispness of her silver lining starts descending towards me.

I stretch my tired body to breathe and desperately plan to fall back to sleep. The moon accompanies me in my bed as the energy filters all over me. I look at the hugeness of the moon and I start to feel the full vibration of the moons body as I continue my focus. I am filled with awe at the beautiful connection of the earth moon relationship. I decide to say a prayer in honor of the Moon Goddess.

“May this full moon bring into balance the earth healing and shared love of the people that live on her and may the god/goddess in me stay strong and wise.”

Feeling the connection stronger now with the moon, I convince myself to dream of her as I allow myself to fall back to sleep. I turn over and drape the covers over my head. I know I should close my curtains but I just don't want to block that holy glow sliding in.

I drift off to sleep and my prayer floats in the recesses of my mind as I enjoy the restfulness. Soon I start to just say a silent prayer to my body. I hear myself saying thank you to my body over and over. I am sleeping yet, I am in silent appreciation of my body. “Thank you body for being with me all these years” I feel a joy in my body spirit when I show gratefulness to my body. I breathe deeply once again and then I start to feel the joy of my words in my body and this arouses me. I keep the breathing deeply going and I turn back onto my backside and look up out the window into the moon. It's as if she is speaking to my body wanting me to embrace myself in holy body ecstatic prayer.

I slide my hands over myself and start to connect to the touches inside my body and out. I follow the root of my hunger to down between my legs and I raise my knees and sink my hands around my mound. I am quickly filled with desire as the blood rushes into my mound and I become swollen and wet. My heart beat quickens and my holy prayer continues.

“As I grow in arousal may I always be a blessing to others” I stroke and feel my wetness drip and I start to rock my hips up and down and let the flow of passion build.

As my hips thrust forward my wetness is overflowing and I am increasingly becoming more and more swollen. I stroke and stroke and then I lift one of my hands to my nipples and squeeze one and then the other adding to the pulsing rocking through my swollen mound dripping and pumping my body with aches of joy as the rapture wants to soon follow.

I take a break from my stroking for a moment and bring both hands to my nipples and I squeeze them both at the same time and then I stroke my nipples in circles to stimulate myself even more. This brings shivers into my melting mound and the desire to penetrate and be penetrated grows. I slid one hand down to my mound and stroke and rub and squeeze myself and the increase pleasure continues. Then I slide my other hand to my back side and I manage to stroke my ass hole gently and then I just slightly penetrate my ass and as soon as I go into my ass my body shivers and I start to cream all over myself and my explosion is close and yet the erotic nature of my prayers take over!

“My body continues to evolve in ecstasy as I self love and stroke my mound I rise in wetness as the blood pushes itself into my growing mound and signals my heart to race for joy, may this power keep me strong and blessed”

I am in my Dharma in my spiritual prayer time with the passion of the body guiding my words. The full moon witnesses my dharma and my kama plays a vital role. My Kama is my desire as I ache to come and I stroke to pray.

I continue my love play with my ass and as I am close to exploding I just feel so much more joy as I am loving how good I am fucking myself. I am rocking my body stroking deep in my ass sliding my hand on my mound and pumping my body full of fucking pleasure! I am at one with my spirit and my sex and it is good. God and Sex are One and I am one with it in this full moon glory! As the moon goddess washes her vibration over my body as I show her all of me.

I jerk my body with the joy of orgasm and I start to scream as I come! I force my finger deep into my ass and this causes me to come harder. Shit Fuck, oh my god, I love it! I fucking love how I am feeling, shit can I come any harder any longer? I slide my finger out of my ass and I continue the last few strokes over my mound and pump out the last drops of come from my body.

I lay still with the silver moon as my audience. In my rapture I see myself going through my day. This day that has come and I see myself being the Blessing that I pray I will be to others and I also see that I received the abundant life for it.

This is my Dharma, this is my Kama. Spirit and Desire are one that is the Eros of Dharma!

And So It Is......

Installment LI: The Full Beaver Moon - November 2010

She is the light inside of me and I will insert my desire into her and we will become one as we were originally. This full moon is my time to merge into her being and to live in KAMA for a time. KAMA is our original life force energy. KAMA is desire and it was desire that created this world and us. We continue to honor Kama every full moon by honoring the god goddess in her as me and my desire for her during this sacred full moon ritual will form our bodies into one and we will be released into the original Kama life force. My lingam in her yoni will go deep into her wetness and bring forth the joy of ecstasy and I will die inside of her for life.

He is the light inside of me and I will surrender my vulnerable pleasure and I will delight in his erotic prayer and worship of me for oneness. It is his time this full moon to worship in KAMA and bring forth his strength and submerge his godhood into my wanting yoni for life.

In the beginning was sex, and sex was with god, and sex was god ~ The KamaSutra

My bedroom is filled with flowers and candles and scents of rose and sage. I have bathed in a spiritual bath and rubbed my body in rose oil. I chanted yoni – heart, for eight minutes as I wrap an Indian red silk sarong around my body. I am now Kama.

I enter into her sacred chamber, dimly lit in a red hue. The full moon glow flows through her windows and gentle colors of red and orange with indigo and purple pops in and out as witnesses to our KAMA.
My dick quickly responds as I see her warm eyes gazing at me as she lifts her face to me and with a gentle shift of her body her red wrap reveals a nipple once being caressed by her garment now lay exposed for me to taste.

Without saying a word I approach her and we both great one another with the “Heart Salutation” our hands in a prayer at our hearts and looking into the eyes and as we gaze we bond our souls in union. I see myself in her eyes and I am sure she can see her image in mine.

We bow....
I then been down to my knees and kissing my fingers I anoint her body by touching her feet and saying
“Blessed are thy feet”
Blessed are thy knees”
“Blessed is thy sex”
Then standing....I continue
“Blessed is thy heart”
“Blessed are thy lips”

As I move my fingers from my goddesses lips, my kama for her grows and my whole body starts to vibrate in anticipation of pressing my wholeness onto her. I embrace her and we touch our foreheads together in another show of honoring the god/goddess in each, and I smell the scent of rose coming from her hair and I slide my face towards her neck and sweetly press my lips firmly on the nap of her neck and as she floats her neck back accepting my kiss, I motion her to the window where the moon is our audience and her full moon glow is adding to the sensations between us.

I have her tightly pressed against the window and the glow around her face from the moon shows her hot red aura expanding and my desire throbbing in my pants as our mouths press together expands. My kama is the point and my purpose is to worship her body with my desire, to be inside her and at one. As I dream of the moment my dick is in her pussy I feel my dripping slipping from the tip of my cock. With our tongues embraced I manage to slide my clothing off peace by peace without disturbing our pressed kiss. She taste so sweet.

I honor the goddess in her, I desire her.

My lingam falls onto her silk wrap and for a moment the silkiness impersonates her yoni.

As we stand, I feel the weight of his body on mine and his arms around my shoulders secure me and I slide my hands down his back already starting to sweat and I trace it to his ass and I hold him firmly there and press his hot cock onto my yoni mountain through my red wrap. This pressing against my yoni causes my pussy heart beat to speed. His body has purpose and his purpose is me. I see myself in him and I will allow his message to speak aloud in me.
My sarong feels wet against my thigh as his lingam juice drips like wanting tears with desire for entrance into my womb.

As we grind together the pressing on my womb wall causes my clit to grow and I feel as if my first burst is on the horizon. I hold him close and breathe.

As I move deeper into her thigh our muscles rub harder together and I hear her breathing rise. Her hands guide my ass into her deeper and I feel the tip of my cock onto her clit as I rub her and I feel myself desiring to explode, but I will not. I can tell she is riding my wave to her bliss and that is my purpose and desire in kama.

To please her.

I tremble as I come closer and closer to my throbbing rapture and I now slide my wrap out of the way and slightly spread my right thigh to give just a little space for his complete pelvis to rock harder on me. And it works! My slight opening causes a gentle breeze from his thrust on me to send a wave into my womb and my clit to throb and I breathe in deeply and then exhale a loud rocking yes!

And I jerk in joy!

She slides her wrap to the side and open her leg and I fall deeper into her womb space and a burst of breeze spills from her pussy as she opens wider and this pulls my penis closer into her. I want to force my cock into her pussy and make myself one in her, but I hold steady onto her for her joy. She presses me harder and with a vibrate and shutter my goddess yells out a YES! I feel her juice fall onto my lingam and I love her deeply with my desire.


I pull away and look into her eyes and slide my tongue into her mouth again to taste her saliva and receive her energy. I then pick her up and carry her to the bed altar and lay her on her back and begin kissing every single inch of her body and slowly stroking her with gentle strokes to firmer whole hand stroking for her to know I want her safe relaxed and desired!


The moon glow dances with my movements around her holy body. My kama grows as I worship her. Her every breath and movement causes electrifying surges to push through me. It's like I need my fix of her so bad. Oh my Goddess I desire you! I slide my face over her breasts and slide my wet lips over her nipples, one tit at a time and with a gentle bite called a point bite, I desire her.


I slide down to her belly and kiss her at her second chakra and lick her belly button. She moans. I then glide my face to her temple space and I drink in a deep inhale and smell her rosy pussy scent and feel my heart and cock race and rise stronger. I smell and take her into my kama and I see colors of all shades and we energetically connect deeper. I then slowly rise from her holy doorway and reach to the altar by the side of the bed and pick up a small glass bottle with blessed oil in it. I arrive in between her legs again and then slowly drip three drops of oil on her clit, lips and opening. Then after placing the bottle back onto the altar, I massage her yoni lips and pray for her prosperity and power in her body and in all things she chooses to do. I then fantasize about the moment I slide my cock into her wet heaven. I slowly and firmly slid her lips between the my fingers one wet lip at a time and then rub my whole palm over her entire yoni and squeeze her tightly and she moans and rises her hips in unison to my desire. I then slide one finger into her opening and circle inside her inch my inch deeply in and sliding close to her opening, giving her reflexology for inner balance. In and out of her pussy I glide and with one finger and now on her clit and it grows big again and the pink of her clit pops out at me and I bend over to suck and give her love and pleasure with a purpose.
This is my kama prayer for her.

I move slowly from her inner chamber and then turn her over onto her belly and then begin again kissing her strong silky skin. Holding onto my desire to push my lingam hard into her pussy and burst. I stroke her gently and then firmly and I then use my face and caress her with my nose as I continue to drink in her scent with my inhales. I slide down her back and make my way to her ass and I slide my tongue down her ass crack and make my way to her butterfly in the center of her buttocks and I kiss and lick her sweetly. My goddess squirms and my body aches for her more and I eat her with a great hunger and make her ready for my embrace. I hear her breathe loudly and continue her sounds of ecstasy and I now know it's time. Her spirit will allow me in. My KAMA has earned her.


I crawl up her backside and begin kissing sucking and biting her neck and spread her thighs apart for my form to fit and I slide into her own wet wonder and penetrate. As I do I breathe so loudly and call out my baby's name. I fall into her pussy and it feels like there is no bottom just wet firm bountiful tight space holding me and pulling me all at the same time. I stroke and stroke in and out of her lovely opening and breath in unison to her. She is my focus my desire my life.


I continue my target strokes for a while and I rub my hands up and down her body with matching kisses on her neck and back. My cock rocks inside of her pussy and she starts to match my thrusts. We lock harder into one another and our embrace knows no separation. We are one.


My body rises up and I hold her hips in the palms of my hand and the sweat builds and drips onto her and this adds to the lubrication in our lingam yoni dance. Her moans and permission of our union allows me further connection into her source. I love fucking her and she melts into my hands and gives me her all. I desire her with all of my energy and focus to pleasure her for my chance to die inside of her. I am deeply within her being now and all I see is her and she is all light. Her wet pussy pounding on my cock and the smashing sounds grow with the pushing of my body deeper into her. I rub one of my fingers at her ass hole and slip in and out of her ass and she squeezes her ass and pussy muscles every time I dip into her and this causes my cock to spurt some more juice out of me. I'm close to releasing myself and giving it all to her. So close!

Gripping tightly around her ass and pounding and fucking her so hard now we both start to yell like wild animals in the woods slamming against the trees and dirt while we devour each other. The moon glow has now sent sprinkles of colors in our sacred chamber. They must be fairies witnessing the beginning of creation.

I arch my back and raise up as he pounds into me. I wrap one of my hands on his and support my body on the bed with the other. I am about to explode and I feel his swollen lingam pulsing and throbbing and we are close.
Give it to me! I yell, you are mine, Give it to me! With a loud yell he bursts his love juice all inside of me and with the feeling of his come filling me up inside his dripping offerings send surges of energy and I expand my pussy and come hard onto his cock and we shake and rock together. As my body continues to throb I feel empty and full at the same time. Expanding into all space and going no where. I feel him floating inside of me his throbbing still pounding loud his dick sending me signals of life. I see him, I see the light. I desire to die and to live. It is the same.

I explode into her and my purpose and desire fulfilled. I feel my juice filling her yoni full of my life source. She is my desire, my cock stays hard for her and I fall into her space and I see only her and I see only me as her. I am right here in her and yet I feel no where and every where. I desire to die and as I fall my sweaty body on her back side. I breathe my last breath and I am gone.
Dripping my last bit of gift into her. My semen of all life I give to thee. I desire you. You are my original source. And with my next new breath, I see.

Seeing only light only colors only the desire only.


- Goddess Blessings!

Installment XLX: The Full Hunter Moon - October 2010
Tantric Thoughts

This month, Reverend Goddess Charmiane offers some
food for thought from noted tantric writers and philosophers.

Where there is ecstasy, there is creation;
Where there is no ecstasy, there is no creation.
In the Infinite, there is ecstasy;
There is no ecstasy in the finite.
~ Chandogya Upanishad

My Vineyard is mine to give; My fruit is mine to give
~ Songs of Songs

When my Beloved returns to the house, I shall make my body into a Temple of Gladness.
Offering this body as an altar of joy, my let-down hair will sweep it clean.
Then my beloved will consecrate this temple.
~ Vaisnav Baul Song

The Door to the Lover's Heart is opened by Enchantment.
~ Tarot Sutra

When there is only worldly enjoyment, there is no release,
and when there is only release, there is no worldly enjoyment.
But both worldly enjoyment and release are in the palm of the hand
of those who are devoted to the higher being.
~ Kaularahasya

If you don't know the way of intercourse,
partaking of herbs is of no benefit.
~ P'eng Tsu

There are so many positions of love: Each curve on a branch,
the thousand different ways your eyes can embrace us,
the infinite shapes your mind can draw, the spring orchestra of scents,
the currents of light combusting like passionate lips,
the revolution of existence's skirt whose folds contain other worlds,
your every sigh that falls against his inconceivable omnipresent body.
~ Hafiz

- Goddess Blessings!

Installment XLVIII: The Full Harvest Moon - September 2010
Chapter 4, Verse 22

Please enter through the drapes, she guided me. Remove your clothes and put on that robe and come back to me and I will take you to her. It was a nice cozy room with very low lighting and candles glowing everywhere. I really needed this blessing this full moon and I was happy to be able to get time with the goddess on this full moon night.

I undressed and put the burgundy terrycloth robe on as directed and left the cozy space I was in.
As, I walked to the priestess waiting for me I could see all around so many other cozy rooms all flickering candle glows and soon I became aware of the scents of sage and cinnamon floating in the smooth air. I followed the priestess into another larger room and as we both enter she turns to me and bows towards me and says,This is the “Goddess Chamber” and she scans the room with her hand outstretched and as I gaze upon the space I see a four by 6 foot wide plush bed in the center of the room. I see huge pillows about the walls with flowers placed around them. I see statues of Kali Nut Isis and God Osiris placed on different altars.

I see Ochun and Chango in sexual union on another more spectacular separate altar lit by a huge four foot candle adorned with fruits, wine, and a large bowl of water. This particular altar stands out to me because on the altar I see a large mirror behind the statue as wide as the four foot candle and holding the image of god/goddess in it - and from it I see another image, a glow, a powerful fullness of light shining from the mirror and as I look closer my eyes are lifted upward and I see the indigo moon showering through the wide open glass ceiling showering the room with dark creamy warm energy adding to the vibration of this chamber space.
The priestess bows again and leaves me alone.
Remove your robe a voice speaks from one of the corners of the chamber. I do as instructed. It drops to the floor. Now walk over the altar and stand in front of the mirror. I continue to obey. I see my reflection in the mirror and I can still see the moons glow above.
Now place your right hand into the bowl of water and leave it there. I put it in and I notice the water has more than just a wet water feel. It feels like there may be oil in the water and I also feel and see at the bottom of the bowl of water rice. Hard rice sits on the bottom of the bowl.
Now remove your hand and brush the water over your feet. I do so.
Now put it back in the water and continue to your knees. I do so.
Now over your Lingam. I do so.
Your heart center. I do as ordered.
Then drip the water over your lips. I wet my lips with the water and I also now taste orange on my lips and parts of my tongue.
Now, your cleansing is almost complete. I cannot come towards you until you are cleansed and aligned.
Now place your hand back into the water and mix it up some more to get more of the orange oil over your hand. I now drench my hand and swoosh it around and let the oil melt over my hand making it greasy.
Now stroke your lingam for me and get it hard and let me see.
I turn away from the mirror and altar and focus where the sensuous voice is coming from and I grab hold of my already growing cock and I stroke the creamy orange flavored water all over it.
I spring hard and strong in seconds and my touches over my dick causes the water to flicker onto my legs and feet and I feel even more aroused by this. Soon my pre-come is flowing from my tip and I start to wonder how far my goddess wants me to go with this.
Keep stroking, she directs and I can only comply. Don’t give me your gift just yet but get it close and let me hear your breathing. I start to moan for her and as I do I feel my balls drawing up into my groin and all I can think about is wishing I could insert ever so deeply into my goddesses pussy. I look up to the open ceiling and I feel as if the moon in vibrating with my gyrations and I feel a wave of energy pulsate through my body. I moan even louder now as I feel the shooting sensations start to rise out of my dripping cock.
I’m going to come. I’m going to fucking come! I think to myself.
Now, stop and place your wet hand over your heart center and let your inner fire crawl up your spine and into your heart. Do this for me now. Goddess Commands me.
I place my wet pre-come dripping hand over my heart center and the shooting tingles fly up my back and cracks sensations of pleasure into my heart. As I look up into to dark moon glow I see waves of colors spilling forth from the full moon dick. It’s like the moon is coming all over me now!
I yell in rapture as the flow of energy from the moon comes all over my body in hues of red orange yellow green spurts and pleasure fills up a huge bubble of ecstasy around me while more intense colors of blue indigo and purple passions melt me.
I tremble in this blissful space and experience a happiness and oneness that is hard to explain.
As I start to calm down I see her emerge from the corner chamber as if she is being born again. She comes forward face first from the dark womb of this chamber and opens wide her almond shaped dark eyes high cheek bones and full red lips. She is golden brown with curvy full round hips, thick thighs and a shapely waist. Her breasts are firm with perky nipples that my mouth starts to water to worship. I feel instantly in love with this woman. What’s happening to me? My draw to her goes deep and I feel obsessed to touch and smell her.
As she comes closer I move to embrace her and as she allows my embrace my cock grows hard again for her and I long to be inside her yoni and at one with her. Her body is smooth and just a touch cool. We are sealed by the wetness from my chest and she looks into my eyes and I am transfixed instantly in them and I see myself in her eyes and I see our union in that moment. The ultimate oneness is soon to come.
You are cleansed and aligned now and you are for me. You will be blessed fully in your life when you give me your gift. Prosperity is yours! She promises.
She then licks my nipples one by one and my lingam bounces, she sucks on the wet orange juice drying on my chest at my heart center and then takes hold of my throbbing cock.
Looking at me deeply she asks.
Whose cock is this?
Yours my Goddess!
She pumps my cock a few times then glides her hand up to my heart.
Whose heart is this?
Yours my Goddess!
Then she says…”I honor the God in you”
Lie on the altar on your back and wait for me. She leaves.
I go over to the bed and lay there and as I am still in this silence I feel my body expanding and extending out of this room and up into the moon that just joined in my soul sexual body. I am feeling the air outside and the warmth is this space. I am feeling her heart beat and I am merging into a wholeness with all that is.
My dick is still hard.
Women enter into the chamber and circle the alter bed. They do not speak and I take that as I should remain quiet as well. There are six priestesses around me and they are all holding hands and just looking at me and stroking my body with there eyes. I feel close to coming again.
My dick and my heart start to race and bounce and I now start to feel their energy field entering into oneness with mine. I now see that I have the ability to expand further in my aura and my arousal is the actual forces making this happen.
My pleasure is power!
My Goddess comes back to me and enters into the circle and stands at the head of the altar and she is holding a book.
From The Holy Body Bible she states:
Chapter 4 Verse 22….
And behold the god man in form and take from him his seed as gift to the goddess in form. This union is the Sun and Moon Union also known as Ochun and Chango and will spring forth the wisdom of erotic bliss as the true nature of human oneness and prosperity. All human erotic bliss union can spring forth this wisdom when one holds chango and one holds ochun spirits.
Then she places the bible by the bed and then bends and kisses my forehead.
Then the priestesses start to chant the names Ochun and Chango over and over silently building the volume.
Goddess climbs onto the alter and crawls in between my legs and says.
We have the promise of Chapter 4 Verse 22 as Ochun is my goddess spirit and Chango is yours which is why you were chosen to be with me this full moon and give your gift. She continues. Your obsessed desire for me is because you posses the chango spirit and Ochun and Chango are passionate lovers that bring pleasure and prosperity onto the earth being body for us all. She kisses my lips. Then slips her tongue into my mouth and I quickly wrap my arms around her body and suck all of her breath and saliva into my mouth and I can’t get enough of her into me. Inside of me it’s as if she is life itself!
I feel the pulling in my aura again and I am expanding even further, each boost of arousal that pulsates from my cock and up my spine extends me even more.
We continue to kiss and suck on each others tongue. She feels so open to me and I start to feel the wetness between her legs as her joy is expanding too.
She pulls from my lips and slides down to my heart and kisses my chest then slowly down my belly to my rocking lingam and she blows over my wanting wand and her breath seeps into my tip hole and I gyrate upwards and then she slides her tongue over my tip and I respond with a jerk up this time and my ache builds for her. Goddess then moves to each knee with a kiss and then to my feet. She is honoring me, honoring my godhood.
What a Goddess!
Then the priestesses come over to us and join in by gently stroking me all over where my goddess is not touching and these sensations travel all over and support our erotic union. My legs are spread apart as my goddess crouches over me and says. Your portal must open up for me so that your gift is strong and full of life. She slips over my cock dripping of pre-come and slides down my shaft with two good sucks on my balls with her hot wet mouth and then slides a creamy firm finger up my ass. I continue to spring forward.
What a Goddess!
Slowly in and out in and out of me she glides her firm little dick and I widen for her and energy just keeps flowing out and up my body as my auric field feels as if I am shooting to the stars right past the full moon witness. As I feel my swelling building I see my golden goddess cradling my lingam like it’s a new born lover. She is just as transfixed on me and I am to her. As my cock is filled with so much blood that is it larger than I’ve ever seen it in my life is about to erupt all over her face she reads my mind and pulls her little lingam from my sweet melting ass and climbs her cinnamon body on top of my wanting deserving member.
As soon as she slides me into her yoni we both breathe deeply in unison. We look through the darkness, through the candle lights, through the indigo moon and I see her and she sees me.
I love you!
I love you!
I love you!
She just sits quietly on my lingam and places her hand on my heart and one on hers and then it begins!
I feel a trembling building in me and I cup my hands on her thick round hips and hold her up with my strong strapping body. I am her god and I can support her power.
I want to pound her and blow up inside her lovely goddess womb. I want to give my gift!!!
She says softly….
I am praying…
And I hold still while her wet pussy drips over my cock and with hands held on hearts….she prays.
Then one of the chanting priestesses rises from the group massage and goes to the Ochun Chango Alter and picks up the wine and pours it over the statue of the god and goddess is sexual union.
At once my eyes are widened and I see bright red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo and purple light. Like the rainbow streaming through my mind and I see her eyes also and I look to her and I can tell she is seeing the same vision. Then she begins her music. She rocks me with her moist yoni and I can feel the swell in her clit ride on my mountain. We rock together and I rise up to suckle her sweet perky tits one at a time between my lips and teeth. She moans for me and her sounds only make me erupt faster and I begin to pound up into her and hold her heart close to me as I suck her. My ass is open and I feel surges of power moving from my kundalini into my crown and this shoots from my head into her crown and down her body into her pussy and she starts speaking in tongues as she is wiping me with her powerful pussy.
She is speaking of the oneness of life in her tongue dialog. The union of sex and creation of all things on earth in her dialog and how chango found ochun or is it that ochun found chango and they were made the connection for the earth being and us humans to grow in prosperity through sex.
Then out of no where the priestess pours wine on top of us and I taste the oak liquid and gasp as the wine activates a connection the to statues and us and we are in the statues and I see myself on the alter with my love goddess and we are holding the vibration of all sexual soul lives on the earth being planet for prosperity.
We are fucking and enjoying and rapturous energy and I look up from the alter and see all life gazing on our union and receiving the blessing from it. This is the image I saw in her eyes at our first gazing this evening. It is true and then I can see myself on the bed alter and looking over at the altar I see our image in the mirror and my goddesses round rump ass pounding up and how and I see her sweat dripping down her back into her ass crack and I slide my hands down there to feel her wetness and her ass opens for me to sneak and dip in with m finger then oh my God….I’m coming in my loves body and oh my Goddess she is screaming her come juices all over me!
The volcanic eruptions explode in us both and she is spilling out of her mouth with wetness from her tongue and I take her face close to mine and drink her saliva and she taste and smells so good and then I take in her essence. I see her…this woman her spirit being as a little girl and a young lady and as a goddess… she gave me her soul. I am still dripping in her.
I look up into her almond eyes and I see what she sees……
All of me…………
She has my gift……….
She is pregnant this full moon with life!
Prosperity will be for us all…
Chapter 4 Verse 22

Goddess Blessings

Installment XLVII: The Full Sturgeon Moon - August 2010
The Great Naked - Part II

As I am floating into the melted creamy dirt, I am filled with the passions of the other holy ones giving and receiving in their erotic rapture. Screams and joys of ecstasy float in the air and I am imagining what a wonderful site it must be.
I am here, I am First Father!
I am here, I am First Father!
I hear his call and I acknowledge him in kind!
I am here, I am First Mother!
I am here, I am First Mother!
Then I feel my legs spread apart and his hands crawl up and along my body. I feel the heat from his skin and his breath is growing. I run my hands along his back as he crawls over me and his dripping sweat becomes one with mine. I don’t know who this man is except that he is symbolic First Father. What an honor. My arousal is growing to its peak and the sounds and moans around me state that there is no end in site.
Soon I feel the energy of a circle around me with soft chants growing as first father grinds his hard cock along my inner thighs.
First Mother ~ First Father is the ongoing chant hovering around us in support of the first union of the creation.
First Mother ~ First Father
First Mother ~ First Father
First Mother ~ First Father
As his hard sweaty body curves himself around me I feel the longing in his lingam for my first mother yoni growing.
His muddy mouth finds mine and we embrace with our tongues and his body finds its fit on mine.
As we enter into one another deeper with our wetness and breath the memories come forth from my mind. The reason the how of first Mother first fathers union of creation.
With each thrust of his cock in my pussy the memories live on and we will never forget.
First Mother First Father
He slides his cock into my wanting pussy and my nipples rise to meet his chest. I feel penetrated deeply although it’s not all from his cock. My hands grasp at his waist as I support his rocking ass and thrusts in me.
I desire…..
My nakedness is covered in the wet mud and the rain has long since stopped and now the blue light of the full moon sends shivers of cool breezes upon us all.
I hear the orgasms of others and the joys of pleasure coming from others. They are charged to continue giving in this way to honor first mother and first father for all life comes from these erotic portals.
His thrusting grows faster in me and my clit starts to find its place on his hairy mound. While the extra sensations fill me with alternative pleasure the moans growing around us fill the air with sensational desires of needs being met. The moon is spectacular in her response to us and the heat has dried the grounds to a secure mattress beneath us and my meshing into her earth is becoming the altar bed needed for such ground shaking cock raising pussy fucking happening in this very moment.
We are one in the creation of all life. Verse 4
I am riding his lingam into ecstasies built for a goddess and his cock is strong in holding onto my tight drenched yoni and sending shivers of pre-come filled juice into me.
My desires evolve as my vision opens into seeing the original creation of all life on earth through first mother and first father and these images flowing through me entice my body to act out the joys of giving life over and over again as my arching back causes my pussy to pump back into his body and send him shivers of strong love and visions of passion filled truth.
This revealed erotic truth extends beyond our mutual love to the onlookers and they are responding in kind to the mutual visions and joy that has come from within us. Then suddenly as if pulled into oneness with the moon earth combination the men all begin to bring their erect lingams into the earth dirt ground mound and pound their cocks into the solid earth mush and grind and stroke their dicks into orgasms with screams as they come into the earth ground and leave their sperm for reproduction into the vegetative life that will spring forth.
I suddenly pull my first lover from my body and push him onto the earth and climb my body on top of his on his backside as if I am the man, I grind on his back side and allow my clit to grow like a cock with pre-come flowing into his ass from my pussy. He is opening his ass to receive my glow and melt into the earth’s vibration.
The light of the moon envelops us both as I remove my blindfold and behold the surroundings of lovers spent and lovers abound in glorious rapture and those witnessing my encounter and those falling into the earth while giving their juice of life.
This is a glorious moment in time this full moon I think to myself and as my heart opens the scent of first father pulls me deeper into desire for his flesh. I kiss the back of his neck and I slide down his back removing the earth from his body, I scroll down to his butt and reveal his ass cheeks and press my breasts onto them sending my heartbeat of passion and love into first father as I am sure he is receiving my signal.
I then slide open wide his ass and find my way to his butterfly door and lick my tongue on his opening and slide up and down on is ass crack with a hungry cause of need entering me. He raises his ass in agreement of my choice to orally bless him and I continue to bury deep into his ass crack.
His moans of pleasure grow as I deeply penetrate him and the cheers of love flowing from the holy ones in attendance grow into passions building within me. I suck him into me and fill me need of his taste on my tongue.
I then crawl up his backside once again and smell his hair and kiss his neck and shoulders once more.
First father then turns over and forces my pussy onto his lingam and I immediately ride his long cock song into a dream land of ecstasy as I writhe in the delight of his smell taste and body and bring myself into oneness with all life before us! And together at once we sing, together at once we rejoice, and together at once we release.
I release my wetness onto him and it spills all over him and onto the earth and his yes and screams of joy squirts into my yoni and drips fully into my womb and continued visions of love and prosperity evolve for us all through his joyous pumping come exploding into me!
Into my life…into my body…into
The Great Naked.
And so it is...

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Installment XLVII: The Full Buck Moon - July 2010
The Great Naked - Part I

I prepare for this full moon ritual through my personal self love time. I am happy to begin the sacrifice into death through honoring the one that birthed us all here on earth.
In the beginning was the formless and the body were made one with this formlessness and I therefore created you! First Mother and First Father in form, and I gave you life in your holy body and I created all life in various and vegetative natures and forms were created by me to evolve and generate from the Great Naked! Verse 1
Stand in conscious union with the trinity of life (Mother ~ Father ~ Child) and celebrate the marriage of divine union in my name. Honoring the Great Naked brings harmony to all and evolution continues. Verse 2
In the union of the yin and the yang all drips of man and woman come together in her womb.  The hard and wetness of two that come together bring forth the foundation and the aching joy of death! We die to be one! Verse 3
I walk into the clearing in the woods this full moon night and am greeted by others with gestures of bows and heart salutations. The naked bodies filtered throughout the wooded sanctuary gives me a sense of peace and erotic wonder. I am reminded of my self love time and want to push deeply into my yoni in this very moment. Yet I shall wait, yes I shall wait to give my gift through the sacrifice and this thought only makes me wet within my yoni and my nipples rise in unison as I breathe deeply.
It is said in the throws of passionate bliss we experience the little death. That is the main ingredient to true union and to experience the great naked creation of first mother and first father is to be willing to die in the natural union! This night on this full moon I will die in the great naked union of bliss!
In the center of the great naked circle I stand covered.
All are waiting for me (the symbolic first mother) to begin the ritual.
Silence forms around the group gathered this full moon as all eyes and naked wonder await my erotic salutation.
I lift my hands to the full moon brilliance and I acknowledge her greatness!
“Beauty lives above me!
Beauty lives around me!
Beauty lives below me!
My pussy widens for the union of the great naked life force!
The full moon emerges the beauty and brings forth the charge of our loins for this sacrifice!”
I stretch my arms out towards the group and circle around to make contact with them all.
“I bring you the joy of life, the joy of love and the joy of one another, May your cocks and pussies rejoice in the prosperity of this heat and oneness, and may we all see her and him. Our First Mother and Our First Father and experience their Embrace through the Great Naked Truth.”
They come towards me and lift me up into the night hot air and carry be around them moving me from one set of hungry group hands to another. My wrap is slowly peeling off from my body as the tingles of touches from them start my assent of arousal.
Now being grounded on the earth I embrace my great naked body and squeeze my toes into the dirt and behold the union of openness in us all as our nakedness shines forth under the glow of the full moon. As I look upon everyone here this evening I take in all the lingams growing and bouncing and dripping before me and the wet pussies flowering in hip gyrations. Their hunger grows for the sacrifice!
“Let us raise our hands up toward the sky to the moon and together
let us connect through our breath of life”
Sounds of ahhh and ooohhhs float through the air as we embrace the sky moon vibration and the sounds of drumming begin setting the mood for awakening to the movements within us!
“As the drumming heart beat builds within you all! Allow yourself to begin in sensual self love touches!”
Everyone begins their personal feel dance and move to their own rhythms of touch and we are all causing a growing arousal and then a parachute of pleasure begins to extend around us.
The priestess’s begin burning sage and cedar around the group to cleanse any negative vibes or evil misunderstandings and the scents give permission for the gatherers to begin their play towards one another. Each one begins gently stroking another to bless and entice as the raise in erotic vibration will contribute to the sacrifice.
 Now it is time!
“Let’s chant together" I yell forth!
The Great Naked
The Great Naked
The Great Naked
The Great Naked
The Great Naked
The Great Naked
The Great Naked
The Great Naked ~ The Great Naked ~ The Great Naked
And it begins!!!! The rumbling from her! The moon shadows over us all in stormy colors of red orange yellow green hues with blue indigo and purples that explode all around us! And with this explosion of power from her we yell in groans and moans of delight in unison as our naked bodies begin to move harder and faster like crazed wild empty minded vessels whose purpose is to serve the source this evening on this full moon.
And the rain begins and it begins like it was back stage waiting for its stage call like a young actor in heat for his first casting call. LOL
It calls forth to us! The rain falls and drops on us in buckets of semen delight as we drip in wetness and dance with the drums and heartbeats together! I am here with everyone in the great naked dance of creation in honor of First Mother and First Father for they are the first form bodies that created the humans on her earth body.
We are dripping wet and falling into the dirt and on this hot night it feels real good to us! The cool dark dirt in her warm earth womb providing us the stage to die, the perfect stage to die for the bliss of life, of the naked great naked truth!
I stand clear and tall and open my heart and arms wide to the surrounding naked wet musty muddy charged up horny holies giving their juices to everything that exist for life sake.
I scream through the pounding rain hitting the trees and witnessing blue lightening hitting the clearing
as I await my sacrifice.
“I am here! First Mother is here!
Fuck me First Father! Make it so!”
I am blindfolded by a priestess during my rant and crazed callings!
I am thrown on the ground and I melt into the mud that is crawling over my naked sensuous wet moist pussy and body and I am joyous to be the one called as First Mother.
“I am here! First Mother is here," I call again!
The crowd sounds continues to grow as one and then the other grabs onto the heat and flesh of the other. Soon the penetration begins and one buries deeply into the other.
Fucking fucking and deep goddess in ground heart pounding fuck fuck heat felt fucking evolves us into the oneness of the first and only. Goddess the first and only God and then there was us!
Penetration and yells of rapture creep into the valleys of great naked bodies. I see the oneness of all. The oneness of everything though the great naked is the only life force vibration available to all source! The breath of life of humans is through the great naked being of breathing. Let’s create together the oneness of life. Honor Mother Father.
Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck
Goddess is in the heart of the Father Fucking now!
You and The First Father are one!
To be continued………

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Installment XLVI: The Full Strawberry Moon June 2010
Invocation of the Erotic Spirit
Upon this full moon I use my connection to the light of the moon and draw her up into my loins. As I breathe in through my nostrils I am filled with arousal and this pulsates into my sex center. I squeeze and release as this spirit is awakened within my body spirit and I will rejoice in the dance that will take place as my holy body gyrates in the basking of the moons vibrating waves of color passing over like a stimulating blanket of moans.
I am the source of this pleasure and my portals open as I allow the growth of my lingam to rise and drip my juice with the bouncing of my cock as it praises the joy of the holy body union on earth. We are one and the erotic spirit dance creates harmony and prosperity for all. I am the source of this pleasure and my anointing union brings about the balance of love and evolution through my erotic spirit romp.
Upon this full moon I use my womb wetness and create a surge of stimulating lighting charges the swell the lips of my yoni and my engorgement float up my belly and the communication between my nipples and clit grow hard.
I am the source of this pleasure and my portals open as I allow the swelling of my yoni to expand and I rejoice in the holy body union on earth. We are on and the erotic spirit dance creates harmony and prosperity for all. I am the source of this pleasure and my anointing union brings about the balance of love and evolution through my erotic spirit fuck.
I ride the waves of the full moon bliss upon me and I meet each push with hip rolls of delight my moans grow loud and my joy escapes and extends my chakras and this universal energetic connection brings forward the erotic spirit.
Everyday and in everyway I am living the vision of my erotic spirit! Everyday and in everyway I am living the vision of my erotic spirit. Everyday and in everyway I am living the vision of my erotic spirit.
My lingam juice shoots from my cock and my jerking orgasm sends waves of intense focus and exhausted pleasure. This seed planted in the earth body will bring forth nourishment.
I rub my clit and tits and squeeze tightly as shivers extend up my back like a crawling snake channeling wisdom to my crown and I come in the glory of the erotic union. I hump and pump my womb muscles as my heart gives out a green glow all over me and I fall legs wide and womb wet with harmony.
Every day and in every way I am living the vision of my erotic spirit!

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Installment XLV: The Full Flower Moon May 2010
Circle of Love

In the twilight of this full moon we come together to celebrate life.
I always look forward to this particular time of the month because in her fullness she emanates a radiance that flows into us all.

In my preparation for this gathering I shower and caress my body with lavender oil and I focus on the flow of the waters dripping along my body. I allow my awareness of the water flowing over me to really raise my body consciousness and my pleasure is enhanced. The scent of the lavender oil float evenly into my nostrils and mixed with the water, allows me to experience the wetness throbbing inside my yoni and I am becoming aroused from the union created by the water flesh connection. My nipples swell as the water bounces off of them and my breathing responds to my growing arousal. As I am becoming drenched with the waters massage of my body temple I turn to allow the water to flow over my backside and massage more joy into me. I bend over to let the drips flow through my ass crack and the trickles flow into my ass and I have a deep desire to open wide my butterfly source.
This cleansing process is valuable because in this sensual mediation my strength to channel to others that will be in the circle of love will be enhanced tonight. When we are aware of our abilities and ritualize this time of the full moon, we can channel our intense vibration to one another.
We all meet this full moon at dusk at the beach. This is the time when the beach is in perfect balance with the moon and her energy flows strong through us because the waves from the ocean are charged by her as well. At this time the beach is not overflowing with other people so on this warm night only our circle will have all the pleasure and the space of the moon ocean connection.
I smell the sage wafting through the air as someone has burned and smoked this area for our sacred circle to commence.
Our circle has grown and the aura of the group is already rising. I call everyone to the circle and I thank them for coming together this full moon and being part of the circle of love. I guide the group through a chant to balance masculine feminine force by calling together Mother/Father Earth!
Mother/Father Earth
Mother/Father Earth
Mother/Father Earth
“Let us disrobe together and leave what no longer serves us behind”
Together we all disrobe in silence we pile our clothes on top of one another as if we were about to have a bonfire. Then we come back into our circle and as we stand under the full moons brilliant indigo we begin to witness our nakedness together and soon lingams and bodies are building up in arousal. I notice the hips of women flowing left to right as I am sure their yonis are creaming to open up as well. I know mine is.
I pray a prayer of protection and then we all chant Om together to connect our energies together and become present.
I then lead the group through a song/chant to balance the elements in and around us.
Elemental Chant
The Earth
The Air
The Fire
The Water
Return Return Return Return 2x’s
IO IO IO IO 2x’s
I then share the lavender oil I showered with before and we each bless the five parts of our holy body with it.
Blessed are thy feet
Blessed are thy knees
Blessed is thy sex
Blessed is thy heart
Blessed are thy lips
From this special anointing we then join together in erotic moaning. Breathing in deeply and exhaling ooos and ahhhs and coos of tongue licking voice enhanced breathing.
Ahhhhs continues to grow and vibrate throughout the circle and the trembling begins in our bodies as the connection of our breaths and shaking bodies extend out and upward!
We then grab hold of each others hands and we stretch wide our circle and lean back but we do not release our grip. This strengthens our circle bond and we one at a time start laughing and then we begin pulling the circle from left to right and we hold on for dear life as we scream and laugh at the sudden changes swirls and pulls as we keep our grip strong. Dripping cocks begin flowing and the sweat starts to spill over tits as we pull erotic fun from our loins and natural wetness forms.
The rays of the moon seem to expand as we continue in our growing romp and colors of red and orange begin to filter in through the indigo. I call out loud! “Okay on the count of three we will let go of our hands! I yell, and allow our bodies to fall or run or dance. Do whatever feels right to continue your opening!
One Two Three!”
We free ourselves from one another’s grasp and most of us fall to the waiting sand and a loud roar builds as the laughter grows and others that are standing start clapping and laughing as well. Soon I hear drumming as one lover in his erotic spirit starts to play for us. He is on his knees pounding his drum and his cock his so hard and bouncing in unison to his beat, that I feel called to go to him and embrace his playing deeper into my body. I dance my way to his drumming call and I stand in front of him and dance and yell yes yes as he plays on. I clap my hands to his beat and others soon come around him and circles him and jerk and rock to his rhythms. And soon our laughter becomes moans of pleasure and arousing joy as our bodies bounce and dance and slap pleasurably into one another and dicks and ass and breasts find contact and the freedom play continues to add to our ritual.
The oceans waves start to flow up and crash into the shore and the crashing sounds merge with our drummer and we are feeling the oneness of all energies and this source begins it’s influence upon us all.
The Circle is growing!
As the drummer continues his fluid movement of sound the circle dance becomes a deeply penetrative erotic force around him. His drum beat sounds lay the foundation of the rocking movements between us and the moons glow hover over us as the waters from the ocean spill in.
We are all facing to our right now and with backsides to front we hold onto the person in front of us at their waist or shoulders or hips as we continue to March and dance. The joy of arousal is causing lingams to bounce on the ass of the person ahead and the pleasure given from the contact causes the swelling of the cocks to harden. Some are stroking up and down the backs of others and the cupping of breasts and squeezing of nipples join in the play. All sounds of ecstasy turns into utterances of confused joy and the moons essence in piercing into the center of our circle and going deep into the sand. Her aura glows wider and we are becoming enveloped into the moons womb and her desire. Mixed with the fire of the full moon desire upon us and as the waters from the ocean spill in around our feet we continue to move our naked forms in unison and the wet sand now becomes the lubrication for the penetration that is needed.
We slow to a stop our circle dance and turn toward the inner circle being witnesses to our drummer as he is in full union with the moon and her romp with the ocean. The flows of energetic union of the two move through him as he plays and his swaying body and throbbing cock start to spill his pre-come from the tip of his mushroom and he begins is hah hah hah sounds as he it’s the drum harder. The pulsing motion of his love wand bounces up and down and appears as if it is being stroked or jerked off by the moving energy around him. He is out of control with the drumming pleasure as the moon ocean source ravishes his aura and gives him eternal bliss. His erotic sounds grow louder as his arch expands and he now stands and scream as his cock continues to respond to his flowing movements. His mouth is wide open with screams of delight and his head is swaying left to right while his tongue slips in and out of his mouth. I have a strong desire to go to him and suck his cock into my wet mouth. However this experience is for everyone in this circle.
His yells grow and the moans around him evolve out of us as well. He is possessed by the intercourse of the moon ocean deep fuck and he is struck like lightning and this force has complete control over him. Using him as the earth body form for the embrace to take hold. Mother Father Earth in oneness through him! His hips push back and forth as if he is fucking something or someone. His eyes open wide and his intense piercing look shoots right into me. I feel his charge and I open my mouth to receive him and he blows loud his breath out of his mouth and I see the blue light flow from him and make a direct path and target to me. I swallow him in and I feel like I have just sucked his cock juice into my body and my third eye opens wide to the light blue light that has just entered into me. I the see light and it opens into a hole in the center of the light and I feel my body sliding into the light blue tunnel. The pleasure is so wonderful and my falling journey is opening my pussy juice and the dripping is spilling out of me and I am flowing sweetly into ecstasy. The energy from me flows into the others around me and soon the thrusting begins to flow through everyone in the circle of love. We are all in the light blue tunnel and sounds groans and orgasms are growing.
His rocking continues in the center of us and now his ass swings back really hard and he bends slightly. He moans and looks as if his asshole is being penetrated and then he lifts straight and thrusts forward and his cock energy shoots out and we all feel the push of his energy into us. Our hips push back from the penetration and then we push forward into him and then he rocks his hips back and strokes into us once again and this circle of love continues with thrusts back and fourth as we are in the light blue tunnel of love.
Now the yells increase a thousand times louder than before from all of us and we are grabbing our hands as we did in the beginning of our ritual and this union allows us to receive the strength of the energy that is pushing into us and the drummer is fucking each and every one of us as he is the conduit of the moon ocean source. We moan and yell loudly as we float though the light and this light is the union of all life energy. We are swinging around in our circle and all the rock hard cocks are bouncing and magnetized to everything now and our nipples are charged and tingled in the yin yang balance that is occurring. We rock and jerk together and now the drummer drops his drum and stretches his arms upward with loud screams which grows into growls and with one two three pelvic thrusts he squirts his love juices out of his loins and his seed shoots forcefully towards us and dives into the sand. He continues with his growls until his spent energy send waves to us and now the other men in the group now yell and spill from their lingams and all their juice is overflowing into the center and the sand is being drenched with the juices as we women jerk and rock as our clits are swollen as our yonis spill out the cream that has built up inside of us from the onset.
The circle is calm now and we all look at one another in peaceful enjoyment and I look over at our drummer and go to him and embrace him. We lock into a love grip and the connection is a blessing. We kiss deeply for a moment as his wet lingam rests at my drenched pussy. I see the light blue light in my third eye for a moment and we both open our eyes because I am aware that he sees the same vision. I then notice the blue light in his eyes and as his eyes widen I discern he is viewing the same from my eyes. We release our embrace and then turn and we all hug and the love vibration is so strong in our circle and the strength of healing and pleasure is amazing. We share in fruit and wine for the rest of the night as we lay and cuddle and kiss in the sweet cock juice and yoni cream we created together.
In the dawn of the morning we rise from our sleep and run into the ocean and swim and clean our bodies and the bright light showers love through the moon into the ocean as we swim and the journey of our circle is complete.
We offer blessings to each other and as we leave the beach I think to myself what a blessed day it will be.
See you next full moon...

– Goddess Blessings

Installment XLIV: The Full Pink Moon April 2010
Yes! Great Goddess - A Ritual

You will need seven candles sage a silk cloth pillows and blessed oil
(You can bless a cup of olive oil or any other oil by placing your right hand over it and committing this oil only for ritual use and that it is to bless all that it comes in contact with.
And so it is.)
Come to me cleansed of body and heart this full moon that I may drench you with my essence. All my love will fill you on the inside first and then to the rest.
Light seven candles around your sacred space so that the glow will build around your holy body and that my energy will find you, burn sage to smoke the room to remove all other scents before mine. Drape your naked being over a cloth silk in texture with several pillows for your comfort. Lay in stillness and prepare your body and mind to become at one with me.
I am Great Goddess
The essence of the full moon grows all around my planet body and I send rays of warmth through my rings of color to you. The pulsing of my red orange yellow and green hues grows as I feel you opening your body spirit to mine. Your Earth body vibration stimulates the core of my yoni every full moon and our planets seeping surges evolves into passionate energies that penetrate into one source of shaft power and allows your holy body to hear my orgasms of truth.
Lay open wide your form and call to me!
Great Goddess Great Goddess Great Goddess
Now pour blessed oil over your body dripping from your heart to your sacred middle and allow the oil to seep through your loins and cause your member to throb in wetness and become full of blood and generous pressure. Come into the butterfly position by pressing the bottom of your feet together so that your legs fall apart with knees pointing in each direction. This position opens your sex portal to me allowing my sky blue indigo and purple wands of light to enter.
I see you! I see you now! Calling to me with your open body and spread legs and tingling with wonders of desire. Yes Great Goddess, Yes Great Goddess…We are one because the planets vibrate in one balanced accord for all life and this full moon we honor our connection by giving to me your arousal! Give it to me and give me your gift and I will bless you as always with our joyful unified intention of love and prosperity.
Yes Great Goddess!
I spill forward my fire of desire to crawl into you and as I hear your call and witness your ritual to me I am with you. My soaring love is pouring into your open portal and the warmth of this wet pussy pulsating draws my wand deeply into your body. Your breathing becomes one with mine and my planet body vibrates and rocks inside of you. My tremors of pleasure caresses your entire body as you arch your back to allow this level of arousal to take over. I send more of my wands of light into your tight ass and send waves of conscious love up your spine. Crawling up into you and opening the pours of your body as the strength of my passion lifts your erotic body off the floor and your screaming rocking body continues to be penetrated deeply by my energetic wands in your yoni and ass and now you slide two fingers into your wet yoni and as you open this magical portal wider I travel quickly into your other openings and send waves of fire exploding into worlds of orgasms and stream the light magic out of your mouth ears and crown charka which causes yelps of delight to stream all over your body and out your mouth. Yes! Your nipples are fully erect and the light sources from these portals of your body send rays to me and we are one. I fuck you deeper and cover you with heat as you are lifted higher into the realm of rapture. I drape you in my ripples of colored waves of ecstasy and your erratic romp draws us nearer. Your own goddess energy flows freely from your gifted body as you call to me. Feel my hot warm cock source energy filling you full of seed as you give it to me, give the goddess all of your wet gushing.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Great Goddess!
I spill forward my fire of desire and crawl up into your oil filled drenched ass portal and slide into you and up your spine sending you waves of love up into your crown. Your lingam engorged, shaft is hard dripping with worship as you call to me. Showering you with the love of the full moon you open wider your holy body unto me and you receive the blessings of the balanced body. My wands of light energy revitalizes your body as you stroke for me, giving your body to me fully. Use more and more of your blessed oil to stroke your holy cock in honor of the gift of pleasure we all share. Stroke more of that lingam and splash the oil all over as you send forth the tower of your love to me. Calling to me and spreading your ass wider for deeper and deeper I will penetrate into your heated source and gift your consciousness with the one knowledge of life.
Your moans and groans of desire grows and as your mouth portal opens wide and I slide my energy into your mouth and your sucking breath increases my rings of fire around my full moon body. Your dripping cock grows wider and your light energy calls to penetrate my source, my inner yoni core. As you rock your body and your lingam throbs while bouncing up and down on your silk cloth your heated sweaty body dripping liquid pleasure I am one with you and as your pre-come drifts down your wand of love I suck it out for more. Give to your goddess. As you witness the vision of the knowledge of life this brings increased pleasures of delight as you open wide your voice and your body jerks of passion and this passion floats off of your holy body into my rays of colored wands we are one and you feel my moon energy sucking your lingam love and bringing forth juices out of your love wand. You give it all to me now! Say it as we join! Yes! And in this mutual yes, comes the volcanic explosion and it forces your gift to stream out of your lingam loins and feed my source body.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Yes! Great Goddess!
I continue this entire full moon to share in your sexual excitement! All around your call is heard as you worship this full moon on the altar of your craving.
You all celebrate our mutual union in great ecstatic rapture. Come one come all and continue to evolve in your love as you honor me in your form! In your holy erotic body we exist as one unified source of love. Bringing the stroking of pleasure together in your worship brings forth a joyful life.
I am here…I am Great Goddess! Call out Yes to me and I will share rapture with you this full moon.
Yes! Great Goddess!

– Goddess Blessings

Installment XLIII: The Full Worm Moon March 2010
Yoni Puja

Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
I send the waves of my light body upon you. Feel my moon fullness and drink my yoni juice for your enlightened ecstasy. The sky is an indigo hue around me and my circles of light reflexes the colors of our spectrum and your form is bathed in my glow. Look up to me and open wide your body and mind and be filled with my dripping blue sky sprinkles.
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
Look into the center of my moon glow and be blessed by my pussy brilliance. Allow this brilliance to drip its juices into your mouth. Open wide your mouth all of you that hear my song in your hot erotic bodies and be quenched and allow your third eye to be witness to the truth of the sacred Yoni.
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
I see that you all hear my calling and you all begin to bring your holy body out of the buildings and stone coverings that keep you separated from our sky earth connection. Nakedness is the dress tonight as you all hear and obey!
Open your cocks and pussies to me and say yes! Yes to love and god/goddess as we bridge earth and sky in the ultimate union. My yoni will make it so! Yoni Puja begins….
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
I feel her presence upon me as I make my offering to the Goddess this full moon. I lay my naked body next to my altar and let my wet yoni fill up. I stroke my body and thank it for being with me all these years, as my body is my holy temple and my worship is in honor of this full moon. Yoni Yoni Yoni I chant and allow my personal puja to be a song of joy within me. I stroke and touch up and down my body and my breath grows as I am filled with the heat of passion and desire to be penetrated in my golden cherry yoni. As this desire grows in me, I sit up in front of my altar my heart beating harder in my chest as I become even more aware of the deep ache throbbing growing in my pussy.

I do a ceremony of goddess communion and share wine and grapes in honor of my mind and body as part of the goddess consciousness and body as the full moon. I place wine and fruit onto my altar and am pleased by my simple ceremony of love. I then light my candle and the light from the glow quickly grows and stretches out and up to her full moon glory.

The light show of red orange and yellow stretches through my home and out the window and  calls me to follow it and I walk out of my home and follow the glow up into the indigo sky and am struck by her brilliance flowing down all around my naked body.

The air is cool and windless and there is a scent of cedar and sage floating in the air. My nipples respond to the temperature change and I am encouraged to touch them. I stroke my breasts inward towards my heart and sing my yoni song to my moon goddess. Each growing touch tingles in my clit and my swelling grows in my pussy and I am hot with vision and love.
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
My breast ritual brings waves of rings around her full moon body and her light grows wider as my stroking continues I begin to feel more pleasure riding up my spine and my crown charka spins making my third eye open wider and visions of her yoni moon glow floats out of the center of the full moon. My third eye sees her and the golden glow of her clit sends rays into my eye and down the center of my body and out through my pussy strait into the earth body. I moan loudly and my growl calls to others and more people come out of their homes naked and erect with yoni yoni yoni falling off their lips.
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
We are making love and my lingam is buried deep inside of my love as I pray my penetration and hard cock please her. I want to give her my gift and release my cock juices inside of her. Fucking her so deeply opens my body and my sweat drips off me onto her and her neck smells of me and I like it.
As I hold his ass firmly guiding up and down and in and out of me I find my attention being pulled to our large open window allowing the full moon glow to enter. I hear sounds of moaning and ecstatic pleasure and I want to know what that is. I lift my lover from inside me and as he rises for a moment I witness his wet cock just drawn out of my hot yoni and I can smell our scents together and I find my mouth watering for a taste and I open wide and take him in fully.

She pulls my dick out of her pussy and guides me to stand and then swallows me whole in her second yoni and I start to feel I will pop inside of her from the sudden change. I feel her heartbeat as she sucks me deeper and I hold myself tightly not to come as this sends more shivers of delight up my spine. She stops.
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
We move to the open window together and see the crowd growing outside laughing and enjoying the cool moon night. I look up into the sky and at the center of the moon is a radiant orange red and this golden ring seems to be penetrating from the center into the sky coming directly down into our area in our earth. Wow! And the energy flowing from the breeze of these colors make me wants to go out and share my sexual union.
Let’s go, I convince my lover and we go outside and the energy only increases as the wave of bliss is powerful. We immediately begin kissing and it seems the more sexual unions that are taking place the more the full moon glory expands and the rings of color stretch to touch the earth and our hotness increases and our loins are wet for peeks of pleasure.
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
I am enjoying the quiet in my home this evening as I lay on my couch with nothing but the light of the moon gracing my window. I can see my shadow on the walls as I stroke my lingam and build my arousal and watch my dripping grow around my cock. Uh uh my self love makes me happy and my dick looks huge on the wall as it fades in and out and I love the sensations that rock through my body and my dick. I witness the amazing colors flowing past my window as I pump my cock and send more pleasure up my back and sending tingles of delight in my mouth. I wish I could eat some pussy right now. I love yoni and to bless a beautiful woman goddess is the best that I can do. I am drawn as I feel my dick crowning to come to the sounds outside my window. As I walk to my window and listen to the sounds. I notice that the sounds increase and then I see the colors become more vivid and fuller and start to flow around the people faster. I feel my body responding to these waves like I am making love I have an increased urge to penetrate and suck. I love full moons. I join the crowd.
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni 
My partner and I spend every full moon just wrapped around one another and just blessing each other with touches and thoughts of pleasure and abundance. I love how our pussies rub against each others and our yoni juices mesh. I have my lover sitting up on me as I have my right leg over hers and her left leg over mine. This gives us a perfect yoni pussy penetration connection. I hold her back tightly with my hands and her tits are erect for my tongue. I love fucking my woman and she is my goddess lover and we create beautiful treasures together. I grind her hard and suck her nipples and her moans just tell me how much more she wants so I can give it.
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
Singing and laughter fill our sensual air as I ride my lover harder and feel the sweet sweat drifting off my body into her long lovely hair as her mouth on my boobs make me cream heavier I press her head to my heart for more. I turn to our window and as I am looking clearly out of it I see a sea of people engaged in an orgy. Oh my goddess this looks so good and my horniness increases as my lover rides me. Look, I direct my lover and she is surprised and we both stop our pleasure journey for a moment and travel to the window to be certain of our mutual vision. Without a word, we go outside.
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
I am pleased to have been the first to have heard her call and come to receive her full moon blessing. Now to watch all the unions taking place and the waves of rays moving throughout the crowd gives promise to the prosperity that is in our land. I am joyful aroused and masturbating. I still have one hand on one breast at a time stroking back and fourth and my other hand is enjoying my wet yoni and listening to my need for penetration. As I moan and enjoy myself I look up at the moon again and see her clit growing more and her colors forever brighter and with each glowing growth the ecstasy grows in the crowd and the orgasms flow and flow and I look at the growing piles of humping pleasure and I take in the delightful image and enjoy myself with it. I see him coming towards me with his beautiful smile and he steps to me without saying a word and removes my hand from my pussy and says. May I continue goddess?

I smile back and raise my hand to the top of his head and push him to the earth and guide his face to my creamy friend. He eats and enjoys and I am riding his face and tongue. Soon oh so very soon another lover approaches from behind and drapes his hands around my waist and guides my hips front and back as my clit is being lit. He holds me perfect for more yoni worship and I am sandwiched between them both. He begins to ride his fingers up and down my back and then kissing my neck. I am enveloped with the love that is forming around me and the tingles grow with spasms soon following. His lingam is hard and between my ass and the wetness between us all with the sacred juice from my mouth lover gives easy access. I bend forward and he takes my pussy deeply by penetrating and my mouth lover now is guided to my nipples and continues that story. The pounding from my back side make me groan and my nipples being sucked keep me on the verge. Goddess goddess damn shit. I want it! I want to come and open myself up! At the same time I don’t want this to end!
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
I notice more men coming around us and sharing their lingam juices around and the heat of the exchange inspires me! One other beautiful man approaches me and leans in and presses his wet mouth onto my open lips and blesses me with his tongue. We kiss and kiss as we take turns sucking each other tongue. This extra source of pleasure builds the vibration around and my body spirit responds in kind. I end my lip lock and I lean forward and guide my lover from behind me out of my pussy and I stop my lover in front that’s sucking my breast. I push my front lover onto the earth that is being filled with semen and yoni juice and I sit on top of his throbbing cock. I control him and keep him still as I ride his turtle wand and please myself. The moon hums in unison with us all as the orgasms erupt around me. I then breathe in deeply and call to my backside lover and motion for him to enter me from my ass. His eyes open wide and he bends to his knees and first kisses my back and my neck and sends more shivers of delight down my beautiful arched back. His cock wet from our earlier union, he easily guides it into my wanting ass and to hold him self steadily he grabs my hips and balances his thrusts into my ass by the rocking of my pussy on my front lovers dick. We are one!
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
I am trembling as my body is about to explode and I look up to the moon with my cunt filled with cock and my ass draining the lingam behind me. The light in the sky is filled with brilliance and the scents in the air speaks of love and worshipped spent bodies and I am riding and riding and sucking that dick in my ass as deeply as I can and I am going to, I am going to and as if we all felt her clit rage full of life onto us the rain falls and the sky cracks of red orange yellow green blue indigo and powerful purple as I scream my orgasm out of my body and into the atmosphere! My lovers scream and moan and rock all of their juice into my body making me a goddess succulent mess. Mmmmm the sounds around us continue as the men that circled us continue to shoot their gift into the air and into the earth. We are one! It is done!
Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni
The full moon pussy feeds us and we drink and bath in her yoni golden rain glow. The full moon and we have merged the god/goddess earth sky. Now, every time we look up into the sky we shall see it! We will see her Yoni Yoni Yoni Yoni.

– Goddess Blessings

Installment XLII: The Full Snow Moon - February 2010
My Sadhana

In my special place this full moon I stand naked under her bright light showering over me. The colors of the moon fall around me and my holy body glows in unison to her natural power and connection to my form.
My arms are stretched skyward as my dick hardens and I chant my body chant loudly. 
I prepare myself for my goddess.
“I am of the great body. The great goddess body ~ my loins await thy union.”
I hear his chant for me and I follow his sound. I am walking through the clearing of the woods and making my way by the light of this glorious full moon. She clears the path for me so that I can celebrate and worship with my lover in her name.
As I step closer to him, I remove my clothing piece by piece and allow my body to be bathed by the full moon vibration. My nipples immediately tingle and this causes my pussy to begin to throb and become moist. I look at my lover as I draw nearer to him and taking in the shapes of his backside gives me warmth in the right places. His hands out stretched and chanting to the moon I feel drawn to his sadhana. I want to worship with him and caress his ass.
“I am of the great body. The great goddess body ~ my loins await thy union.”
I hear her approach and I am aroused by her presence and I feel the rise of my dick and heart ready to penetrate.
I stand at his backside taking in through my nostrils the scent of his body and I slowly crawl my fingers up and down his back. Feeling the moon glow bathing us I press my breast against him and push my pussy onto his ass cheeks and line my clit to the crack of his ass for my added enjoyment.
I want to turn to face her and press my erotic hard throbbing cock into her tight pussy and allow the goddess to be worshiped through us in this way. These thoughts allow my body to shake and my breath grows into moans of pleasure as she is wrapping her arms around my shoulders and kissing the back of my neck. This is her sadhana and I am her consort.
Kissing his body from neck to legs gives me pleasure and allows me this time of anointing to take place for he needs to be blessed by me before I take his gift.
On my knees now I spread his legs and grab his long golden wand from behind and between his thighs and I stroke from balls to cock over and over as I am hearing the sounds of blessing flowing from me to my hands to his lingam. His pre-come flows and I use his juice to moisten his lingam to assist my stroking. His strong form and natural male scent turns me on very much and my yoni is throbbing for his heart throbbing member to take me and grind his body into mine. Yet this is his sadhana and I am his goddess. I am here to guide his offering to the full moon goddess!
I look up to the full moon and see all the colors flowing from her. I drink in this night time beauty and begin kissing all over his ass and start licking up and down is crack. I bend him forward as I make my way to his butterfly opening and I drip my mouth juice on him and tip him with my tongue while holding his cock firmly.
I am gripped by her hand and art of worship and am being taken in a way I have never felt before. I am the offering and the gift this full moon and my glorious cock is stretching longer and larger than I’ve ever seen it before. These continuous pleasures flowing up and through my body in this night full moon glow is assisting me with the pleasures being gifted to me now. Her tongue slides in and out of me and I begin to gyrate and jerk my lingam in unison with her controlling strokes.
I gently open him up by the wetness of my tongue and my fingers become small throbbing lingams to bring pleasure to his ass and I offer him my worship in hopes he can give his love one and then two small lingams as I penetrate and stroke together. I notice his rocking motion and know only in fantasy what his body must feel like inside me. I continue on our mutual quest of love and honor through this holy form on this holy wild night. He is mine! His ass becomes as smooth as his long cock while I flow through it.
I stroke and stroke and pump and squeeze as he his shivering and moaning to his destination. I begin rocking my knee bent aroused form with him as I ride his wave with him. We moan loudly together as he is about to give his gift and with the final stroking of his love wand he stands strait and stretches his hands up to the full ecstasy of the moon.
“I am of the great body. The great goddess body ~ my loins are with thee.” He yells…
I drop myself between his legs from behind him and am gifted with his steaming come flowing out of the tip of his temple body and all over mine and on the earth. I am also able to take in some of his gifted come into my wanting mouth as it sprays everywhere and am able to swallow it in prayer.
Witnessing his standing god body in celebration of ecstasy I am enveloped by the joy.
Looking upon her spread out body on mother earth I am pleased by her guidance and worship.
This was My Sadhana.

Goddess Blessings

Installment XLI: The Full Wolf Moon
Sacred Sexual Salvation - An Essay

In my Ministry of "Uniting Sex and Spirit" and honoring the Goddess through the Full Moon and in form I have witnessed a severe split within people and in our Society. Why is it that the one reason we come together is the main reason we split? I’m talking about sexual love. The passion we feel when we have an urge to be sexual with someone over time can implode in us and turn us away from the desired. There is a lack of true understanding about what is actually applied in our sacred sex acts and therefore we use the imprinted programming that’s been forced on us from fundamental religions and a society confused about the importance and the boundaries of positive sexual expression.
Why are our men reaching out to other men to receive what they cannot get from their wives and girlfriends?
Why does a threesome break up relationships?
Why can’t a woman be an approving woman and watch her man masturbate?
Why can’t we talk to a man and really talk to his dick?
Why does a man only see woman as a toilet to discard in?
Why do you bring shame into the bedroom?
Why is the pussy form not honored?
Positive energy exchange is giving energy receiving energy and sharing pleasure. Negative energy exchange is taking energy stealing energy and control for power.

“The battle to control sex has always been a battle for power.” ~ Michael Hutchison

The area where the man’s lingam is able to be honored and relationships have a true chance to thrive has been in the gay relationship. I have noticed in my opinion that gay men give themselves permission to bring the feminine and masculine a chance to balance in their sex play.
Heterosexual couples that I’ve worked with and spoken with don’t play this out and if they begin to, old programming and self judgments about I’m a slut or I’m gay pop up in their minds and there goes the growth. It’s all down hill from there and shame develops and possibly resentments if the acts continue.
I have in my own personal life been blessed to be able to express the goddess in me to the god in you! In that I have been able to balance the masculine wild man and the glorious goddess whore in me and share this with others! In more ways than one.
We need to look at the seriousness of our sexual plight and the urgency that’s needed in uniting our erotic love with our primal bodies.
Imagine this:
I spread his legs wide and place my heart on his waiting joy. My breasts cup him and he feels my heartbeat. I stroke my fingers deliberately across his chest and at his second charka, my prayer is to please him and bless him with my second yoni. My mouth waters in anticipation and my first yoni throbs in unison. I mouth him fully covering his lingam while it lays flaccid. I let my mouth hover over his lingam in stillness to share the warmth of my wet chi flowing into his tip. His wand responds to my silent worship and grows with dripping charges of delight sliding out of his lingam and messing with my tingling saliva.
In my opinion, realized from guiding group gatherings and private meetings, the split is in the sacred not being honored in sexual play. And I don’t mean you have to pray over everything, although that wets my yoni. I do mean your consciousness must awaken to the divine within us. The Eros is the fire that links us to the divine creative life and our shared sexual pleasure brings us together with this oneness. We can become uncontrollable and be vulnerable and free finally!
Why not us?!
Because we misuse this incredible erotic energy and miss out on the opportunity to connect with one another and enter into the altered state of pure consciousness and as we attempt to bring this consciousness into our relationship without a real conviction of what I am talking about then these actions are in vain and in our relationships we will fall short of the glory of goddess in us!
I have like so many other known gods and goddesses out here create sacred environments for this type of sacred play to emerge through my gatherings and services that I offer.
Imagine this:
I spread her body across the bed and adorn her with flowers and plush pillows for comfort and beauty. I anoint her third eye with oil in recognition of her goddess wisdom and beauty. I drip this oil down the center of her body to align her charkas and then I bless her with the five fold kiss. I slide onto her and drape her with my body and bringing my face to her breasts I suck each nipple spreading the oil to them to add to her pleasure and delight. She feels my lingam grow and she knows I want to penetrate her and she heaves in deeply and exhales waves of excitement. I crawl up to her face and breathe the breath of life into her mouth and she receives me. I then slide my lingam into her wet warmth deeply and hold myself still for her to receive my prayer.
Tantra is a way of action as is Love and when immersed together in our body spirit we can begin to spiritualize our bodies and our lives through erotic love in a very powerful healthy way.
Imagine this:
I sit in a chair facing her as she witnesses my self loving as a gift I’m giving to her. My throbbing builds as my moans grow and I am extra excited by her acceptance of this aspect of myself. She doesn’t think I’m a pervert for wanting to stroke myself. I rock my hips forward as my gift begins the ascent to my tip. I open my eyes wide and see her mouth and eyes open as if I am feeding her with my energy. My body spasm as this life force leaves me and squirts up and out of me full of potent love.
My purpose here is to bring the balance of sex and spirit in all expressions of sex play. Being conscious is the first step and the next is to accept the body as a holy temple and our inner erotic love is the link to the one source of all living things.
Imagine this:
This Full Moon a gathering of women are in a clearing in the woods and with a roaring fire giving light and warmth these women are all naked under the full moon glow and are celebrating the goddess within! With their clapping hands and voices as the music they release negativity from their bodies by the misuse of their sexual energy. Yells and cries of rape and abuse that’s been done to some! The wishing to be someone that they aren’t based on being told they were ugly by emotionally unstable people and society! They are here to acknowledge and anoint one another in their own goddess spirit. With hands raised high and chanting towards the moon these women run and dance with the beat of the music they create together. In the hustle of the joy they begin rubbing their breasts together in honor of each ones unique shape and size. Then their asses bumped one by one and the laughter and the closeness builds.
Then sage and cedar leaves are thrown into the growing blaze and the smoke and scent rises and fills the air and envelopes everyone. In a circle now one woman at a time stands in the center and the other women stroke her body lightly front and back to bring tingles of pleasure all over her. Then they step away and the goddess in the center then lies on the bed of the earth and spread her legs wide to open and show her yoni. The women witness and chant over her thriving body as she begins stroking her clit and bringing arousal and wetness to her yoni lips. Then in full beginning rapture each woman then goes one at a time between the goddess legs and bends to kiss her throbbing yoni. Each woman is initiated into their goddess hood this full glorious moon in this sexual rite. After the anointing process they all lay on the bed of the earth together with the warmth of the fire and glow of the moon still in unison and all the women enjoy their personal self love and share their orgasms together! Moans and groans and pleasing yells fill the woods and the goddess’s voice is heard! These women see and hear the goddess in themselves and in every woman and in there pussy power they are whole!  These women have healed the separation of women and brought us back to our unified pussy power. We no longer are jealous of other women because we see the goddess is them! In our heterosexual or lesbian relationship we are orgasmic and alive. We bring this orgasmic consciousness in every area of our lives because of the sisterhood/goddesshood connection!
This is only the beginning to our Sacred Sexual Salvation!

– Goddess Blessings

Installment XXXX: The 2009-2010 Blue Moon - New Year's Eve 2009
In Service of the Goddess

I enter the temple space and am guided to remove my shoes right away by one of the priestesses. I remove them and then I am led to a room darkly lit with scents of sage and cinnamon floating in the air. Candles everywhere!
Instantly a blindfold is place over my eyes and I can hear there are other people in the space with me. I hear music lightly playing in the back round of the gentle chatter drawing my attention.
“Your name is Nathaniel Green correct?”
Yes, I answer.
“And you are here to serve The Goddess in form this evening.”
Yes, I answer again as my lingam begins to grow in excitement.

I am quickly slapped in the face!
“Do not arouse yourself unless the goddess tells you to! You are here to serve her this New Years Eve and that is the only pleasure you are allowed.”
I understand I answer quickly but some how I have a feeling I will be getting slapped more often.

My dick cannot hold back my excitement. I must breathe deeply to relax I think to myself.
“Nathaniel Green you have been chosen by the goddess in form to take part in this New Years Eve ritual to help cleanse her of this past year. Your energy is solid balanced and charged. Therefore you are suitable for her to channel this past year out of her body and through yours.”
“What do you say?”
Thank you. I am stung by another slap to my face.
“What do you say?”
I am here to serve the goddess!
The music grows louder as chanting slowly grows.
We all come from the Goddess
And to her we shall return…..
My clothes are being removed from my body and I struggle to hold my throbbing dick steady because I want to give my goddess what she needs from me.
We all come from the Goddess
And to her we shall return…..
I am pushed forward and as I walk I am being touched and stroked up and down my body by strangers. The chanting continues as I am stopped and am told to get onto my knees.
We all come from the Goddess
And to her we shall return…..
Soon I can feel her. Her presence even in my darkness is unmistakable.
She strokes my face with her soft long fingers and I tremble at her touch.
“You are here for me Nathaniel, to help me rid the past year and prepare me for the coming year. I will have you take away my stress and pass it out to the full moon.”
 The goddess quickly grabs my cock and says. “Say you love me.” I love you goddess! She smacks my face and then rubs my back. As I am on my knees and bent over the strangers in the room cross past me and begin slapping my ass one by one and with each slap to my ass they get harder.
My ass is stinging with delight because I know she is happy to use me this way. Even the strangers in the room wish they were chosen. I can hear their moaning to be stroked and charged by our goddess.
I am then given some red wine to drink. Then she holds me by my face and brings my face to her garden and I smell her essence and I want to lick. I stretch forward my tongue and she pushes my head back. “Not until I say so. You are here for me.” Goddess commands. “Why are you here?”
I am here to serve! “Say it again!” I am here to serve! She forces my face to her angel pussy and says drink out of me now. I lick and suck her with my neck bending upward into her. My mouth cannot get wet enough as I feel sweet energy flushing into my body. I know I am here for her but I am being blessed. My lingam grows! I am pushed away and am slapped in the face. “It’s not time for that!” She slaps me again. Sorry Goddess I can’t help it. I love you so much.” She slaps me again. “If you love me hold it until I say so.” She grabs my cock and then bends over my body to my ass and smacks my ass a few times finding her fingers to the opening of my asshole and I tighten quickly and she forces a finger up me and then pulls out of me and forces my face back onto her growing yoni.
I suck and lick and taste her sweet long lips. Her pussy tastes of vanilla to me and her soft silky skin always leaves me awe struck.
Pull him up, I hear her command others. I am then pulled up and placed on a wide chair. I am quickly straddled by her and she begins to rub her body on me. Not allowed to grow my cock for her yet this is sweet agony. She is running her fingers all over my face and my hair. Biting my cheek and grinding my dick. Her growls grow as she is getting wetter and wetter on me and I feel a flood coming from her holy yoni. Goddess I wish to be in you I think to myself and my heart pounds. I rock my hips up to meet her thrusts on me and then pow, I’m slapped in the face again. Shit!
“Don’t move.” She grabs my hands and places them on her ass. “Rub your hands up and down my ass and squeeze them tight.” I cannot for the life of me figure out how am I suppose to do this without getting my dick hard and wet. I am using all of my force not to get erect because I know goddess does not want that yet. I rub her sweet chocolate ass and her firm softness focuses my mind on her. I smell her neck and hair and I am intoxicated by her.
It seems the more I have to hold back my erection the stronger my blood is flowing into my dick. I feel rock hard she’s going to and before I could get the thought through my mind. A slap and then another and then another and now she would not stop and the pain grew and I kept my hands on her round rump and my cock continued to disobey. She kept slapping and I kept trying but the more I tried not to have the erection the more my cock grew! It grew and grew and dripped and dripped all over. She rose up and began to moan so loud at first I thought she was hurt. But she was releasing! Releasing so much stress! By slapping me and grinding me she was moving all of the past year out of her and into me and my arousal is sending this energy up into to moon light glow.
What a powerful feeling. She pulled me up to her and in my blind state I found my hands to her breasts and began to gently squeeze her tits and this brought on more sensations of pleasure and release for her. I began to hear moans and groans of the strangers in the room and I knew exactly what was going on. An Orgy of love and cleansing was taking place and I was here to serve the goddess. I held her close to me as I am drawn to her lips and we kiss and breathe in and out of one another. Deeply inhale and exhale into the space between us as our lips lock. I sense for a moment I can see her memories. I can feel her energy her thoughts. As they become clearer to me. She forces me to turn around and lays me down onto my belly on the floor and climbs onto my back. Her sacred middle finds my ass portal and she shoves her psychic cock into me. Penetrating me I moan as my body responds to her need to be deep in me. She rides me and rides me sweating over me and running her hands up and down the sides of my body.
“Are you serving me?”
Yes! I answer.
She slides her body up and down my back side and then slides her finger back into my ass finishing what she started. Sliding in and out of me she then starts to stroke my balls and pull on them. She smacks them with her open hand and the sting starts to send the shivers of hard aching pleasure once again. She pulls out of me and then turns me over to her and removes my blindfold.
I open my eyes to a beautiful delightful creature. We rise and she leads me to a sunken floor where there is a Jacuzzi and we get into the Jacuzzi and dip our bodies into the wetness that is surrounding us. The strangers in the room come into view as they join us by circling around the Jacuzzi to witness our interaction. Goddess guides me closer to her and she begins kissing my face and my neck and I return the favor.

“Give me your cock.” She commands and she lifts her body up and wraps her legs around me and I slide into her warm cave with ease. Standing strait and fully erect and in her I stroke and give her my pre-come juices. All I can think about is how is she feeling? I wonder does she know that I really love her and fucking her in this way to cleanse her on this full moon on the last day of this year is a gift. I look up to that big foggy full moon and see the rings of color in harmony to this ritual. My strength is acknowledged now as I hold goddess in the air while serving her with pleasure.
She motions for me to stand her down and she turns around with her back facing me. I know what she needs and I drop quickly to my knees and before I dive in I stroke her body and I bless it with my thoughts and hands. I open her cheeks and lick her asshole and smell her sweet scent and then I climb up onto her and insert my needed cock into her warm ass. The pangs of desire as I deliver myself deeper into her body tighten around me. She yells from the pain of pleasure and the hot water washes around us both. I keep plunging and kissing the back of her neck as our on lookers are assisting us with their sounds of lovemaking and masturbating around us.
I run my hands through her long hair and hold her steady for my upcoming eruption. My body trembles as I grow closer and as we rock in unison together. Other sounds of rapture engulf around us! This adds to my arousal and I have to say I am here to serve and it gives me pleasure too.
Don’t tell the goddess.
As I reach my peak and she tingles with knowing I slide some of my cock out of her ass just about two inches to be able to reach her g-spot from this position right before I give her my gift. As I roar with my eruption into her my eyes open and my third eye is glowing gold and then white and then I see the moon the full moon in my minds eye. I look up to see her….you…goddess your face in the full moon glow.
I drip my last few drops into her body and we melt apart in the motioning water. The overlapping eruptions continue as my goddess lays relaxed and cleansed. Then we look at each other and she gives me one soft smack on my face. With a smile we climb out of the Jacuzzi then as we are given our glasses of champagne. The Goddess Prays!
“Great Goddess on this full moon New Years Eve, Please receive us and continue to bless us this coming year with our Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth and healing for us all! And So It Is.”
Then: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1………Happy New Year!
May the blessings of the goddess stay in your loins!

– Goddess Blessings 

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Installment XXXIX: The Full Cold Moon - December 2009
Natural Urges - A True Full Moon Encounter!

He said he was on his way. I didn’t know if he’d make it before the moon became full. I long for him to embrace me at the fullness of her beauty. Every full moon we do this. Or is it? The full moon does it to us every time! He walks in through the doors and without a verbal hello his lips are connected to mine his hand holding my face firm. The ritual begins with our natural urges guiding. This month with this moon we lead by the primal life that is within us!
I just finished making love with my wonderful lover friend. My yoni is swollen from all the wet deep penetrating we were doing. This man and I are so attuned that our charkas lock into one another and we can actually feel any negative energy releasing from our bodies while we kiss and fuck each other so hard. Then as we grow hotter from our bodies pounding into each other the sweat drips and roles off of us and we create a pool of love beneath us. Our bodies slide and slap into each other and our eyes lock and we know we are one. We are feeding our natural urge for oneness! For oneness is life!

He gives me his big load inside my hot pussy and I love him. I don’t need to say a prayer of blessing for his gift of semen because that fact that I taken his load into my body it is blessed.

We kiss and rest and spoon together.

The moon doesn’t rest while she is full and it seems we can’t either.

He begins by stroking my backside and sliding his fingers up and down my ass crack and spreading me apart there like he has other plans. MMMMM….I wonder~ ;-)

Soon after we are kissing and using feather light touches that start us up all over again and this time I grab his hard ass while he climbs on top of me and inserts his wet lingam into me like he never left. He is so deep in me and pressing his body so hard and close to mine we cannot breathe. While his rocking matches my own we connect wet pussy with swollen clit and I grind my hand harder into his ass to keep him right on both spots and I explode and come all over his dick and rock and shake in pleasure as he is pleased by my sharing.

I explode my wet juices all over his hard cock. I scream so loud! Our bodies pound and pound and the beating of our hearts cause us to shake as he continues his journey thrusting in me.

He suddenly pulls himself out of me and it feels like a gasp of air quickens between us as he flips me over and grabs both my big ass cheeks and starts kissing and rubbing them while his moaning grows with his throbbing lingam bouncing up and down and dripping the pre~come and his sweaty pool of love juices we’ve created together. He then bites my holy ass and this sends tingles of pleasure flowing through me. It hurts so good and that is a balanced blessing. He then continues his feeding by rubbing his face over my ass and worshipping me with more kisses and massages up and down my backside kneading me and needing me. He sniffs my essence at my pussy door and exhales joy as he smells himself within me.

“I smell me in her body and I am enriched by her! My excitement to be with her overwhelms me as I devour her juice into my mouth and I suck in her creamy delights.

My sweaty water drips from my body and as I drive my lingam in and out of her I am awakened by the moonlight glow of the moon and I feel it crawling up into my loins forcing an even harder erection for me to thrust into her. Her body in beautiful and her round buttocks blossom for me as I generate the heat of my romp inside of her. Loving and honoring her generous body spirit.

I smack her ass and rejoice in her little screams that are delightful for us both. Hearing her say and plead, yes oh yes my Love gives me the opportunity to continue.”

“Our moans grow and I know we can share our mutual pleasure together at the same time. Her throbbing pussy squeezes my dick and I drip and drip inside of her! The Goddess this full moon grips our desires and perpetuates them for abundance. I can’t complain, yet we’ve been making love for hours now with the full moon as our witness to this primal urge. This urge is natural my inner body wisdom announces.”

He grabs my hips and squeezes tightly as we moan and roar together. We are one, we are loving, we are united, we are together with this Full Moon and our natural urges reinforce the primal urge to live and survive! Why am I thinking this when I am going to come and I feel his dick fattening inside of me?!

Because the Goddess speaks within you! She answers!

He then softens his breath before he blows and then he explodes into my now swollen tight pussy! Dripping sweet juice in and flowing outside of me all down my satisfied yoni. I am loving every full moon minute of it.

He falls on me and we just melt into the bed and into the glorious glow we just created.

This is a real full moon story that happened this full moon with beauty and passion of sex and spirit.

- Goddess Blessings

Installment XXXVIII:The Full Hunters Moon - November 2009
She comes in beauty...

She comes in beauty,
a Goddess,
a Woman,
a Friend,
a Lover,
a Poem.

The Universe smiles her name.
She lives within me.
In every star,
in every flower,
every breath of a breeze,
in everyone I meet.

She is the essence of Love,
the BE-ing of Buddha,
the Salvation of Jesus,
the Glory of the Goddess.

I am the Consort of the Goddess.
I am the one who adores her.
I am that she is.

by Gary Stamper

Installment XXXVII:The Full Harvest Moon October 2009
Lingam Love - Fall Harvest Ritual

Honoring the Lingam during the harvest is perfect to bring strength to those things we wish to maintain and manifest and when we are conscious of this ability we bring balance and abundance into our lives consistently.
I have prepared the altar bed with will large and small pillows for him to be completely comfortable. Soft lighting so that the glow of the moon shows brightly through the windows and he will be able to watch me worship him because I know it brings him pleasure to watch my wet mouth and tongue swallow his lingam whole.
The Altar bed it fit for a king with the pillows and drapery flowing with different textures. Velvet silky drapes and cotton sheets all have a part in his pleasure. He will be worship and we will harvest every drop of his gift and this brings balance and continued support as the seasons pass. The Lingam has purpose and it’s the ability to provide and serve our desires and needs.
This ritual reinforces that ability. I play goddess music that honors the flesh and the spirit and it joins us in the fun and play of this harvest ritual.
He is out of the bath I prepared for him and I bow to him as he enters our sacred space. He stands on the cloth I have laid on the floor for him. His dripping lingam awakens my body and I am excited and throbbing all over. He is still wet from the bath as he is to remain wet and this adds to his pleasure.
“I honor the god in you” I say as I bow and I walk over to him and look into his strong dark eyes. I continue “May my love of your Lingam give you pleasure and continued purpose to provide.”
I walk away and pick up the bottle of ylang ylang oil and pour it into the palms of my hands. I walk back to him and gently massage him from his shoulders down his arms up his back and back down again to his belly and chest. I look into his eyes again and want to kiss is lips. Yet my focus is only to worship his lingam with great purpose. I continue to oil is hips and buttocks and lightly come to his rocking dick beginning to swell in front of me. I lick my lips and take in his scent. I want to drop to my knees and pull him into me now.
I do drop to my knees and stroke his thighs and legs and I am able to watch the drawing up of his ball sack and his cock smacks my cheeks a couple of times and I am glad to see my touches please him.
After stroking his feet I bless him with the five fold kiss. I bow to his feet and say “Blessed are thy feet” then I kiss each foot. I move to his knees and say “Blessed are thy knees” and kiss each knee. I reach to his lingam and say “Blessed is thy sex” and I gently lick my tongue around his mushroom and kiss it. I stand and place my hand at his heart and say. “Blessed is thy heart” and I kiss his chest wanting to suck his nipples too. I must stay focused. I am hot with desire and I love the lingam ritual being so focused on his dick because I will worship and worship well and deep I will. I look into his eyes and I say. “Blessed are thy lips” and this is the only time I am able to deeply suck in his breath and tongue. I kiss him and embrace his lips with mine and we hold one another and I feel his dick jumping to attention and pressing into me and I want to open myself to receive his penetration of my body.
Dear Goddess, I love for the spirituality of all, I think to myself.
Now, I guide him to the altar bed and I bow once more to him and he returns the gesture. He slides onto the altar and rests his back on the large pillows. When he is settled I offer him wine and fruit and I feed him.
I take some fruit and wine and place some of it on the stand that is part of the altar bed and leave some for the great goddess. I come back to my king and spread his legs and I first lay my heart onto his 60% erect lingam and pause here for him to feel my heart beat. I rise up and reach under one of the pillows and I pull from it a letter that I have prepared for the harvest ritual.
As part of the ritual I am to write the needs and desires of me and my family and for my lover as well. I also write how thankful I am to be able to worship his lingam in this way. It’s a Lingam Love Letter for the Harvest. I present it to him and he takes the letter without reading it and he says back to me. “It is done!” This is a trust statement of truth and he kisses the letter and then places the letter on the stand next to the fruit and wine. He rests back in front of me.
I begin now with stroking his lingam and closing my eyes as I meditate on his shape and strength as his dick grows. I tune into his lingam and my desire to please him grows and my heart begins to open more. My mouth fills with wetness and I thank God for being able to please and worship in this way. I am happy. I am happy for the harvest and for all that we can do to bring balance and abundance into our lives. His cock is harder now and he starts to gyrate his hips and play with the sensations growing in him. His moans are paced with the music and the moon glow is shining on us.
I slide my legs under his thighs to be grounded and I slide my mouth around the top of his cock. I hold the tip between my lips being still and allowing him to receive the new sensation being added. I then lick up and down is thick long shaft and I use my right hand to play with his balls. I open my mouth wider and lay over his lingam and just blowing my breath over him. I use both my hands to stroke his groin and squeeze his balls and as my wetness grows I can suck his cock deeper into my throat. I turn my head from left to right and up and down and this blended movement helps me to absorb his lingam more. His groans are growing and my arousal is increased and I begin to ache and moan to give more. I move my hands to his thighs and gently stroke his thighs. I imagine my hands and fingers are feathers and I stroke him in this way. I am so thankful to be giving him this deep pleasure with a purpose. To love his lingam is a gift and for him to receive it is divine.
I pull up for a moment to reposition my body. I pull my legs from underneath his and turn to lie onto my belly and I drown my head into his balls and I lick and suck each of them. Pulling on them with my lips and open mouth. I allow my right hand to pump his hard lingam and send more blood into is mushroom. I go a little deeper and lick his groin and down towards his ass. He moans more, I continue to suck and lick.
He is watching every move and this adds to his pleasure.
I come back up with licking lips and went to sucking his cock so hard you could hear the sucking sounds popping out of my mouth. I rise up and straddle him once again and I place my middle finger at the opening of his ass since I picked up that this throbbed his cock even more. I began rubbing there and gently opening his ass like a butterfly. I reached for the lemon oil and poured it over his cock and it was warmed before hand so this heated sensation was good for him. I mouthed him again and the taste of the lemon oil made my lips pucker and the squeeze around his lingam was perfect. I continued to suck and drip my wet mouth over his lemon oil drenched dick. I could see colors of purple green red and orange and the glow of the moon just made the whole experience angelic. He started thrusting harder and deeper into my mouth moaning louder now and the flexing of his ass told me we were getting close to the gift. His pumping in my mouth felt like a good fuck. Our mutual enjoyment only increased. My body was about to burst as he was grabbing my head and deeply penetrating my mouth and my heart burst forth more joy than I can describe.
“Let me see you.” He asked. “Look at me.” He requested and I lifted my mouth from his hot lingam for a moment to look up into his dark eyes and I saw colors of arousal and love and power and provider mixed into the desires and needs of us all being met.
“It is done,” he said and I knew what he meant and I poured over his divine lingam again and allowed his tasty sweat to send waves of orgasms through my body and he start to yell and loudly moan yes! Yes! Shit, fuck God Yes! And his pumping pushed into to me harder and then soft and then hard again!
“You got it baby!” He yelled as his hips lifted and his warm come flooded my mouth and I began to scream in orgasm at the taste of his come in my mouth and my aching grew into spasms of pleasure!
He dropped.
I lifted up and held as much come in my mouth as I could so that I could offer some of it to the altar on the stand. I went over and let a few drops spill from my mouth into the wine. I then let myself enjoy the last few drops in my mouth and I licked my lips in thanksgiving.
“Great Goddess please receive our offering and bless this harvest ritual. And may we continue to be blessed with our Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth and Healing for us all.”
I lifted the letter and kissed it as my lover had done in the beginning. I looked up at the moon and saw all the brilliant colors of red orange yellow green blue indigo and purple pulsating around her. I looked over at my lover and his legs were spread and he was asleep with a smile on his face.
Happy Harvest, I thought to myself, It is done.

Goddess Blessings

Installment XXXVI: The Full Corn Moon September 2009
Drinking from the Fountain of Youth

This full moon my goddess has allowed me entrance into the fountain of youth celebration! I’m so excited today is my 60th birthday and this is my gift from the goddess. She is an amazing goddess a hall of fame goddess…I love her and my love for her over these years has allowed me entrance into this very sacred ceremony this full moon!
On my way to the ceremony I stop to pick up flowers and wine as gifts to the goddess to be placed on the altar. Red Roses and Sunflowers fill my arms. I love honoring the goddess and all women in my life. Really all people should be honored and I honor the god in men as well as the goddess in women.
My goddess however has helped me reach a level in my life that the love I show to others is ever extending and my sexual abilities are heightened. Just thinking about her and what I can give to others just makes my dick harder and harder.
I arrive at the temple space and park my car and head to the large house and as I am walking up to the house I see a large tent in the back yard and a platform that leads to the back. I follow the others that are lead to the big back yard and walk along the guided path adorned with ribbons and flowers about each side. I can smell the incense wafting in the air as I approach. As I am closer to the temple there are women and men with wraps around their hips and bare breast flopping in the moon light greeting everyone and guiding us to a space in the temple where we must remove our clothes then bring our offerings to the altar.
I don’t know if I can keep my erection down it’s so sexy in this space and all the men and women look just as happy as I am. I remove my clothes and place them in the space provided to be easily recovered later. As I walk towards the altar I become aware of the many erections floating around in the room. So I start to feel at home with my bouncing swollen friend starting to drip and ache to penetrate.
Live music of drums bells and angelic erotic tones pulsate from the far corner of the temple space. People are walking around naked and spaying sage and incense in the air.
I walk to the large 12 foot wide table 6 foot length draped with cloths of panoramic colors with the large divine sculpture of Vishnu & Lakshmi. Vishnu and Lakshmi are the archetypal couple representing spiritual wealth and material prosperity.
They are in sexual union in this sculpture. This just turns me on even more and I look around the room and see so many others in other erotic positions. I see one woman on her knees sucking a man and his dick looks so large while another woman is behind him just rubbing her tits all over his back. Man this is amazing I think to myself and I continue to scan the room getting lost in the moment. I then notice a man stroking himself not to far from where I stand just moaning and rocking his hips back and forth towards the sculpture of Lakshmi and Vishnu and then I turn back and place my gifts on the altar and I notice there are other small and large statues of rock wood and ceramic of the yoni. Big dripping lips of the pussy spread all over the altar.
I wish I could be inside of one of those warm wet pussies I desire to myself and then I look around the room and see all the happy pussy in the room and a few women being licked. There’s one woman over there with a man behind her with his dick hard on her ass and a woman in front of her sucking her pussy. Wow she looks so happy sucking her pussy. I can see her eyes joyfully looking up and down the woman whose juice she is drinking. My ache endures and I walk around the temple and am quickly turned around by someone and embraced.
Then from behind me someone else is kissing my back and heading down towards my ass. I reach out to her and look at this beautiful woman that just held me close and placing her head in the palms of my hands I reach to her lips and give her a nice deep long kiss. I don’t even know this woman and that is one of the requirements. Not to introduce yourself by name just by sensual love. We all trust the goddess knew who would be allowed to be in a clean joyful celebration like this would be worthy and healthy. Like I am! So I continue my deep penetration of her beautiful full lips and wet tongue.
Then the music stops and a silence fall over the temple. My lips part from my momentary love and we all turn and face the altar. Beyond the 12 foot table of gifts the altar continues to expand another 15 feet from what I can tell.
She’s coming….I hear floating around the space and people are attempting to get closer to the altar to be close to the goddess and hopefully drink. She’s coming in soon! Excitement grows!
Three men and two women the ones that greeted us at the entrance of the temple step onto the stage of the altar and place their hands in prayer position in front of their hearts. And they all bow together and say aloud. “We honor the god/goddess in you all.” In return we all do the same.
Then they begin at a whisper at first then full force ~ The Goddess Chant.
Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate,
Demeter, Kali ~ Inanna
Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate,
Demeter, Kali ~ Inanna
Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate,
Demeter, Kali ~ Inanna
And the joy of the chant grows and hands begin clapping and bodies move in a slow gyrate of sensual rapture. The wafting of the sage and incense increase and then the music begins as the chanting continues.
On a chariot the goddess lays her body draped in jewels and her head adorned with a yoni crown filled with a diamond as the clit. I love it! She is carried by four men stately walking naked with lingams hard and dripping for her.
She is set down on the extended altar and as she stands to greet us all the chanting and music ceases and calls of love flow forth. “I love you goddess.” “We love you goddess” Evolves from the followers.
The men step away from goddess but not to far still fully erect and bouncing in delight with the privilege to honor her in this way. I wish I could have done that for her. That would be an added joy on my birthday.
“I am here your sweet goddess to give you the freedom to come into your genius abilities!”
She begins….
“I have seen the glory in you all and as you witness the drinking celebration tonight may you all be captured in the youthfulness of the yoni.”
She raises her hands to the full moon…
“Great Goddess of the sky and earth hear me as I am you! May this temple space continue in its sacred sensual blessings as the juices from those here are given and celebrated for you and the life force here on Earth.”
She reaches towards us…..
“I conjure and aura of protection around us!”
She points to me….
“And you are the chosen one to drink from the fountain tonight.”
She calls me to her…
Space is made for me as I float to her. I am being touched as I walk past everyone as if I am able to walk on water or something. Actually I feel like I’m walking on water now. I was very grateful to be allowed to attend this full moon celebration in no way would I even let my self think I would be the chosen one to drink from her. This can’t just be because of my birthday can it? I wonder.
As I step onto the altar one of the priestesses approach me and dot my forehead with oil that smelled like oranges. Then she bent to her knees and placed my swollen cock in her wet wide mouth. Sucking me and caressing my balls just sends waves of pleasure pangs up my spine. I breathe and moan loudly and I hear the crowd join me in subtle moans of pleasure. She sucks harder and harder and then I realize she wants me to shoot my seed in her! I jerked my body and I look at my goddess questioning should I give it? I want to give it to my goddess. Reading my mind my goddess says,
“You must get rid of the first drop and be cleansed for me.”
Shit…Wow…I let myself let it all go with a push and yell and my body spasms into her mouth filling her full of my first drops. I am cleansed for my goddess and my desires only increase to drink from her now.
She looks up at me the priestess and licks her lips and rises and places her hand in a prayer position and bows. I do the same in return. She steps back from me and turns to the goddess and says.
“He is ready now.” And she stretches her hand to me and brings me to the goddess.
The Goddess touches my forehead and then steps back and lays onto the chariot she was brought in on and lifts her legs wide and two of her chariot driven men come to her and bend down and prostrate themselves on the floor so that she can rest her feet and legs on them and spread her fountain wide for me to drink.
I step and bend down (you don’t have to tell me what to do) and I can smell her yoni scent dripping from her opening washing past me and sipping into my energy drawing me closer. Her vanilla scented pink moist pussy lay open and I moved in and place my mouth on her sweet lips and began to slide my tongue between them. I then penetrate her with my tongue and deeply drink and suck. Her wetness grows and I continue to drink and experience pleasures writhing up my body once again. I immediately become erect and my drinking and ache increases. God I wish I could drown my dick in goddess’s chocolate yoni!
Then the music begins again and I notice by sounds and from my peripheral view that love was in the air and others were sucking and fucking everywhere. The sounds growing all around me adds to the mounting of the pussy even more for me. I drape my hands around goddess’s ass and really eat her well. I lift her hips a little to go even deeper to drink her up and she begins to moan and gyrate and her sounds make me happy as I worship and then she motions for another one of her chariot driven men to come to her and stroke and suck her nipples and her pussy widens and pumps youthful goddess sweetness into my mouth. My dick pounds and throbs hard without being touched and her body arches and she yells in delight to my lips now sucking tightly around her large clit.
The other chariot man comes forth and strokes his cock and pushes his juices out all over the goddess witnessing that causes me to explode and when I do I blow and moan into my goddess and my mouth becomes like a vibrator and her fountain flows more for me and then I hears sounds of ecstasy everywhere and goddess yells in delight louder and louder and her last pump comes with her holding my head hard on her dripping pussy and she screams the last of her fountain into me and I witness perfection with her pulsing pussy and the sweet taste in my mouth.
We all lay in eternal ecstasy!
Afterwards we all chilled in oneness and abundance as we ate and danced throughout the full moon warm night. The goddess embracing everyone as they approached her on the altar and I noticed that everyone including me looked incredibly younger and even more energized.  I gazed at one of the full body length mirrors and was amazed at my increased handsomeness and as I looked up at my goddess she smiled towards me then blew me a kiss.
I looked back at the mirror and thought I hope I can drink from her fountain next full moon.

Happy Birthday to me!

Goddess Blessings

Installment XXXV: The Full Sturgeon Moon August 2009
The Water Wizard Lover

This full moon is a beautiful blue light sky in the night. I am moon bathing on the beach on this warm summer evening enjoying the wave’s splashes against the sand and how the water crawls up my legs. I have this perfect spot where I can be naked and lay my body under the moon and allow her rays to penetrate and revitalize my body and mood.
Flat out on my back I lay and look up at the moon and resting peacefully into the presence of pleasure I am happy. I come here every full moon during the summertime. This brings me so much joy to lie on the beach in the evening during the full moon.
I give myself a sensual massage and stroke my body. I do this to awaken my senses more and receive the energy of the moon deeply. This allows my erotic aura to expand. I start with my face and move to my breasts and stroke inward towards my heart. This brings inner balance to my body. I then just focus at my nipples and stroke and lightly squeeze them. I feel so hot so quickly and I am charged with sexual desire. I move one of my hands to my yoni and squeeze there tightly. I love how my body is rubbing in the sand while I squirm in my own juices.
As I’m just enveloped in this peaceful erotic charged energy around me I hear something. I look around and I don’t see anyone but I feel the presence of another. I sit up and look strait into the ocean and I just follow the hi and low roll of the waters body the ebb and flow catches my gaze for a bit and I meditate on the pattern created by the water communing with the moon.
I hear him, Hello, he says from behind me. I turn quickly and see a god of a man standing there. I start to jump but don’t want to ruin my tranquil mood if I don’t need to.
You startled me. I state and move my body away by dragging down on the sand.
I am sorry, his deep voice responds. I just came out of the water and found myself at your side. He flashed a wide smile and looked me deeply in my eyes to relax me. I didn’t mean to startle you; I said hello when I reached the sand and stood to my feet but another wave came and I just ran fast up here to beat it. I thought you saw me.
Oh, I turned and looked at the ocean again, seeing the moons reflection in the water gazing back at me. Yes, I’ve been meditating and moon bathing so I think I’m a bit intoxicated by the moon tonight and I didn’t hear you. I did feel you though.
And then I realized what I said and I laughed and I turned to him and I then noticed that we were both naked and natural. Just like it was no big deal, and it wasn’t.
I come here on the full moon also, I love the night air when the moon is full he joined in kneeling by my side now. My name is Alan. I could see his blue eyes. Like the dark blue in the sky. My name is Beverly, I answered and I gave him my hand to shake and he kissed it. Beverly have you ever had a massage under the water? No, I answered. Well would you like to experience one tonight with me? Well, Alan I just met you and how do I know you’re not an under water killer. I laughed foolishly.
He laughed and said I know it’s true you don’t know me and I guess I could be this water killer you talk about. Do you mind if I sit here and moon bathe with you for a while. If you change your mind and want a massage in the moon light ocean I will be here.
Sure, I said and watched his sexy body lay down next to me.
As we lie on the cool sand looking up at the moon I start to notice how relaxed I began to feel in Alan’s company. The silence grew between us as our focus on moon bathing continued. I couldn’t help but notice that Alan’s lingam started to bounce up and down and grew large right in front of me. I decided not to say anything because I didn’t want to interrupt this erotic moment. I watched as his inhales were deep and his exhale made his cock rise. Back and fourth the wave of his dick went and with the blue moon and silence in the air I felt altered.
Hmmm…laying here next to this beautiful woman under this full moon just makes me so hard. I wonder how Beverly is feeling right now. I wonder if she notices my cock rising for her. I want to wash her body with my love. I can gift her with my body and I hope she allows me to.
Alan turns to me and smiles. I smile back and I am amazed at how his erection doesn’t seem to distract him. It’s just there minding its own business. Well, I’m minding it too and I think to myself, how connected I feel to this stranger. It feels like I’ve been here before with him. Just smiling back and fourth at each other I start to feel the wetness build between my own legs. My nipples tingle as my arousal grows and I start to feel lightheaded and I think to myself I better do something about this. So I sit up and breathe in deeply and allow the wave of ecstasy to grow in me.
He sits up as well and begins his own breathing meditation and joins me. It’s nice being in company with someone so easy to be with. I look up at the moon just being a huge candle for this ritual we share together. I look over to my right and I see his large member staring back at me and I want to drown it in my mouth. But I don’t.
I look up at the moon again and notice the waves of colors flowing from her. Rings of red orange yellow and green then blue indigo and violet sends calming signals to the ocean and it responds with a slow movement appearing like a dance. As Above So Below I think to myself. I spend a moment in prayer and thanksgiving this summer evening loving my planet and honoring the connection of Father Sky Mother Earth.
My body vibrates from the ground up and my pelvis aches from deep inside me and I realize my arousal has increased. I breathe up my spine and down the front of my body and balance into my sex center. I continue this body meditation and it only increases my union with my pussy and I know it’s because I’m so close to a hard dick sitting and vibrating next to me.
Would you like to go into the calm ocean for a water massage Beverly? Alan asks, I promise you will not be disappointed. I am here to honor the goddess in you. He smiles and places his hands in a prayer position in front of his heart then bows his head to me.
I in turn bow my head to him and smile. I then nod in agreement and jump up and we both run into the warm ocean body which feels very much like a lake. Our naked bodies glowing with the moon light cascading shades of our shapes on the waters.
Alan takes my hands and sits me in his lap and just gently begins moving slowly through the water. I will not go deeper than five feet of water, he promises. Just rest your head on my shoulder and I will do the rest, he assures me. I feel his lingam against my ass and it offers another level of comfort for me. He is so charged up I know he will take special care of me in this water.
He dips me in the water up and down up and down over and over and each time we go under I hear my heart beat. Then silence and then I hear his heat beat and then silence. Then I am stretched out and he is holding my hands and now stroking my body throughout the water and I am flowing over and under the water and the tingles of the ocean and sand add to the soaking of pleasure moving through me.
Alan draws me near to him and now we are facing one another and he lifts my legs up and wraps me around his body and with the tip of his cock at the opening of my yoni he kneads up my back with his fingers pressing up my spine and stroking down two and then three times. He lays my head back in one of his hands and with my legs embraced around him the tip of his cock enters my pussy only. I open my mouth to breathe in as I am receiving a flood of heat into my womb by his penetration. He uses his other hand to massage my temples and the spectrum pops out of my third eye, rings of red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet flying through my mind.
I open my eyes and look towards Alan and his eyes are closed and he seems to be in trance himself being guided by a force and used for my delight. His shaft goes deeper into me now and I feel my body laying flat back on top of the water and Alan begins moving in a circle while my arms are floating wide to my sides as he holds my hips close to maintain our cock and pussy union. As Alan continues stepping around in a circle I escape into an orgasmic spasm and my yoni muscles squeeze his member tightly and my wetness increases and I feel his response of throbbing his cock in me. It pulsates in me and seems to grow again and I realize he is deepening his thrust now. Full inside me all the way he glides me up and down his cock as he continues his movements in circular motion holding my hips tight to him as I glide in the womb of the ocean.
He pulls me from his lingam and turns my body around now I am belly first on top of the water and he takes my right leg and wraps his right leg on top of mine and pulls our legs back as he straightens his body and stands up out of the water. He takes my hands in his and pulls my arms straight up towards the moon light sky. My body stretches and I feel release all over. Then he relaxes my arms and removes his leg from mine and then reaches his right hand to my inner thigh towards my knee and lifts me up opening my yoni wider. The water gushes in and out of my pussy and the night air flows through it as well and he continues to dip me in and out of the water by standing and lowering us into the water with the stretch. I am being penetrated by the waters pressure pushing in and out of me and the pleasures build as I rock my hips with his upward movements. He flips me around and lifts my legs around his neck and stands at attention and with his strength he moves his hand around my torso as my body flaps against his in the warm air above the waters mouth. He rubs my breasts and strokes my tits and the contact allows my pussy lips to engorge.
I smell her vanilla pussy and I shift my hands from her breasts to her ass and I lift her sweet pussy to my mouth and I suck her lips and dip my tongue inside her and allow her squirming body to erupt in my mouth. She is a blessing and I love tasting her divine flow dripping from her canal. I gently slide her back onto the water and pull her smoothly through the body of the ocean and stretch and pull her up and over the gently loose mountains created from the moon dance. I drape her over my left arm and nestle her chocolate satin skin on me and use my other hand to reach over to her groin and massage the pressure points around her yoni zone, releasing any and all pint up energy that no longer brings her pleasure.
I am honored to be the one to bring her into the ecstatic state. My inner zone in my pelvic region desires to press fully inside her and wrap her body around me. Yet I am not here for my pleasure, I am here to honor her and give her my gift.
I pull her up and lift her over my right shoulder and I grip her hips and spread her cheeks wide open to expose her opening to the brilliant moon light. Its radiance pours into her asshole and cleanses her there.
I cannot believe this sensation of arousal and release pouring from my body. This is magical he is amazing and I am glad I allowed myself to experience his mysticism.
I lift her from my shoulder and raise her body towards the moon like a baby being dedicated to god and then drop her into my embrace and rest her in my arms. She is asleep it seems lost in a tranquil state. I carry her to the shore and lay her warm naked wet body on our sandy bed. I stand over her and look down at her beautiful presence. She opens her coco eyes and spreads her legs and reaches to me. Without a word I drop into her grasp. Our charkas quickly connect and align as I experience spinning and writhing in my body. My ache for her has grown as I slip my lips to her and our tongues dance together and I am seeing her in my minds eye and we are one!
The quick growth of my cock let’s me know I must enter her! I life my body up and without removing my lips or heart from her embrace I bury my lingam into her deeply ever so deeply. And I thrust and our mouths open wide to hear our loud moans over the sounds of the ocean splash! I stay deep and keep our bodies locked. I penetrate and stroke my hips from side to side to wipe my thirsty cock throughout her womb to drink her scrumptious juice.
I grab his ass and my strength from desire grows. I guide his stroke in me and join him in his dance inside of me. We are on the same page moving slow and deep together to not miss a singe drip of pleasure. Our lips and tongue stay close and our eyes lock into an energetic embrace. I see oneness in his eyes. I see our embrace beyond this space. How can I see that in his eyes? Such a water wizard I think to myself. A water wizard lover!
I love him.
I turn him over onto his back and reposition myself on top and sitting up I take charge and continue our grind and my juice spills out on his dripping dick and we moan and breathe in union calling yes, yes together! I lean my body forward has he lifts his hands to my breasts and brings my nipples to his lips and squeezing my tits together he sucks my nipples and I tingle up my spine and grind my clit on his pelvic bone. I rock my body on him as he moves his hands to my ass and finding his finger at my ass entrance he begins teasing me there. Oh yes, I move faster and faster and we find a complete pattern flowing up and down with gyrations that increases our connections to our volcanic eruption.
I begin shaking and building in pulsations that rise up my body and I feel so free in the moon filled air and tremble on top of him and I feel the pull come from deep inside me as my yoni starts to spasm and I scream oh yes and my jerking body causes my heartbeat to pound out of my chest as I am coming, I am coming so hard! Then I notice my wizard lover lift up to come to my lips while I am still in orgasm.
Give me your breath I say to her! I want your breath to meet mind as I am ready to give you my gift. I continue as I suck her breath into my mouth and drink her sensual wet lips and juice into me. I bounce her up and down on my rock hard dick and my trembling builds to please her and I am seeing the rays of wonderful colors around her chestnut body. She is glorious and my cock feels connected to her heart as her beating pussy swells around me. It’s pulling me and soaking my come up into her body. I can’t help it I am surrendered under her and give myself to the ecstasy that is here. With my lips locked to hers and sharing in our mutual soul dance I come! I come so hard I fill her up inside and she drips some of my come out while I am still in her. I am grinding squirming and loving this goddess woman under this deep blue glowing sky.
I feel her energy rise higher!
My lover gives me his juice so much of his juice and while our lips are embraced I suck his come up into my body and this spasms cause me to erupt in our lip locked embrace again!
Shaking and rocking and moaning in a blissful rapture.
I am alive!
We hold onto one another till dawn locked bodies and auras, spent with the blessing of the ocean sexual dance with the moon. As I hold my full moon love saying goodbye, I wonder if he’ll be here next month on the full moon. I will.

Goddess Blessings

Installment XXXIV: The Full Buck Moon July 2009
The Sacred Medium

I enjoy the summertime full moons especially because I love to meditate out doors at the beach or in a clearing in the woods. I connect deeper when I can see nature and spend my time in the full moon glow.
This full moon I’m going to the woods to spend my evening meditation in a small clearing I found years ago that brings me peace and security not to be found naked. I enjoy the energy of the earth at full moon time because I become even more charged in my body and I love the awareness I have with goddess and how I can use this energy to enhance my body spirit. Full moon meditations I discovered years ago became more effective for me when I did them in the nude. And I also realized my sexual energy rose in my body and all other things in my life shifted for the better as well each and every time I acknowledge my sexual energy as a spiritual force during the full moon.
And this time would be no different.
I find my favorite spot in the woods and I lay down a blanket and then I sit on the blanket and just take in the energy of the earth beneath me and the woods surrounding me. I lay down for a while looking up into the moon light and just rest with the peacefulness around. I then sit up and pull out my bottle of red wine and fruit and make an altar with the wine fruit and a big glass candle. I drape a red cloth in front of me and place the fruit in a small glass bowl and lay to the right of the candle that’s placed on the center of the cloth. I then pour wine into a red wine glass I have for ceremonial purposes only.
I pour some wine on the ground in honor of my ancestors and then I pour more in honor of the goddess and this full moon.
I pray ~
“I am here Great Goddess ~ Your Daughter. Speak to me as you speak to yourself. So I may speak to others. I am filled with the perfect God/Goddess Consciousness as my arms are the branches that grow into bringing Heavens Riches on Earth. I am the Tree Goddess. Goddess Blessings to All Beings! Ochun Ochun Ochun!”
I stand and just lovingly touch my body all over and remove my clothing piece by piece chanting silently to myself while becoming aware of the air around my naked body. The night wind blows gently and my nipples respond. I raise my hands high towards the moon as an expression of receiving her energy. Then I turn my body so that my back is facing  the moon and I bend over and raise my hands to my ass and I spread my ass cheeks wide and receive the full moon light energy into my opening.
I feel the surge of light energy forcing itself into my ass and it penetrates my tissues and I experience anal pleasure that makes me desire for more. I make a mental note to call my lover once I’m home. ;-)
This form of light energy is very good for the body as it has excellent germicidal qualities, and this same exercise can be done with the sun as well and I do this as often as I can. This keeps the anus and the pussy free of germs. I bow deep so that my ass faces the moon.
After some time I stand and turn once again towards the moon and I begin my chant aloud, singing and clapping:

We all come from the Goddess, and to her we shall return
Like a drop – of rain, flowing to the ocean.
Hoof and Horn, Hoof and Horn, All that dies shall be reborn
Corn and Grain, Corn and Grain, All that falls shall rise again
We all come from the Goddess, and to her we shall return
Like a drop – of rain, flowing to the ocean.
Sage and Crone, Sage and Crone, Wisdom’s gift shall be our own.
Crone and Sage, Crone and Sage, Wisdom is the gift of age.
We all come from the Goddess, and to her we shall return
Like a drop – of rain, flowing to the ocean.

As I dance and chant I pick up my wine and drink and enjoy the fruit. I celebrate and the warmth of the night with the full moon light adds to the colorful vibrations circling around me. Hues of Red Orange Yellow and Green bounces off the dark earth and branches from the trees above while Blue Indigo and Purple slip through the rocks making a sacred maze to be followed.
I feel alive and excited to enjoy myself in this energy! I see the rays of moon light energy escaping from the moon and targeting me! The sharp razor glow flows down to me and I am hit with the wave into my crown charka flowing through my body into the earth. I know it’s my dance that created the map for the full moon glow to find me.
As I am being charged, my body tingles and from my crown to my feet I am charged with her power and erotic motive. It’s as if my tits, ass and yoni are shooting out flows of darts from my body to the area around me (aura). And with each pulse I grow in my arousal. Standing and darting I become wetter and wetter. I cannot explain the flow of arousal building in me. “I am here Great Goddess your daughter.” Comes to mind and I feel her connecting to me and strengthening my body. My erotic vibration is the strength of my aura.
I sit on my blanket and as soon as my ass hits the ground I feel a charge rise up into my pussy and I feel the swelling growing in my yoni and I am pleased. My lips engorge and the wetness increases. I feel the rump and hump of my body cascading through me and I am surprised by the instant connection with the earth and moon energies. What’s happening? I ask myself as I allow the fullness to grow in me.
Breathing in and out…. in deeply and out completely…. first my nose and then my mouth….. continuously.
Without my direction my arousal increases as my energy flows now up my spine to the top of my head. Tingling and pulsing through as my clit throbs and throbs. Then I am breathing up my spine and at the top of my head I hold my breath spontaneously and the energy increases while my clit and pussy throb harder. I like this!
I continue this beautiful flow in the moonlight glow and I follow my energy down the front of my body. Breathing down the front of my body into my heart I am lead. Into my belly I continue into my sex center I buzz.
I flow two fingers into my yoni as the wetness expands my pussy wider. I ride them like I’m riding a hard cock and I heave deeply very deeply enjoying the writhing pleasures of nature and body.
As I ride and ride and ride I decide to remove my dripping finger tips and bask in the glory of the flow of energy moving up my spine shooting out through the top of my head and down the front of my body enveloping my heart into my belly into my sex sex fucking sex center!
It becomes natural without, thinking I mean. Natural to squeeze my pc and sphincter muscles on my inhale up my spine like I’ve known this process for ever now. Inhale and hold the muscles up my spine out the top of my head then release the muscles on the exhale. Going down the front of my body to my. My….  My…?
I am your sacred medium… It spoke to me….I rise through your pulsing heartbeat of erotic desire. Desire is your pathway to enlightenment. Your sexual desire is the awakening of your erotic spirit. The light of eternity flows through you and I am finally conscious to guide you.
I hear my pussy speak and with the desire to come I also have the clarity of mind to understand.
As I exhale on the exhale I bring voice to my breath. AHHaahhh…..aaahhhhhh……ah…ah…ah….ah…continuous flow inhale exhale…ah…ah…ah…! I began to float in the peaceful erotic balance of the inner male and inner female. I wanted to thrust and receive the cosmic dick in my cosmic pussy.
You are the map toward enlightenment through the desires of your heart. Go toward your desires and focus there. And your purpose will be revealed. Your purpose is your eleventh commandment. The 11th commandment, Is the map toward enlightenment.
I understand her and my need to erupt is growing and at the same time I realize that she is speaking to me. My “Sacred Medium” she referred. My Sacred Sex, Sacred Middle, Sacred Medium? I questioned.
I am the consciousness of your sex center and I am sacred because I give life. Life in all sorts of ways my sacred medium channels. Of the desire we posses, we (meaning me) control, and that is divine, listen to your pussy pulsate the truth out of your ecstatic body.
My sensations grew as my body rocked while the earth created a dick to penetrate me and energetically rock me to ecstasy.
My body was being strengthened while the wave of my sacred medium explained my erotic purpose towards enlightenment. To tend to my desires promised to bring enlightenment. With desires comes your “purpose” sexual desire is the path to eternity and it’s in the orgasm. Come baby come…I heard! Come baby come! Come baby Come! Give me your wet gift…your slippery juice of life given fruit.
I felt as if I was not alone and I allowed myself to be draped in the pleasure of mutual love as my throbbing body continued its exploration communing with my “sacred medium” with the full moon insights of prosperity.
You have the map…your body is the map, Hear me! Hear Me! To long has the map been misread….you have placed yourself is proper balance to received my full moon word. I am consciousness I am the sacred medium of your sexual portal. You give and receive. You receive and give!
You/Your body are the gateway! I explode as I transform my understanding and allow my eruption to take hold and I scream in delight of my long a very long awaiting rapture. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I can’t stop…Yes! Yes! Yes!
I have nothing to do with this I physically feel.
As I exhale and allow my breath to breathe out of my pussy as the pulsing nature rises. And as the pulse throbs deeper I sense the small plate the size of a quarter that I know is the G-Spot that My Fucking Gorgeous G-Spot is the signal through the body to channel the path of desire as the purpose pathway that builds the auric field that flows out the top of the head like a large fucking cock creating the yang/masculine force balance in us all, yin/yang in us! In us. In me.
In me…..
I understood the wisdom of our genitals can’t access our brain if we don’t recognize it’s importance to life!
I am Alive!
My Pussy is Alive!

Goddess Blessings

Installment XXXIII: The Full Strawberry Moon June 2009
My Womb (A Rant)

I’m standing my Womb is standing
My yoni
My Pussy
My Yoni is up in the sky where a universe excess
My skyward journey of my womb has past cries of rape and power lost
When I scream and pull at my hair my Womb is crying
My womb speaks of my African women in bondage
Fight Womb fight
Of generations of womb suffering by my ancestors
Fight Womb Fight
Of my Mothers Womb and her Mothers
Fight Womb Fight
For My Daughter
Love is the power of my womb
Life giving is the miracle
My womb says no to sickness
The juicy pleasures of my Womb guides him in and out of my body and my Womb smiles
I love with the power of my Womb
Womb happiness
Womb portal
Universal Womb I am
They’re amazed by my Womb strength
You can’t take my Womb away
My Womb consciousness
Oneness is the miracle of my Womb
Laugh Womb Laugh

Goddess Blessings
Rev. Goddess Charmaine

 Installment XXXII: The Full Flower Moon April 2009
Eternal Exctasy

Every Full moon I enjoy a mystical experience with Jacob a very powerful erotic healer! He doesn’t take much credit for what he gives. He believes the goddess possess him and guides his hands and body to serve.
I know that as a spiritual person I receive allot of messages from the goddess during my sessions with Jacob and the most expansive blissful orgasms possible. And the full moon is a powerful time for me and this night and moon is no different.  The Goddess uses Jacob as a portal to eternal ecstasy. He is so blessed and beautiful.
I walk into his sacred space remove my shoes and enter the room where there is a low round mattress in the center of the floor, filled with fluffy blankets and pillows draped by a canopy that drops from the ceiling. I instantly feel like I’m transported to an island of love. Jacob stands and greets me with open arms as if he only exists in this moment for me.
We embrace and take in deep slow filling breaths. Connecting our bodies and our hearts to the same rhythm and I begin to feel Jacob’s lingam rise and send me a message that he’s happy to see me.
Jacob stands before me with his hands in prayer and bow’s to me. Looking into my eyes he asks, “May I offer my love to you and bless you with my body?” I answer “Yes.” Jacob then undresses me. Removing first the buttons of my red blouse exposing my bare breasts and then drops it to the floor. Unbuttoning my black slacks and peeling them off my hips past my thighs and down my legs. One leg lifted at a time and he strokes each leg with his fingers sending shivers along my body.
As he stands and looks into my eyes again I already feel a surrender slipping over me as I trust this process with him and open myself to full pleasure and spiritual clarity.
Jacob guides me to the encircled bed through the canopy and I lay down on my back as he cradles my head between his thighs and begins scanning my face and chest area with his hands while I notice something more interesting. His lingam is growing to fullness right before my face and the head of his shaft in swollen like a mushroom and I breathe in deeply and my mouth waters and I reach my hand to him and squeeze tightly around his shaft. I squeeze it a few more times pumping him harder and more swollen with arousal. He begins to drip his juice from his glorious cock and I want to worship him with my mouth. I want to please him with my tongue.
Jacob then reaches towards my face and lifts my chin to his lips and penetrates his tongue into my mouth and a deep kiss communicates both of our desires.
As our lips disconnects he says to me. “My carnal desire for you cannot distract me.”
He moves his hands across my body and gently begins the massage on my face. I close my eyes and rest in his touch and soon I escape into a pleasure only known to me.
Jacobs touches travels through me like a stream of water flowing over my naked body. I am swept away by it and soon he is no longer there as the man aroused wet and hard before me.
It has become something more!
I see myself in the woods at a waterfall drenched in the warmth of the water as his drops drape around me soaking me in the tingles of the beads of water that dance over my body.
I open my eyes to look up at her fullness and embrace her brilliance in the sky pouring her love into me. The rings around the full moon speak to me as the waters cleanse me for her penetration into my aura. Hues of Red Orange Yellow and Green lifting me into Blue Indigo and Purple Passion bring me into inner balance. I lift my hands to my breast and squeeze my nipples and send erotic charges into my yoni now wet for penetration. I cup my breasts and massage them and as I do this my hips rock and it’s saying yes for more. In the far places of my mind I know these are Jacob’s touches on me yet I don’t see him anymore. He is channeling these images and I am surrendering to the sensations from the Goddess.
Each flow of color circling around her fullness sends not just a vibration into my energy field but scents and taste flow through me. I smell the sandalwood mixed with cedar sage around and my lips taste like vanilla and I realize the waterfall is mixed with the sap of the masculine mountain as the trees that live on him have received his semen of life and she is pouring it into my being through the waterfall orgasm!
My excitement is peeked and I fall back onto the garden and am greeted with a strong yet soft earth bed of grass and flowers being fed by the water as well. My body is being stroked in several places at once and I experience slight pressure on me as my feet and inner thighs are being massaged by the coolness of the garden bed supporting and around my body. I feel the pulse of the earth beneath me and his heartbeat becomes one with mine. My legs are spread open and I am gently slid into. My yoni expands to receive the fullness of penetration and I am being held in a tight embrace. I greet every thrust as my heart is opening to this energy inside me. My womb is alive and I feel the wetness building. My hair and arms are being spread apart upon the earth and I feel my body disappearing into the garden becoming one with it as my ecstasy grows to climax!
Grass leaves and flowers bloom throughout my human body and I am expanding in energy and pleasure.
I am throbbing inside and my body is rocking with the dark sky light and the earth in me. The rhythm of love making is causing me to moan in a way that screams only pleasure and my loud voice sends shivers into the ground beneath me as we continue our erotic dance!
Messages words images fill me as I give in to the desires of the garden.
“Here in this body are the sacred rivers; here are the sun and moon, as well as all the pilgrimage places. I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body.” ~ Saraha Doha
With these words my body is now contracting and expanding as I am lifted into another level of consciousness. The more pleasure I receive the more is revealed to me. The ache in my pussy can take more!
“The Tree of Life is in Your “Sacred Middle” This is deep in your womb at what is called by humans the G-Spot. I penetrate my organs from earth into your body to open you up and give you the message of eternal ecstasy! Salvation is within you! The Tree of Life is within not without! It lives in your Sacred Middle in the lower regions of your body.”
I am now being opened even fuller as I wrap myself in the warmth of the covers of the earth motion and I turn over and press my body deeper into the warm earth and my gyrations sends me into more pulses crawling throughout me. My nipples tickle on the grass beneath and they are coated with wetness and it feels like lips licking me.
I am now being lifted from the earth onto my knees and bent over with my hands supporting me on the ground. My buttocks are spread apart and I feel the outer lips of my anus being stroked. Slightly oh, ever so slightly and then wetness forms there and a buzzing sensations forms in my ass and around my body causing me to jerk into spasms as my clit and pussy respond.
“All life lives in all of us! Every living thing on earth begins in our sacred middle that is why the oneness begins in penetration of the bodies and flows into the wholeness of life Source through the energetic centers you human’s posses.
It is in your erotic ecstasy I am able to give you this information.”
On my hands and knees I feel the opening in my ass and the air around blows into my ass and I find this sprinkle of air kisses moving up into me very arousing. My mouth waters and at that moment I lick the vanilla taste around in my mouth and as if it was a request, soon my mouth is filled with a fullness and a pressure. I suck at the lingam in me and the back of my throat is pleased and my mouth waters more to take this cock in deeper and much more is revealed to me.
The mountain moans and I sense the garden in growing ecstasy with all the love making happening now. I am one with her as he rides me.
As my climax continues I am riding the erotic wave of bliss as each level feels like an orgasm that grows and my body explodes in ecstasy and I continue to ride.
The messages in my body continue as my clit is now expanding and my ass is deeply penetrated and the thrusting is slow and deep. I feel the pulse of the penis inside me and like Morris code I interpret the message.
“The map to the tree of life is misunderstood even by those on the path of erotic enlightenment. She is within you yet your direction to her is wrong. Although, yes it is through the penetration of oneness with another it is however not from the portal you think. The first and Second energy centers are the eternal life energy area of our spiritual human body. This is the area of eternal ecstasy the true source of abundance power and ability on earth.
The Third area/energy is the line between the gates or portals of upper and lower consciousness. This third area is of faith and your law of attraction vibration, magnetizing your aura and belief of self and god/goddess.
It’s in the upper energy source or the fourth area and above that maintains our line of consciousness with the cosmos and the energy of our planet and the galaxy.
The map is in your heart. The path to the Tree of Life begins there.”
My entire being is galvanic and the garden and I are in a volcanic rupture together. Her trembling force compels me to my belly and as my body writhes in motion with his pelvic thrusts my wetness builds as his organ grows wider.
The waterfall no longer cools me and the fire in me expands all over while the garden absorbs me into the earth and sucks my body into the vegetative life.
The pulsing rock of the strong dick inside of me now explores my yoni and my ass at once. How this is possible? I don’t know except that my heart is opening even more. I have surrendered to greater pleasure than I’ve ever known before. I have been served and the blessings are showing as my pussy’s filled with the pulpy pleasure of life being lived within me.
“Most look from the genital portals and cannot locate her although they know and sense the Three of Life is within. We know you know this and have been puzzled how to find her.”
“Look from your heart center. You are in ecstasy with us now that you can see.”
I move my consciousness now from my pussy that is flooding in spasms while I feel his milky cock swimming though me. I move it to my heart center and look. I first feel the love and overwhelming sense of unconditional love rocking my heart.
I then shift my consciousness in my heart center to looking down from my heart down my spine and gaze into my pelvic region. This attention sends waves of acknowledgement through my spine and into my root basin. I then see clearly the organs of my pelvis and then as the organs pulsing in unison the spasms of delight I see her! The Tree! My pelvic organs from the point of view of the heart are shaped like a “Tree” the Tree of Life is in my sacred middle. And as soon as this is made real to me the earth comes!
Her orgasm sends groans of aching rocking pleasure in the garden. All plant life in her womb are piercing my body and reshaping me into the grass and flowers and the branches and the leaves and I am screaming in final ecstasy as I come out of the ground shooting like a baby being born through the world’s pussy! My pleasure cannot be explained as I am lifted in oneness with all living life.
My head and hair are heightening and stretching far into the night sky. My arms stretch forward and wide and my legs are rooted strongly into the body of the earth. My leaves expand wide into the mountains dripping water falls and I am here!
My bark is dark mahogany red and my shape is creviced with lines and mounds galore. My bosom is full and my sap is milky flowing down my roads of wisdom.
He is there I see him in floating meditation with his lingam fully erect and his wetness exposed.
Jacob has found me and his giving his life energy to me!
I see her full beauty in oneness with The Goddess. Her naked beautiful body on my bed alter has transported her here through my touches and the tree of life is within! I can no longer hold back my desire for her.  My heart and lingam aches to be one with her!
I rush to her and am in prayer and thanksgiving. “I found you! I found you!” My dick is growing larger and my balls tighten to spread my juice in her. I rub my hands on her bark and my fingers tingle with erotic bliss and I then peel a tiny piece of her park off and I lick and suck it and take it deep into my body. My lingam gets stronger and the messages she’s receive enter into my mind. I see the Tree of Life in me as well. I look from my heart and see her!
I look up at my goddess and her milk is dripping all around and I climb my sultry body up her tree branches and I lick her sap and I then find her bosom and feed. I lick and explore her body and soon I drink to my fill and receive the words!
“Destiny is Life”
“Together we will live forever.”
My cock finds her opening and I thrust and give my self to her. My juices grow and behold the milk flows from my cock and as I roar in rapture I bring forth life!
I lie in ecstasy in her tree of life energy. We embrace!
I open my eyes in his arms and Jacob has the same look as me. We found it without knowing we were looking.
We rise together and enjoy one another’s long gaze and he offers me wine and fruit and we relax in the after glow of ecstasy and soon we realize that these sensations are not easing out of our bodies. They have merged into oneness with who we are now.
I look to him and I say. “Jacob you’ve shown me the path to eternal ecstasy.”
He replies…”Eternal ecstasy indeed.”
As I leave and we embrace one last time. I say.
“See you next full moon.”
Jacob responds “Goddess Blessings!”

Installment XXXI: The Full Pink Moon April 2009
Private Enlightenment

The first full moon during springtime is the pink moon and is a very special one for me. For some reason my ritual masturbation meditation is very effective during this time.
I grow wiser stronger and healthier every Spring Ritual.
I place candles and water on my altar and a little bread and wine in honor of my ancestors. I say a prayer to set my intention of honoring myself and the god/goddess creative life force!
While sitting in the lotus position with my hands in a prayer, I call out.

“Spirit Guides of Light and all those who love me in the name of Christ be with me now.
Spirit Guides of Light and all those who love me in the name of Christ be with me now.
Spirit Guides of Light and all those who love me in the name of Christ be with me now.
Thank you Ellegua and all the Orishas for being with me now and forevermore! Ochun Athena Aphrodite Isis Osiris Jesus Horas Chango and Obatala.”

I then pour wine onto the altar and lift my hands up towards the ceiling, to the sky, symbolically offering the wine to Great Goddess All That Is.
I sit and then drink the wine and break a piece of the bread and remember my ancestors that have past on and then I eat the bread and I feel the wholeness within myself and connect to the strength of my people.
I stand and remove my shorts and bare all before my altar! Before My Goddess and as soon as I do this my lingam grows at attention. I feel the rush of my cock rising and I smile in my heart and on my lips. I look down at my risen dick and imagine the pleasure I will be giving myself.
I know this sounds weird to some of you reading my story, but this process of masturbation meditation on every full moon has brought me so much healing and personal power that there is no reason to ever stop. “Truth demonstrates itself in your life” and when Rev. Goddess taught me the importance of having a personal ritual that I do on my own every full moon to honor myself and god/goddess all that is. Everything changed in my life. My relationships, my lifestyle, sexual abilities and most importantly my emotional and physical health. I no longer suffer from high blood pressure lack of desire for sex because of performance anxiety. There isn’t anything my higher sexual self cannot heal and bring into balance with the consciousness of god/goddess all that is. That’s Sex and Spirit for my personal enlightenment.
I take hold of my swollen lingam and think about my body and I can feel the pulse of my heart beat in my cock. I do wish I was penetrating a wet warm opening right now but I know that will come later.
I stroke and stroke and ride my shaft as the pleasure builds. I pour some oil in my hand and with both palms I massage my lingam by rubbing up and down my cock with both hands. This massaging brings balance and healing to my organs. The tip of my cock strengthens my heart and right at the sides of my head heals my lungs and right under the tip of my turtle head strengthens my Spleen-Pancreas and in the middle of my rock hard dick works my liver and at the bottom of my shaft next to my warm balls heals my kidneys. It’s very important to massage all parts of my lingam equally this strengthens my body and creates an internal balance. Then as I stand at attention I squeeze my cock soft and hard to build the energy in my lingam for the purpose of my masturbation. I look at my lingam and am so happy to be part of this divine energy in this human body of mine. What a magnificent idea to create humans to share in love and life though our erotic bodies. I think this to myself and I am in awe of the wonderful life energy coursing through my veins with a purpose for my private enlightenment.
I gaze at my marvelous bone buzzing and I trance out as I meditate on the image of my bouncing wet cock. My long thick member seems to connect me deeper in my zone as the shape of my shape dick forms images in my mind. I feel my ball sack hanging and drawing up and down my groin to the pulsing of my dick. The bottom of my shaft throbs and the hard smoothness of my skin triggers sensations along my spine. As I follow this energy up and down my charkas the images grow clearer from my lingam. In my trance state my focus is now at the tip of my dripping cock. I see my pre-come growing and desiring to make contact with another life and my dripping is falling to the floor because I am so wet and so much of me is flowing out of my growing portal. And the drips become crystallized like diamonds and as I now resume my stroking the flowing energy up my back is now flowing from the top of my head. My crown charka is whirling with the purple energy expanding around me. My aroused trance is penetrating my silky diamonds and I sink into my pre-come with a strong meditative gaze and my excitement builds and I feel like I’m going to explode and my energy expands further around my purple aura.
I feel from my crown charka and from the tip my growing cock a pulling from both ends like my body is being sucked and pulled someplace else and with each stroke the sucking feeling is faster and I am losing control of my body and I know this. Yet the sensations are so powerful I’m going with it. I then see perfectly clear and realize I am being witnessed and worshiped by others! I am still here in my space at my altar and yet the people around me are someplace else but their spiritual erotic bodies are here worshiping me. I look around and notice men and women about 17 by quick count and some are bowing and some are praying and some are just staring at me in a private ecstasy. I realize this is a worshipping prosperity ritual! I learned about this from Rev. Goddess for my gift of the virtuous cock.
A person of inner strength and balance will be witness masturbating and at the moment of orgasm those worshippers will receive the blessing of the virtuous cock and bring prosperity to themselves and other by honoring the Lingam.
My Cock symbolizes God because it is completely yang and completely giving! I continue my strokes and my moans build and the worshippers start to feel rise in their bodies as I am being witness. I spread my liquid diamond over my lingam and ride my wave of bliss and I begin to pump my hips pelvic thrust style and my heart beat grows along with the throbbing pleasure within me. I’m close to shooting all over this space and I breathe harder and louder with every aching thrust. More images flood my third eye and I see words coming to me that pulse in and out of view as I’m gliding along my member.
I got it! I see it!
The Five Virtues of the Penis*
 1. KINDNESS. As a tool for servicing, it keeps giving and giving.
2. RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is not selfish. It performs its duty.
3. COURTEOUSNESS. It is polite. It advances or retreats at the right time. It is hard or soft at the right time. And it is shaped neither squarely or pointedly. It will neither hurt nor show a lack of discipline.
4. WISDOM. It knows how to find a way to please, and it will do whatever is in its power to satisfy.
5. HONESTY. It will keep on laboring until it completes its duty. If it can not fulfill its duty, it gives up completely. It is completely honest.
These words and descriptions flood my mind and the whirlwind in my body causes me to jerk my virtuous cock and my explosion is imminent. I am milking my penis. I squeeze my penis at my head and I stretch the head of my penis and I watch the head of my penis grow and grow and my worshippers moan with arousal.
The moans of the worshippers grow and as I am close to giving it all I allow final strokes to my lingam with slapping moist squirts coming from my dick because of how wet and sweaty I am now! I am trembling and rocking because this has gone on long enough and I am ready to bless them.
Then my fluid is traveling fast inside my train. I dip my hand down towards my tight balls and tickle there and send shivers throughout. Now I am at the moment just before I’m going to blast off and I simply reach around behind my ass and press halfway between my asshole and my scrotum. I press it hard enough so that my semen is not allowed to travel out from my prostate and up my hard cock. I don’t press to hard or to soft and as the semen shoots back up into my body the quivers explode through my spine and I yell! Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh God! Yes! My orgasm is strong and my energy field floods the whole room in a velvet purple hue and all are draped in my explosive aura and then all worshippers begin their ecstasy dance and fall back into self pleasuring and the wave continues!
I can feel every person self pleasuring them selves as I just felt my own arousal. I am sensing and seeing all they are experiencing at this time. Women penetrating their yonis deeply and men milking their lingams. I slide through each one witnessing them. My arousal joins them once again and I give them the gift of injaculation.
My body is on fire and my energy is even stronger now that I allowed myself to Injaculate and the blessing of those witnessing will bring healing and abundance to them as well. God/Goddess revealed this to me through the virtues of my cock. I am at my altar now and alone and very much alive! I look up to the full moon from my window and see a pink glow flowing from her.
Then I realize I am enlightened. Oneness with all living beings and things through my virtuous cock. This is my private enlightenment!
* The massage points of the lingam and the Five Virtues of the Penis are quoted from Dr. Stephen T. Chang's Tao of Secxology: The Book of Infinite Wisdom.

Installment XXX: The Full Worm Moon March 2009
The Cleansing of Officer Bradley

Standing in my shower with the water running over my body I hold my hardness in my hand and wonder why I can’t give this to my wife. I can’t get hard and keep it hard long enough so that I can bury my cock deep in her pussy and make love to her right. I want to be inside of her so badly I want to give her what she needs. She knows that I hope. As the water beats off my body I begin stroking and stroking my dick and I feel at the edge of openness and I’m going to explode I think. Any minute I’m going to pump it all out of me.

I fantasize that I’m making love to my wife. We always had great sex together and even better sexual experiences since we are open. I feel sorry that those feelings have left me I’m afraid. I go at it for a while and as I stroke myself and the pleasure builds and I circle my hips to feel this wave more and then I soon realize it’s been some time now that I’ve been in this shower and I can’t come. I just can’t let go! I’m so frustrated and tight inside! I give up and get out of the shower.
I’ve been home about six weeks from the Iraq war and I am having a hard time settling myself into civilian life again. I’ve seen so much and been through so much with my fellow brothers and sisters during this war I feel disconnected and somewhat dirty being back in the States, back home.
I can’t shake these feelings and sometimes I think it would be better for everyone if I just went back to Iraq.  My family life is a struggle everyday. I can’t show much physical love to my wife and I’m happy to be back with my kids and wife but my hugs just don’t give off much energy to them and I notice we are all feeling the loss from each other now that I am home than even when I was away for the last 18 months! I’m at a loss what to do to shed these negative fucking thoughts I am having. I’m going to speak with my wife about requesting to return to Iraq and at least serve my county well.
I asked my wife Mary to sit and I shared my feelings of disconnection from everything in this civilian life. We were told that rejoining American life might be a struggle but that it would eventually wear off. I was feeling unfit to be home with my family and not take proper care of them. But my wife Mary had other plans on her mind.
I hear you Brad and I feel weird being around you sometimes too. The kids ask, “Why is daddy so sad?” and I tell them that I don’t know but he loves us very much and he will be happy soon. Honey I’ve been part of a tantric goddess gathering group that teaches healthy spiritual and sexual techniques and rituals to empower ourselves. I started this group about one year ago in an effort to maintain my sexual joy while you were away. I didn’t want to harm our relationship while you were away by having sex with others with out your consent.
I looked at my wife with surprise and respect for her taking responsibility with her feelings and her body. We always had an honest and supportive relationship in so many ways and she supported my choice to be in the military even when she disagreed with me joining ten years ago. Now it’s become my career choice and I am happy however I’ve never had to leave them for so long before. Now that I’m home we are at risk of not relating anymore I think and I want to figure out what Mary thinks this goddess group can do for me or for us.
I start by asking her, “Mary what are you suggesting? I’m happy you were able to find a way to continue growing and that you understand what’s happening with me even if it is hurting us.”
I look into my husbands eyes and I can see his pain and I know that the gift I can give him will take all this sin away from him. I explain, “Bradley, I’ve learned through goddess sexual teachings that men in battle come home with the sins of battle and pieces of souls of the lives they killed and hurt. Even though this had to happen you are not free from this Karma. This type of sin requires you be cleansed by people that practice tantra or goddess healing. I know this may sound crazy to you but I am sure my love that you will not need to leave us and return to war to feel sane once you are cleansed in the Goddess Temple.”
I respond with more curiosity, “What will they do to me, how will I be cleansed?” Mary explains more to me, “This is a spiritual sexual ritual cleansing that I will take part in but you are open to sharing yourself with any person in the gathering that you feel connected too.” My eyes wide, I stand and look at my wife and exclaim, “I am not saying that I don’t want to be with you sexually any more!” Mary comforts me by saying “I know Brad, it’s not that it’s the healing power of sex with gifted people that understand that sex is life force and it cleanses and heals all sin. I want this for you and for us. So I’ve set up the ritual for tonight.”
“Are you sure this is going to work? I have to admit I’m a bit excited and nervous about the possibility of being in a group of other people naked again and I don’t know what to do anymore I’m afraid.” I admit. “You don’t have to do any thing but trust me. I’m your wife and I love you very much and I know that these negative energies will leave you and you will be free from sin.” I smile and we hug and kiss.
“The kids will be staying over your parents tonight because we may be home very late or tomorrow.” Mary tells me and I am becoming even more intrigued.
“We will drop them off on the way, you don’t need to do anything to prepare just let’s go.”
Here we go!
I have to say I already started to feel better. I couldn’t believe my wife wanted me to do some goddess ritual to release sin. I understand where she’s coming from and although this technique is off the path of just praying for forgiveness I’ve always trusted her and I had no reason to stop now. I just want this pain inside of me to stop and if she thinks sex is the way to release all this, who am I to say no.
We ended up on Park Avenue in New York City not a long drive at all. I had some thought we would be traveling a bit on the road. The high rise building didn’t look like a goddess temple to me. I asked my wife what kind of temple is here in this building and she pointed to the top of the building and said, “In the penthouse.”
When we entered the penthouse I immediately heard soft music playing and aromas started drifting pass my nostrils right away. Scents of myrrh and coconut flushed past me. I didn’t know whether to be hungry or horny. As we walked into the room through drapes not doors there stood a large room with a sunken living room floor. There were about ten people just lying around eating and drinking with barley any clothing on. I wasn’t sure how I felt coming into this scene with my wife. I know she had been joining the goddess gathering for some time and I’m sure she is comfortable. I just had to put all this together in my mind and figure out how my wife fit in with all this.
Then this gorgeous black woman greeted me with a hug and a kiss and her hair smelled like cinnamon and when it tickled across my face I noticed I started to become aroused.
“Welcome to our temple. We are happy to serve your journey. Mary has told us of your struggle to cope since you’ve been home and she wanted us to help cleanse you or your war sins.”
“Is that possible just through sex?” I asked
“Oh baby.” She responded “This is not just sex, it’s our life energy!” She celebrated has she lifted her hands up high to the ceiling or sky I guess. “You just let your self go and we will take good care of your sexual needs and we will wash all that bad stuff out of your body and your mind my love.”
My wife says, “Come Brad we will begin now.” Mary guides me to the sunken floor and as we walk down the stairs I see there is a Jacuzzi in the center. She removes my clothes and unveils my already hard cock. “I couldn’t hold it any more.” I said to her. She looks up at me and winks then bows to my cock and she mouths it with her open mouth so I can feel the warmth of her mouth over me and then with one hard suck! She kisses it and stands up and I wished she’d continue. I swear I’d come this time!
Step into the warm water and let us love you Brad. I look around the room with men and women draping the walls and I wonder who is going to love me? All these people? The men and the women? I step into the water with trust and I notice with all my thoughts going on my erection is only getting stronger. I sit down in the warm water and someone brings me a drink a nice warm brandy. It’s perfect. I sip and enjoy as the music grows and the people around me start to sing and dance slowly around me. I notice the women and how beautiful everyone is and they all seem very happy and in ecstasy.
Soon the goddess gets into the Jacuzzi with me and when the water hits her beautiful black skin it seemed to glow. She wraps the palm of her hands around my face and looks me in my eyes and her bedroom eyes just drew me into her spell.
“You are a warrior! A man of great courage! We honor your choices to protect us and now your job is done! Then she moves her hand to my heart, and continues. Great warrior we cleanse you in the fire of love! May you be forever free from the past war! She acknowledges and then directs…suck on my breasts and be given a new aura and with that she stands in front of me guiding me to her breasts are right in front of my face are her nipples and they are hard. I look up at her and then over to my wife who is now naked with the others and is smiling and nodding her head in support. I turn back to goddess and place my hands around her waist as I suck one nipple at a time and enjoy the firmness and the sweet taste of them. I pull on them with my teeth and lick and draw each deeper in between my teeth and mouth. She squirms some and I know she is enjoying my kisses too. I feel a tingle in her tits and a shiver moves through me and visions from the war enter in my consciousness and as they come they ate swept out through the top of my head and with each thought removed my dick grows. Her hair smells of cinnamon and her nipples taste of honey and vanilla. My cock is harder and I don’t believe it can get any harder but some how I feel the hardness growing up my back and all over my body. My arousal is growing with the passion that is building in me. Goddess pulls my head back and then brings me face to face and kisses my lips with her wet mouth and then she pushes my head into the warm water. I gulp some water and then I am pulled up to standing and she kneels before me with my cock in hand and says. “We will suck and fuck and love you all night and you will come as often as you want and we will delight in your sumptuous appetite. Your lingam is the pathway to forgiveness each ejaculation will cleanse you of the past war.” She rises and then other women join her in the Jacuzzi and they circle me and begin to wash me with the water and some kind of bath oil I guess. They are washing my body and my hair dipping me in and out of the running bubbly warm water. Soon someone is stroking my lingam and I am excited to look and see my wife Mary. She is sucking my lingam and my balls and my body is being stroked all over by beautiful women all around me. My nipples are being rubbed and I love that and my neck is being kissed and my hair is being stroked and then I moan a loud deep groan and I come so hard and fill my wife’s mouth full of my juice! She looks at me smiles and swallows. Oh my god I feel so great and I can’t believe I finally came and this is just the beginning.
I’m led out of the water and over to an area that lies a full size round mattress.
I lie back on the mattress and am greeted with fruit and wine and kisses are flooding my face as I drink and eat and dine in the pleasure of all this attention. I feel almost as if I’m in another world. Like, I’m a King and these women are all part of my harem and they belong to me!
I feel happy.
I am resting and aroused at the same time this erotic peace is a new one for me. I am being fed different foods by beautiful women and my feet are being massaged and the firmness of pressure causes me to collapse in rapture as pain is being released from me toe by toe. My dick grows again and the deep massage continues from my feet to my legs and to my groin and my hard dick is now joining in on the fun of deep stoking delight. I am lying back on the bed being fed wine and grapes as my cock is being fed strokes of kindness that makes me drip and tingle. My balls are lifted and stroked in unison with my cock and I look up to see a man giving me all this joy. I breathe in deeply and as he looks at me I am reminded that touch and pleasure is universal and it all comes from lust desire and love. I lay back and enjoy his touches. The strong strokes up and down my shaft until by body gyrates from his uniqueness and I spasm with yells of yes as I give in to the call of my body and come.
 I lay spent and don’t think I have anymore to give and as I lay there I am guided into the lap of my wife and the goddess standing over me spreads her legs wide above my face and directs me.
“Look into my yoni and smell her! Bring her essence into your nostrils.” and as I do this I breathe in deeply and her pussy smells so sweet to me and I didn’t believe it when my desire began to grow again. I want to taste her and drink her up and I started to lift my head and go for it and then she continued. “As my essence drifts towards you I want you to see the color red in my yoni.” And as I began to focus and I saw red and not just her pink lips wet to touch but red energy coming from her pussy. Then she guided me from one color to another and I saw each one more brilliant than the other. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Purple all flowing from her yoni and it looked inviting to eat and I started to experience my mouth watering and I felt like I was sucking on fruit from the colors and scents that flowed to me and my mouth watered and enjoyed the wet juicy mangos and pomegranate flavors flowing in and from me. Nice!
From there Goddess guided me to stand and we all walked into another room in the penthouse a large dining room. We all sat at the large round table naked and enjoyed a sumptuous meal. My wife sat next to me on my right and Goddess to my other side. We enjoyed more wine and the table was filled with all kinds of food. Everyone enjoying salmon to steak to steamed clams with veal chops and roasted potatoes with vegetables and salad.
This was a man’s meal for sure and I was starving at this point. What a night, what ever we wanted to eat seemed to appear on the table and the laughter and closeness of everyone there for me just freed me from any negative fucked up thoughts I could have. I felt free from the past.
Then with the laughter and music building one by one we all just jumped up from the table and started dancing around the room enjoying full bellies and each other. I was dancing with men and women and it was all good. There seemed to be no separation at this point. Then the Goddess turned down the music and called out.
“Thank you Great Goddess for giving us Bradley and allowing us to take part in releasing him from his past sins. May you receive him and keep him blessed as he gives us in final gift.”
Gift? What gift I thought to myself? My wife walks up to me and blindfolds me and sits me in a chair. Then I feel warmth around my cock again and my lingam grows. The wetness builds in her mouth and my lingam throbs once more. She sucks and sucks me and my body melts back into the chair as I receive more pleasure. She moves off me and then I feel someone else playing with my balls and massaging them while someone is stroking my face and now kissing my lips. Whose sweet lips are these I wonder as I receive more kisses. Now my balls are being licked and tickled and the tip of my cock gets swallowed by another mouth! Oh my God! I’m going to blow up, I think to myself my mouth is filled with tongue and my balls and dick are getting personal attention too. I’m Free! I want to scream but my mouth is being kept busy right now.
Soon the circle continues and I hear moans and groans around me and others are giving and receiving pleasure from one another. The sounds take me into a trance state as I vision making love to my wife and her wide eyed happiness I am now able to give to her. The erotic sounds grow and the music is seductive as well and I am now led to stand and am bent over onto a table. The table we just had dinner on, I assume and my cock is led into a waiting yoni. This yoni is warm wet and mine and I know it’s my wife and I dig deep into her wet pussy and say I Love you to her. She replies and I fuck her good. She breathes deeply and I am pounding deep into her and as I am riding her I feel my ass being played with and this get me close to wanting to blow my load in her and oh my god it feels great as the person licks my ass and slips a finger into it. I admire their ability to do this while I am deep inside of Mary now. One finger and the sensations grow through me more and I start to yell out and breathe deeply as my build up in tipping over now and I’m going to give it all to her. My wife moans yes to me and I hear other moaning in rapture as I hear screams of orgasms from all around me as other people are enjoying their experiences and this adds to my pleasure and I say yes yes yes….here I come baby! I’m coming into you now. I love to give it to you. Oh yes! The complete freedom in fucking my wife in this group is unbelievable and I don’t know who is fucking my ass a man or a woman but I am loving it! And just like that I scream my come into my wife’s yummy yoni. And she screams her body into rocking ecstasy and I hear more sounds of pleasure and it goes on for a while.
The blindfold is removed from me and I see people spread out in an erotic land on the floor and against the wall. Some seem to be still in intercourse. Wonderful, then the Goddess comes to me and as I pull my spent dick from my wife’s pussy she touches my dick to get some of my come and says.
“Great Goddess please receive his offering and his gift. And continue to bless him with his Divine Birthright of Prosperity on Earth and Healing for us all!”
She looks up at me and says “You are Free of Sin Bradley and thank you for your gift. Goddess Blessings to you.” I look her in her eyes and I see deep inside her eyes the gift of cleanliness is in her eyes and they are sexual bedroom eyes and I see that I am free of the past in those lovely dark eyes. My wounds are healed. My dick is happy and so am I.


Installment XXIX: The Full Snow Moon February 2009
The Goddess Eclipse


“I am here Great Goddess…Your Daughter”

The last eclipse happened 10 years ago and that was a powerful one for all who experienced it. Now “the marriage” was coming upon us once again and I knew this would be an eventful time for me and for anyone else who’d bask in the glory of the energy of the eclipse. Eclipses are energetic harmony taking place around the world and within us all. Especially with those that stand and witness the energetic force it occupies.

Each time an eclipse happens they hold a particular vibration and bring that particular balance into the world and the universe it occupies. This particular eclipse is happening at night during the full moon and that is GODDESS Energy exploding all around us.

It is a cold night but not as cold as it could be and I wanted to be in a space where the sky was clear and not with many manmade lights that would hinder the sky view. I drove to the shore and went to the beach and to my surprise many other people had the same idea. What a pleasure to see so many people out enjoying a crisp evening awaiting the energy of the god/goddess.

I had hoped I would be the only one here so I could pleasure myself while looking up into the sky and receive the energetic penetration of the oneness forcing its way into my yoni. I wanted to explode and give my offering and let my juices flow. I’m aroused just thinking about it. I may have to wait until I am home alone, I guess.

I found a spot and laid down my blanket and placed my food and wine out that I’d prepared for the evening and all along the beach people were even cooking out with grills and really making an event of this night. Wow, it’s so wonderful, and all the smells moving around in the air were scents of flowers and then scents of vegetables with spicy aromas were passing through my nostrils became intoxicating too.

The excitement of the celebratory spirit of those gathered began to build up in me and so I just walked around as the night grew darker and later and I introduced myself to others as we all were enjoying wine and food and I shared what I had and welcomed offers from others.

My hair is long and I am dark and my body is strong and full of orgasmic energy coursing through my veins and I love The Goddess and I feel her presence within me all of the time. I speak her truth with my tongue and I share love where ever I go. I am beautiful and gifted in many ways and I have lots of valuable friends that I love and who share the same beautiful abilities and gifts which whom I could have brought with me tonight to share this moment with but I wanted to do this alone and/or be open to meeting other wonderful people out in this spectacular night air. My friends are all preparing for her energy at other locations as well and I look forward to hearing about their experience tomorrow.

I hear music being played and I look to see people drumming and dancing with arms lifted high towards the sky in celebration of her! I look up and see the full moon beginning to drape the sun and form the union of oneness and we will no longer be in night or day sky.

As she penetrates father sky-sun she smothers the light into ecstatic union with her dark purple pleasure and together develops a golden aura and the union sends vibrations to the earth and we begin the receive the marriage of oneness within our own beings. I begin to feel hot and then cold and then wildly excited! I want to run and fall on the ground and melt. I want to melt into the earth and drink in the resting ecstasy of oneness. I am so alive right now and the energy in organic and it is all around us! The colors are radiating from the eclipse and although we don’t know how long their dance will last we will witness and be gifted the energetic harmony offered.

I hear moans and chants all around me and I go to start my own chant in honor of the oneness.

I sat on my blanket and began my sacred chant to her so that I could bring myself to a place of cosmic openness so that I could be taken by the marriage force emanating from the union of sun and moon fire.

I am here Great Goddess…Your Daughter
I am here Great Goddess…Your Daughter
I am here Great Goddess…Your Daughter

Others are all around dancing and celebrating and it’s like being at a party with the feeling of freedom at the same time by not really knowing anyone. I feel connected and alone in a peaceful state of mine at the same time. I feel accepted. This is wonderful.

And then there is this loud streaking sound that shoots out from the Full Moon and Sun blending that sounds like a lightening bolt! The Charge of the blast shakes the ground beneath us all and for a moment I swore we shifted, that there was a movement in the ground. Whoa…I look up to view all sorts of colors coming from the eclipse from red to orange to yellow green blue indigo and purple like the dark moon herself.

Like me…I experience the deep fullness of her purple passion in my yoni and I feel at one with the full moon eclipse.

I am filled with pleasure and delight and I want more. I feel intoxicated by the atmosphere and I am now feeling light hearted as I begin dancing to the drumming with others. My hands flair in the air as my hair swings and whips across my face and add to the tremble in my body. The music grows and the eclipse casts a twilight golden mix all around us and it feels like we’re on another planet where the world is in a sacred marriage with every one! And just then it began! It started and I don’t know who it came upon first but I felt her vibrations moving fast up my legs into my root charka and up my spine into my heart and then my mouth watered.

I put my left hand over my heart and my right hand on my yoni and I felt how wet my pussy had become, that equaled the wetness in my mouth and I looked up around me and others were touching their bodies and soon I saw people removing their clothing to the drum beat that was pounding like the heart of the moon goddess that hears us!

Great Goddess I am here - your daughter…I say again.

The sounds roared all throughout the beach as the sweeping grunts of pleasure cascaded through the bodies of those possessed.

I look around and I began witnessing men standing and undressing looking upward in worship to her and some falling to their knees with lingams growing long as they begin stroking themselves as the erotic energy increases. I look up to the full eclipse and I swear to you what I see is a wondrous sky filled with cosmic yoni energy growing and seeping strong erotic juices from the sky.

I couldn’t help but removed any clothing on my body that stood in the way of my sacred marriage connection.

It is magical what we’re able to see and experience. We are all light beings sending and receiving vibrations of love and pleasure to and from one another. The light around her moon is shaping him self around her and it appears to be long and thick and it sends sparks that emulate pre-come juices that support the flow of energy that comes upon us. Then the growing light is shaped like a male lingam around her sweet purple darkness and it seeps its turtle shaped tip into the center of the full moon womb and penetrates the heart of her yoni energetically and every time the light joins her juices the cosmic sky drips these juices into the earth realm and we receive those erotic waves and we will respond in kind.

The marriage of the eclipse is the union of earth and sky through the moon and sun planets. We receive this harmony through the intercourse of outer space planets.

With that comes the blessing of earth and the earthlings to take part in the pairing of sun and moon and this continues to increase our sacred marriage within.

That’s the god/goddess blessing.

Hence the self love growing all over the planet at this very moment. We are engaged in erotic mystical masturbation and in the sharing and witness of another in this ecstasy dance we are blessed 

I fall onto my blanket and rub my pussy deep within my yoni womb and spread my juices all over my wanting yoni. Desiring to be penetrated by one or two of those rising cocks dancing around me but I really want to stay with my mystical masturbation. I raise my fingers to my clit and it grows while I press the head to send chills of pleasure up my body.

While I am rubbing my clit I bring one hand up to one of my breasts and start squeezing my right nipple and this just sends me more glorious tingles throughout my body.

I moan in delight and yell loudly as my approach to orgasm reaches closely.

I look around to witness lots of women pleasuring themselves and men are standing above them stroking to there rise of excitement as they witness the women in growing rapture.

I also see some men lying in the sand with the pleasure of dicks and pussies flowering over their body as they stoke their lingam hard to make their juices pop all over themselves.

Soon as my arousal builds up men circled around my precious body to witness my expansion and they joined by sharing with their cocks in unison with the others to spread the erotic eclipse joy.

I look up into the wet sky filled with the joy of the eclipse and I smell the wet air and the opium scents that float in. I look to see the energetic union of the lingam sunlight into the full moon purple cave and I can taste the red wine in my mouth which symbolizes the mixing of god/goddess in ecstasy.

The stroking sounds grow louder as I stroke my nipple and squeeze  my clit muscle and I begin rocking my hips up and down and at every lift I tighten my hips and the concentrated focus at my clit forces my body to shake and quiver and I am close so close to giving myself up!

And right at my build up I press my fingers deep into my pussy and press my palm on my clit and a spasm reaches through my body and I scream as I come loudly and with that the sexy men standing around my body one two and three at a time shoot their juices all over me and their gifts spill on me and they yell and jerk as each one of them drenches me in precious fluids that make my body silky.

The joys of laughter escape through the mouths of all those that shared their gift of orgasm and the metallic moon seems to rock at the same time and she begins to move away from her sun lover.

The Eclipse is ending.

People then run into the ocean to soak and wash their bodies and remember  the experience fuller as the cold air or water has long since swept away and we just feel wet clean and thankful to be alive sexually alive with the Goddess Eclipse.

“I am hear great goddess and have made sacred the marriage of the god/goddess through my body Father Sky/Sun and Mother Earth/Full Moon.”

I look forward to sharing my story with my friends as I am excited to hear about their experiences too!

- Goddess Blessings

Installment XXVIII: The Full Cold Moon January 2009
Pleasure for Prosperity - Worshiping Your Lover

I offer this simple erotic ritual to you as a gift.

The custom of pouring oil and water over the erect Lingam of a Yogi or Sadhu (a Sadhu is a Holy Man) at particular times of the year to ensure prosperity is still practiced. In the tantric tradition the sexual organs are the pathways and gateway to and of life and prosperity and should be honored and treated as such. Those who respectfully worship the Yoni as the altar of love will be granted their desires.

You will need a medium-sized bowl filled with warm water. Then pour one to two cups of olive oil or extra virgin olive oil into the water.

It is best to use spring water and you can make it warm by just cooking the water to a very gentle simmer. Spring water has a stronger moving vibration than regular tap water. If you choose to use tap water run the cold water for about one to two minutes and then bring to a gentle simmer. If you do this ritual in the spring or summertime you can leave the water room temperature. Olive oil must be used in your ritual not massage oil. Olive oil is sacred oil and has been used for thousands of years to honor the body. Jesus’ feet were washed by Mary with this very mixture of oil and water as an act of worship.

Then you place both hands over the bowl to charge the mixture with your intentions. Simply visualize your lover in your minds eye relaxing and receiving your touches and watching your lover’s pleasure grow.

Notice how your body begins to feel as you imagine your lover pleased. Once you feel the arousal in your own body the mixture is charged. Great!

Bring your bowl and have some oil on the side in a separate small cup or in the bottle.

If your lover is male have him lie on his back, on the bed naked or you could create a padded blanket on the floor with pillows around his body for comfort. Straddle your lover between his legs and wrap his legs around your waist and rest his body down.

Sink your hands into the warm mixture getting them wet and drag your wet dripping hands over to his lingam and massage his balls first and then use one hand to stroke up and down his cock and watch it grow with your touch. Keep this up by dipping your hands as much as you need to, to keep the wetness flowing over his strengthening rod. You will want to suck that hard cock I know, but don’t do it. Not now, just keep lovingly worshiping his erection with your strokes! Keep his body relaxed don’t let him pounce up and throw his hard cock inside of you and fuck the hell out of you. Don’t let him! Just keep him down and receiving your worshiping strokes for pleasure and prosperity. They will come just like he will. As his dick grows hardest and his desires fill him, you then pick up the bowl and pour some of the warm mixture on his cock. Pour it from about 6 to 8 inches above his penis. The sensations of the splash of water poured over his erect Lingam will give him a jolt of excitement. Now take the other oil and pour a nice fist full in one of your hands and rub all over his erection and stroke and stroke him hard with a tight fist around him. And now you can bring your open mouth over his cock and take it in deep into the back of your mouth and tighten it around his cock and suck and lick his lingam your lingam he is your god that you love so much! Suck him good just the way you know he likes it. Tickle his ass and penetrate him deep inside his ass and worship him. Take pleasure in knowing the prosperous gift you can give each other. Staying focused at his lingam and dedicating your motions towards fulfillment will lead your lover to giving his gift to you. Allow his galloping hungry horse to pound through his excelling forces of delight and his blasts will burst into you as we are blessed!

If your lover is a woman….have her lie on her back, naked of course, with pillows all around and under her delicate body, part her legs and climb between them and make sure to slide a pillow under her hips to raise her garden close to you. Pour the mixture onto her yoni just about three to four inches above, and allow her to melt in the warmth of the juice. Place your right thumb into her forest finding the gate and soak into her as deep as your thumb will go. Allow your other fingers to massage up her lips and towards her silky button and gently press as you grind soft and hard, soft and hard.

Her body will wind and turn for more. And you will want to join in the dance of physical spirits but do not. Let her build her yoni juices for the gifts of prosperity they promise to bring. All of our desires will be fulfilled…all of them. What a power the pussy possesses’.

As your thumb feels her wetness growing and she is delighting in your raking of her bush, allow your other hand to caress her belly and send her energy to her heart. Squeeze her nipples as they rise to meet you and drag all the physical ecstasy all over her body.

Bring her pussy water high with your in and out motion and let the juices flow out into the open and make her scream with the promise to give back to us everything! She is your whore whose love is for everyone and she is deliberate in all of her blessings to us!

Her body aches for the union the two of you can share now and it is in this very moment she will enhance our lives forever. She is squirming and writhing in her disjointed pleasure and her eruption is close. The sweat dripping down your face adds to the moment of rapture being created and with your fingers now deep in her sacred gate will cause you to erupt with her! She pulses her body and jerks all the way up her spine in rapture. Screaming the cry of relief for the build up was pleasurable agony.

She has gifted you by your gift to her.

It is the promise that we shall all prosper through one another. Let the love forever flow within us and towards us all!

Goddess Blessings!

Installment XXVII: The Full Cold Moon December 2008
This Wedding

I love weddings and when I officiate over a nude wedding it’s so much fun and what a blessing it can be. This is a wonderful time for a wedding. This wedding will be one of those keepers in the memory bank. I knew it was going to be special when I met the couple months ago and we created the ceremony together. I knew the advanced thinking of Charlotte and Michael would be a blessing to everyone in attendance.
The December full moon would be the wedding date. The largest and brightest moon of the year! What a way to bring in your blessings!
This Wedding…
We were all in a beautiful sun room banquet hall with wall size windows and sun roof to let the full moon glow in for us all. This is an evening wedding and our privacy was guaranteed. The chairs were all ordained with flowers and silk coverings. The guests were seated in two rows of circles with an opening for the couple to enter.
Everyone was given champagne and hors d’oeuvres for about an hour before the wedding. All were happily catered to by the wait staff that was also naked.
This Wedding…
“All rise and hold your champagne glasses high in honor of the Bride and Groom.” I commanded. As minister I will conduct the ceremony. 
When all were standing the music began and the classical piece emerged us all in a wonder of sensual connection and the beautiful Bride and Groom entered together naked and happy.
We could tell how happy Michael the groom was because his lingam was already at attention. The Brides makeup was one prepared for a goddess as she is a wise woman and a strong goddess.
They enter and stand before me!
“Every one says goddess blessings to the couple and drinks their champagne to them in toast and then you may be seated.” I directed. Then rainfalls of goddess blessings fell into the energy of the room as everyone toasted.
The bright full moon glow began sending crystal clear hues into the banquet hall changing colors like a wheal turning of red orange yellow green blue indigo and purple filling the hall in a timely fashion. The banquet hall was also lined with candles all over and there was no artificial light any where. It’s all coming from the candles and the full moon. What a gift this is. It is perfect.
This Wedding…
I begin with a beautiful opening and welcome and start with a prayer of protection.
I continue with the ceremony that turns into a ritual.
“We are all here to celebrate the love and spiritual blessings of Michael and Charlotte. They have chosen everyone in this room because of their special spiritual blessings as well. Weddings were created by Goddess for couples to expand their lives and evolve! Charlotte and Michael have found one another and have honored each other by choosing to further bond through a sacred marriage.”
“The couple will now light the sacred candle and once they do this they will both come to you in this circle and embrace you with hugs and kisses and you are to give them a silent spoken blessing. You are to tell them what you wish for them and even if you wish you were the one they were marrying, you let them know this. Let your heart be full of the love you feel for each of them. This process allows for freedom and respect and creates an erotic environment that blesses us all.”
Michael and Charlotte go together to the sacred candle. They each pick up one small candle that sits on each side of the larger candle and they light the big candle from the small ones already lit and then sit the small ones back in place on the alter. They turn to each other with their hands in a prayer position in front of there heart. Charlotte looking into Michael’s eyes bows her head to him and then when she rises she says. “I honor the God in you!” Then Michael looks into Charlotte’s beautiful sexy eyes and bows to her and then says “I honor the Goddess in you!” Then they turn away from one another and begin their journey through the circled guests and embrace and kiss them. The guests are giving their silent blessing to each of them and you can see the cocks rising and women stroking Michael’s already hard dick as he approaches them. The warmth and love growing is being felt by all because of the attention given to this couple in this sacred erotic way. This process strengthens their personal love for one another.
This Wedding…
Michael and Charlotte return to the center in front of me visibly aroused and happy.
“The couple will now share with us their blessings and promise to each other.”
Michael speaks as he takes Charlottes hand into his “My Charlotte, I love you and respect you with all of my heart. I believe you are the perfect person for me and you make me happy and I love how sexy you are and that you honor me with your beauty and loyalty. I promise to always work to make your life easier and to create ways for us to experience joy and fun.” Michael raises his eyebrows and winks at Charlotte. “I also promise to make love to you in as many places as we can all over the world!”
Everyone claps!
Charlotte speaks to Michael with hands held “Michael, I knew from the beginning that you were the one for me. I love you because you are so easy to be with. Because you really want to make me happy and that has allowed me to learn how to love myself more and to love you better. I promise to stay as sexy as I am because you make my life beautiful. And I promise to love and honor you and to give you all of myself in more ways than one! I will be your wife and your lover and I promise to make sure my yoni stays wet for you always!”
Everyone claps!
“Now we will have the exchange of the rings.” I walk over to the alter where the candles are and pick up the wedding rings that rest there. I remove the rings from the boxes and come to the center with the couple.
“These rings are a symbol of never ending love between Michael and Charlotte and as they place them on the ring finger of one another they are making a vow to each other to partake in ever evolving love as Primary Lovers!” I explain…
“Michael, take this ring and place it on Charlotte’s left hand ring finger and repeat after me.” Michael takes the ring and places it on her finger.
“I am now your husband.” Michael repeats.
Charlotte, take this ring and place it on Michael’s left hand ring finger and repeat after me.” Charlotte takes the ring and places it on his finger.
“I am now your wife.” Charlotte repeats.
“Now, as Minister and officiate of this ceremony it is my pleasure and by the power invested in me by God/Goddess All That Is. I know pronounce you Husband and Wife and you may seal your bond with a kiss.”
They kiss and everyone stands and claps!
I step away from the center and face the circled guests and I explain the next part of our ritual.
“We will now be gifted with Michael and Charlotte’s most intimate moment together. They are going to consummate their marriage here in front of us and we are to celebrate that love by expressing the erotic pleasures that awaken in us as we witness them. And once they have given us there gift we are allowed to continue this sacred orgy with one another as Charlotte and Michael watches us.”
This Wedding…
Michael grabs hold of his wife and brings her body close to his and penetrates her mouth with his tongue. He spreads his hands all over her body caressing her as if he hadn’t ever touched her before. And then he turned her around so her back would face him and he began playing with her pussy lips and then found her clit with his fingers and continued to rub her nicely there so her clit would grow for him. He held her body in place with his other hand on her belly. Her moans sent tingles around the room as her passion grew. Every one witnessing was aroused and the breathing became heavy for everyone.
As Charlotte’s pleasure grew and her moaning became louder her wet pussy began visibly dripping and Michael turned her around face to face and laid her body on the silk draped floor placed down for them. His hard cock easily slipped inside of Charlotte and Michael stroked her and stroked his sexy wife’s wet pussy into oneness with his!
Charlotte grabbed Michaels ass as she rode to orgasm and her body now wet from her sweat just added to her pleasure as it dripped from her. Michael’s deep penetration felt amazing and to share this moment with all of her loving friends meant so much to them.
“I’m coming! I’m coming.” Charlotte yelled as she screamed out and sexual convulsions jerked her into delightful ecstasy. Michael yelled “Yes!” To his wife’s first offering and he pulled his cock out of her pussy and pulled himself up onto his knees and began stroking his long thick dick as his wife and everyone watched.
“This if for you my wife this is all for you!” Then Michael screamed and with the first leak of his semen dripping on Charlottes sweaty body he bent over and pushed his coming cock into her still throbbing yoni. Michael came even harder with the sensations that came from pulling out of her warm yoni and dripping his first semen juice and then plunging back into her womb brought out a stronger wave of ecstasy for him.
“Yes Yes Yes!” Michael yelled floating into oneness with Charlotte.
This Wedding…
Everyone feeling the joy and arousal of the moment just expressed there appreciation and are clapping and hugging and kissing each other in celebration of their union and love we just all witnessed!
“Now the dinner buffet is here for us to eat drink and continue the merriment.” The Minister informs and points to the back of the banquet hall. “During dinner we invite all to enjoy the music and lovely food. And after dinner with dessert Michael and Charlotte will watch everyone here give their offering of love juices. Those that want to share are welcome to let’s eat.” I bless the food and we all eat.
The cake is brought out and Charlotte and Michael share a piece together. And offer their wishes to everyone.
Michael Speaks. “We are honored by everyone being here and sharing with us our new beginning. I thank you all and wish prosperity to everyone in this beautiful space given to us.”
Charlotte Speaks. “We want to honor The Goddess Mother coming down on us through this brilliant full moon.” Charlotte picks up a glass of wine and holds it up. “I now share this wine with The Goddess Mother and acknowledge her wisdom in my spirit.” Charlotte drops wine onto the table and floor in honor of her faith.
“We invite you all too now share your love and give your erotic gift to Charlotte and Michael and may you all continue to be blessed by God/Goddess All That Is.” The Minister charges the group.
The music and merriment continues and lovers come into the center circle and share their physical bodies with one another first as a dance as Michael and Charlotte bask in this glory of it all!
The Banquet of Bodies flowing in graceful ecstasy is how the rest of the night continues. All of Michaels and Charlottes closets friends were there and shared in this special moment. The blissful love making scenes moved from female lovers enthralled in oral pleasures and many in anal delights to threesomes conversing into oneness. I watched and gazed on the beautiful golden scene and witnessed fellowship in a whole new way. And when I saw him walking towards me with his growing lingam I just stood before him and offered my body to him and he lifted me into his arms and we joined the mountain of pleasure. When he stood me back onto the floor and our breaths became one I felt a connection to everyone not just to him! The unity of erotic love was intense and very healing. This erotic power filled the hall and regardless of whom you where sharing your body with in the moment I understood the fact that we were all together in this space, made us All one!
After our kiss I knelt and sucked his long dick into my mouth and drank his juices deeply into my body. He then returned the favor and my rapture was felt by all as my tight wet pussy spasms from his gifted tongue.
This Wedding was a sacred wedding in honor of a couples choice to evolve together and to never disconnect from there sexual appetites. Every year on their wedding anniversary Charlotte and Michael have a party a very special party with special people and special blessings. And I am always invited!

Goddess Blessings

Installment XXVI: The Full Beaver Moon November 2008
Lady and Her Sword

I am a warrior goddess and I fight to protect the goddess kingdoms in this world. I am not alone. There are many of us but I am the one who speaks to you now. You may or may not have heard of me but I live in many humans around the world as consciousness. I have the gift of sending my consciousness to all who can hear me especially when I pray! I take root mostly in forests on the highest grounds around our world and move throughout the many dwelling grounds of the goddess’ kingdoms and I protect them.
I am strong, seven feet tall and blessed with many gifts and when an intruder or armies attempts to defile any of her kingdoms by tearing it down and attempting to kill those that live in the goddess world I go to work  to stop them and then bring them back to life(if they prove worthy)!
Goddess is good!
This is one of my tales…for I have many…One full moon just before this side of the planet becomes to cold in nature I sleep deep beneath the center lake. I rest in the bottom of the lake where it is warmest and I hold my sword close to my bosom. My hair is spread out around me in the water as it always does and my hair floats in an ecstasy of its own. The lake spirit love’s to have his way with me and she loves to cuddle and tickle me all over my body as I sleep. The lake spirit loves when I rest inside her because the smell of my essence sweeps through the waters. He is enveloping my body with the waves of the waters and I feel aroused by the vibrations he pushes into me. My nipples dance to full erection and I am stimulated by the caresses. I spread my legs to be penetrated as the force of his pressure under water grows to enter me. The waters can shape shift into a shaft to be able to penetrate me and we become one. My wetness is growing as my pussy creams and is now wetter than the lake. The spirit of the lake buries deep inside of me and strokes waves of pleasure through out my Amazon body.
Oh, I should let you know that I can breathe under water as well because I am part of nature and was created to protect the goddess kingdoms so my abilities are much more enhanced than yours. You may one day reach this level of vibration and abilities, but for now, the fact that you are present to know that I exist is beginning to open your Meta physical abilities once my consciousness penetrates you through my tale.
As my rapture state is approaching I begin to hear a distant tremble in the earth body.
I then hear the rumble of horses pouncing on the dirt above me and at first the vibration kindles other sensations in my body and then I hear the growl of those that wish her harm (One of my goddess kingdoms). I open my eyes and must break the embrace of the lake spirit lover by pushing out of my pussy so I can focus on what’s happening above. I look up and out of the lake at the full moon and the bright rose colored moon illuminates like a mirror for me so that I can see the ground of the forest through her reflection.
I see them entering the forest kingdom that I dwell in and slashing at the tree goddess’ as they pass and are throwing flames of fire to what ever would catch and burn, my eyes widen with rage!
My naked body begins to tighten as the waters are attempting to continue to mesh inside of my sweet pussy and please me. I piss a stream out of my yoni to stop the connection with the lake once and for all.
In order for a human or any other being to find one of the goddess’ kingdoms on earth they must be of great strength themselves. A part of them must believe in her in order to maintain a connection and find a kingdom. The vibration one holds must be strong and they must meditate long for the mist over their eyes and heart to be removed to find me. The valley travels are long and one or others must be dedicated to the pursuit. So in one hand they honor and then on the other, they dishonor the goddess by acknowledging her presence and the fact that the creative principle is god/goddess. But one that would want to destroy a kingdom must be of much darkness and belief to be able to enter a kingdom and fight. Although this has caused much pain for the kingdoms and all on earth suffer when one of these battles take place. We always survive and thrive and sex and spirit remain one! The Goddess Lives!
That’s why I was created by God/Goddess All That Is, and sent to the earth to protect the kingdoms.  
I am seven feet tall and am not the only warrior goddess sent to this earth plane to protect it. I am from a society of powerful goddess wisdom from another world that is in union with the earth world that created human life and is in relationship with the humans to sustain it. Once she was married to The Powerful God Force we all became one! Life could not go into prosperity or even create new life without her! He knew this and sought her out for union. Then my kind was created from her.
My body is in pain as they ride through the forest and trample the good of this earth with their hunger and hatred to kill the goddess.
I pull my sword from my chest and stretch it out front and above me as the long blade rises above and I open my mouth wide and yell great goddess! My yell ripples in the waters and a great wave builds. I float to the top of the lake and as my face emerges I see the horse riders moving fast causing destruction where they can. I pull myself to a stand on the waters of the lake and I stretch my sword to the moon. I call to her by her silent name and she sends her power into my sword through a bolt of light. I scream a roar so loud it shatters the horses hearing and they stop running and become bewildered by the sound and begin throwing the men off their backs.
Although I wish I was still in the embrace of the lake lover spirits as my pussy still feels the penetration of their shaft, I must get to the business of protection.
I start running across the lake as my naked body flow like a gazelle and the cape of the waters push me ahead faster. As I run forward my hair streams behind me causing a twist from the air and stiffens and I will be able to use it as a weapon for added protection.
I land on the earth as the blinded men have fallen to the earth and although I am one I am armed with many powers that take the place of even 1000 in an army against a goddess kingdom.
I have no fear! For she is with me and the balance of the masculine and feminine force pushes through me for the power I posses comes from All That Is.
I slash at the throats of those that are closest first and then throw my sword through the hearts of those furthest away. Behind me my sharpened hair acts as a weapon and pierces through anyone that comes close enough to grab me. The protective shield around me stops any arrow or sword that would attempt to penetrate my skin and I am not harmed.
My movements are fast concise and deliberate. My nakedness works because no intruder expects any protector to be a woman or to be naked and their week minds of the power of sex is used against them in my defense.
Moon goddess brings down the rain to stop the fires building up around me and their blood begins to be washed from my body. All but one is alive for he is the leader and it is expected would be the one to last. I must sacrifice him if he is not of true life but first I must make sure.
I grab him by one leg and pinch a nerve to paralyze him as I drag his body to a clearing in the woods for the sacrifice!
The rain settles and the moon glows brightly as I enter the clearing. I tie the leader of the tribe to a tree and build a fire to the spirits for thanksgiving. I pull a large rock from atop a dead tree trunk and pull the herbs of sage and sandalwood bark and throw them into the fire. The scent builds and allows the souls of the dead ones to rise and awake their final destination.
I pull a branch from the earth and set it aflame from the fire I built and then tip the edge of the leaders drying clothes to burn. As the fire starts to grow I pull a bottle of grain from my chest in the tree trunk and pour myself a mouth full. I drink it down and then pour another into my mouth and then blow it into the face of the enemy. I drink more then blow more until the fire has burned all of his clothes off but has not skinned him.
I move close to him and grab is bloody saggy sweat dripping face and look deeply into his eyes. Goddess shows me his soul, as I continue to gaze. He has her consciousness in him. Even though he fought to end her spirit on earth he has connected to her. That is why he was chosen leader because the strongest ones are those that believe and still choose to kill her in their weakness.
I now know what must be done. He may be able to be saved and in doing so it’s possible all those lost souls that have died in her kingdom may be brought to life once again!
I bend to pull up my sword and grab some earth onto my tip. I take it to the roaring fire and heat the blade to a roaring red. I pull the sword back from the fire and then place it on the ground in front of the captive. I spit on the heated earth and then I lift the sword to the full moon in silent prayer. I stand with my sword forward and bring the tip between his legs. I lift his limp lingam with my hot wand and he begins to scream from the blast of heat that runs through him from his dick. I smear the solution over is hanging balls and the piercing sensation immediately sends shock waves up through his spine and he is at attention and his lingam is strong now as well. The dark concoction is dripping slowly off his erection and I grab him hard there and smear is all over his throbbing rod.
I bring my gaze back into his eyes and we lock our souls together as I begin my ritual of life to see if he and the others can be saved!
The solution acts as a mood enhancer as well and if he is true in his partial belief of the marriage of god/goddess then he will not be able to hide his feelings of the true love now.
I grab hold of his face and blow into his mouth my breath of life. I take his tongue against his will and spit into his mouth. I force his mouth closed and punch him in his stomach and make him swallow my saliva. When he swallows he looks at me with a fright and realizes who I am. He then opens his eyes wide and embraces his surroundings of the kingdom he stands in. I see he is awake now in the true presence of love. I drop my sword and pick up the grain and give him some to drink. He drinks deeply and his body vibrates while the liquid fills him with more than strong nutrients. His arms are tied for now and they will stay that way a while longer. I pour the grain on his rock hard cock and I bend to taste the sweat of his balls and share energy with him.
His strength is recognized by me as real manhood and I enjoy the opportunity to save him. I pray for continued strength and I stand up now and I lift my right leg high to plunge is member into my womb. We both gasp and we connect and his breathing is rapid.
I pound back and forth on him and he starts to meet my movements with delight. Blood drips from his head as I see he is hurt. I don’t remember gashing him but I lift my right hand to his head and as I place it over him the light of the moon heals him through me. I then place my hand over his heart and squeeze my pussy tight around his cock and he feels the life force even stronger in him.
Please let me know you more my goddess, he begs.
I pull my yoni from him and sweep my sword up from the ground and swipe with one sweep at the ropes holding his arms and his ties are loosed. He then looks at me with red in his eyes and like a bolt of fire he runs to me and grabs hold of my body with force and we fall to the earth by the sage fill flames! He penetrates me and yells yes! I feel his growing lingam in me and he is powerful indeed and we are one!
I feel him growing longer and wider in my pussy and the pressure is building. I feel is heat growing and my pussy starts to feel dry and juiceless and pain is increasing and I realize it’s his anger and hatred for the goddess coming out and he is pounding me and starting to steal the sexual pleasure from me instead of sharing! I quickly lock my pussy around is strong cock and suck and push with my yoni juices and I shoot my cream into the tip of his cock and this causes his body to jerk with spasms and the force he started to pound on me is going back into him. I push is body off of mine and turn him on his back. I slide between his legs and shove my hand right hand up his ass and use my left hand on his cock and I stroke and stroke until his cock gives out those negative juices.
He screams in pain and pleasure at being forced to come so hard and I pull my hand out of his ass and let him rest as I stand and wipe his offering on my sword and I put it into the fire of sage and sandalwood and the burning serves as sacrifice. As his semen is burning off he feels the soul of that hateful spirit leaving his body and he swarms around on the ground.
I then hear the moans of the souls of the dead ones in the forest and I look around and they are helpless in their space for their choices were the wrong ones. I see the dawn approaching upon us as the moon is still brilliant and I walk over to the leader and turn him back on his back and sit on his cock once more.
I rock and rock and rock him and he grabs hold of my strong hips and we rub our bodies tightly together. I look down at him and pierce into his now glowing bright eyes and I give him a gift. I send him the ceremony of the marriage of god/goddess.
The universe is expanded and wide in is power and as the fullness grew of life throughout the universe there were no beings that could create life like him for he was life and could not bring life from life alone. As he searched he understood that the life was already within him and it was her presence in him as him and unity. The unity consciousness in his body was her and she was him and they were already one! He pulled her from his long lingam force which expanded the entire universe and from his seminal sputum came forth the goddess and the yoni force appeared before him. In her full glory he bowed to her and fucked and penetrated her deeply in every crevice she gave to him and the first ones were created from their ceremony.
As I rode him and shared the creation of life he burst his life into me and we orgasm
Together and he squeezed my nipples and the life milk flowed from my human breasts and he drank himself and all the others back into life. I creamed all over him as he sucked and my body convulsed in harmony and our embrace was long into the sunlight morning.
“They were worthy to live. Forgive them goddess for they know not what they do!”
And she did!
They rode out on their healed horses never the same and always better. I walked back into the lake with my sword to rest as my job for now was done.

Goddess Blessings

Installment XXV: The Full Hunter's Moon October 2008
The Inner Lover

I have been loving myself for years now and am thankful to have found my true love. Me!
But…I didn’t always feel this way!
Once upon a time...
I used to wonder why I could not find the right person to share my life with and why I was never really attracted to anyone. I even thought something was wrong with me. So I sought out therapists and groups and workshops to help me understand myself and groups to draw my soul mate into my life. I talked about what I wanted in another person and so on. However, it never brought me into a place that felt like home when I did share myself with others.
When I had sex with another and I would love to have sex, my body would form into theirs and I would feel them opening up to me and I would drink in their love and kisses. But it never lasted and I was never satisfied. I often felt these same sensations when I masturbated (what I call self loving) and the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction lasted with me long after my personal encounter. I became confused and wondered what was in store for my life if I did not find someone to share it with. I thought to myself I don’t want to be lonely.
Then the following full moon, I did my goddess meditation and ceremony and she began to speak to me. “You are not lonely my child, you are not even alone. You have a gift and that gift is different from others my love.” I felt my heart open and love poured out as I allowed myself to hear her and understand.
“You are on a different path and your energy is channeled differently. You have the gift of celibacy.” I answered in prayer. “I thought celibacy was the choice to not have any sort of sexual encounters?” “My love, she responded that form of celibacy is a form of fasting and the energy is directed in another non genital way, but it is still used.” “For you, you are very genital oriented and your sexual energy is channeled back into your consciousness and body spirit and is used for your good.”  “You are in a marriage with yourself and it is good and divine like all other relationships.” “That is why you have not found another and you really don’t want to. Yours is a Single Soulful Soul and your light of sexual love if for you only and it is a gift.”
I could not believe what I was hearing and my heart felt so full that my lust started to build up inside my body and wanted to explode. And then everything started to make sense to me as I was able to look upon my years and realize that I was always happy alone. I was never lonely. Most of my best erotic times were alone. I am happy! And most of all I am in love! I felt so crazy thinking this way. I was supposed to be like everyone else in the world on the path of finding that special someone and having children and living happily ever after.
She teaches me more in my goddess meditation.
“That is not your path my child. You are to love yourself the way others are here to love one another. This is your gift and you are to use it to help all the others on their personal path of sexual discoveries. You are in marriage with yourself and now tonight on this full moon you are to commit yourself fully into this relationship. And make love with your passions so high that you will also raise your vibration to help others similar to you. All those others that you’ve had sex with in the past are also gifted with this same type of celibacy but they don’t understand it. You speak to me daily and you have shown your honor to me, The Goddess so you have opened your heart and your juicy passions to understand your truth.”
My passions and wetness builds as I fall back on my floor in rapture as I am swept away by my understanding of what I am here for and who my true love is! It’s me and I am so happy to release these freakish feelings after all these years! I lay my hands over my longing parts and feel my juices flow into sweetness in the air. My breathing is flowing faster.
I have so many thoughts of the times I’ve made love to myself and this only brings me more and more erotic pleasure. I am pumping my hips so hard I think I might fly into the air with the amount of speed I am moving at. I am so elated with these feelings of oneness that my energy is overflowing and my aching orgasm if crawling out of me and my screams of spasms are strong and I burst out with pumping pangs of dripping juice. I am coming so hard and I am so thankful and so happy and that this is okay and natural for me and I feel loved! Finally I understand that my arousals for my self have always been appropriate for me. I am my inner lover. My Inner Lover.
I stand after experiencing my first knowing marriage fuck with myself and I place my hands in prayer position. I look up and out my window at the full moon naked and happy still floating in my Nirvana. As I look up directly into the glow of her full moon aura I speak my vows of commitment to myself.
“I promise to love, honor and cherish myself in sickness and in health. I promise to take the time to pamper myself in wealth in luxuries of all kind. I promise to be a channel of self love and worthiness from this day forward. And most importantly, I promise to make love to myself as often as I want to. And so it is Great Goddess!”
I bow and embrace myself in my heart.
She acknowledges me…
“Now you are ready to help others see the Inner Lover in themselves. There are others out there my child that loves as you do and you will encounter them and help them as I have helped you.”
I now live in love and harmony with my self and I don’t feel ashamed anymore and I have helped others become more patient in understanding how there sexual natures work. I never thought loving myself meant it was possible for me to love in this way, but it is.

Goddess Blessings

Installment XXIV: The Full Harvest Moon September 2008
Magic Healer - Mystery Lover

The jazzy beat had my heart pumping and my body movements smooth. The night glow through the window set a beautiful mood for this condo party I was at. I needed a break from the world’s affairs and being invited here by these lovely people was just what the goddess ordered. I wish my movements could cool the longing in my pussy. My yoni juice hadn’t been shared in a while and I just don’t give my juice to anyone.
The exchange of erotic love is powerful in its most simple state and the gifts we give to each other are a blessing. So I share myself with a person I know I can bless by my presence and he could do the same for me. But it’s been a while; I’ve let myself get caught up in other issues so my pussy power has been on hold. Or what I should say is I have not made the time to share it. I hold my pussy as often as I can right before I sleep at night. And I come hard and good when I do but, Oh hum…the night time loving I’ve been giving myself is getting tired and she is aching for more.
The wine is sweet and the company is fabulous and as he approaches me I think I know him and as we talk I realize that we relate and that is a close feeling. He’s so mysterious in the way he speaks and the flow of his body. He walks as if he is ready for sex and lives for it. I’m drawn to him. Maybe I’ll give my juice to him I think.
We kiss and his lips and tongue taste of the sweet red wine we were drinking and I want more of his lips on mine. So we find ourselves out on the balcony far from others and out of view. The glowing full moon becomes our blanket of passion.
He pressed my body against the wall and with eyes wide open he buried his tongue deeply into me. My mouth spread to comply and our wetness became friends. My heart pounded harder as the wetness in my pussy grew and I could feel his lingam building in his pants as he rested on me harder. My goddess I love this feeling, his body is sending me energy in shifts and bursts that I hadn’t felt in quite some time.
He opens my blouse and caresses both my exposed breasts. I’m glad I chose not to wear a bra tonight. He then tickles my nipples between his fingers and I respond with a moan.
“I want to love you fully” He say’s to me and I look at him and see deeper the green and purple hues within his eyes. “I have a message for you” he whispers in my ear. The moon seems to be sharing in this erotic cosmic moment and sending us shadows of other lovers on the balcony.
Then he lifts me up and carries me to a lounge chair he’s spotted. And lays me on it while his left arm is cradling my head and neck and his right hand moves throughout my body caressing and stroking me. I run my fingers throughout his hair and his moans ask for more. We kiss and he finds his way up my skirt and down my wet panties. He presses with the mound of his hand on my clit and then slides his middle finger deeply inside of my pussy.
We both breathe deeply together.
He strokes and strokes me and I feel his hardness grow in his pants and my wetness builds. All I can think about is wanting him in me deeper and loving me more. Soon I feel energy burst so strong in me and I yell and feel the pleasure erupt all over my body!
I think I’m peeing but I’m not I coming and coming harder than I ever have before. It doesn’t stop and the erotic waves flow through me and I just ride them and look at my lover as he is flowing in my grace as well. His moans grow louder as he lifts his hand from my throbbing expressed pussy filled with fluid.
I am still coming and the orgasm grows and my flow is strong. I can’t believe how wet everything is becoming. I can’t stop it and I don’t want to and right then my mystery lover rises over me and brings out his engorged member and slips himself into me! Oh my goddess his entrance causes me to open wider in my heart and body and we kiss as he looks deeply into my eyes with every pump!
“I am loving you more my goddess” he says to me and I feel a knowing with him a connection I have not known it quite some time.
This is perfect.
His penetrating thrusts flow up into my body and the shivers I feel bounce into him and he rocks harder with every flow. We grind and hold tight as if this is our last fuck for life! We hold on tight and my third eye opens wider. I see rays of red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet and with every color a different sexual rise awakens in me.
He grabs hold of the top of my head with both his hands and pounds deeper into me and as he is climbing into me deeper with his dick, he is extending beyond my body spirit and his aura is entering my soul. I have had several orgasms at this point I’ve lost count of the pleasure exploding within me.
My inner eye is open and in my minds eye I see some words coming clear to me. As I focus in my mind my ecstasy is enhanced and the words now become clear and make sense.
“Stay free in your body and I can give you all the gifts of the Earth!
I look up at my lover smiling happily back at me, his eyes become brighter as his lips begin to tremble and his body vibrates more when he comes inside of me with a burst and calls out to me “It’s all for you. I give my life force to you my lover.” His groans are words whispering in my ear as he pumps his last drops into me and holds me close.
“You’ve received my message my goddess, try not to forget my love for you or the promise.”
With a knowing reality, I know realize who my mystery lover must be. I look up at him and ask, “Are you God?” His smile is my answer.
We embrace together!

Goddess Blessings

Installment XXIII: The Full Sturgeon Moon August 2008
The Passion of the Goddess

This full moon allows us all to drink in her heat and her sweat.
The circle celebration is every August full moon. And we love to play in the heat and sweat with others as we share in the erotic passionate energy of the goddess.
I love this time of year as I drive towards the sacred space that’s been chosen for this year’s passion celebration. Every year a new spot is chosen by the sacred elders so that the energy that’s created there is always a new experience for us all.
I love the naked ongoing rituals I get to attend and be with others that feel the same as I do. That sexual energy is sacred and that we can heal and empower ourselves and others with sexual encounters.
As I drive into the cobbled grove I am directed to leave my car in a safe area and I am guided on foot to the sacred space where we will all share our glorious selves this evening.
As I look ahead I couldn’t believe my eyes. There stood the tree, the “Tree Goddess!” A huge spectacular Holly full of splendor resting in the center of a large lake. The beautiful Holly appeared to be draping the entire area even beyond the boarders of the lake. Casting a shadow over us which created shades of red orange yellow green and hues of blue and a powerful purple all around. This was so beautiful and I just felt blessed to be a witness to the power of Mother Nature and her gift to us this awesome full moon.
It’s simple how everything moved along this full moon. We all camped outside and everyone bought something to eat and drink to share. Chanting and singing began right away and before you could blink your eyes we were all butt naked. To be naked felt so wonderful and with my group of full moon friends the erotic fellowship is a lasting memory that stays with us all. And the erections and wetness was felt all around us.
Her passion was surely building up within us all.
The fun was about to begin.
The eldest Priestess spoke of how special this time is and the power manifested together today would support our vision of sexual enlightenment for all. And then she prayed a prayer of protection and we all honored the four directions and the elements per her instruction and the expansion of her female power shifted us as we were guided to her breasts as she lifted them with cupped hands and spoke of the milk that still flows from her breasts as her consciousness gave the words of truth she spoke to us now.
Then she opened her thick thighs and directed us to look into her yoni and she spoke of the birthing we are all sharing in this evening.  Her words roared through us as we shouted Ho in agreement of what she speaks! She deeply penetrated two fingers inside of her wet yoni and then slid them into the mouth of an onlooker in the circle and he kissed each and every finger and licked her arms.
 Then one of the brothers stepped forward and held is long lingam in his hand and began stroking it as we looked on and took in the arousal he was experiencing. This act of sharing is symbolic of why we are all together this full moon. I watched his dripping cock grow and I felt I wanted this man inside of me. His presence was tremendous and as I looked around I could see others felt the same as me, even the men were enjoying his ritual of power. As the cock grows it shows the power of the lingam and the man that possess it. The lingam is honored as the staff of masculine strength and the ritual is to bring this energy alive in every one. He strokes himself until his balls are so tight that he will explode in one more momentum stroke!
What he does, is, he goes over to the eldest Priestess and sucks his tongue into her mouth and kisses her and breathes his erotic breath into her heart by sucking her tongue and lips. Her nipples rise and you can see the pleasure dripping from her wet pussy and she squirms.
From there the priestess turns towards another and kisses her and she sends this energy inward, and then she the receiver turns to another and sends the energy into him and from there the wave floods into our group as tongues touch and the breaths exchanged everyone kisses and all are fed with the taste of sweetness. As he embraces me and plants his lips on mine I am immediately swept into his aura and filled with the taste of honey. His lips are sweet and his tongue is wet. I then turn to the person next to me and her eyes are waiting and wanting and I just lean to her and divinely press myself into her and give her the same gift that’s being shared. She sucks in deeply and moans as we part and turns to share. This goes on until everyone is left with the mark of the ritual.
The brother is shown appreciation as we all bow to him and the eldest Priestess for guiding the ritual and they join the circle.
At this point as the drumming and chanting continue we just mingle and bask in the glory of one another. Soon the love making going on is just a joy for me to watch. I love this part as much as physically participating.
I’m watching as a man is being draped by two beautiful women that are kissing him and running their fingers through out his hair. He is melting as he is guided to the ground and one is sucking his hard rod and the other is sitting on his face allowing him to suck her clit while she pleasures herself by rubbing her nipples. Then I notice another man embark on her and slide his member into her mouth and she begins sucking him as he pushes into her mouth.
I am so turned on right now I’m wishing I was involved in their blissful encounter. But at the same time the excitement I am experiencing in my body and tightly around my pussy have me immovable in fear of losing the gripping pleasure the goddess has on my clit.
Then if it wasn’t enough a man approaches the group and bends to his knees and slides the ass cheeks of the man thrusting into the wet mouth of the woman and proceeds to licking his asshole. This causes and surge of intense delight for the generating man and he continues his course by now grabbing hold of the woman’s head and grounding himself to receive from both ends.
I am drawn to others that are dancing wild and naked as the music from the drums grows and we are becoming intoxicated by the sounds. It’s the voice of the goddess coming through. She is telling us all what to do in this sexual romp we’re all part of.
I want to be told…I want to be told I’m thinking to myself. Then I realize that I’m thinking to damn much to allow her to speak to me. So I shut up my mind and allow her passion to take further hold of me.
I drink more red wine and allow my body to enjoy the vision of love and friendship building all around me in the form of mystical sexual at-one-ment.
While the fun is building and everyone is in joyous rapture I begin to hear a voice within my being. The voice is calling me into her waters. Inviting and refreshing and I hear her in me with the sound of oneness.
“Come and become one with me, all you that wish for surrender and rapture.”
Over and over she speaks to me. She speaks to us! I feel her calling and I feel her passion and I soon realize her passion is my passion and I run towards the lake while her branches stretch further into the reaches of the heavens and I leap and others are leaping into her waters and we all scream and laugh for the joy of being free in our sexual escapades.
Swimming through her I could hear clearer her words of joy and beauty. I felt as alive as I swam and looked onward to the others feeling the power I was feeling.
The Holly tree sits in the center of the vast lake, its roots and branches throbbing the spirit of life throughout the waters. We are caught in her erotic embrace, held captive to screw and twist and turn. The Holly sweats and drips it’s nectar from her leaves and as we swim underneath her body we drink her essence into us and dine together in our bodies of delight. We grow and grow in passion writhing our body’s one on the other all around her. As we become one with her the branches reach down to join us in erotic union and we are one!
I am entered from behind and his cock draws into me deeply in my ass. I am in love. I understand everything. I am one!
She kisses my face dearly and I hold her close while he plunges me into ecstasy. I scream in pleasure and he comes into my holy body. I am loved. I look into the sky and the branches and leaves of the Holly seem to form bodies in sexual union. The journey of oneness is one of pleasure not pain, she speaks to me. Drink in harmony of love and peace my goddess.

I drink more and more of her words and waters as the others do as well. Our sexual play and ritual of passion culminates throughout the night. I must have had 18 orgasms this August full moon. I am healed and empowered. I am the passion of The Goddess!

Goddess Blessings

Installment XXII: The Full Buck Moon July 2008
Defeated by Love

The sky was lit
by the splendor of the moon
So powerful
I fell to the ground
Your love
has made me sure
I am ready to forsake
this worldly life
and surrender to the magnificence
of your Being

- Rumi

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Installment XXI: The Full Strawberry Moon June 2008
I Emanate!

I Emanate! 
Within the walls of my body
I emanate the power to engorge my sex center
and penetrate with you!
Within the walls of my body
I emanate the love to soak your body into my wetness
as we merge into oneness.
Within the walls of my body
I emanate health in my ability to ride the crevices of your physique,
throughout our erotic dance
and lick every stream of pleasure dripping from you.
Within the walls of my body I emanate wealth
in my ability to reach your sacred spot
and deeply rise into the realm of pure ecstasy with you
over and over and over again!
In my Orgasmic state I emanate the power
to sustain the trembling vibrations crawling between us both
and we scream with the pleasure created between us.
In my Orgasmic state I emanate the love
to bond with you as our sex scent fills the empty space around us.
In my Orgasmic state I emanate health
as we have gifted ourselves with one another.
In our Orgasmic state we emanate wealth
after receiving the offering of each other.
May we forever emanate the Power Love Health and Wealth of the sweet smelling,
heart pounding, wet, juicy, strong and thriving Sexually Alive Erotic Spirit!
And So It Is!

Goddess Blessings

Installment XX: The Full Flower Moon May 2008
Masturbation Manifesto: The Divine Way

This full moon is a great time to attract more of what you want into your life. We are springing up into full bloom springtime and this particular moon is great to releasing seeds planted into blossoms. The way of bringing out our blossoms is to give the great offering to the goddess of our divine body.

I am lying back in my lazy boy dark green chair just holding my hand over my already wet pussy. I am stroking myself lightly and visualizing and feeling positive about what I want to manifest in my life at this time. You can do this too. Where ever you have some privacy and a bit of time your divine masturbation will attract to you what you want!

I promise.

We are sexy spiritual beings and our sexual energy focuses on pleasure and the desire to share this energy with another is strong. So why can’t it be used to attract the experiences and joyous lifestyles we deserve as well? Well it can when we know how to use our erotic spirits. As you hold your sex center and let your engorged cock or pussy grow you will notice your breath responds and your heart beat builds. Let this source of power cultivate in thoughts of you seeing yourself having and being exactly what you want in your life. And I don’t mean just in the genital delight area only.

I see myself being held closely and lovingly by my partner and I am safe and sexually enlivened by our embrace. We are supporters of each other and I am not alone. My pussy lips spread wider as my wetness grows and I see my life expanding in all areas with success and joy at the head. My clit is tingling and as I touch there and press it grows larger and sends jolts of electricity and my heart becomes fuller. Now to balance the yin/yang energy flowing throughout my erotic body I use the tips of my fingers and circle my hard erect nipples inward at the same time. Doing them both together is sure to bring the balance of yin/yang and connect me deeper in my sex zones. As I stroke and stroke I am breathing louder and my hips want to rock and apply more pressure for pangs of joy through my hip area and the pelvic thrusting moves the erotic surges up my spine.

I move my right hand down to my pussy and I can feel the pulse of my heartbeat in my groin. I slide my middle finger into my womb and the wetness adds to the pleasure of insertion. I shove inside of myself as deeply as I can and my mind is happy with excitement and I can only thank my body for being with me all these years!

My body is a holy temple and I bless it always!

My arousal is in full bloom now and I want to give my offering to The Goddess and my rocking and delight is going on and on. So I jump out of my chair and lay my naked hot ass onto the soft carpet beneath me and I feel the carpet hairs dance with my nipples for added sensations. I insert two fingers inside of my horny wet yoni and I use the bulb of my palm to press and grind my clit. My ass in rocking up and down and stroking left to right as I am building and building to my divine body offering. For another moment I see myself happy and joyous and successful in all ways as my life continues to be enlarged.

I am a blessing to all those I come in contact with and this just adds to my personal happiness.
I am becoming louder with my breathing as my body is saying yes to pleasure and yes to life I am feeling the erotic sensations moving higher and higher inside me and my front body on the floor is channeling up my pussy to my belly into my ribs inside my heart and through my throat with moans of orgasms flowing out of my mouth and into my face muscles as I kiss the floor so hard like it’s my lover and bursts of joy explode out the crown of my head as the energy shoots back into my head and flows like a roller coaster down my back and into my ass and up my juicy pussy as my pc muscle vibrates for one more hard pull.

I jolt and spasm as my orgasm crawls out all over me!

I am breathing joys of delight and my gift is felt by the goddess and the universe responds with orgasms of attractions as I lift from the soft carpet on my floor and float throughout the rest of my erotic day and this full moon proved worthy of my gift.

I am Blessed! And I’m sure you are too!

Goddess Blessings

Installment XIX: The Pink Moon April 2008
A Random Orgasm of Kindness

I’m sitting out in the lounge on this beautiful warm morning having my coffee and reading my book I just can’t put down. My coffee is strong and creamy and I’m sucking it up in gulps. Waiting for the school bell to ring even though I don’t want it to so I can get to homeroom class. I’m reading when one of my gulps goes down the wrong pipe and I spit hot coffee out my mouth doing everything I can to miss my glorious book and the coffee from my mouth and some from the cup hit hot and hard onto my inner right thigh. Ouch that hurts and I yell a bit! I don’t want to drop my belongings and yet I need to tend to this burn.

Just then, “Let me.” I see a hand swoop down between my clothed thighs and I look up to see our school nurse. She has ice in her hands and is now soothing the minor burn on my thigh. I’m startled and thankful at the same time.

The ice melts and she does not leave my thigh, she moves her fingers over to my pussy and presses. I look at her and see that she has not taken her eyes off mine. She presses harder and rubs me over and over and then begins to insert fingers through my covered wet cunt. I say, “That feels good, but you must stop.” She smiles and replies, “My house tonight for dinner.” The school bell rings and the nurse in her all white is up and gone. I still have my hands full and now have a wet thigh and pussy. I go to class thinking about dinner tonight.

I show up at 7:00pm, I figured that’s just as good of a time as any, since she didn’t mention a time while her fingers were stroking me.

She opens the door and I hand her a bottle of wine as I greet her. She thanks me and opens her door wider inviting me into her home. I’ve never been with a woman before and I wonder why now? Why this random way, when all I’ve ever done was date and love men? I’ve thought about it and figured one day I’d make it happen. I just never thought it would take charge like this. Well, anyway I’m here and it’s time and by the way, its a full moon - and hot out!

We have a wonderful meal drinking and eating and the light jazz in the back round just balanced everything out. E enjoyed each others company and I do believe we were always cool with each other at school. Even when we disagreed on a Childs fake illness or not we always worked will together. And it seems it is about to go even deeper than that. But I didn’t know what the fuck to do with her and her sexy ass body. Damn she sure is sexy.

She pulled me to her bedroom and the music grew louder. We began kissing and pulling each others clothes off. My nipples were so hard they started to hurt. She could tell my breathing was deep and racing so she calmed me by sucking on my tits and holing me close. I held her too and it felt as if I have before. She laid me on the bed and kissed my lips softly and her mouth tasted of sweet red wine. We kissed and she held my breast cupped in her hands and she rocked her body between my legs and moved gently on me. I grabbed her ass and turned her over and began sucking her neck and kissing her chest and finally her stiff nipples were all mine. She tasted wonderful and smelled great! She smelled of vanilla and tasted like chocolate and I stroked my tongue up and down her belly not knowing what to do next.

She pulled me up and she held my hands over my head as in charge and she just grinded her self on me as I surrendered on my back. She slid down and made her self at home in my pussy and stuck her long tongue deeply into me and I felt hotter. She sucked and kissed my pussy and my clit with mastery. This woman knew exactly who she was and what the hell she was doing. I was in love.
She sucked a screaming orgasm out of my pussy like I was on a mountain top after and miraculous hike with a beautiful view.

I couldn’t believer how hard I came and now we were kissing again. This is a dream it feels so much like a dream. After kissing for some time she placed her hand over my still wet cunt and pressed and I started to race again in my heart and she now inserted two and then three fingers into me and used the palm of her hand to rub against my clit and it grew again.

As she fucked me well her wet lips kept contact with me on my neck and her lips sent shivers down my spine.

I was about to burst again and she climbed on top of me and scissors our legs together and our wet cunts were connected and she road me. She road me and her body began shivering right along with mine and we rocked and rocked out yoni hearts together with our lips locked into ecstasy!

As she came I could feel her wetness gushing out all over me. She screamed so loud I know she must have climbed the same mountain and saw the same view.

We laid and slept to the soft jazz still playing in the back round.

In the morning after coffee and I was about to leave to get home and ready for school. I said to her, “I feel like I know you.” She replied, “You do.” I looked at her with a blank expression on my face. She came to me and kissed me on my forehead. Then it came back to me! It was a dream I thought I had long ago of a time when I was in the woods doing a full moon ritual to the goddess and we two priestesses of passion came together and share in our victory love for the goddess.

“It was not a dream.” She said as if reading my mine. “We were together in a past life as priestesses for the goddess and we loved each other.” I looked at her and remembered more. “You said you would never forget, but this life has taken that memory from you and I found you and gave it back.” She kissed me and whispered, “I honor the goddess in you.”

I left fulfilled and whole.

Goddess Blessings

Installment XVIII: The Full Worm Moon March 2008
Gods of Sex, Goddess of Sensuality

Our gathering happens on the Full Worm Moon every Spring Equinox! We are a group of Gods and Goddesses practicing our birthright of Divine Balance through our Sacred Erotic Spirit! This particular group is of the balance of a very strong goddess with the gods that can handle her. I am with five gods for our full moon ritual.

This goes the other way around at other full moons which brings the balance of god with the right amount of goddesses he would need for balance. I’ve known of men whose energy needed up to 30 women for the balance to be effective. I guess in the ancient times that would be called a harem. Yet these women are not kept by one man this is an honoring ritual to continue the yin/yang balance of the erotic spirit for our blessings to continue on Earth.

I’m working my way up to 30 one day. I laugh to myself sometimes and the amazing power sexual energy plays in our life force. I’m glad that there are those of us that understand this power and can unite it for health and healing.

The moon is full and brilliant and I look forward every year as my energy grows to encompass the increased number of gods for the balance needed in my body spirit.

Every man here has been in service of the goddess for at least ten years and we are all blessed by our divine birthright of prosperity. Some of these men I’ve been with before. Last year I did this ritual with three of them now there are five men. What a magical number for me since it is my Ochun number. My Oresha is Ochun a Yoruba Goddess and I am initiated as one of her daughters. She is the goddess of seduction and hunger for life sex knowledge and power and I have all that as well. Which is why I am a goddess and help keep our world in balance with all the other people that hear her call in our erotic bodies?

We meet in a clearing in the forest deep in the woods. We will sleep in lavish tents prepared for us and there is a lake not far for fun and cleanliness. We will stay here for at least one night. We can choose two or three if any of us want extra time for other rituals or just to retreat. This is our space for our community and we use it well. We have priest and priestess that come up early and set everything up for us food wine etc. They prove their worthiness to the great goddess for the chance to evolve into sacred erotic rituals for healing like these.

I get naked as fast as I can and join my gods at the circle of fire for prayer. We greet and meet and have some food and wine and just become warm and comfortable with each other again.

Since I am the strong element in this particular ritual I begin the prayer to Earth Mother/Father Sky to begin our journey. From that point on nothing else needs be said. We all know what to do and how to ride the wave to do it!

Mother Earth May your body remains strong as you continue to flow creative juices to us!
Father Sky May your vastness penetrates our earth for wholeness.
May those of us that walk and receive the Mother Father Essence stay wet for life and share erotic love for evolution!

We thank all nature elements and universal sky wisdom in our practice of ritualistic sex for balance.

And then I raise my hands to the sky and we all call out HO! Then we all bend forward and form our hands in a prayer position kissing our fingers then touching the earth and raising up once more calling out Ho!

I lie on the earth and gaze up at the sky connecting to it with eyes wide I resist the need to blink and this meditation brings me into my true connection with the universe. My mind no longer has control and I am at one with the space and I am traveling within it as we are one. I am sure my gods are entering into the same meditative space as I am we will soon join. >From there I see my flame of fire rise up from the earth entering into my feet and traveling up my body igniting every charka point. My body is beginning to tingle and my nipples stiffen in response.

I don’t know how long we have been lying here and I really don’t care. Time ceases when we are together and erotic wealth is our focus.

The music and drumming is growing in the back round and the fire growing in the center of our circle I see has added to the flame growing in my body.

I rise to dance as the music calls for it. The rhythms seem to form a union with us all. I move slowly in my own spot as I notice my masculine counterparts doing the same. I can hear each one of them breathing as it feels our heart beats are one. The yin yang flow from giving and receiving just keeps connecting us and connecting us into one jumping rapturous energy!

I can feel the wetness between my legs and I am ready to physically share. I am guided to the body spirit I am led to and I will continue this journey all evening until I am feed fully. My Gods know that they will give to me what I want until they are spent if need be.

The dancing is as erotic as I witness their erections growing like the trees around us.

I will take them each as I want them. I start by going to one and stroking my hands along his gorgeous lean body and make sure he feels the strength in my hands as I take him. His moans tell me he likes what I am doing and I give him my tongue in his mouth. I penetrate his soul with my mouth and tongue and fuck his mouth likes it my yoni. I grab hold of his stiff lingam and stroke and stroke till I feel the dripping from his tip begin. I pull away taking some of his essence with me and move onto my next lover.

I am hungry and they can feel my heat as I am dancing my way to my other lover three of my gods approach me and take hold. I am lifted off the ground and circled around as the music joins in the play. I am flying and the freedom feels awesome!

I am drifted steadily between two men still floating in the air as my pussy is now being fed a cool tongue and sucking action on my clit.

The waves move through me and I see into the night sky and am in space and connected with the universe. As I ride my lovers tongue, with every jerk of pleasure I see others making love throughout the world and our yin yang balance completing. My hunger for more sex increases as the pleasure build up during these rituals only makes me crave for more.

I grab his head and bury his face in my yoni and I feel my tremble explode in his mouth. He sucks my juice out of my pussy and I am gently grounded as I come.

I pull to another and suck his hard cock and drinking his sauce in my mouth. His screams are heard as I soak his dick deeper in my throat. I send him back and rise to my knees and bend over to caress my other god/lover lying on is belly and soon I am feeling the wet tongue of my other god/lover in my ass! Wow what a sensation and I decide that my belly down lover should share in the experience to. I soak my fingers in some wine that’s close by and then I glide my wet finger into his ass slowly at first and then he starts to open up for me and I give him more. By now I notice high ecstasy dancing going on around us as three of us are in union. I am now being entered from behind and my finger in his ass adds to his delight as my pussy is being pushed I am pushing him. I look up and see my other god/lover coming towards me and I smell his vanilla scent as he pours his holy member into my mouth. I have his power rod in my mouth. Another strong one in my pussy and my fingers up an ass and all at once and I see it. I see the brilliant moon growing and glowing as all of us together hear Shvia Shiva Shiva being chanted and my guys explode into me all at once! Oh my God! I am being shifted as their powerful life giving juices enter inside of me now.

All the colors of the rainbow envelop us all! The hues grow brighter in our clearing and it appears to be daylight for a moment. The Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violent radiate around and in us as the wave of excitement doesn’t stop. We are now up and in Ecstasy with the Shiva energy gift that has been shared with us from above and we are in extended orgasm. 

My last god/lover is walking to me and his eyes are fixed on me. What a powerful man he is and his greatness is recognized by all. He lifts me up with strong arms and kisses my face till he finds his home in my mouth. He tastes sweet and smells of sage and he is walking over to the altar with me in hand. My body needs more and he is exactly what the goddess ordered. The mountain of rocks piled high is adorned with fruit and flowers as offerings to our Great Goddess. It is leveled for safety because it is often used as a bed altar. My lover thinks he going to make love to me on this altar and I want him to but first I must command the energy for my psychic cock needs attention.

I bend him over the altar just allowing him to brace his body with his hands and I center my pussy on his butt right at his ass opening. I feel his heat in his ass and I gently push my hips towards his opening and send vibrations of my invisible cock into him. I breathe deeply and feel the pleasure of entering his tight ass and I push harder and deeper into him. He gasps and can feel my penetration into his body and into his soul. He is mine and he has waited all night long and watched my body receive the pleasures of the other god/lovers because he knew that who ever would give me the last strong juices would have the opportunity to receive goddesses at the next high sacred erotic rite.

And I know this man will want at least ten goddesses. And for now I will fuck him because he is my fifth and final jolt for balance.

I am grinding and rocking his hips to meet my in and out stroking of his ass and my right hand is stroking his live member into attention as my other hand is waving for my gold dick.

The priestess rush over with my gel like strong golden dick to represent my psychic penis and I strap it on baby to love my god more. I’m going come in his ass and make him pregnant with my essence! I bend down and open his ass and lick it wet for me. Then I pour more red wine on his ass and then pick up some lavender oil and stroke my gold cock with it. His moans are increasing as I know he wants to explode! I grab his head and say, don’t come my master until I say so. I then push his head away and tend to penetrate that sexy ass of his. My goddess energy is “Tree Goddess” therefore I am in perfect harmony here in the woods and the trees feed me as much as the gods do for power and seduction and I will get what I want and be blessed for it.

I enter him with the golden rod and he loves it. He screams in pleasure and wraps one of his hands around to my hip and pushes me deeper into his lover chamber. I pump and pump on him and ride my baby good. You love it don’t you baby? Yes, he replies! I love it and I love you goddess. Good. I shove my cock in him deeper and I am pleased and my arousal is reaching another level and my pussy juices are growing and I’m going to come hard in his ass. The build up in my body is strong and I push my hips hard and I feel wetness shooting out of my nipples and my milk is flowing and soaking all over my breasts and belly. My other spent gods see this and rush to suck and my tits and this causes more erections for them. My body swells and I yell in delight as it feels that my cunt is being pulled hard and jerked like a dick and I feel the gushing of my juices shooting into my gold dick and out my cock tip and into is ass. The warmth is incredible and we both shout for joy. Every charka point is exploding in orgasm all over my body. Come now for me my master, I say. Give it to the goddess and his erotic moans are heard in the universe as he shoots hard from his divine rod and sprays to whole alter with his offering. The other gods are jerking off and coming all over me and the pulsating vibration continues to send me images of love making happening all over the world at this moment. We are binging yin yang balance into our planet for healing and growth.

I gave it to him good my god lover on the altar and I pull out my dick and he turns to me and looks deeply into my eyes. For a moment I sense the presence of erotic spirits and angels around us and this would not surprise me at all. He looks even deeper as to read my mind. There is a moment of silence then he kisses my lips and looks again.

“I honor the goddess in you.” He says and the other gods repeat the same as I am lifted and carried to the lake for them to bathe me.

They are the Gods of Sex and I am The Goddess of Sensuality and we are one and we are Love!

Goddess Blessings

Installment XVII: The Full Snow Moon February 2008
The Seedling Rite!

I toss and turn in my bed, awakened by the morning glory sun. He’s full and bright on such a cold day you would never believe it was still winter. I slowly open my eyes and remember the coming day and what it is. The full moon and tonight is the seedling rite and I am one of the high holy goddesses to receive the seedling. Wow, I can’t help but feel honored and aroused at the same time. I think about the masked man whose growing rod with juice held for a season will be released inside of my chamber walls tonight. My pussy vibrates at the very thought and I answer her heartbeat with my hand rushing between my legs over my tiny panties and I press. I breathe deeply and insert two fingers inside through my panties and this excites me more. I am so wet and my nipples stand at attention for attention! I move my left hand up to my breasts and I squeeze my nipples and send shivers of passion and delight throughout my body. I quickly turn over and bury deep into my pussy and begin pumping my clit on the palm of the hand inserted in me and then I join my left hand over the right and I grind and pump harder and harder as I give it to myself real good. I’m getting wetter and hotter and the Sun is stroking its heat vibration all over me. It’s as if He knows I’m spreading my legs wide for his heat to penetrate me. The sun’s warmth runs up my legs and through my dripping panties and this heated pleasure takes me over the edge and I moan loud. Oh, oh, oh yes the aching thump in my pussy comes spilling out of me and my body jerks as I orgasm. Yes Goddess! Yes Goddess, I am here! I explode and see the rainbow around me and the glorious sun in peace waiting for his full moon goddess to join the celebration tonight. It seems we’ve just begun and I know all around the community tonight there are several other god/men and goddesses preparing for the night.

The Seedling Rite, I have a lot to do to prepare - I have to get to work.
The Seedling Rite is a very sacred ritual for gods and goddesses. It’s built off the foundation of God/Goddess All That Is. A group of individual souls that carry the vibration of God Is Love!  There are those of us that continue the ritual and walk the path of love because we can channel this love to all. For hundreds of centuries people believed that God/Goddess was love and never really understood how this love enveloped their lives.
God is in us all and highly evolved people that understood that God/Goddess created the world in their image and gave us the keys and laws to work the world for our divine birthright. Have been gifted to continue life and save our world. And the access code to this supernatural blessing is through birth and love. We hold the seedling rights every five years and the holy goddesses will receive the seedling and give birth to other souls that will carry the divine birthright and go on and spread love. They will do this in any form of life they create. Some powerful souls remain in the community and build the foundation of God is Love. Others create more traditional lives with others and all are gifted and spread the divine birthright to all those they come in contact with.
I am a nursing home retreat director. I find ways for the old crone wise people here at my retreat community to enjoy the last months of their lives at my center. I guide and direct the doctors, physical therapist and helpers in the ways of honoring our elders for healing. Our nursing home is a temporary stop for the elder wise person with only a short time left here on Earth. Each person stays as little as a week with us to a maximum of one year. And when they transition they leap on with love. This is my traditional life calling and often if I can get some of the elders some sexual fun, I will. I can often tell passion in the eyes of anyone even if they try to hide it. If I can make a match I will and these two old world lovers would come together and embrace each others bodies and gift it with love. It’s my gift to them and every one of them loves me even more for it. It’s a secret in the retreat that I do this from time to time. But everyone knows about it and would never say anything to me because they see the joy on the old one’s faces and inside their heart after I have brought together old Miss Sally with Fred.
That’s a real goddess blessing.
My day was full and fun and I always love full moon days because it seems everyone is on a different speed mode and a bit more joyous than other times.
I eat very light throughout the day just mostly vegetables and hot tea. I must now do a spiritual bath and prepare my body and spirit for the seedling rite beginning soon. After tonight things will be very different for me. I will be pregnant.
I’m dressed in a thick white robe and my body is moistened with lavender oil. I mark my body with a green line down my heart center to my pubic opening so that my god/man can find me. My makeup is flawless and I look beautiful. I am an extremely beautiful woman.  And often many can just look into my eyes and I can take away pain from others. These kinds of gifts happen to those of us that walk the path of love. We become even more beautiful because love is within and radiates throughout.
My doorbell rings and my chariot await. I am escorted to and from the ritual site because I am one of the high holy goddesses to receive the seedling and after a ritual of this sort there is no driving or any other duties for me to perform for a short time.
The God/Men that will be honoring us with their seedling inside the honored goddesses have gone through a much more intensive process for tonight. They from last season stopped ejaculating from the moment they are called to give their seedling for life. Each god/men will not give there offering to another or even let it drip for a minimum of three months. At that time, they begin fasting on a weekly basis and practicing tantric exercises to strengthen their seed and body so that we goddesses will receive the best they have within to give. This is a very exciting and special time. Each god/goddess that takes part in a ritual like this is only asked three times maximum in a life time to do so and maybe that won’t happen. This is my first time and if I am asked again and able to do so I will. Our community raises all of our divine children together and although the child will know who there mother goddess is. They will not know who the biological father is. This is because all god/men are father to all children and they work to take care of the community with all the other god/men.
This has been the foundation of love way for centuries and it continues to keep our community strong wealthy and full of love and most importantly with lot’s of love to give and share.
As I am guided into the chamber room for the ritual I smell sex all throughout the air. From morning till now priest and priestess have been making love to raise the energy in the room for tonight. It smells so sweat in here and I remember those times that I was one of the priestess sharing myself for the honored ones.
The moans and kissing and all the laughing just brings me joy! I love these people and am so happy to be part of an exciting powerful group. I feel my body responding to what I am seeing around me. One man is pumping is blessed member deeply inside of one woman’s ass. Wow! I haven’t had any butterfly penetration in a long time. Oooh the heat just rushes up through me. I look over to the other side of the room and I see two women stroking and kissing each other all over. She standing tall with legs spread and the other knelt down between her yoni and sliding her tongue up in and out. The groans of pleasure can be heard by all.
One Amazon looking woman on top of a man riding him while he lays in rapture on his back, she is dark with very long red hair falling over her and passing past her rump ass. He is gripping her tight and looks on the verge of giving his gift any moment now. I then see two men wrapped in each others arms and embraced in a lip lock that doesn’t seem like anyone is coming up for air any time soon. I then see two other men in a sixty-nine position enjoying the delights of each others bodies. I see the long hard lingams dripping with pleasure and all the sucking sounds just add to the mystical live music being played in the sacred space.
I am guided to a circle where others are standing and there is a huge caldron with honey wine and special herbs that have been especially prepared for us tonight.
All the god/men are on the inside of the circle with masks on and facing us. All goddesses are wearing white thick robes and colorfully made up. We are not masked and we are proud of our time at the sacred seedling rite, for we are the mother goddesses that will bring forth the next generation of divine children to continue the spread of love.
The drumming begins and The High Priest and Priestess step forward and walk up high onto a platform to be seen by all. The sexual unions stop and respect is given.
The High Goddess Priestess Speaks. Bless you my divine ones! We are here to create a most powerful loving life force that has blessed us in our lives. We are here to give the same blessing for the next generation. I am honored to speak on behalf of our sacred god/goddess consciousness. My pussy has born three lives this lifetime and I bless the sacred bodies of these women.
The High Goddess Priestess then out stretches her wand and acknowledges each holy goddess in the sacred circle.
The High Priest Speaks. My warriors of love, may your tree shaft find the home of the warm womb you select to be of greatest pleasure for you tonight. May you penetrate deeply and send your seedling far into her body so that her eyes will change color and you will know her always as your sacred whore. I charge you with the right of passage to send your seedling into the goddess woman tonight for the life given from your body will create life for us all!
The High Priest then breaks his shaft wand to show the strength and power of our men.
The music begins.
Dancing ensues by the sexual starters from earlier and the high priest and priestess feed us a cup of wine from the caldron. The High Priestess feeds the god/men their drink and The High Priest feeds us goddesses. Once we have had our drink we are then crowned by the priestess. She comes to each man and woman and presses onto our forehead a charcoal dot and then makes a circle. This symbolizes the ongoing of life within us all. Everyone receives this mark in the sacred circle. There are 24 of us in the rite because there are 12 months in the year so we are 12 men and 12 women for balance.
The High Priest Claps is hands three times and calls out to the Full Moon.
Great Goddess please hear us and honor us with your light. We are the bearers of love and we send this love out to you and to the earth. The life that is created here tonight will evolve higher and bring balance into our earthly and sky relationship.
I start to feel dreamy in my mind and I know it’s because of the honey wine I was fed; it is prepared as an aphrodisiac to add more pleasure to our bodies. I love the feelings that are coming over my body.
The chanting and the music seem to be getting louder and louder and the men are walking clockwise in a circle. We women begin to dance and remove our robes revealing our lavender scented bodies and marked skin. From my heart center down to my yoni a thick dark green line is drawn and the god/men must find the color marked on the goddess to know who they are crowned to be with.
He places his strong hands on my shoulders and I look up and notice his white skin against my dark earth tone body. He has the green goddess mark too and we embrace. Although is mask remains on I know this warrior god. I have felt him before and am thankful that the high priest and priestess chose him to be my seedling lover. Goddess is good!
We cannot step outside of the sacred circle that’s been drawn and now the sexual dancers stop to honor the ritual and watch the holy unions that are about to take place.
The music chanting and singing goes on in support of the arousal that’s building up. My lover brings me more honey wine and we drink and feed each other with wet honey soaked lips. My heart leaps in delight and my yoni cries for him to be in me now. I can feel his growing member feeling the same way and his arms embrace me fully. We kiss and kiss and feel the warmth and strength of each others bodies as he lays me down on my thick soft white robe which now is made into a bed altar chamber. He slides is hard cock over my belly and thighs so that I am aware of his desire. He slides between my legs and lifts them high and buries his face deeply into my love land. His tongue is deep in me and his mask is soft and sending extra shivers of excitement up my body. He lifts me a little more and sticks his tongue into my ass and softens me there too. I open my mouth wide in pleasure and am so thankful for the sensations. I open my arms to open my heart and I see all the colors of the charkas spinning and I feel close to god.
The love making sounds around the room become intense as you can hear screams of orgasm and ejaculation coming from others! The smells shift in the room from lavender to myrrh and sandalwood.
The musk and sage scents are the cleansing scents that are burned as new life is being created.
He pulls me up to him and I kiss his chest and make my way to his love rod. I stroke it with my hand to get a good feel of this thick cock about to enter me and bring us joy. I smell his dick and he smells of me. I love it and continue to spread my mouth as wide as I can get it to cover him fully. I deeply suck him and I hear his moans and he enjoys the kisses I am giving him. Yes, yes he responds and I then slide my hand under him between his thighs and I wet them in the honey wine to moisten my fingers and I then slide my middle finger up his ass. He opens more for me and I glide my finger in and out of his hot ass and his dick grows more. I suck it harder and I don’t think I can take his dick growing larger but I will do my best for the ritual. That’s the least I can do.
 I suck him good and take his balls into my mouth as well and then spread his ass cheeks wide so he can feel my grip on him and kiss him up his chest to his lips. We kiss long and deep.
I lay him back and climb onto him and slide my wet pussy patiently waiting on his tower. Slowly pushing on as I get wetter I push deeper and the pangs of his dick vibrate through me. Oh…I am on him all the way and we thrust and he opens his eyes and I know him. I know I know this man, my warrior. I loved him before and we rock each other hard and hold on tight. Oh my god! Fuck me fuck me I say out loud as I hit his chest. I don’t know what’s coming over me except the orgasm of a lifetime.
He grabs hold of my ass and squeeze and he then glides his hand up my back and over to the front of my chest to my breasts and rubs my breast and squeezes my nipples I get wetter and he feels me. He squeezes more and penetrates me deeper and he is groaning loud and saying baby, yes baby. It’s all for you! It’s all for you Goddess! And God….he screams and pumps me faster and throws his arms back in spasms of pleasure and his seedling fills me as I gush into orgasm on top of his dripping fucking cock all for me! All for me and the life we’ve just created! I can’t stop yelling and jerking my body and we grab hold of each other and continue coming  and coming and giving and holding and kissing and loving and whew!  Life is inside me.

Happy Full Moon and Goddess Blessings

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Installment XVI: The Wolf Moon January 2008
Desiderata: Her Kiss
A Full Moon Erotica first – an inspired offering
written by an anonymous reader and fan
I dream
to kiss your sweet soft lips,
to press them into mine......

To bruise/to crush and half-surpise you/
draw your tongue deep down my throat
and feel you draw back/
wonder/if I can be trusted
to hurt to feed too deep too well


Pray pray the same/I pray/
I pray the same/I hope the same/
I hope/
I back off/press/
I press on/
press my tongue/
I run my tongue/my teeth/
along your neck
you shiver/
want to fuck you/ want to fuck you/want to/
lick your ass/
and fuck the depth
of all that's held/within the depths/within the depths/within the depths/
within your
open naked

Inside/and heat/
our lips/our tongues dance/
Now I'm freed/
and we must dare
to yield/to be/
to be the pain/joy/hopes/the fears/
within/the shadows of our tears/
the grace we fool ourselves to seek
to save
open naked hearts

feel you
open/feel me
open/feel you
against me/
sucking/laughing/diving/lick and smile/falling/flying/screaming/driving
deeper in to sin/
so blessed
open naked heart

Fuck me hurt and well and love me
even though the truth may kill me
Whip me/tie me/flip me/fly me
Fuck me with your mouth or/
right in the ass/
fuck me/
and down/
around the town/
fuck me/fuck me in the heart and love me/
fuck me back/I
fuck you back/our mouths/our mouths/
I fuck you back/us fuck we back/
I want to feel/to fuck/I want/to fuck/I want/
to feel your mouth
and know/
I/couldn't/kiss/you deeply-deep enough/

Heart/heart/heart/my heart/my balls/your heart/
can't get
much deeper/

I know/I feel/I know/I feel your hands/
my skin/
our bodies/touching/
now I
know/I feel/I know/I
within me/
Feel you/in me now
and rising/

I know now/
you want my cock

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Installment XV: The Cold Moon December 2007
Erotic Enlightenment

I have the wisdom of all ages inside my bones
and these bones send vibrations of all existence of life
to you earthly beings.

 May my orgasm send healing to those that desire it!

~ The Goddess

 Listen carefully! 

I am the first and the last. I am the earth and the sky.
I bring all of your thoughts into reality and therefore
I grant you with the spirit of creation.

All the yonis on the earth plane swell
in joyous union of me! I lift up the cocks for hard pleasure
of the women that allow them to penetrate deeply for the life energy it exudes.

All life regardless of sexual orientation is gifted with free will
and therefore is afforded with the benefits of Divine Blessing
to manifest genital sexual delights and is compelled
to please those that it honors with their personal body.

You are born to release the orgasmic consciousness of life
through your bodies. I am here to send to you the knowledge of this power.

Every joyous explosion of your bodies in union with another,
brings longer healthy lives on the earth plane, you call home.

Every shared community that brings others to a
higher place of living has healed another part of the planet.

Every choice of sexual union made in the name
and the honor of The Goddess brings her consciousness alive!

Therefore go, and gather amongst you, all people that love
for the sake of loving, and being powerful enough to show
their potential to love unconditionally.

I grant you with the understanding of erotic enlightenment.
Follow these tenets and all life will be forever orgasmic!

Goddess Blessings!

Happy Full Moon and Happy New Year!

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Full Moon Erotica The Beaver Moon November 2007*:
Morning Moon Blessing

I wake up and I feel my hardon strong. My cock is extra stiff this morning and I realize it must be the morning moon energy flowing into my body. I breathe deeply into my body and scan myself slowly I begin to feel every sensation gently tingling through out every portal of pleasure in my skin.

I turn and look out the window closet to my bed and I see the new day sky crawling up high and breaking through the darkness as the full moon morning energy is still glowing not going anywhere without a fight.

I begin to ache for my goddess lying next to me. I dream of her often even though we love and live together. I am her God and she is my Goddess and we honor each other through our bodies every full moon with ceremonial sex. I know we are supposed to wait until tonight to do the ritual but I am so hard now and beginning to drip out of my lingam that I really don’t think I can wait to be in between my goddesses chocolate thighs.

I turn my queen over while she is still asleep and I start to nibble on her hot nipples all the while climbing between her strong chocolate thighs. I need to be inside of my goddess now!

I feel my man pulling me to him. Turning me over and sucking on my erect hot nipples. Oh my god, I love it when he takes me this way so early in the morning. I just get wetter whenever he surprises me with a taste. His body weight adds to the deepening of pleasure when he is in my yoni. I love my king and desire his juices in me. And I notice that his love rod feels extra bouncy strong and wet today. I know he gets like this most of the time during the full moon. I open my eyes and smile as I see him crawling between my thighs and beginning his quest for our union.

Then I confirm two things as I turn and look out the window: It’s the full moon today and we should wait until our ceremonial sex ritual tonight before we have sex and fuck each other hard. And one more thing. I have to pee.

Honey, I say. “It’s the full moon we should wait until tonight to have sex with our full moon ritual. Also baby, I have to go pee.” I look up at my lover, my queen, my goddess and I climb up to her face and I say, “Good morning my goddess, this is our ritual.” And I kiss her lips and go back down her body to be fed. I need to smell her pussy and taste my baby’s juices, so then I bury my face into her temple and I lick and suck that energized pussy and those pussy lips. “Baby” I say to my god, my man, my lover, my king. “I have to pee.” I start to feel the depth of his tongue in my pussy and I open my legs wider and he sinks deeper into my canal.

Oh boy, I’m thinking to myself - he’s going to get more than he asked for today.

After getting my fill of my goddess’s yoni I move down to her lovely feet and I kiss each one gently and I say, “Blessed are thy feet.” I move to her knees and say the same and to her box again and kiss her clit and say “Blessed is thy sex.” And then I move up to her heart and kiss her there and say the same and as I move to her lips I look at her for a moment and I realize something, so I say, “Now I know what Black Beauty looks like first thing in the morning.” And I suck on both of her lips and taste her tongue. Then I finish with “Blessed are thy lips.” My cock is so hard now I must go deep into my queen. I slide my rod into her holy place and I say “I need to be in you sweetie. You know how I get every full moon. And I am sure The Goddess will bless us both.”

“But baby” I say to my god, my king. “I still have to pee and I feel like I’m going to come soon too.” “Oooooooh baby….you know what happens next don’t you?” I laugh gently in her ear while I slide down to her neck and start to nibble there and soon get to suck her neck hard as we pump faster and faster and harder. I pull my goddesses hips up so I can pump faster and I know she has to pee and I want to come and feel her come and pee on me. I want it all! I want it all! I love when all of our juices mix together.

I know my goddess is going to give it to me soon. And I can’t wait for her juice to shoot into the tip of my dick. The energy she gives me is strength and love and I feel her essence in me long after we make love.

I feel her walls squeezing my dick. I look at her face and into her eyes and I see passion and lust coming from my queen and I push deeper into her.

I told him I have to pee I’m thinking to myself and now the pleasure sensations along with the deep penetrations I am getting make me hot and ready to shoot my cunt juice right into him. I am going to give him so much of me he will smell like me until the next full moon.  My pussy is so juicy and my heart is pounding with love and desire.

My goddess locks her legs around me and I can’t hold on any more. I shoot in my queen and fill her with my joy. I ask my queen as I am coming in her, can I come in her again. I love you my goddess, I love you and I feel her chocolate thighs grip me tighter and I pump faster.

I say to my king “I give you my love, my god and all my juices.” I whisper into his ear and repeat over and over. “I love you and I bless you with my love.” My pussy is getting tighter while his big cock is in me.

I feel her extra tight temple and I know she is about to pee or come all over me. I slow down a little and let her relax her pussy muscles a bit. Then I start pumping faster and she says to me, “baby I got to pee.” I suck harder on her neck and I feel I am close again to coming with and in her. I look down at her and take her mouth into mine and thin I feel her starting to pee and we both moan and I really start fucking that hot wet pussy. I am coming in her now and we are moaning into each others mouths while she is coming and peeing all over me!


We look at each other as we lay in our love and our juices.

I say to my man, I honor the God in you.

I say to my woman, I honor the Goddess in you.

After a while we get up and shower together.

We spend most of the shower kissing and holding each other and my goddess jumps out of the shower when she sees my love rod growing large again.

I see my lover's cock starting to grow large again so I jump out of the shower and say to him and his cock: I will see you tonight for another ceremonial sex ritual. He laughs and says for sure baby. I’m there.

Goddess Blessings!

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Full Moon Erotica The Hunters Moon October 2007
Birthday Blessing Bash!

It was my birthday and I always enjoyed this time of year and that my birthday was in the fall season. And this time my birthday fell on the full moon. How grateful I was that in the beginning of a new seven year cycle of years that I would also have the gift of abundant energy flowing from great goddess this full moon. It is believed that every seven years there is a growth of spiritual physical and metal evolution. From the age of 7 years to 14 to 21 to 28 and so on every single seven year is the start of a more powerful and wiser you. This was the beginning of another level of 7 year path for me and also it was known as my Mother Goddess phase because of my age.

I wasn’t sure where my man and my friends were taking me for my birthday but I was assured I would love every minute of my celebration.

I had to be ready by 12 noon because my girlfriends were first taking me for a manicure and pedicure. I was promptly ready and wow when we got there it was spectacular. The Nail Plus Pleasure Zone, it was called. We were greeted with mimosas at the door and we had to go into a room to undress and then we were all escorted into a larger room of half dressed men tending to the needs of women. Manicures and pedicures were not the only service that was being provided. What a place. These men were handsome strong gentle and polite. We were tended to and their skills of nails and color were genuine. During the three hours of pampering and gentle massage along with my fabulous nails, the men would do a 10 minute on the hour erotic dance. They all took turns with Three to four men dancing at a time. As long as every woman in the place still had the company of a man at her side there could be more of them dancing. The sweet smell of the incense captured my mood and helped along my erotic journey as they danced. Pulling of the little clothes they had on we were gifted with tight asses and large dangling balls and cocks for pleasing eyes to enjoy!  I felt elated in this experience and I loved looking and a nude man. Men are so beautiful at what ever shape and if men were aware of their true gift to women that the heart of a loving man is sexy, then all would be wonderful in the world. And my man is one who knows that the heart keeps the dick stiff and sexy, and what a gift he is. I almost wished he was here so these other women could be blessed by his presence as well. Oh well their loss and my gain. He was mine and I loved the feeling of that. These beautiful men traveled across the room and allowed each woman to gently stroke them and have the feel of delight and the taste of erotic touch.

After our afternoon at the “Nail Plus Pleasure Zone” we rolled out to another secret location and the girls wouldn’t tell me where we were going then either.

I was having so much fun and because I am so close with my friends and man they really and truly know me so I know I am safe and will have my desires met. These people really showed their love for me and I always did the same with them. God/Goddess is good in the knowledge and art of love through spirit I have wisdom of true spiritual love and can share that with others.

We pulled up to an old Victorian house and I wondered what could be going on here. As we approached the door an older woman opened it and said, “Oh happy to see you my dear, I have been waiting for you.” She reached for my hand and we all walked in. I was becoming confused but I felt safe and just shifted my confusion to excitement.

We walked into a large room filled with plants flowers music and a circle in the middle of the floor was drawn. A large circle and there were red candles on the edges of the circle and they were all lit. 

“This is your Birthday Blessing, my dear goddess.” Announced the lady as she guided me into the circle and pointed towards the small stool in the center. “Here stand on this stool.” I did as she requested and I noticed my girlfriends circling around me inside the circle now.

My best girlfriend spoke first. “We are here to honor your birthday and the beginning of a new seven year cycle. She continued, we honor the goddess in you and in taking part in this ritual with you we will enhance your energy field so that these next years of your life, will give you greater growth and wisdom, because you are truly a healing goddess to us all.” She stated.

And with that, the music became louder in the room, sounds of chants and jazz played along and it sent a vibration of smoothness to the sacred space. The women all removed their clothing and threw them out of the circle. Another burnt sage and smoked over the entire space.

They began calling my earth name over and over again and moving in a semi circle and back again over and over. Their body’s silhouette danced off the walls from the lit candles and I swore I could see others in the room when I looked up.

Naked bodies looked beautiful to me and I knew the honor in their dance for me was powerful. I felt the power building up in me and I wished I could be naked too.

As they danced in honor of my birth I began to go into a trance riding the waves of the music and the building of the warmth being created. Then one of them came over to me and blindfolded me and soon I felt hands on my feet legs and back and I was lifted off the stool that I was standing on and now being carried off. I could tell these were the arms and hands of men. Only strong men could steady themselves to lift and carry a person gently as if lying in a hammock. 

I was not scarred, just excited and desiring to know what was to come next.

As they laid me down I was floating on something and it moved. I could not tell what it was and then I just felt hands all over my body, removing one piece of clothing at a time. It felt like a river underneath me and I heard laughter all around and people enjoying their own experiences.

Soon I was naked and I still couldn’t tell what was rolling all over me. My body just joined in the movement as an exercise of trust and tantalizing fulfillment as I was rolled and stroked. Completely blindfolded and willing. Soon one by one someone would come to me and give me a massage on one part of my body. Then another person would come to me and continue where the other left off. I relaxed and enjoyed the different sensations of pleasure as each touch was a mystery to me yet brought with it a healing and erotic joy.

At this point while my face was being caressed I felt wetness between my thighs and I soon felt the warmth of lips sucking into me. I reached quickly up because I wanted to share myself this special evening with my man, my king, so I stretched my hands and said, “Stop!” The giver reached for my hand and began rolling up onto my body and I knew instantly who it was. “It’s me baby, don’t worry, he said, I am here to give you my juices, so that you can let me drink from your yoni for a while.” And I opened my mouth surprised and he stuck his tongue right into me. And we kissed and he slid his hard lingam into my warm thighs and just rocked on my body getting him-self harder and harder. My lover, my king was here and we could share in this special moment now!

What a gift this would be to share this in front of everyone in the room.

I couldn’t see a thing and because of that all of my other senses were at attention. My hearing, my taste buds and sense of smell were so much richer just because my eyesight was covered.

I was enjoying myself as our bodies floated on the ocean bed created beneath us. He lifted himself from me and soon I felt his cock dripping into my open mouth and he then gently slid his proud member into my waiting mouth. He then rolled down onto me and stuck his head between my thighs and continued what he started and we both sucked and drank each others juices into our essence. I felt as if I was floating into the air. Everything felt like a dream. All I could see in my vision was colors of red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. It seemed to envelop itself all around in my atmosphere.

I could hear the ecstasies of others making love and dancing all around. I could even feel their bodies bumping into ours as our love making grew. His dick was deeply penetrating my soul and I wanted nothing else but to fill my mouth with his silky come. My moaning became louder and I felt the mood around me change as I heard others moan even louder.

I also heard lot’s of laughter and frolicking about.

Soon we were pulled apart and I was lifted to a standing position and then I felt hot oil being poured all over the both of us. I heard my king laugh and his laughter penetrated my body and I jumped from it. Everything felt ten times louder and deeper into my mind because of the loss of sight. My man saw my reaction and then removed my blindfold and I just looked into his deep brown eyes for a long time. He kissed me again and then hands were all over us rubbing the warm oil into our naked bodies and I felt the movement of the floor beneath me and then I noticed what it was.

Balloons! Hundreds of balloons filled the floor and up the walls all colors of the spectrum and just like my vision.

Helium balloons, regular balloons, tons of them all over and everyone in the room rubbed with oil on their bodies was joining in the fun of running through the balloons and sliding up and rocking on them.

Everyone seemed to be transported back in time to when we were all children and enjoying the fun and games of balloons. And this time we were all adults enjoying the joys and touch of erotic play with these same balloons. The laughing and playing was a wonder for me to see. Hundreds of balloons! I wondered to myself who blew these up! And where did they get the time to have all of this done. I look around the room in amazement at this space created for a birthday bash, and I felt blessed that this was all for me.

My man turned me to him again and said, “Come on.” And he grabbed my hand and we ran through a huge pile of balloons and we pushed them out from us and we ran through a crowed cheering us on! He picked me up in the air and I wrapped my legs around him. He swung me around and he fell into a huge pile of balloons and as a bunch popped, I screamed with excitement and fun.

Balloons were being thrown up and around and different games were being played with them. Some were popping them between there naked bodies. Some were sitting on them in a race back from childhood, to see who could pop ten balloons first. And some were savoring the pleasure and rubbing each other on their genitals for arousal.

Wow, what a sight of fun and delight, I thought.

More and more oil was poured on us and others for fun with the balloons and soon it began. Everyone started to pop and pop the balloons and soon the sound rose like a symphony as the popping formed a melody with each persons pop!

We began dancing to the blowing up of the balloons and yelling from the shear shock of each sound that escalated from it.

The joy and laughter the balloons extravaganza created elevated everyone to a zone of freedom and erotic bliss. Jumping and dancing and just moving in what ever direction you felt pulled, was so much fun.

We continued our joyous celebration with food and cake. Everyone full from the food, and spent from the night’s full moon activities.

There was no ejaculation in the normal sense. Yet everyone in that room had an orgasm from the erotic play with the balloons and each other in celebration of a life. And that is the life of a beloved goddess.

I was blessed.

We spent that night there at this beautiful Victorian home. Friends leave at different times with memories of enjoyment and our hostess at ease with us in her beautiful home offering more food and drink for our pleasure and relaxation.

She knows the blessing of having an event and ritual like this in her home.

The next night and for several nights after that I was blessed with personal pleasures even I can’t share until the next full moon.

Goddess Blessings...


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Full Moon Erotica The Harvest Moon September 2007*:
The Call of the Goddess

I wake up this morning feeling the pulling of my yoni for intense pleasure.  She is directing me you hear!  My pussy is directing me to please her and please her deeply.  I am feeling the ache so fiercely that I am a bit dizzy in my head.  I rise out of my bed to stretch and wash my face and I look up and see the calendar on the wall and there it is in a big bold print. The Full Moon!  Shit I should have known that’s why I am feeling this way. This happens every full moon. It’s a powerful time for all of us and especially for women. It’s like having our monthly period when we release our dissolved eggs if we are not pregnant. However this energy is quite different.  We get pain in our pussy for pleasure. We are not releasing eggs during our full moon cycle.  We are receiving seeds of life and wisdom through the sexual vibration. That is why we ache in our pussies for deep penetrating pleasure. 

And we will have pleasure in many ways during this time.  Every woman feels this heat coming from her body and even if she never let’s on about her erotic plight.  Believe me we all go through it.

 The first thing I have to do before I can even go on with my morning is I must masturbate!  I start with pressing on my clit and circling my left nipple and getting both very hard. As I become wetter I push my fingers inside of myself one and then two.  I am becoming happy. I squeeze my nipple harder and then I am breathing loud and seeing all the wonderful colors of life in my minds eye! The beautiful red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet!  They all join me in my quickie rapture for the moment. For I know that this is just the beginning of me feeding my yoni and soothing the cunt beast inside of me!  I open my legs wider and spread them across the bed.  I push my fingers in deeper and rub my swollen clit with the palm of my hand. Ooooh….this feels good.  I think to myself how much I need to be fucked right now. I am loving my sexy beautiful body and all the delights of masturbating.  I then turn over and with great focus and force I then push my hips up and down and join my other hand with the one already in my cunt and I rock my body to pure pumping pleasure!  And I fucking come!  Whew!  Halleluiah!  I rest for a moment and I smell my hand that was inside of me and I smell of lavender and rose.  I am Goddess!

My cunt rests and is silent for the time being. 

All women need to allow themselves this full moon opening. We are gifted during the full moon to receive the blessings of great goddess mother. Through our sexual vibration we channel the most power. So during the full moon we should build our sexual vibration so that we can receive the wisdom of the goddess during this most powerful time.  We are instinctively tuned in because the full moon goddess calls to us women through our aching yonies.

Those of us that hear the Goddess - hear me now.

Those of us that are in relationships can really build up quite quickly. Do all sorts of fun sexual things with your partner and get off as much as you can during this time.

You’ll notice your mind becomes clearer. Your health improves and all of your energy and those around you will improve as well, and be blessed.

And other women may check to see if they have any loving friends that can be a gift to them. Someone who is safe and trustworthy.

It’s best to share yourself when you are as horny as you can be and the aching in your yoni is so loud it sounds like a drum beat in your heart.

I decided to go right to his job. That’s right his J.O.B. and take him right there in his own store. I walked into his eyeglass store/optometry office as he was helping a customer. He looked at me happy and surprised because I don’t often have the time to drop by and say hello. Well…you know why I was there. I was there for more than a hello! I waited patiently while he fixed his patient with new glasses and answered questions to help her with her new contacts as well. Then when she was happy and paid she left and there was no one else in the store.

I walked up to him and he opened his arms wide to embrace me and I kissed him forcefully and told him to take me into the back room and give it to me.

"Girl," my man looked at me and said, "It must be the Full Moon again, you always get like this on the full moon and I get the best pussy from you then."

He grabbed my hand and we ran into the back optometrist office.  He said to me. “We must hurry baby, my next appointment is in 15 minutes and I sure hope no one walks in right now.” He threw me over the patient chair and lifted my ass into the air as he pulled up my skirt. Oh yea, I am wearing a skirt with no underwear. Did I mention that! Any way he begins kissing my ass and tells me how much he loves me and loves when I surprise him this way. He stands tall and drops his pants and pulls out his hard long cock dripping to be inside of me. He slides it into my pussy and just so gently glides in and out and in and out. Not to deep yet. Just enough to get me wetter than I already am.

Then he plunges deep inside and we both yell from shear pleasure of the pangs shooting between us both and I open my eyes to see the bright light of the Sun God pouring into the store and illuminating everything around and in it.

My body arches to receive him fully and we rock hard on the patient chair. My body feels great and I am crowning inside my pussy because I am about to come to a glorious outburst of orgasm. He then says to me….my goddess my love is all for you and I will give it to you now!  “Give it to me now.” I demand…give it, give it.”  And together we break free of our confinements and give each other the gift of erotic abundance and juice.

Ah….goddess blessings for sure.

We clean ourselves up, laugh and talk about the chance we take if some one was to walk in. And as we walk out of the doctor’s office, my man grabs my arm and says to me.


I say...”Baby we’ll hopefully do it again in some way - next full moon.”

I leave with a smile - and a calm cunt.

Goddess Blessings!

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Full Moon Erotica The Sturgeon Moon August 2007:
The Law of Sex

There is a balance in nature and there is balance in us!

As we move through life and learning to live in love.
Let us not forget that spiritual laws govern the universe and guides those of us
that listen to spirit into wisdom and the beauty of life.

 For the choices we make will make us!

Here is the most important lesson you will ever learn.
The most important law that will and can
bring ultimate joy into your life as you learn to work it!

That is the Law of Sex!

First is knowing and faith. You will learn this law and have the consciousness
to create from this law because Knowledge is Power.

Knowing and Faith

Sexual energy is a life force energy that permeates throughout every living being and living consciousness. That means all living creatures thrive in sexual energy and can feel and have sensations because of this sexual vibration.

Primal sexual energy is in our genitals….You will notice as you read this, that your body will respond to these words and you will experience pleasure because you are a living sexual spirit and every waking cell inside of you knows that it thrives on genital primal sexual union. Our pussies and dicks are wands of energy generating huge amounts of warmth and hardness in order to travel to distant places inside of our bodies. As the energy force increases inside it move along our spine and we then tap into a deep place in our hearts that then sends the signal back into our throbbing cocks and dripping pussy for union! I feel it throbbing inside of me as I share this with you. I know you feel the connection too. It’s all over us and everywhere around us. The strength in your beating heart brings more ecstasy in your genitals and then you are able to transmit this power towards your goal of sharing creating and honor.

Know that when you grab hold of your loins and meditate on bringing forth the orgasm…know that your orgasm has purpose.

That purpose is to live and love. Your orgasm causes you to connect deeper to life and live a joyful state of rapture every time you express it. Orgasm is a gift that continues to breathe in our auras long after the pounding spasms have ended.

Attraction and Reward

Now the wonderful vibe of our sexual energy is that it is the exact energy we use for everything. It is the career choice or job we have. It is the friends we choose. It is our hobbies and desires, it is where we live. We draw to us and are drawn to that which we are and attract. We have the choice to decide whether or not we want that kind of vibe in our energy field any longer.

And the most powerful attraction and reward experience is the lover. This choice for the one you will honor with your body is and will be your biggest teacher. How ever many lovers we have in our lifetime. Each and every one of them will have a place in our hearts and body spirit. We will always be one.

Choose the one you want to love with your body and consciousness with respect and desire for more than just to enter them. Choose because you understand the Law of Sex! You now can use this knowledge to create a wonderful and blessed erotic memory that will capture your heart and evolve into joys for others.

In the erotic cycles of life, we live a personal chaos because we do not yet know how to work this function for the purpose of actual evolution.  We feel in our lives that things get out of hand from time to time, and that is true. Yet this is for our time to use the sexual vibe in our bodies to break negative cycles and decrease the time they have in our space environment. This chaos is not permanent. They rise and fall into peaceful balance and we receive the opportunity to grow in faith and understanding because of this seemingly roller coaster ride. In sexual play this chaos is played out in every aspect of our life. Yet when we fix one area of our life the others seem harder to heal.  We may then start to feel overwhelmed with life. However it is in the sexual graphic act that we can heal the other areas of our lives when we make love~ actual intercourse with another.

This is simply because our energy field is a sexual vibration that can simultaneously balance itself within and without and we can then evolve into the strength and wisdom to live joyfully and no longer will have long suffering.

Next ~

Just do it ~

Remember the more good sex we have the more good sex we want.
That is so that we continue to desire life. Sex is Life.

The Law of Sex is for life.

The actual amount of sexual intercourse we have in our lives will balance over time. That is not the issue. It is the consciousness of honor in sexual erotic graphic tight gripping sweating sex that can be the most powerful loving growth expanding life long and loving time of your life!

Just do it ~


“No matter what we feel or know,
No matter what our potential gifts or talents,
Only action brings them to life.
Those of us who only think we understand concepts,
such as commitment, courage, and love,
One day discover that we only know when we act;
Doing becomes understanding.” 

~ Dan Millman

I was on my way to work one early morning and feeling a bit rushed. As I drove down the busy streets of Manhattan I couldn’t help but think of a long time friend of mine that I have not seen for some time. We have spoken with half hearted promises to meet up and catch up on old times but neither of us kept our commitment.

I called him.

He picks up.

Hi, I say, excited to hear his voice.

I don’t believe this, I was just this very moment thinking about you! He responds.

We talk briefly and I feel happy. He asks me to lunch and I accept.

It’s been two years since I’ve seen my lovely friend and as we step towards each other with eye contact we feel the peace of being in each others space and we both wonder to ourselves why did it take us so long to choose to get together.

Over lunch he tells me of his troubles at work and how things have not been looking good in the financial community. He tells me of some issues he’s had with his body and how he is now starting to feel much better. His eyes sparkle while he speaks his woes and I see such light and power in him.

I tell him how powerful he looks to me and that I know everything will turn around because that is the law and a promise is a promise kept by the universe. I tell him that he must stay focused because what ever will need to be done to change things at his business will come to him soon and he will just do it and all will work out! I know it because the same was happening in my life as well.

He smiles and leans towards me and kisses my left side neck….slow and gentle with a pressure that left my neck knowing he was there.


How much time do you have left? He asks, as he strokes my face. I look at my watch and quickly decide if I want him inside of me with everything going on. Or can we release each other from this long suffering that we are both going through at this time.

I look in his eyes, he is very focused and waiting.

I say to him…I have one hour…let’s go back to my office.

He pays the check we run for a taxi.

Not much time left and yet we know it will serve. Love Passion Desire Respect. We can do this…oh yea…we will.

As soon as we are in my office the kissing starts and the eye gazing grows more involved. I can see his feelings in his eyes and he can see mine. We hold each other for a while and it has been to long since we have been in each others arms.

Kissing and undressing and moving to the carpeted floor of my private office are all we could work up for now. The couch in my office is way too small for what we have in mind. We lay on the soft rug and kiss all over and I feel his tongue floating all over my hard nipples and ready body, My wetness is joining his sweating body and he grips my legs open and has his dessert.

My body trembles as I feel glorious and the moans of his delight send me to scream in rapture as I orgasm and spill my juices all over his mouth that is now drinking me.

He climbs over on top of me and kisses me full mouth and then says to me. I already feel lifted by you. I hope with the heaviness I’ve been feeling inside of myself that you don’t get it. I told him, that we are releasing the heavy negative feelings through the passion of sex that we are creating together.

Then I told him to turn over and I proceeded to lick him all over and suck is strong wet cock in my mouth and began a wonderful prayer in my heart of thanksgiving for being able to be in his embrace at this moment. I’m so glad I listened and called him.

I began rocking my wet yoni on top of his lingam and he road that with me for a while as he stroked my body. Then he lifted me up and slid me back onto his stiff wand.

Oh…yes….thick long hard and penetrating me. I can feel him all over me not just in my pussy. Our eyes are locked and the stroking is in perfect harmony. 

Love Passion Desire Respect

I held him down and took control of the stroking for a time and slid my clit up on his dick and I maintained the stroking for my pussy. My grinding caused me to sweat more and he held my ass in place so he could go deeper inside of my body. My second orgasm made him want to come right along with me as I hollered yes!

He lifted me once again and turned me down on the soft floor and kissed my neck and back. As he obviously had to calm himself from filling me all up inside!

He then entered my pussy from behind and took control of the stroking with two deep thrusts and three shallow thrusts. Then deeper for longer and three shallow and the sweat just pouring off of his body dripping all over my wet soft skin. The smell of us together just lingered in the air. What a wonderful scent. Stroking and stroking and I begin to ride his warrior inside of me with hips rising to greet him in pleasure. His moans grow…my joys increase…oh…oh…oh…he says. His trembling body sends a message traveling right along with him as he screams and comes inside of me. Filling me up with his juices and jerking spastically all over but never losing his grip inside of me. I feel lightness and joy within and I hope he feels the same.

He lays on me for a bit and then smoothly pulls out of my body. We turn to each other and we both say thank you and kiss. We lay for a while just stroking and holding and feeling the peace. We rise and thankfully can shower. My office has a full bathroom. We wash each other and dry each other off. Our time together is almost over yet, the spirit will live on.

He runs out of my office both of us running just a bit late.

That night he calls and we both honor each other, not just by thanking each other for our time shared, but by being able to use this wonderful passionate positive energy to break a negative cycle.

Which we both did, and we made plans for dinner this Saturday. 

The Law of Sex!

Lesson Over….
Goddess Blessings

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Full Moon Erotica The Buck Moon July 2007:

It was dark. Very dark, so dark in fact I had a hard time seeing my way up the stairs.  My only guide was the moon. The Buck Moon, silver and blue light, streaming through the windows and walking across the floor as to guide my every step, as I carefully make my way to my goddess.

Why won’t she let me see my surroundings? I asked myself. Why the secrecy or is it mystery?

I had received a message by a secret letter taped to my front door. A knocking sound alerted me and the note said, that I had been allowed an opportunity for me to be “given” to the goddess. To be able to receive her blessings through a journey that would enhance my understanding of life and be healed of any aliments that I am now suffering from.

I am suffering, I thought to myself. Self defeating thoughts, an inability to maintain healthy relationships with women, and now they say I have cancer. Cancer what a fucking joke! I am in great physical shape and they tell me that I have lung cancer and I don’t even fucking smoke! I can’t believe my life. I had hoped by my age I would be in relationship with a loving woman. And now I have no one to help me and no one to share my desires and fears with.

That’s why I reached out to Reverend Goddess and was able to be placed on her list and hopefully would be called one day for this very ritual.  It took three months before I received the note that I had been allowed the opportunity to have an audience with “The Reverend Goddess.”

At the top of the stairs I was stopped by two women, I could barely see them.

“Remove your clothes,” one demanded. So, I did.

“Step into this room,” another said, as she pushed me into a steam room.  I was told to sit and wait.

As I sat waiting, I smelled scents of vanilla and musk floating in the air. I soon began to make out other aromas of sage and cedar. I started to sweat and drip, making my body clean of any negativity. My gaze went inward as I started to connect to my body and no other thoughts came to mind.

Come…..I was ordered.

I stood and was gently guided by the two priestesses to another space. They burned sage and the smoke from the plant wafted all around my body. I know of this type of cleansing so it was no surprise to me that this would be done.

Then the priestesses began to breathe loudly in and out and whale there arms all around me. Then beginning to move faster around my body they were now chanting loudly and looking as if they were going to fall or run into each other and knock themselves out.

Then they just stopped and stood perfectly towards me and one at my front and one at my backside. They both came upon me and began to roll up and down my body. This made my penis erect right away and I wasn’t sure if I should allow this to occur, but how could I stop it? Those hard tits stroking my long naked body, up and down over and around, all over me! It felt great!

They lifted my arms and kissed me at my armpits and licked their tongues there. Now they were running their fingers in my hair and kissing me every where.  I was going nuts and wondering where all of this is going to lead. And wondering more…..when will I be with my goddess?

My dick was hard and I didn’t want to lose any of my juice without her, my goddess. I was told that when I gave my offering, it would release any negative holds in my life, as long as I gave it to Reverend Goddess. And that is exactly what I planned to do.

Then the priestesses began spinning me! Spinning and spinning me faster I thought I would fall and break my cock! I heard music in the distance that came closer as I slowed my stroll. Then the chanting resumed. I slowed to a stop and looked around and I could see them all. A room filled with men naked erect and bowing and touching foreheads with a woman.  She, the woman was in all white and the fabric was see through so although she was clothed, it was clothing meant as a symbol of the veil. It was not to cover her body, it was a state of consciousness that was about to be removed so that we all would understand more of life and our existence and be free.

I looked around in awe and noticed that everyone was paired except one.

The cloud-streaked sky, illuminated by the full Buck Moon, showed me the way to her. She was there, just standing there, beautiful and waiting for me. I could feel it.

I walked over to her not able to get my erection to go away. I placed my hand over my lingam as I approached her and she moved my hand.

“Don’t hide your happiness from me.” She said. “I want your joy it is what I live for.”

My God…oh my goddess, have I died and gone to Goddess Heaven?

“Are you my Reverend Goddess,” I asked.

“Yes, I am,” she smiled as she replied. “That is if you are my sacred partner.”

“I am.” I answered.

“I thought that it was just to be me and you alone.” I stated. Looking around the room with confusion and a bit of voyeurism, will we be alone? I asked.

“No.” She said softly as she touched my face. And instantly I needed to kiss her. So I did. I just moved into her mouth like it was waiting for me. My two lips touched hers and we wet each other up with tastes of vanilla and white wine on our tongues.

She continued…We are all “Reverend Goddess” here. We are one. Each woman here is very special and knowing that her reverence is a gift, she found her way here among those that are special like her in the ways of healing the aches of the heart and the groin. She is born with this gift. And, as each of us have grown, we have had similar experiences of healing others and befriending others that no one else would. Or just being able to make others feel good when no one or nothing else could, being able to see a sexual deviant thought in a person and dysfunctional behavior, we are able to evolve that spirit out and up to the goddess consciousness! And that is what I live for.

You will be freed here, my lover. Tonight you will give yourself to me as  I will enjoy you for my pleasure and you will receive a total and complete healing of body and balance of spirit and soul.

Now I want you down on your knees right now for me. She pointed to the floor.

I looked around to see if anyone else was watching us and could hear what we were saying to each other. Or, rather weather or not they could hear my goddess ordering me around. As I looked around the glorious room, not one person, not one soul, not one eye was looking in my direction. I saw a sea of lovers panting and sucking and kissing and throbbing off of each others bodies, making sounds of pleasure that I have never heard.

I dropped to my knees and right there I could smell her pussy. I wanted to eat her right there. I moved my face to her yoni and drank deep her scent. I never want to forget it.

She held my head there and moved her body so I could taste her clit a bit. It was tasty.

Now lie on your belly and raise your ass up for me. My goddess requested.

I did what she asked.

Soon I felt her hands all over my back and deeply massaging me. And I fell into a dream slumber as to fall asleep. Her touches were perfect, she seemed to know every place to go that felt tight and hurt in my body.  

Soon she spread my ass cheeks and blew her breath into my asshole. To my surprise this felt good to me and my cock began to drip more. She gently licked my asshole and I quivered and was getting ready to fuck my goddess hard.

I wanted my lingam in her. No I wanted to lick her ass! I can’t make up my mind. Oh yea…I want it all!

She continued… and opening my ass more she stuck her tongue deeply into my ass cave.

She climbed onto my body and pushed her finger into my ass. One finger, two, then three, and I want more. She is kissing my back and biting me while she is fucking my ass. Damn, she is a goddess!

I’m in love! Really.

As I enjoy her entry into my body the pleasure I am experiencing moves beyond my body senses. I begin to see.

I see the beginning of life as a spark and as it grew into planets and as it grew into physical beings and as it grew into consciousness. Now it continues to grow as sex between individuals. Sex between individuals is like the spark and the planets becoming one and evolving into the next phase of existence.

My dick is growing and she in deeply penetrating my ass and I am continuing to see.

I see around me in the glorious room, and all the women/goddesses have control over the love making with the men. We are their “sacred one” yet we are also the offering. So the women are in charge of the exchange. I see the truth of it all though. The women, the reverend goddesses don’t have any other way of connecting sexually, except through us men that need healing.

I get it…now while my body is about to explode. She needs my juices and the growth of excitement! And I need her Touch because she is pure sexual life force energy! We heal each other!

She pulls out of my ass and I turn over and greet her with a long tongue in a deep kiss. We then remove the veil over her naked body, because I see the truth.

“We are one.”

She rides my body; she climbs on top of my hard lingam and rides me. I hold her. I hold her tight, steady and close and she pounds her wet juicy pussy on me. We are one. We are one. Everything we do…we do to each other and we do to ourselves.

I am rubbing my hands up and down her beautiful strong back and I move to her firm breasts. I stroke them and squeeze her nipples until I see in her chocolate eyes, that she is going to soak my bread stick with her creamy butter! I can see it! Her breathing is getting faster, louder and her strokes on my cock are longer and harder. As if she is rubbing a certain part of her pussy for extra, extra pleasure. You know, I am here for her.

She lets it all out for everyone in the room to hear! Yes! And a ooohhh…aaaaaahhhhh!

I feel her throbbing pussy contracting on me, giving me more information as we are joined.

I see it all now! Truth not separation, Truth not disease, Truth not, judgment, Truth and trust will lead everyone to a joyous outburst of life! I am seeing it all as I give it! As I give it to my Goddess I see and know that I am giving it all to myself.

I am humping my ass up, way up into the air and she is receiving me deeper into her and we are riding and sharing and seeing. I feel free, for the first time in my life my body is just open to sharing sex and love. I wish the best for her because I love my goddess. I am giving my sex to her because she deserves it. I don’t want anything in return any longer. I understand.

Just then I feel the swelling in my cock grow so large, that I can no longer control my outburst.

I love you my goddess!  I give you my gift, my offering, my life force!

My goddess slides her wet pussy off my cock and slides her open mouth over on top of my cock and drinks my semen into her throat.

I give it to her! All of it, and I felt like it was all I had left for ever. My body quivers as I drift into unconsciousness.

I feel as if I am not in my body any longer. My consciousness is above me. I am looking down now and can see my goddess in her full glory between my legs enveloping me. Her naked body vibrating right along with mine and we are in unison with our love for each other.

I see around this glorious room and every other couple have joined now and the yelps of ecstasy are shaking the very foundation of the wonderful room. I can see the Full Moon has illuminated bright colors of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, indigos and violets. What a magical scene.

I hear the chanting beginning again, and my goddess is the loudest.

Mother-Father-Child... Mother-Father-Child... Mother-Father-Child.

As I join in the chant I am in my body and we are in our erotic embrace. We lay spent and blessed.

I am healed. She is healed. Everyone in this glorious room (the world) is healed. We are one.

I have been touched and this mark will never leave my body, soul and spirit! I love my life!

We all sleep till the moon is now the sun. I am invited to stay as long as I’d like. My goddess looks me in my eyes and offers her love and service to me as her sacred one.

We are one, I reply. I am healed.

My Goddess says, just stay until the next full moon my lover. You will have many nights of bliss and power coursing through your veins and more knowledge to share with your kind.

'Til the next Full Moon, then!
Goddess Blessings

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The Strawberry Moon June 2007:
A Goddess Blessing

A Goddess Blessing

Allow this Full Moon Goddess Blessing to enrich your entire spirit! –

May you be filled with erotic bliss that only the nude nature knows!

Bring into full blossom your engorged erection and blood-filled pussy lips.

May the pleasure you create be channeled in the light of beauty and wisdom.

May all know in truth, that sexual delights heal and balance our human natures.


As you evolve into the erotic mystic, and bless all with your earthly juices.

May the choices you make continue to bring positive experiences in every encounter. 


I honor all with the wisdom of the goddess this full moon. 

Open your body and your spirit and spread your joy!

Awaken the heart and allow your nipples to respond!

Keep wise to whom you let rapture in your presence

and you will see life coming from within.


May your cock continue to grow large and ripe for penetration.

May all women receive the orgasm that grows and thrills.

May we continue to free our selves from shame and guilt,

and build unions that bless and heal.


Give it to the goddess now!

Cream for me and please yourself.

 Penetrate yourself from deep within and breathe new life into our generation. 

As you offer your juices to me, remember to see all life as strong beautiful and wise.

  Come to me and honor me with your beautiful body spirit.


May this bring all, the Original Blessing of Prosperity!


Goddess Blessings to you!


Note: You can pray this blessing before and after you masturbate for a real powerful shift.

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Full Moon Erotica The Blue Moon May 31, 2007:
Butterfly Kiss of the Blue Moon

Marc and Carol often walked late in the evening after dinner. The night air was calmer and cooler and this always made them feel closer to each other. Other peopled walked in the evening as well and most were couples too. The night gathering was expected by most and although no one spoke it. All were happy to see the community connected and happy in such a way. It was this way for sure, for Marc and Carol, because their love for each other was mixed with respect, knowledge of each other in a very healthy way and passion for sexual appetites fulfilled! They always walked holding hands and just talking about what ever came into their minds. The agreement was to never talk about serious unsettling matters. This was their time to develop a stronger connection with each other and sharing in the surroundings of their loving community.

This night however was a bit different. It was the full moon.

While walking and nodding to the passerby’s, Marc felt as if he wanted to be closer to Carol as they journeyed. He pulled her close and moved his arm around her hips and felt his cock get hard for her immediately! Carol felt the surge of passion move through Marc’s loins and she looked up at him in the moonlight at asked. “What are you feeling?” I’m feeling you.” Marc answered. He stopped their stride for a moment and turned facing her. He gently moved his hands up her back and over to the front of her bra free breasts and stroked her nipples with his thumbs and she widened her eyes.  

Marc, what are you doing? Someone could see us! Carol questioned. I see you my lover, and I feel the need to be deeply inside of you. Right here and right now! Marc was serious. Carol began feeling the energy of desire growing strongly inside of her body as well. She wanted him with a compulsive passion that she has never felt before. Her nipples were still erect from his touch and his cock was touching her body, making his presence known.

Carol grabbed Marc’s hand and said, "Let’s continue our walk hon…you know we need it." She laughed.
"We both need to calm down. We will continue this when we get back home"

They walked further arm and arm and pleasantly enjoyed the evening. Walking a bit faster they both knew why they wanted to get home so quickly and at the same time, they both treasured this walking meditation as well. Coming along a block they both noticed a couple on the end of the block kissing. That was nice they thought silently and kept on with their walk. About a block away they noticed another couple stroking each other bodies up and down while gazing into each others eyes while they spoke. A while away another couple sitting on a bench nearing into the center of the town’s garden was kissing and groaning for each other like no one could walk up on them. This was quite unusual and although most people here are loving and show affection towards each other in public. This was boarding on explicit sexual contact Carol thought.

"Marc, do you believe what’s happening out here tonight?" Carol asked.
What do you mean?" Marc asked, now beginning to stroke Carol’s rump and round ass.

She turned to him and looked into his eyes and began to say, "Look at all of these people rubbing and grabbing all over each other out here. What if there were children present? Why…" and just then, looking deeper into Marc's loving eyes, she saw it.

Carol looked perplexed and fascinated at the same time. She looked deeper into his eyes, then turned to look up into the sky. She felt a breeze rush across her face and her body softened and her yoni/pussy became moist. She turned to Marc and saw it closer. The Full Moon!

Gazing deeply into Marc’s eyes, she could see the moon reflected - it was was blue as well as full! Carol felt transfixed on it and quickly moved her lips to Marcs and they lip locked and embraced each other bodies as tightly as possible.

Their closeness felt wonderful and the kiss was long and deep. It seemed everyone else had the same idea. There was not one couple out on the street that night that didn’t feel the pull of passion in their lips and bodies. It was a wonderful sensation floating throughout this community tonight. Although everyone enjoyed seeing the others on their nightly walk it was especially pleasant and healing for the town to strengthen their healthy sexual appetites in this way. (Not all towns show this kind of affection! I want to move there!)

People were sucking the lips of each other and caressing body parts. Some were stoking and rubbing the erect parts hardly on one another. The passion was growing and the light from the moon was becoming fuller and seemed to illuminate the town and all this power were going into the ones open to sharing love 

Marc and Carol continued their kissing and Marc felt as if his tongue was connected to his lingam/cock and the tip of his hardened cock was tingled by the tip of his tongue when Carol sucked and bit at it. Carol sucked and sucked him hard and long and she loved the feeling in her body as his mouth opened wider for her. She owned his mouth and his body fell into place with hers! Their breaths moved in and out of each other and the life force became one between them. Moving tingling vibrant forces climbed all around them and this building of passion reinforced Carol’s lock on Marc’s mouth and then she grabbed hold of his hard penis inside of his pants and caused him agony!

Marc ran his hands through out her hair and felt every strand a part of her insides. Her pussy, her wetness her breasts were all connected the every strand of her hair. I love you Carol, Marc said and then they both opened their eyes and beheld the strong blue full moon inside of each other. Just then Marc sucked his tongue out of Carols mouth to wet his lips some more.

Then he deeply dug his tongue into her mouth and pressed himself hard on her as he held her head in place. He pushed and pushed his tongue into her and as their eyes looked onto each other Carol wanted to gasp for air and has she tried to pull her head away. Marc controlled her movement and pushed deeper into her. Her gasps became orgasms as Marc also by the locked in movement burst forth from his cock and gave his juices to her from his mouth.

There joint orgasms were heard in the loud groans that flew from them loudly. It was tremendous and it seemed that butterflies in the night were flying about gathering or giving the energy of all this love. This only caused a melody of music and orgasm to pour forth from everyone else. 

The rest of the walk home was glorious as the sounds of rapture were captured through out their town. And it seems the butterflies flew this love vibration to parts unknown...who knows who else felt this on this beautiful Blue Moon night?

- Goddess Blessings

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Full Moon Erotica The Flower Moon May 2, 2007:
The Rising

It was that perfect night. The kind of night in the month of May that’s on the brink of heated months to come. I was sitting in my meditation room chanting. Feeling the vibrations of my tones channeling throughout my body. There was a gentle breeze flowing through my window and the light music playing in the back round made me feel as if the world was all mine. That I was at one with the world, I guess I’m saying I felt peace.

As I continue chanting the goddess trinity of mother-father-child, over and over I start to feel my energy growing around me and flowing out into the world to bless it. Mother-Father-Child...

I come to an end of my meditation and as I blow out my candle and turn off the music. I hear sounds outside my house. It sounds like drums and moans of allot of people. This startles me at first because that’s my back yard! And who the hell is back there? But the sounds are like music to me, and I walk to the back of my house and I start to feel the drumming throughout my floors now, and the sounds are becoming louder and louder. I look out the back window and I see nothing. But the vibrations are growing and I feel my body rocking to the beat. I also start to feel safe…completely safe with what could be happening and I am now curious.

I walk into my back yard and in the center of my yard the ground starts rumbling! I feel the earth beneath me tremble and the sounds and moans are the trees and winds giving way for the earth to give birth!

She opens beneath me and the movement feels like an earthquake! I look up and around and see nothing else affected by this quake but my back yard. I then look up and see her brilliant full moon energy shooting strait down into the ground that is opening underneath me.

Yes this May full moon is a powerful one I know. That is why chanting the goddess trinity is so meaningful as well.

I am moved by the blessing that is being given to me right now.

The winds blow and the trees seem to bow towards the opening in the ground and the rumbling localized in the whole start to rise out of the earth. My eyes cannot believe what’s coming up and I wonder am I just crazy now. An amazing dark female shaped tree emerges from the grounds up like the powerful goddess she is! Scents of myrrh and rose float in the dark air and the tree seems to continue growing as the goddess woman shape forms it self in the root and bark of the tree facing directly at me.

The earth on her body starts to melt off and her creamy strong body is naked before me. She is in the tree. Part of the tree it seems...yet all woman....beautiful, and alive!

The tree goddess speaks to me: You have made yourself sacred for me, . Your chants prayers and honor to the goddess have been heard. I am here this full moon to bless and strengthen you more. Your ground is ripe so I have chosen this form so you will remember that the tree of life is connected to the physical and the spiritual. Your body is to become one with mine for now. You will love me and penetrate my pussy and you will be wiser for it.

As the goddess spoke to me my cock grew immediately to full strength. I am dreaming I thought to myself. This is an amazing dream….wow….I never want to wake up...

You are not dreaming my priest. The goddess responded obviously hearing my thoughts. You have earned this gift. She lifts her chocolate legs and opens her arms and I walk into her embrace.

The warmth and softness of her body intoxicates me further. We kiss and her breath tastes like cherries and red wine. I am taken. I rub my hands all over her feeling her body and my mind seems to incorporate her knowledge of life love and sex just by my joining. I want you I say to her and she looks into my eyes and says. You will have me and then she walks towards me out of the tree!

A full moon vision of a goddess, a dark goddess with a full juicy body!

She pushes me down onto the earth and removes my clothes. When she comes to my hard cock she smells me as if she hasn’t ever smelt a man’s body before. She opens her mouth and then begins licking my hanging balls and sucking them. Oh, it feels so good. She then sniffs some more and rises up to the tip of my turtle wand and mouths me. Dipping me deeply into her mouth and taking me all the way in. I moan in delight. She pulls up and I am out of her mouth. She then stands up over me and points to me and speaks. You are the charge of your life and the spirit of sexual delights. I honor you under this full moon! And she points upwards towards the moon. And says I am here great goddess! Your daughter! Speak to me as you speak to yourself! So I may speak to others! I am filled with the perfect god/goddess consciousness as my arms are the branches that grow into bringing heavens riches on earth. I am the Tree Goddess!

Naked above me I see into her wet pussy and I start to feel my cock dripping in anticipation of the love we will share together.

She looks back down to me and I see the heavenly glow around her. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet and this energy is radiating upwards towards the moon as if it is feeding her. Wow…she is beautiful.

I will give you my womb, priest, and you will give me the gift of your breath and your offering to me of your semen will impregnate me for the world to be healed.

She then sits right on top of my stiff rod and her wet warmth just runs up my spine and my energy field is growing stronger. She rides me and strokes me perfectly. I am in love with this woman. I never want this to end. I wrap my hand around her firm ass and help her journey through my lingam. All the parts of my lingam welcome her. My hard shaft my tender tip. I feel her everywhere. I feel her in my heart and mind. She bends to kiss me and her breasts rest on my chest and I feel her heart center connecting to me. We kiss and kiss and together our breaths meet. We are becoming one. She is riding me and I am loving her. Her womb is wet warm and her life force is sharing itself with me. I am experiencing true love in sex!

I feel her rocking body on top of me and the heat between us start to create more sweat. We are sweating and she is dripping on my and she tastes good. Riding and kissing and holding each other. I feel the tip of my cock touch her inner wall and this sensation moves back into my body.

We rock and rock together and I see the moon looking down on us in the warmth of this night. The light shining down gives us just enough light to see each other.

You are a beautiful man, my goddess says to me. I love your energy in my pussy and I now want it all inside of me. Come for me and give me life.

I seem to get even harder once she says that to me and I pump my ass of the ground and lift her into the air. She moans louder. I grab hold of her and turn her over onto her back. I lay her down and spread her legs wider and I travel deeper and harder inside of her and I look into her eyes as my trembling body simmers in me and now I am rocking all over and am going to blow myself into her wholeness.

I love you, I say to her. She looks at me with her deep knowing eyes and smiles.

Come in me, she says and I feel it from my spine and in my balls building and building and I scream in pleasure as I give her all of me! All of me!

I collapse.

Great Goddess, please receive his offering. And continue to bless him with his divine birthright of prosperity on earth and healing for us all. 

We lay in love on the earth.

We sleep.

We wake up in the early morning just when the sun is beginning to break through the moon light. A crisp clean light blue is flowing down to us from the sky.

I look at my goddess in the light and her beautiful shape and soft strong body. I remember everything. The sex the messages I received from her. Everything and I am blessed by it.

She looks up at me and smiles. Rises and kisses me. I love you too, she says. She gets up and walks over to the tree. I reach for her and she turns and joins the tree once again. You have everything you need now, she says. You are a powerful man and you have laid with the tree goddess. My wisdom has joined yours. We are one. Use it wisely.

And she completely forms into the tree again.

And I get to keep the tree in my back yard. I wonder if she’ll come again to me in her flesh form and love me. I hope so. I’ll always chant the goddess trinity and love this world.


Goddess Blessings

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Full Moon Erotica The Pink Moon April 2007
Springtime Ritual: The Altar-Bed

Springtime is a wonderful time of year! It follows winter, with its dark cold nights of hibernation, and offers visions of warm weather and lots of sunshine. In the beginning of Springtime, the ritual for prosperity is to be done in the Altar Bed. I look forward to this time and this particular ritual because it joins me and my lover together stronger and supports us in creating healthy and abundant lives, whether together or separate. We will be blessed. Anyone that knows of this time and this ritual is really given a gift of knowledge.

To actually do this ritual is powerful and says to you and your partner that we believe in life, love, and goddess. Married couples do this ritual but you don’t necessarily have to be in love or ongoing lovers to do this ritual. I just happen to maintain a lover relationship and he enjoys doing rituals with me. Especially when they involve sex!

When two people come together and share their bodies and spirits for mutual pleasure only good things can, and when you two do it with the knowledge of sex magic watch out! Prosperity is on its way!

I wish to share this springtime story with you because this one is so special to me. And my hope is that you will then have the power to create a similar ritual and spread prosperity where ever you go and with whom you come in contact with.

I pick up a few bottles of red wine, flowers, and grapes for the ritual. The bedroom is draped in soft sexy music, candles and cinnamon incense. Low lighting helps the candle show add to the ambiance.

My lover arrives with a bag of goodies himself! Rose oil, a large silk wrap, Astroglide gel for sexual ease, and a book of erotic poem and prayers. He is handsome and kind to me, and our mutual love and respect for each other is perfect recipe for the Springtime Prosperity Ritual.

We remove our shoes at the door. He goes to the bathroom and begins running a warm bath and adds the rose oil. I am putting the final touches on our altar bed: clean white sheets on the bed with the red candles glowing all around the room  - and the cinnamon incense for prosperity and mutual harmony is burning now -  to add the right vibration to this sacred space.

I say a few personal prayers myself to cleanse the room of any negative vibrations and I pray for a successful ritual between us. We all pray in one form or another. Even a wish is a prayer from the heart. I lay the large silk wrap over the bed. It is a beautiful deep purple and this is a God power color for creating.

He comes to me and we both look each other in the eyes and begin with a long sensuous kiss. His breath is like a cool breeze flowing through me and we embrace tightly. I am already beginning to experience the pleasures of what’s to come because I know he has been waiting for this day as much as I have. We chose to fast this day so that our high together would be even greater. Couples do not have to fast before doing the springtime ritual. It’s a personal couple choice. The important thing is that you both need to do the same: if one fasts, the other needs to fast as well. If one eats, the other needs to eat as well. What ever works best for each couple brings the blessings on even stronger. We break our grip on each other and stand facing each other, and then place our hands in a prayer position, fingers straight.

He bows to me first and says, I honor the Goddess in you. I feel honored for he is acknowledging the divine sexual essence I posses as woman. I in turn and with similar delight bow to him and say, I Honor the God in you. The life-force in his body and cock are needed for me to create life, love, and joy - and we both know this.

He then kisses his hands and bends to reach my feet he says. Blessed are thy feet, then moving to my knees he says, blessed are thy knees and continuing to my sex center he says, blessed is thy sex and flowing upward to my heart he touches me and says, blessed is thy heart and then to my lips -  he touches them and says, blessed are thy lips.

You are so beautiful, he says, kissing me gently once more.

He begins removing my clothes, kissing each new bare spot as he does. I start to tingle and I can already feel the wetness building up inside of my pussy. As he disrobes me he strokes my body while I am standing there floating with his gentle touches all over me. His fingers feel like silk as he combs my body front and back, not saying a word just preparing me to receive. He spreads my legs wide so he can get in between my thighs and as he strokes my leg I know now he is aware of the wetness in my pussy.

I hear his breath stop short as he is contemplating what to do with this waiting and wanting pussy. He then gently moves towards my pussy and licks up and down between my wet lips, making them wetter. Soon he finds his way to my clit and is able to grab hold with his lips around my clit and start sucking it like a little dick. My clit grows and I am feeling the waves build in my body and I want to shoot my load in his mouth. He soon lightens up and kisses my clit and licks my pussy one good long sucking stroke.

Then he stands up and moves behind me and wraps his left arm tightly around my waist and then finds his way towards the front of my body with his right hand and then presses his middle finger right on my clit again. I can feel his hard cock through his jeans behind me and this turns me on even more.

I am trembling with arousal as he is rubbing and circling my clit and making it grow larger and larger. Just like his cock is. I am breathing loud and I just want him to bend me over and fuck me hard but I know for the ritual we must reach a much higher state of arousal so I am going to go happily crazy with pleasure for a while. He starts biting my neck and is really pushing his fingers pretty deep into my wet dripping pussy now.

You are my Goddess he whispers into my ear. I am yours tonight and you can do what ever you want with me.

Stroking deeper and deeper in me  - I feel like I am going to turn him over and rip his clothes off and fuck him silly right now. I want it bad and then he moves his left arm from around me and pulls off his belt and undoes his pants and pulls them down to kick them off and his hard erect cock is sticking out of his underwear and going right in between my ass cheeks.

He pulls out of my pussy and for a quick second he smells his fingers and hand to drink my scent into his aura and then he spits into his hand and strokes his hard cock and slides it back in between my round firm soft ass cheeks. Oh… the aching pleasure. He moves his hands up my back as he is enjoying his view of my arched back and the moans leaving my lips now. He travels with his hands up the sides of my back to my breasts and starts massaging my breasts and nipples.

I want it! I want it so bad and I start to feel so powerful with the sensations moving all over and in me now. I grab hold of his hips and he is rocking on my ass and I say. Take me my lover, my God. I am your Goddess and you can do with me what ever you want!

I feel tears of joy starting to fall from my eyes as the pleasure and love I feel in this moment is starting to overwhelm me. He starts squeezing my nipples harder and with all the sex juice between us he strokes his cock right into my waiting ass. He yells so loud as he enters me, I think we’re going to fall over. Oh….God…I swear I’m going to come or he’s going to explode in me.

He is directly focused on my nipples and stroking my ass wider and wider. I am moaning in delight and I am very happy. This is for you Goddess! May you be blessed with my cock inside of you and may you always receive your due because of your beauty and kind generosity. May your pussy stay wet and tight and may you know love in all of your days until the day you leave this gorgeous body. Right then I am ready and I can’t take it any more. I’m going to come right now! He bends and bites my neck again and pulls his lingam out of my ass and kisses me all over my back and backside.


He carries me over to the bath and sets me into the warm rose water, then begins removing the rest of his clothes. With his lingam still hard, he starts to wash my body.

Our orgasm is for later when we come with a purpose!

He bathes me clean lovingly and as he washes my hair I feel his love and honor through every touch and I just relax and trust every moment we create together. Our purpose is to arouse and cleanse each other and to meditate on our wishes and blessings for each other throughout our ritual. This is prosperity.

I sit up to unplug the tub and allow some of the water to release. As it drains out of the tub I stand and bring my lover into the bathtub with me. He is beautiful and strong and just what a goddess needs. The water is mostly out now and I plug in the tub and begin running fresh warm water for his bath. I pour rose oil into the palms of my hand and begin washing his hair. He is so tall but the height with me having to reach up to his head to wash his hair only brings pleasurable sensations as my body strokes his.

I continue down his body as the warm water splashes into the tub. I stop the running water and bend to my knees and massage his lingam and wash his ass. His dick is bouncing up and down in celebration of my touches and I clean off his “turtle head” with my tongue. I suck him harder and he manages to get even bigger in my mouth. I choke him deep in my throat and I taste him and smell him and he is so eatable.

I want her to fuck my dick and I want to give her my gift right down her throat! I’ve been waiting for this time to be together with her and love her. I feel my body becoming more alive as she sucks my dick wide awake and I am remembering love, desire, power! I feel so strong I could fuck every woman in the world right now! She gives herself to me fully and I will do the same. I am going to explode in her mouth and wash her with my come!

I spread his ass checks wider and gently stroke his rosy asshole and send more tingles of pleasure through him. I tease him and make him want me in his ass the way he did me. His moans are becoming so loud I wonder if anyone else can hear the love being created now.

I want to give her my gift and I grab her head and push her deeper down onto my cock. I hear her gag some and her saliva is all around my lingam. Her energy is going into my dick. That’s what I want. I want her…my goddess.

I pull my finger out of his ass and move my mouth off his engorged dick now and move lower to suck his balls lovingly. I rub more water on him and give him a final rinse then I move back up his body to standing and just look into his eyes and we are one.

The art of giving and receiving pleasure are mutually enjoyable and to be able to shift into both spaces is truly magical. So often people take pleasure from another and leave their partner feeling empty and lost that I’m surprised some days that the goddess consciousness has survived amidst all these hard times and profane, selfish sexuality.

We step out of the bath together and walk back into the bedroom. The room is aglow and the colors rise and shine as we step in. The vibrations seem to be waiting for our return to join us in our ritual dance of love and prosperity. Shimmering red orange yellow green blue indigo violet pulsates off the walls and the altar-bed in our sacred sexual space.

The music is talking about sex and wetness and we respond with a slow dance. I sit my lover back on the bed with a pile of pillows against the headboard. I straddle his lap and hips and we begin our breathing exercise to connect.

Looking into each other’s eyes I breathe into his mouth and he swallows like I am his meal and inhales deeply. He in turn blows his breath into my mouth and I receive him the same. We continue this wave for some time and soon I am rocking gently on his body and he is growing once again.

Soon we are in a deep tongue embrace and our kissing is felt with warmth and love. Our eyes close and I see visions of joy and happiness and I am soon taken by these feelings of complete happiness and I know that now we are beginning to receive the gift of our joyous ritual of prosperity.

With our bodies clean and connected I reach over to get our wine and grapes so that we can commence our goddess communion. One big glass of red wine and a big bowl of grapes are symbols of our body and blood. I take the wine first as woman is in direct energetic embrace with the goddess consciousness and I say, My body to your body.

I drink and then hand the goblet over to him.

He takes the wine and says, My body to your body and drinks. I pick a grape and I say to him as I feed him the grape My body to your body. He receives the grape, eats it, and then returns with a grape in his hand and feeds it to me, saying My body to your body. I take it in my mouth, licking a couple of his fingers as I do, then swallow it.

We then place our right hands over each other’s heart center and then we say our blessings for each other  - as that is the purpose of our time together this full moon.

I say: I honor you as a man as a god-man and I worship your life energy with my body. I wish for you all good things in this life and for you to continue to grow in your erection, courage and wisdom. May your body and mind stay strong and healthy and may you have prosperity in all areas of your life. Goddess Blessings to you. I bow my head to him and remove my hand.

He says: I honor you as woman - as Goddess - and I see your strength in your body and in your voice that speaks wise words. May you grow in prosperity in all areas of your life and I wish for you health and wealth and the wisdom to know how to use these gifts. May your off spring be blessed and all those you come in contact with. Goddess Blessings to you. He bows his head to me and removes his hand.

We drink our wine and eat the grapes as we relax in our sacred space: We are one.

I rise up and move between his legs and I kiss my hands and place them onto his feet so I can begin the five-fold kiss. Blessed are thy feet. And I move up to touch and bless the other parts of his body. Blessed are thy knees. Blessed is thy sex and I fold my hands over his cock and balls and hold him for a moment. Blessed is thy heart and blessed are thy lips.

I then kneel over his sex center and gently place his softened wonder wand into my mouth. I don’t start off sucking right away I just let him drink in my wet mouth and soft lips around his cock.

Her mouth speaks to my cock and she is saying she loves me and wants me deeply in her. My dick is happy and I am growing in her mouth. My hardness lets her know that what she is doing feels wonderful to me. As I grow larger and larger I start to rock my hips because I am making my body ready to press myself into her body and go deep into her pussy.

I twist my mouth side to side as I now lick his cock gently as he is growing in me. I rub his balls gently as they start to grow harder and as they grow harder I give a little more pressure. He loves it! Now I am sucking up and down his dick and getting his dick as deeply as I can down my throat. I want him to have as much pleasure as he can.

I am on my knees and my back is arching as I am stroking his cock with my hands and mouth now. He is rocking his hips up and down meeting every stroke I give and his pelvic thrusting supports the deep throat action.

All of a sudden I feel a pressure in my pussy from behind me and this sends me shivers of arousal. I slide my wet mouth off my lovers cock to swing my head around to see who is trying to enter my pussy! There is no one there but I continue to feel the penetration of my body and my heart fills with desire for this to continue. I turn back to continue rubbing and sucking my lover and I am deeply pushed into now and I can’t help but moan with delight.

Is there a sacred sex spirit in here with us?

I look up to see why my goddess has left my stiff rod and I notice a smoky aura around her body. I look up rather quickly just to make sure no candle has fallen or maybe the incense is to strong. But it’s nothing like that. As I look on and still enjoying the pleasure my cock is receiving. I see the energy looks like a shape. Only moving about my goddess’ body. Wow! Could there be another here? I do feel something else though... I feel more arousal and I smell pussy in the air.

I feel her body pulsing and her throbbing into me makes me feel sexy and my cock starts to drip. I feel my face being stroked and now it feels like kisses are being given to me on my face. I look up to see who is in here kissing my face while my goddess is blowing my flute? As soon as I look up I feel wetness on my mouth and a sweet smell of vanilla and the taste of it too is entering my mouth. I start to lick my lips and this sensation on my lips brings me more excitement! I feel a gentle pushing on my face and it feels like I’m sucking another woman’s pussy. And I like it.

Is there a sacred sex spirit in here with us?

We ride in unison - all of us - and soon it feels as if our room is filled with lovers in the air.

I rise up and grab for the lubricant and pour some in my hand and I gently rub my lover’s ass as I continue to suck and enjoy him. I am having intercourse with someone or something else and this mutual pleasure feels amazing! I slide my finger around his rose bud asshole and tease him for a while. I enter him with my middle finger and I love the openness and trust between us to share in such erotic delights. I am stroking his cock and stroking his ass and he is rocking his body for more. I look up at him and it looks like he is kissing something or someone. Wow!

One lubricated finger and he opens to me. Two fingers, he opens more. Three fingers now and he is going to explode so I slow down some.

I pull out and rise up - moving away from my ethereal intercourse companion and roll up to my lover and sit on top of his cock. I am so wet and loose from being fucked that I just jump onto his cock and grind him hard.

He is screaming with pleasure and I now feel hands over my face and now running up and down my back and shoulders. Soon these hands are on my breasts and squeezing my nipples. I love my nipples to be squeezed. His dick is getting bigger in me and I am opening and closing my pussy muscles to add to both of our arousals. I’m going to come! he says and he grabs hold of my hips and starts pounding me.

Oh my…..I’m going to come now too! I feel it! I feel it riding up my spine. He raises himself up towards me and pulls me closer to him and starts sucking my tits. The grinding between us is intense and I love his body.

I’m going to give it to you goddess. I’m going to give you my offering. Do you want it in your body or in your mouth?

I’m so close to coming too I don’t think I could move to receive him in my mouth although I love the taste of him. To drink his semen is a special gift also. I could slide off of him and move quickly to his cock with my ready hand and mouth and let him burst into my mouth and I would swallow him whole and then we would kiss and he could taste a little too.

Oh…he screams and holds me close to him and I know my mini fantasy of eating his come is over and we both climax together. I feel the rumbling in his body and it starts my trembling into action in my womb.

He holds me close by grabbing my ass and stilling my body so he can direct is cock right where he wants it inside of me. My swollen clit is rubbing on the base of his dick and I am beginning to explode!

It’s coming! It’s coming! And oh Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

We are together in our ecstasy.

I feel his lingam pushing his juices into my holy body and I am returning with gobs of my own wetness and throbbing pussy as I come on his dick.

We start kissing with the same passion as our ejaculations and we are one!

The sounds around us continue as the vibration in the room seems filled with otherworldly lovers.

We are spooning now and the glow of the room continues in red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. So beautiful, so special, so sacred.

I Bless you my goddess.

I Bless you my god-man.

He reaches for the book of poems and prayers he brought and reads a few love prayers and poems acknowledging and reinforcing the gift we just gave to each other until we fall asleep, slipping into dreams of peace and prosperity.

One week later. Things are great since our ritual - abundance flows into my life and the same for my lover.

Two months later. Life is sweet and I know the support of the wonderful experiences and the good opportunities that are now in or coming into my life are in a big way because of the springtime ritual.

Six months later. Loving and being loved is a powerful gift we can give to each other and I am so happy to know it as the life-force. I met a new and wonderful man and he may be doing the next springtime ritual with me. Things are great and life is goddess.

Goddess Blessings

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Full Moon Erotica The Worm Moon March 2007
Spontaneous Combustion

Sitting and working at my desk all day, dutifully dealing with daily concerns of work and life, I am suddenly hit with a sudden warmth in my heart that tracks its way to my pussy with a thump!

Whew…I feel the heaviness in my body and I am reminded of how long it’s been since I had an orgasm!

I stopped my work to think of just how long it’s been since I gave my gift or even spent time loving myself. And for the life of me right now, I cannot remember!

I wonder why now when I am so busy with my work does my body shift to this energy surge. I look up and out the window and I see her peeking through the sun The Full Moon! No wonder my body is acting like this right now! I’m sitting right in front of the big window facing my beautiful oak desk and her rays are moving through me. Oh man and do I feel the rays! I look into the beautiful sky and all the colors are floating around the sun and the moon is making her way up in the twilight sky.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet, our spectrum is pulsating at a rate that matches my own heartbeat and arousal.

I can’t take it any longer and I press my fingers outside of my cotton pants and push. The pushing sensation shoots right back into my body as I help it ride up my body by humping on my stiffened hand. I begin to rub circles around my clit and I start to feel it become harder. Oh…it feels good as I push harder and harder on my fingertips! My breathing is growing louder and my moans support my arousal.

As I am rubbing myself into a heated frenzy I start to hear a sound not my own. Something like, a whisper saying, Yes – come to me, yes come, come to me...

I open my eyes and out of my big window these colors seem to be radiating larger, Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet! As I see and connect with them I am beginning to experience more erotic pleasure. I feel tingling moving all along my body from the top of my head into my face. My mouth waters with the thought of another tongue joining in a dance of bliss with me. Between my lips I feel as if I am kissing another. I am being embraced by the joys of these colors and I hear her calling to me. Yes come to me, come to me...

Each time I hear these words it makes me want to give of myself fully. I stand and move my desk chair aside and remove my clothes as quickly as I can. I say to myself I am going to come. I feel that there is a real purpose in my orgasm; something powerful for me is coming in my joyous rapture that I’ve never understood before. I love sex and sharing my erotic love with others and I was always blessed for it. And now there is more happening inside of me and I also feel it happening with the growing of The Full Moon!

I lay on the floor on my belly and push two of my fingers inside of my pussy and I grind the palm of my hand on my clit and I rub and pump. I rub and pump and my nipples are so hard they are rubbing against the hard wood floors and I feel as if I am about to come right then. Then the heat from the colors rays pull me up and I feel the need to be in direct contact with these colors. So I remove everything off my desk and lay my body face up with my legs spread wide toward the big window towards the sky. The heat from the sun is cooling now as the moon is becoming prominent. The colors are circling round the moon like a prism and I am in awe of my connection and hope others are enjoying this moment as well.

I am wetter than I can remember and I have the need to be penetrated the way I feel these colors are penetrating my soul. Then I feel it! It’s as if my mind is able to communicate with the colors in the sky and manipulate energy to meet my needs with the full moon. Wow…I knew I was a goddess and could commune with nature and energy, I just didn’t realize how much.

My pussy feels pressure as if someone is sucking on it. I feel the pangs of pleasure ripping through me and I fantasize that a man is climbing on top of me and putting his enormous cock inside of me while placing his wet mouth on top of mine. We embrace in a lip lock and I see all the joyful lovers I’ve had in the past. I feel a tremendous power of blessing going out to these lovers as my body is being rocked! He is stroking me deeply and my wetness is growing as he kisses me all over my face and then moves down to my erect breasts and begins sucking each nipple bringing me closer to a screaming orgasm. I am holding onto him and receiving all that he has to give.

He rises up for a moment and looks into my eyes and I see it again, the Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet. I ask him why am I seeing the spectrum and why is it controlling my body so much? It’s not controlling your body, he answers, you called me into you and you’ve worked so hard to balance your chakras and honor the goddess that now you are powerful enough to receive me fully! You are Goddess and I am here to love you.

He lifts me up with one arm and turns me over on the desk and now I am straddled over him and on his huge love wand inside of me. “I love you and have been waiting until you could see me so I could be with you.” How do I see you I ask? As I am loving his cock with strokes of my wet pussy and rubbing my hands all over his chest and shoulders.  When you see the rings around the sun and the moon, you are connected to a higher consciousness and when you can bring the vibration towards yourself you have become one with the goddess.

Now I am here. All humans can see this if they just believe that the goddess exists.

Now fuck me, goddess…I want to give you my gift.

I couldn’t believe this was happening and at the same time I completely understood what my lover in spirit meant. I do believe in the goddess and that we all are created through sexual love. I believe that our vibrations bring to us what we want need and desire depending on our level of gifts and honor and the only way to have these experiences is to be in human form. I’m a woman and I love sex through the physical body and I know more than I can share now and all the truth will reveal itself when those that believe are ready.

I am fucking him and my wetness seems to be pouring out of my body uncontrollably. I feel as if I am going to explode again and then he just lifts me right off of him and bends me over my desk belly down. My ass is high in the air and he bends to his knees and inserts his tongue into my pussy and sucks up my juice as he is stoking my body. I hear sounds and moans from all around as if there are others in the room enjoying such pleasures as mine. I look up expecting to see people and there is no one here with us but I feel the presence of others making love and sharing their gifts of semen and vagina juice that smell of sweet vanilla and musk and of myrrh.

Then he is in my ass with his tongue and it feels cool and silky in me and his mouth water feels like oil dripping inside of me.  He then stands and glides his now soft erection inside of my melted asshole and as he glides into me he becomes harder and my back stretches to receive him all the way in!

I can barely breathe with the rush of sensations moving through me and he is holding onto my hips supporting us both as he grips my glide back and forth on his dick to make sure I am in no pain. I am hearing sounds of people screaming in rapture from one orgasm to the next and moans of delight and some are just getting started on their journey. Now I am realizing what is happening, I have the sight, I can see all the lovers in the world fucking in this full moon time. All of them enjoying pleasures of delight and wonderment with each others bodies and feeling loved and honored. There are so many out here just loving and embracing one another. Love is in the air and I am given the gift of sexual sight for being strong enough to take on this male goddess lover.

The more he fucks me the more I see and hear and I will remember.

I am being fucked really well now and I now stand up and am able to grab hold of his hips and thighs as he rocks me harder and takes hold of my chest and begins to squeeze my nipples and soon I am screaming. I am screaming don’t stop please don’t stop, I need this and I know I am about to burn with the pleasure of erupting all over us both. I feel on fire and now he is biting my neck and sucking hickies all over my neck and shoulders. This just goes on and on, he is in my ass longer than he was in my pussy!

The growth of pleasure never stops I just keep going and going getting wetter and wetter and now my nipples are excreting liquid! He rubs my wet nipple juice all over my breasts and continues biting me all over. He starts to growl and tremble and I know he is close to giving me his gift. “I love you goddess.” He whispers into my ear, “I will come back for you every month if you want me,” he finishes. I feel the trembling inside of my body coming from my ass and this trembling sensation begins falling into my vagina and pushes out of my pussy and I yell! Yessssssss!  Oh……Yesssss! And I stretch my arms up high as in a halleluiah praise!

And my male goddess grabs hold of my body really tight and I feel him inside of me. His moan is so loud I feel the whole earth hears him, definitely the next door neighbors. He is building and building and I am experiencing extended orgasms. I feel my body opens up to him and I am nothing but everything and anything in this very instance. I feel I am one with life and all life is love.

He screams as his ejaculation pushes into my body and he comes so hard in me his semen just fills and fills my ass full. He fills me so much that his sacred juice falls out of me and starts falling all over us and onto the desk and on the floor. We can’t stop pumping and he just continues coming into me and fills me fuller and fuller with is juice and now the room is full of his come and now it’s falling out of the window and falling onto the dark earth and the full moon lightens it’s path.

We turn to watch his life force flying through the air and some falling onto the earth feeding the souls of the blessed ones on the path of discovery. You know what they are going to be doing later. His seed moves up and into the full moon and begins to circle the strong vibrant colors of Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet and it flies back towards us to me! And it hits me right in my heart and I am again in rapture of spontaneous orgasms and I am filled with a love that cannot be explained and at the same time this feels pure. I smile and fall completely on my desk.

I wake up at my desk after having worked all day. I look around and I wonder about the dream I just had. I look around my office, it’s a mess. I smell something, is that sex?

I look outside my window and I see it’s a full moon and she seems to be looking back at me. I feel warm in my heart.

I feel love.

Goddess Blessings

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Full Moon Erotica The Snow Moon February 2007

It was that time of year again, when we all gathered together for rejuvenation rest and sexual appetites fulfilled. Every full snow moon….this time of year was a winter wonderland and the perfect energy was around for just this sort of escape. All the goddesses and god-men from all walks of life, people just like you and me that knew who they were (that they possessed a divine and creative energy through their sexual spirit) and lived it every day in their various professions and lifestyles would come here each February for the joining. In this sacred secret place where only those of like minds and visions could share and heal each other in a pleasure-seeking, safe, and joyous atmosphere.

Every year we met in a different location to add to the new experiences we would create together and the environment was also always blessed by our presence.

It would normally be a place picked out of the way of noise and pollution as much as possible and up in the mountains where the clearing in the woods at the top would give way for the spectacular views of snow topped mountain peeks winking back at us in celebration of this special time.

I am sharing this story with you because I believe allot of you have joined me here at some point in time years back or maybe you’ll be with me tonight. You know who you are. You know who I am. I am sharing this story because I believe it’s time that we know that we are not lost and that we continue to come together every year to heal, replenish and enjoy each other in honor. We’ve been coming together each February full moon for hundreds of years now and yours and my ancestors and their ancestors evolved into this erotic wise understanding.

Each person would choose to spend no less than one night and no more than three days together. The whole time of the full moon is powerful and when you arrived and left was dependant on your own responsibilities, which enhanced the whole wave of joy. So no decision was a wrong one everything and everyone was perfect for the joining.

I would always arrive just at twilight on the first day, because I would love to watch the sun set and her glow from the moon to erupt out of the sky and into our sacred secret dwelling.

Afterwards I would join the others in the baths for my cleansing ritual which priests and priestesses would be there to serve us gods and goddesses as part of their training in consciousness to bring out their goddess and god spirits fully. They were only allowed to serve and please us with their tantric touches and oral blessings, which we never exchanged.

I stepped into the warm lavender bubbling waters and saw him emerge from the shadows to the side and come to me. He was naked and his dick just hung already dripping at the site of my warm chocolate body. He stepped very close to me and asked….may I bathed you goddess….I looked up into his warm gentle eyes and saw myself in them and I said, Yes!

He began pouring hot oil of rose into my hair and it dripped onto the rest of my body like a waterfall and spilled into the lavender bubbling tub. He started with washing my hair and pushing his now erect lingam into my backside as he rubbed my hair clean. His hands were strong and I could feel every tip of him from his hand pressure to his breath all over me. I felt lifted up as he moved me further into the bath and sat me down in the water to be bathed. His fingers moved in and around me as he washed me clean and relaxed my mind. I opened my eyes to view other people in the room, men being bathed by women scrubbing briskly while kneeling and sucking the juice out of their hard turtle heads bouncing for attention.

The god-men were in ecstasy as some of them had two women caring and cleansing them, there were also women bathing women and men bathing men in equal delight. This part of our joining is done for the cleansing and disconnection from the outside world so we won’t allow our mines thoughts to distract us. The priests and priestesses remove the negativity from our bodies with the incensed water and oil and bath us to purify and bring us to orgasm for the first release is from the stress of the world. Then we can come together with our god-men and god-women and join in pure power!

I feel his fingers in my ass now and I feel the pressure of pleasure erupting out of my pussy! I start to scream in pleasure as I begin to come hard and he pulls his finger out of my ass and lays me back on a high bench in the bath water to open my legs wide and up in the air so that my pussy and ass whole are staring directly at him. He inserts his tongue into my pussy and slowly darts his finger in and out of my ass once again. I start to moan in delight and I begin pumping hard on him and push his face into my pussy harder. I want him and I know he wants me too. This is GREAT…because to have this kind of chemistry and excitement only prepares us for what’s to come!

I hear moans and screams of orgasms from all around and I can tell by some of the sounds they are definitely sounds of stress relief and freedom! I join in with my own song and I am now ready for more. 

Imagine this…
Entering “The Hall of Sacred Love and Rejuvenation” I felt so proud and happy to be here once again. I needed it and I could feel the excitement in the room by all the others too.

The food was in abundance and I flew right over to eat and enjoy and everyone in the room was filled with laughter and peace and eating for taste nutrition and energy. I knew we needed extra energy after a cleansing bath like the one we all just had.

The music filled the air and there was dancing and holding happening all around the hall. I knew just about every one here and some new faces seemed like familiar friends as well. There were also the priests and priestesses from last year now initiated into their god-man and goddess state so now we could engage. That’s what all these new priests and priestess hope will happen for them so they can join in next year. Everyone here in one way or another knows every one. We all believe the same, that sex is very important and the healing aspect of our sexual unions keeps us happy and we live healthier and longer. This sacred secret place was a very special spot to allow sex play like this to take place. There is no need for discussion or even rules to be read or announced, we all know why we are here and what we are doing. I am a goddess sharing my erotic gift and power with as many god-men I see fit.

Soon the scents of myrrh and sandalwood floated throughout the hall and this is the invitation we were all waiting for to continue in our ritual. Priests and priestesses are running around cleaning up after us and laying down fur rugs and soft low beds for those of us that want to use them. Candelabras are everywhere and the lighting only adds to the feeling on sensuality.

I see him lying on one of the beds resting with such a beautiful smile on his face. He looks like you dear reader. You know who you are. You were just waiting for me, sending me your vibes of invitation to make holy love to you. I walked over to him and ran my fingers through his hair and he looked up knowingly and lifted up to kiss me a deep tongue hello in my mouth. As we lay holding each other for a time the priests and priestesses came over to give us large glasses of wine and fruit to add to our ritual time together and we drink and are very merry.

After some time sex explodes in the air and people are just inside of each other giving their gift of power and pleasure. I feel the aching in my body to share and I turn him back over onto the front of his body. Just the way I saw him the first time with that tight nice ass calling me. He surrenders and I climb on top of his backside and feel my psychic cock grow out of my cunt as I feel the need and pressure to fuck you. You spread your cheeks for me get deeper inside of you and I insert my cock energy in you! I swear it feels so real my psychic dick is penetrating you and your moans let me know you feel me. I stroke up and down in and out and I feel my clit growing larger and larger to feel you. I am red and hot inside and my pussy is getting wet as your ass gives itself to me.

Imagine this…
You are my pussy and you know it and you let me bury myself inside of you and grind as hard as I want. I wrap my thighs and legs around you and you grab hold of me while we pump together. My heartbeat is going so fast I can barely breathe. As I’m pumping I feel as if my pussy is larger than any male lingam in this place and I am groaning with strength. I am raising my own ass in the air to get more momentum when he is behind me and puts himself right into my wet yoni. Oh my god! This man came right up from behind me and put himself into me while I am still fucking my other god-man. Wow….what energy is flowing through me now and we all are riding off of each other with one pumping wave after another. His dick in my pussy as I grind down and go deeper on my other lover, we are wrapped up in our own harmony of pleasure pumping wave floating love.

The groans and yells of pleasure are everywhere now and it only makes me hotter and I am in need of another cock to honor. I look around and watch the others in playful rapture and I spot him, an amazing on looker watching us delight in each others bodies.

I wave to him and he smiles and comes to me and as he walks towards me I see his beautiful member begin to bounce up and down with excitement. I start to throb even harder inside of my being even though I can’t believe I am stroking and being stroked. I am lying on my lover man and having my other god man continue his stroking of my wet pussy then he, this beautiful spirit looks down at me and stands like the warrior he is awaiting my long strong wet tongue to embrace him. I reach up to him and wrap my lips just on the tip of his cock first, and I hold it there whilst all this fucking is going on around and in me. Whew I am good! His dick is growing in my mouth and I love it when a god-man lets him self grow in my mouth. I love receiving his powerful energy and this just brings me more pangs of pleasure. I start to suck with a purpose and he gives it to my mouth like it’s a pussy. The sensations I am feeling throughout my body are incredible and I continue to ride all my waves and send them back to my lovers!

We are one!

One at a time my men start to give me their offering. First my man that I am fucking can’t take any more and his groans leads to his semen thrusting out of his body and he jerks with spasms of pleasure and he is saying yes…yes…yes over and over until he collapses on the bed and I lift up my body holding a rear entry position while my back side lover is pumping my pussy harder and I am just getting wetter. He pulls out with a roar and grabs his cock with his hand and strokes him self to ejaculation all over my back and he licks it off when he’s done. My mouth is full and my sucking causes my guy to vibrate as he is on the verge and I can feel it.

Just then a beautiful woman/goddess appears and places her hands around him from behind and strokes his balls while he is slamming them against my chin and then he erupts in my mouth and fills me with his essence and strength. I rise and walk over to the woman behind him and grab her hair and turn her head to me and I stick my semen filled mouth tongue right into her mouth and she drinks and sucks the come out of my mouth and her eyes light up with delight. She is then grabbed from behind and another beautiful gentleman inserts himself into her and she is now singing her own song of pleasure and I continue to caress squeeze and suck on her nipples until she bursts into orgasm after orgasm!

We are one!

Imagine this…
I walk around and soak in all the love and sexual energy in the air and my body and mind are clear and I feel powerful. The love making in this magnificent hall is heavenly and I am so happy to be a part of it all! The lovers are awesome and I sit for a while and just watch the people enjoying all sorts of sexual play!

I am eating and enjoying the site in front of me as I watch two men just standing directly in front of each other looking deeply into each others eyes and holding the others lingam and gently stroking it to a standing position and then pouring hot oil on each others dicks for more pleasurable sensations and the mutual masturbation ritual raises each of them to a point of no return and they both simultaneously explode into each others hands and feeds each other their juices!


I stay for the full three days and every morning when I woke there was another lovely priest there to eat my pussy for my morning meditation and oral blessing. I am whole and completely supported by these individuals. You know the kind of wonderful honorable people that connected in this joining are god-men and goddesses from all walks of life. Imagine our life in this world is not lost. We are sexual powerful and living life fully with wet pussies and hard cocks!

See you next snow full moon!

Goddess Blessings

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Full Moon Erotica The Wolf Moon January 2007
The Body Spirit
An Erotic Exercise for Lovers

The burning throbbing sensation of love that flows through us all should be shared!

When kept inside and not given expression this throbbing, pounding pumping juice in us dries up. Leaving us frustrated and with little patience.

May this erotic exercise fill you with the power to grow and most importantly….evolve.

First….being goddess is a right that we all have. Men and women alike, share this ability to be goddess. Goddess is acknowledging the divine sexual self is a life force. We need to be in physical contact with our bodies and with others bodies. If we so choose to recycle sexual energy and not give it to another on a mutual level, then that is called “A gift of celibacy.”

Do you have that gift?

If you are forced into celibacy, this means you are not able to have healthy sex with another and this leaves you feeling frustrated and reinforces the feelings of loneliness and sadness. Then you need to tend to yourself for healing. These feelings also tend to force us to take stress out on others in order for us to have some kind of contact. Even if it becomes abusive!

When we love….Loving ourselves helps us to love others better. We use this love to fire our sexual/genital desires. If you are not involved with another you still hold the universal consciousness of love within you and can share in beautiful experiences with others 

The hunger for sex and affection is the hunger for life and it should never be considered unnatural or bad. The sexually transmitted diseases evolved from a place of fear and hatred in us because of the lack of the love consciousness that we all share.

Taking back your sexual power means honoring the goddess in you and in your body spirit. Take back your power by loving yourself so much and fucking the hell literally out of your partner, friend, and lover! We need to bring sexual/genital expression back to where it belongs. In our hearts!

If you are going to do this exercise alone then do it when you will not be disturbed for a while. If you will be doing this with a chosen one then make sure they are willing to be playful and take time. While you read this imagine how you may bring this fantasy into play.

Alone ~ Lay back on your chair or bed and gently start to touch yourself all over. For example….I lay on my big canopy bed which helps me to feel beautiful and sexy weather I am alone or together. I spread my legs and cup my pussy and use my other hand to caress my body and squeeze my nipples. I breathe gently and think about how good I feel stroking myself and my body relaxes even more.

You do the same…see it happening and you will already begin to feel the throbbing of your body spirit welling up inside of you. I press my hands hard on my now wet pussy and I slip fingers in and out of myself until I find my mountain top clit and I begin to press and circle her for more pleasure.

You will do the same and if you are holding a bigger cock because you are a man then stroke your balls and let them squeeze up inside of you as you caress your hard cock and spread the wetness from the tip of your lingam all over your dick now.

This feeling that builds up in us creates a relationship of strength within us that no one can ever take away! You are goddess! Your body loves you and you are thankful for your body!

Together ~ Play music to soothed the beast while you lay your partner onto the bed or wherever you two see fit to explode with each other.

One begins by spreading your lover wide on the back or front of her body. Your choice and make sure you do both sides of the body. Press your hands on the genitals from either side and make your presence known by using your other hand to caress the other parts. Rub and stroke and let the heat from your body spill into your lover as you become aroused and begin to use your body to rub onto your lover. Turning over and over on each other allow for your mouth to enter and breathe a breath of life into her. Give him all of you as you share in this erotic joy of life and press yourself hard and harder into him 

Know that this ability comes from the understanding that we all need love. Sexual love and this love is a consciousness that fills our body spirits and we are able to grow in ways that seem remarkable because sex just seems like sex. No….sex is a life force energy that continues to create on itself and we evolve. Giving your gift of love through your body spirit with kisses and touches and hard cocks and wet pussies is the way it was meant to be!

Lovers ~ this gentle building of passion and honor now fills the space around you and it almost feels like the angels are in the room watching and applauding. The appetite of love and the need to be penetrated is a desire in the making of more.  The more sex we have the more sex we want and we are stronger for it.

Go deep inside and make love and remember the chosen one is the one in this moment you are sharing yourself with. Press your ready lingam into her wanting yoni and give the gift of your life juice as you fill her with your essence.

Take your boyfriend and press your turtle head into his love cave and press gently into his aching wanting ass, as he opens for you and brings you both the power of respect and abundance through the juices that flow out of you and as the rain falls from your dicks all over his balls and the warmth drapes him, this continues the connection of love.

Suck your woman’s pussy as she opens herself wider for you to express her love and trust of your gathering. You climb on top of her and press your wet yoni on hers and bones her body while you two rock and rock into pumping explosions of love and yells of delight.

I take him fully into my mouth and I deep throat him and am thankful to god/goddess for this moment of sharing love and passion. My pussy wells with the excitement of taking him deep in me and I want to bless him more. I stand and straddle him as he holds my hips tight and squeezes my ass while I slide his lingam into my pussy. He sucks my nipples and I stroke his hard flute with the melody of my yoni and we look into each other’s eyes and flow. I pull out his dick and stroke my pussy and clit up and down it. This brings me more pleasure and I want to burst on him and he sticks his finger into my ass and I do bust myself all over his cock and her sucks my tongue while I come. I roll down his body seeing all of the beauty in him and lick his cock in my mouth and open his legs wide to press my finger into his soft ass and as I lick his balls and go deeper in him he starts to moan louder and louder and I fill my mouth with his love wand and he explodes in me and we are happy 

Alone ~ women make your moments erotic and explosive as you grind your pussy on the palm of your hands and pump yourself to the heights of rapture.

Men keep your lingam long and full of your essence as you take yourself to the point of no return and then stop and let it all flow back into your body. Spreading into your heart and riding back to your cock. Shoot yourself and scream in hard core tone saying fuck yea…and damn as you pull your juice out of your cock and send shivers of pleasure all over yourself. Bless that come and know it is a gift! 

Your Body Spirit will stay healthy and your life will change in areas not even thought of. We are spiritual sexual beings that created life through sex and love, universal love that is! 

Goddess Blessings and Happy New Year!

Rev. Goddess Charmaine

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Full Moon Erotica The Cold Moon December 2006
The Gift

Arriving early to his appointment David always liked to be on time. Especially today he was going to receive his first “Tantric Massage.” He heard so much about it and at first he didn’t think anything of it, but after hearing so many people speak on Tantra and the massage and learning more on television he felt it may be what he needed.

David has had a run of bad luck with women work and well…..Life. He just feels at a loss and doesn’t know how to break the cycle. His good moments are short lived and he thought that perhaps he was depressed and spoke to a Doctor. Medication was the answer for a while and soon everything just continued the way it always had. David felt stupid about his whole way of being right now because he was always a fix it man. Now he was helpless to fix himself. Damn….but this tantric massage thing might be what he needed.

The Rev. Goddess enters….She’s beautiful David thought to himself and such gentle eyes. David felt safe right away.

I am Rev. Goddess and I am here to give you The Gift of love. Follow me and we will begin. The Goddess asked David some personal questions about his health and what’s been happening with himself. He told her everything as if she was a focal point of cleanliness for him.

Now that your mind is somewhat cleansed spoke the Rev. Goddess I will just say a few things to keep you grounded while I give you your gift. First the magic word is relax. If I do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable just tell me to stop right away. David didn’t think there was anything she could do to make him feel uncomfortable. There was this thing about her that just made him feel safe and free at the same time. This way about her that soothed his soul and made him want to give himself to her completely. Now…remove your clothes and lay here on the bed on your belly facing in this direction towards the full moon and the goddess points towards the sky.

Scents of vanilla and cinnamon float through the air and David notices all the candles light and the room looks almost like a piece of heaven. Pillows and drapery and silk over lapping the entire room. Resting his head on the bed he sees flowers dancing in the dim light and he can even smell the roses. Erotic pictures and art are dashed across the room to invite anyone to feel sensual.

This is a beautiful room says David to the goddess. Thank you responds the goddess and David sees her legs appear before him and as he looks up he sees her naked body. Her naked chocolate creamy skin glowing and right up he sees her pussy, moist and warm he then looks through her legs and sees a table with water flowers and something that looks like a bible and he realizes that this his her altar. Wow….David thinks…. she must be for real.

The Goddess kneels and begins with a prayer and David finds himself relaxing and surrendering to her words….her touch….and to the goddess!

I am here Great Goddess….your daughter! Speak to me as you speak to yourself! So I may speak to others. I am filled with the perfect God/Goddess consciousness as my arms are the branches that grow to bring heavens wishes on earth. I am the tree goddess! Goddess Blessings to all beings! And so it is!

To herself the Rev. Goddess prays this personal prayer of love.

I am here to give him the gift the goddess thinks and she feels herself warm all over as she is honoring this beautiful man/spirit before her.

Her touches are soft and her strokes are complete as she caresses his body, beginning at his heart center and spreading it to his head and down his back. Soft warm touches moving along his firm strong shoulders and back and the feeling of love just pouring out of her into him. Now her face is moving down my neck and I feel her nipples stroking my head and now she is moving her body down my back to press her breasts on my back. Her body is strong and warm and her skin….oh my god! Her skin is soft, no silky with a strength in her bones that makes her super sexy. She is giving herself to me and I feel nice. David thinks to himself and now he feels something else is nice and hard on him. His cock is growing as she caresses his back and strokes herself across his neck and head.

The goddess moves her body around his and soon her breast are lying on his ass and her heartbeat is felt throughout David’s whole body and he is connecting and riding these feelings of arousal. She kisses his ass and strokes him up his lower back and all pain is leaving him now. Raising up and over his body the goddess spreads herself across his hips and presses her yoni onto his crack in his ass mountain and presses onto him tightly. He feels penetrating sensations move through him and his lingam is hardening and beginning to beg for entrance into the realm of pleasure.

She lays her body on his and there hearts are even to touch and to rhythm, she kisses his neck and grinds into him even further. Holding him tightly all chaos leaves his mind and his body is free to embrace all that is in his life. A heavy sigh of relief leaves David’s body and now he begins to understand what all the talk has been about this tantric massage.

David thinks….I am so glad I chose to have a massage with this woman and at that moment David feels as if his whole body spirit is being lifted up and he is now floating. He opens his eyes and sees he is still lying on the bed and he smells the scents around him and hears the beautiful music playing. I am in this room and I feel as if I am everywhere and this sensation is adding to my pleasure. Wow.

She rises up and straddles herself across his lower half and strokes his legs and makes her way to his love sack and gently strokes there and in the creasing of his thighs and up his beautiful ass mountain. She widens David’s legs and uses lotion to slide her hand underneath to his swollen friend who his happy to make contact and this causes throbbing in David’s cock and his body gently shakes as the pleasure mount. Soon he is so open and happy he wishes he could show the Rev. Goddess how pleased he is with her by giving her some of the pleasures that he is receiving. I want to give her the gift too, David thinks and he now understands why this is a gift. Anyone we come in contact with, we can bless our union with them or curse it. The gift is in honoring each other and sending love. In this massage experience for David he is awakening to this power of love through sex.

Soon a gentle pressing begins in his anus and David is surprised to feel so open and even more excited as the goddess penetrates his ass with her long fingers. Hmmm….the warmth and titillating sparks are releasing from him as he moans in agreement.

The Goddess deepens her thrusts as she is still holding his turtle head and stroking there as well. My God/Goddess David thinks I am going to explode any minute now! But he doesn’t he just feels and expands even more. The goddess raises me onto my knees as she enters me deeper and I am so happy to be able to feel these kinds of pleasures! I didn’t know I had it in me! His heart is pounding and pounding and David feels a burning sensation in his heart and POW! Shakes and trembles occur and he his screaming and screaming as his body is rocking with her fingers guiding the energy! Whoa…..his cock is dripping and wants to erupt and his heart does it first. POW…..the opening in his heart releases even more pain regret and judgements David has felt inside for years now! His dick is like a wand and it feels as if it’s growing even bigger.

The goddess lays him down and she slowly grounds him and softens his breathing to a gentle caress. Cleaning his beautiful ass of the lotion and blowing her breath of life into his ass David feels the rush of power moving into him once again. What is she giving me?! This is unbelievable. David feels the goddess on his body once again, holding him. She moves to his head back where she began and guides David through the charka colors to align him. Visualize the color red, she starts and David sees red and the goddess continues through all seven charkas. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Indigo and Violet. Good the Rev. Goddess says, you are an indestructible spiritual being! Sexually whole and sexually perfect! Your body knows it and shows it! And so it is! After a moment, she adds You can turn over now.

On my backside and she is over the front of my body beginning again at my face. Her strokes of love continue to relax my body and my soul as I continue to grow in my cock. How I love this and feel so joyous in this union we are creating. I feel so alive now and I wonder how I could have ever felt loss and disconnected. Is sex really this powerful? Is it really the life force that these tantrikas are saying it is? David drifts from his query and brings himself back to her, back to her smell her lovely scents and wonderful caresses that are enveloping him inside. 

Her breasts gently stroke my face and her nose comes close to mine as she smoothly moves it up and down on mine. Our lips barely touch as she touches our chins and this is so fucking sexy I wonder why no one ever thought of this kind of foreplay before. Her hands move around my chest and my nipples respond. Her wet lips tease my nipples and my back arches on command to be with her. She moves around me like a gazelle and I am lost in her, lost in her, in the goddess. The massage continues with my hands being deeply penetrated as she straddles my thigh one at a time to get to each hand. Her hot pussy has a power of its own and I am receiving the gift of her pussy as she sits on me. From there she turns to give me the best foot massage I’ve ever had and the music seems to know every move she makes and vibes to her.

Afterwards she turns to me and kisses her fingers and touches my feet and says blessed are thy feet, blessed are thy knees, blessed is thy sex, blessed is thy heart and blessed are thy lips. Now notice how your body is feeling the goddess guides my thoughts. And thank your body for being with you all these years. Your body is your holy temple. And I do as she asks and I thank my body and it feels good to me to do so. Then I feel a soft wetness around my strong bamboo. It is the most wonderful feeling and I dare to open my eyes to witness a beautiful sight. The Rev. Goddess is just holding her mouth over my bamboo shaft and not moving just draping me with her satiny warmth of womanhood. I melt in her aura as I am becoming familiar with these sensations at other times in my sex life. I remember loving and honoring the woman that gave to me in this way. I always felt it was a gift when oral blessings occurred between me and the other woman I was with. I see that all women are gifted in this way and I was always aware that this is a gift. My rock hardness was beginning to control my movements and now some serious sucking was taking place and I knew at this moment what was about to happen!

Rev. Goddess glides her body on top of mine and lies on top of me and connects heart to heart and we rock into each other for a time. Our faces and breaths rise to meet one another as my moans grow louder. My dripping cock wants to find his way into the wonderful place inside of her body.

She moves around me again back to her beginning place at my face and places her fingertip at my third eye, right in between my forehead. I see them once again, all the colors. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Sky Blue, Indigo and Violet, and this time the colors come into my view and the entire space blends into the vision. Wow…. each color seems to have an erotic vibration of its own and I am feeling it.

You are an indestructible spiritual being you are sexually whole and sexually perfect. Your body knows it and shows it! And so it is.

This statement of truth gives me an extra source of power I didn’t know I had. I am feeling sensuous and ready to fuck this woman. I reach up to her and feel her round rump and soft skin as she climbs up and over my face her yoni opens to me in full wonderful glory. I can see deeply inside of this woman’s warmth. She is loose in her lips and her clit is stretching for me to kiss her. I let my tongue reach to her clit and touch her gently and she responds with moans or acceptance and I open her wider with my mouth as I grab hold of her body and bring her to me. I am giving her my gift and I am thanking god/goddess I can suck her. I am so happy and horny and loving every minute of this treat.

She hold my balls in her hands and strokes them while I feast in your nurturing waters and I see the colors again on my own and find myself sending her love and energy without even trying. Rev. Goddess starts to rock herself on me and soon she is once again at my lingam and communicating her desires for me with her mouth. We are sucking each other off and I am now ready to give my offering to my goddess. She can feel my groan row and the veins strengthen and she sits up and strokes me harder and she yells from exploding herself and rocks and rocks herself on my tongue. I come with an eruption that sends my semen up higher than I ever felt it go! Oh my God! I can’t stop coming!

She kneels by my side still holding my cock and with a handfull of semen, she prays.

Great Goddess…. continue to bless him with his divine birthright of prosperity on earth and healing for us all.

Rev. Goddess glows as she cleans my body and we embrace one last time.

Goddess Blessings she smiles….and I leave, empowered, awakened, and alive.

Goddess Blessings

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Full Moon Erotica The Hunters Moon November 2006
The Hunters

Coming into this group for the first time left William feeling anxious. He heard of the power of the Goddess before and that her healing was great! He knew he wanted to experience this God/Goddess balance within himself but he was now rethinking his choice of joining this erotic group.

The Hunters Moon.....a monthly full moon gathering to honor the God/Goddess within us all through dance trance ritual and erotic touch.

William had heard about this group from a few friends on the path of honoring the God/Goddess within and he liked what he heard about their experiences and how they were able to use these teachings as a way of living fuller happier lives.

The Hunters Moon......mission statement! To allow all people to have their own journeys in a safe and sacred environment!

A bell rang.

Come together everyone....spoke The Rev. Goddess...we will begin now!

There is not much to explain since everyone here has read all the rules for tonight before you were able to join so we will not waste much time talking.

Just remember this: Through tonight you will raise your vibration to embrace the goddess and when that occurs you will draw your experiences to you where others here will be with you. What you choose to do with the other or others is the making of the god/goddess balance. There will be spotters here to make sure we don’t fall or hurt eachother by loosing balance.

Please rise everyone and come into a circle.

The Hunters Moon group is a group of us that hunt for the God/Goddess within us all through dance trance and erotic touch in a ritual formant. The more often you come to these gatherings the more you will come to understand about your own powers and how to use your body as the gift that it truly is!

We have all removed our shoes and our clothes are loose fitting so that when you choose to remove them it will be easy for you since you will be blindfolded.

William thought to way will I be taking anything off! I don’t know why I came here anymore. Maybe it was just to meet women. He laughed to himself.

Rev. Goddess continued....I know some of you are new to this so don’t worry if you choose not to remove any clothing this full moon. She smiled in Williams direction as if she read his mind.

Now....the priestesses are coming around to everyone and tying a mask around your eyes. Soon the music will start and you will be led through the music and chants that you hear to share your body in dance. This will eventually lead you to a trance state which will take you towards the erotic touch of the others! There will be sandalwood and sage burning to cleanse the space while we share.

I will begin with a prayer and then we will chant Rise to raise our vibrations and then the music will begin.

May the Divine within us all express itself through love and sex and may the powers that be see all and bless us for it! And So It Is!

Together now – everyone: RISE....RISE....RISE....RISE.....RISE.....RISE......RISE......RISE....RISE!!!

The Reverend Goddess claps her hands three times strong and the music begins! lala lala lala la la la la lala lala la la....

William couldn’t believe how the music instantly took his nervousness and shifted it into a desire to move his body. Deepening his connection to himself each shift from right to left felt like a oneness to something more.

Not knowing what to expect William could feel and hear the breathing of the others and at first he was to cautious to move. He just stood there sensing everything around him feeling awkward. He continued to hip drop his body but stayed in one spot not wanting to bump anyone or even worse trip and fall. The music drifted into a chant of moans flowing over into a word. At first William could not make out the words he was hearing and then it came clear. Hunter...Hunt...Hunter...Hunt. Bring her in, feel her moon! Hunter....Hunt...Hunter...Hunt.

Then, in between these words the moaning continued and William felt the surge move through him like he was the Hunter! His dick grew strong and hard and he felt that the energy from the tip of his long hard cock was crashing through the walls of the sacred space they were in. For a moment William felt weird. Like everyone could see what was happening to him. Then he remembered he was not alone and other people were having their own experiences not thinking about him. Will quickly allowed himself to take a step forward and the moaning in the music seemed to grow louder and he moved his body around! The sounds around him toned in nicely with the music and soon he found himself transported! Floating and breathing heavier which also made him feel lighter.

Bodies were bumping and bouncing around the space and hands were crawling up and along his sides. He felt like he was being pulled into another place and space and actually he was. Someone had a grip on his throbbing lingam and he felt the call to follow where his cock guide was leading him.

Soon William smelled sage in the air and oil was being rubbed on him. Voices and loud breathing enveloped him as he felt a nice tongue enter his mouth. She tasted like berries and her breasts hit his chest and caused his erection to grow stronger.

You are a gift of the Goddess, the voice stated, and I am here as a gift for you. I honor The God in you! She slowly rubbed William’s hot, sweaty body. Then the vision/woman/goddess bowed to him and placed his turtle rod into her wet mouth. Sucking and sucking William couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He felt like this whole evening and everyone in this space was just there for his pleasure and healing. The sounds of music and moans continued stronger and more powerful and he could hear others around him forming their own connections.

And William realized what was happening to him! He was having the sensation of oneness with all things and people around him and this fullness entered him. I feel so great...William thought to himself. So Free and with that William allowed himself to touch the beautiful woman before him and it felt as if his fingers were already inside of her. He traveled across her body and moved down onto the carpeted floor. Other hands were dancing across him and hers bodies and this only added to the sensation of oneness and growth. Williams mouth found her yoni and he entered her deeply and her pussy smelled of musk and lavender. His manhood seemed to grow even more and she gave a loud groan and opened her legs to receive him more.

Blindfolded only allowed the deepening to occur and release any inhibitions about performance. William's ass was being spread apart and warm fingers gently darting inside of him and the spasms of delight caused his cock to drip. One finger...two finger....three fingers – and them William found himself on his knees feeling a wild burning sensation crawling up his spine. Several people were straddled around him and he felt everyone of them and they continued the wave of touch throughout the entire room.

It began again! The Hunters Moon....The Hunters Moon...The Hunters Moon! Chanting in the song opened the vision of Williams heart being the size of the moon and all love flowing throughout his body onto and into everything he was now touching. The energy in his body was so strong that those around him were dissolving into orgasms as he sucked their tits and made way inside of pussies around his way. Orgasms flowed from others and asses were being rocked and mouths were being sucked into Ecstasy.

The Hunters Moon is my heart opening to all those I come in contact with. All those I come in contact with is a gift to me as well. We grow through love and physical touch and the hunter is me and the moon is my heart and the energy is my love juice from my penis and the yoni juice from a woman’s pussy.

With this realization William’s body shook and his ass felt as erotic as his cock and he started to shoot his load as he gave the gift of his semen. William rocked his body while his orgasm reached way outside of himself. He screamed a release of pleasure that sent sounds of delight through the entire room. It felt as if everyone was waiting for him to rise!

In the collapse of the aftermath people just laid out on the floor and others chose to cuddle and embrace and others dance a slow drag.

I can’t wait till next full moon! thought William to himself, a smile drifting across his lips...

Goddess Blessings

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Full Moon Erotica Harvest Moon October 2006
The Cave of Ecstasy!

Charlotte has been feeling quite frustrated since her breakup with her boyfriend! Even though she’s dating again and one man is extremely exciting to her she can’t seem to find that place inside to express her pleasure. No orgasms for charlotte in a long while. Her masturbations are only temporary fulfillment and now she doesn’t even desire to do that.

“Why can’t I release myself from my past love and move on?”

These questions and feelings have taken hold and Charlotte has sought therapy to understand her pain and depression. And once again, although helpful she only had momentary relief by understanding the psychology of breaking up with someone and the bonds we hold.

This just didn’t explain Charlotte’s hold of her orgasm. She’s been in relationships and when they ended she was able to move on in an appropriate time. Now she is stuck in her body not her mind!

Walking down her busy street towards home a gust of wild wind blows into Charlotte’s face and blinds her. While wiping at her eyes she is pushed by a crowd of people also hit by the earths wind and finds herself dizzy with blurred vision and lost. “How can I be lost on my own block? I couldn’t have wandered off that much.” Charlotte gaining full sight as the winds have calmed, doesn’t recognize where she is. She turns to hopefully recall a sight or two to no avail!

As she quizzically looks around she hears a voice calling her name. She recognizes the voice but cannot place it. She follows the voice and soon sees an opening in between two large buildings that could easily be missed. As Charlotte steps into the crevice she feels warmth surrounding her body. The temperature increased about 20 degrees and this sudden sensation of warmth started her feeling a bit drowsy for a moment. Charlotte wondered if she was being drugged and whether she would be hurt. The voice called to her again and she found herself following the sound and now a scent of violet and sandalwood crept into her nostrils and enveloped her further.

Through the dimly lit corridor gentle music was playing and colors appeared in succession from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Soon Charlotte was at the entrance of large double wooded doors! They looked liked something from the 1600’s; she didn’t know what to think anymore. She just felt invited and wanted to know why she had been called. Directly in front on the center of both doors was writing in gold lettering. As Charlotte fixed her vision the gold shimmered more as she began to read...


Universal Lover 

I am one with the Universe Therefore I am one with you.
My body is planted firmly within her Earthly Realms.
Therefore I am one with you.

The sky stretches to smell my essence and envelopes me into his sky blue clouds.

I am one.
My Dominion spans the world and all creation orgasms for me.

We are one.
My palate drips and moistens my temple into ecstasies only dreamt of by others.

Will you come to know me? Are you present to her calling?
Can you lift into the depth of your greatness and share yourself fully?

I ask only because you are my Universal Lover.



As Charlotte read the last word. Welcome…she began to feel aroused and the words on the door disappeared and the words The Cave of Ecstasy boldly appeared.

Startled and excited at the same time sent chills throughout Charlottes body and her nipples became rock hard erect and she felt her pussy moisten.

The music grew louder as the large wooden double doors began to drag themselves open. Now scents of jasmine and myrrh woofed through the air as the doors pulled apart and what lay before Charlottes eyes?! The largest pussy lips ever….pulsating like a heart beat. It was the wildest most exciting thing Charlotte has ever witness. A large Vagina was the entrance into The Cave of Ecstasy!

Charlotte’s name was now being called and she started walking into the cave. Her eyes examined the vulva, lips and clitoris. She couldn’t believe she was walking into a life like pussy the size of a large house! A part of Charlotte’s mind felt like she must be crazy! “Where the hell am I?” Charlotte thought to herself. “And why do I feel so horny now?” Just then a beautiful man appeared from the shadows and reached for Charlotte’s hand.

Looking into his eyes Charlotte smiled a pleasant smile and opened her mouth to speak. Her escort gently stopped her by raising her hands into the air and lifting her off of her feet and completely into his big strong musk scented arms. “No worries my goddess, you have made it.” He kissed her forehead and then the corner of her neck by her shoulder blade and Charlotte felt beautiful and safe.

As he carried her further into the cave she noticed women everywhere being massaged, bathed, made love to. Women just sleeping while be held and watched by other beautiful and sexy men. “Where am I?” Charlotte asked her escort. “You are within her.” “Within where, I don’t understand?” “You are within The Goddess womb. Inside the cave of ecstasy, this is where all women are led to when they hear the call of The Great Goddess.” “ I heard a call, Charlotte replied. I even felt like I knew who was calling me. But I’ve never met a Great Goddess before. Is that a nick name for an old friend?” He laughed and looked down at her with the sexiest eyes and Charlotte swore for a moment she saw an image in his eyes of the two of them making love. She gasped and tried to speak but her breath left her for a moment, so she held on and rode his body into the cave.

He brought her into a space where there was running water into a sunken floor. He undresses her and begins to speak to her. “You are a beautiful and sensual woman and you are divine. Your body spirit has left your body because your soul has forgotten that you and your body are divine. It is through your sexual energy and thoughts that lead you to erotic righteousness.”

He continues as he leads her into the warm water cascading down the walls like a waterfall. Charlotte cannot believe a waterfall is indoors and as she looks up she opens her eyes and mouth wide as she peers up into the night sky seeing the full moon looking down on her. “How is that possible?” Charlotte asks her escort as she points upward. He looks up and says. “You are in a sacred exotic space. There are many spots like these throughout all of Earth, right in front of you earthlings noses but few will admit to actually seeing the entrance. They swear they’re drunk, dreaming or crazy before admitting that they are divine right here on Earth.” As he rubs the oils all over her body Charlotte is swept over by the water dripping through her hair, down her face and onto her body. With water and oils mixing together her body glistens as she feels fingers inserted into her already throbbing pussy. “Like I was saying goddess, you were meant to feel your beauty is desired and when we men are attracted to you we are to respond by letting you know you are beautiful and we feel excited and blessed to be in your presence.” He soaks his fingers in deeper and takes a moment to suck Charlotte’s nipples. He then moves his fingers gently out of her and caresses her body and then pours rose oil into her hair and begins to wash her hair. 

“I can’t believe this is happening.” Charlotte exclaims! “I always felt special and I always felt the men I chose to be with were special too.” She moans as he washes her hair and starts to kiss the back of her neck and travels downward towards her ripe rump ass. “You taste like chocolate just like your skin.” He says as he enjoys her ass and moves his arms around to embrace her from below. “Great Goddess is Good!” He stands to turn her and embraces her face with both hands. “You are loved as woman and you should always be honored!” Just then three other men, did you hear me! Three more men strolled into their space and pulled Charlotte out of the water and they all lifted her up into the air and they used their bodies as a throne for her to sit on, Two holding her up on their shoulders while she sits and one behind to secure her back and the other in front for her to enjoy the view of his body.

As they walk her to another sacred space, Charlotte enjoys the sounds of sex and moans in the air. Watching women being pampered to the 10th degree. She feels tears welling up inside of her as she fantasizes about being made love to the way she sees these women being loved. She thinks to herself…it’s been so long since I’ve felt that connected to my body. She realizes it’s not because of a break up or any thing else. It’s because she lost her connection to herself when she began to embrace stress more than embracing her self! That’s why I couldn’t orgasm any more with men because I lost the passion in my own body spirit! “It’s not lost goddess.” He says to her as they lay her onto the soft filled animal skinned rugs about 5 inches deep.  Charlotte feels heavenly as she falls onto the rug. “You wouldn’t have heard her call you if you lost your passion, goddess. It’s just been buried deep because you started to focus outside of yourself instead of inside.”

As all four men begin kissing her all over, Charlotte recalls moments in her past where she was giving oral to a man she loved and would feel thankful to God for being able to give him pleasure. And this always brought her pleasure as well. She didn’t have to think about her being pleased because the act of giving pleasure to another beautiful person fulfilled her and their sexual encounters always had her calling gods name in ecstasy with every orgasm. It was all coming back to her as she lay while being sucked inside of her Yoni with strong cock heads rubbing against her body. She felt deep inside her core that she needed to feel the penetration of one of these men soon or she would scream!

“I love you Goddess! I love you Goddess!” She hears as her body is writhing with pleasure and a turtle head is inserted into her mouth and Charlotte feels electricity shooting into her and she opens her eyes to see who is feeding her and she sees her escort proudly owning his cock in her mouth and directing is swiftly in and out. Charlotte is happy it is his cock and while she is blowing his flute she feels the tongues of the other men entering her in more ways than one. She lifts her legs to help them out and one his worshiping at her chocolate almond mound and the other is gently biting her nipples while the other is probing inside of her ass! “My God/Goddess thank you for sending me these God-men for my pleasure and healing,” Charlotte was seriously in thanksgiving. 

Sounds of explosive orgasms moves throughout the cave as women from all over that answered the call and found the cave and read the prayer arrived for their sexual revival!

 Soon they were alone…as Charlotte lay wet relaxed and ready. He came between her legs and looked into her eyes and moved is tongue into her mouth and rightfully so inserted his lingam into her yoni liked it belonged to him. And you know what?

It did! For now! 

He stroked her beautiful black strong body….kept her mouth and pussy open wide as he Steadied his weight and rocked her over and over and over again. His Jade rod became wetter with his own juices to please her. “I love you Goddess! You are Divine and desired. Thank you for allowing me to please you with my body.” Charlotte felt her heart would burst out of her chest with love and desire. This is the passion I’ve buried, Charlotte realized. Love and desire equal passion. I have passion Charlotte thought to herself as she rode his jade rod squeezing her pussy muscles to hold onto to him tighter from within. He moaned in delight as she possessed him. Their tongues continued communicating and Charlotte felt a deep connection to this man.

This love making went on and others were enjoying the vision of Charlotte and her lover sharing their gift. She could hear the pleasure of others as they witness life through love coming forth. Soon Charlotte felt it! The swelling in her clitoris and the tightening in her body as she knew she was on the threshold of her orgasm! She felt joyous and a bit sad that she knew it would soon come to an end.

As if he could read her mind. “I am your god-man, and I am your lover when ever you call. This is not our only time inside of each other.”

He embraced her tighter as Charlotte leaped over and turned him onto the rug and situated herself on top. Squeezing her powerful pussy tight she stroked harder on his wet dick. He rub his soft strong hands up and down her back and moved to her erect nipples playing with them while she caress her yoni on him. He pinched her nipples here and there to send tingles of sensations throughout her body and this just gave Charlotte more reasons to pound on him.

The music sounded louder as she began to reach rapture the scents in the air seemed stronger as she climbed the top of the mountain of pleasure. Charlotte could see all of her confusion was gone. She could see clearly who she was.

A Woman….A Goddess!

Wow…………what an orgasm. Charlotte fell onto his body as he comes into her filling her full of his essence while holding strongly onto her ample ass.

“Thank you for giving me your juice and healing my body.” Charlotte Thanked.

“I love you Goddess, and remember you can call me when ever you want.”

“I didn’t call you….you called me.” Charlotte corrected.

He smiles and holds her close as she falls asleep in his arms. Pussy pleased and exhausted!

To awaken in her bed in her home in the morning smelling of musk and rose.

Charlotte thought to herself…..There is a Goddess!

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Cathy’s Erotic Wave

That morning Cathy couldn’t seem to catch a break. The alarm clock didn’t ring for some reason and that started her off 45 minutes late. She rushed her shower, and ended up throwing on the same suit she had worn the previous day. She just changed her camisole and threw a scarf over her suit jacket in hopes that no one would notice.

Arriving at her building, she rushed in with the crowed, then merged with everyone into the elevator. As she rode up to her 11th floor office, she felt even more irate, remembering that she hadn’t had a chance to do her morning masturbation meditation.

She was lost in thought for a moment realizing how much better her morning would be going if she’d been able to meditate. A glow would be on her face, along with an inviting smile. Her nipples would be erect from her playing with them, showing ever so slightly through her blouse all day long. She loved how her morning masturbations left her feeling alert and powerful all day. But today would not be one of those days. Cathy was already cranky and feeling exhausted.

She was a top executive in a competitive advertising firm. Not many women were in her place and not many men wanted her there. She had a hard time maintaining relationships because of her long hard working hours. Since she’d begun meditating and balancing her life properly she had learned the art of masturbating with the chakra colors for release, pleasure, and personal professional fulfillment. The process was working, and Cathy was finding that the time she took out for herself to pray, and to masturbate, helped her prioritize her life and achieve her goals. Sometimes though, she would overwhelm herself and not take time out to please her erotic spirit; then she would quickly lose grounding.

This awful morning only continued to show Cathy how touching herself was the key to enjoying everything else she loved.

The feeling didn’t go away by lunchtime, so she skipped lunch. One meeting after another, and the partners were not easily moved by her choices of advertising venues. She became even more frustrated when she realized she’d be working long into the evening. After ending a phone conversation from hell with the CEO, Cathy hung her head in exhaustion and wondered what she had done to deserve this kind of day. Then she felt a wave move into her body, emanating from her pussy. She desired to touch herself. Sitting behind her desk she opened her legs and pressed two fingers into her pants right at the opening of her vagina. She felt her wetness, and a need to be penetrated. She pressed and pressed deep into her self, and felt the lace of her panties rubbing into her. She breathed in deeply just as her secretary Greg suddenly appeared at her open office door. Greg cleared his throat in an awkward manner, not really sure what was happening. “Are you okay…Ms. Brannahan?” he asked.

Cathy straightened herself quickly and in a funny voice answered, “Do I look okay, Greg?”

There was silence. Then he handed hersome documents to sign and informed her of her next meeting. She began to sign the papers as he waited, then told him to shut the door and lock it.

“Ms. Brannahan,” he began, knowing there was a meeting she needed to get to right away. She threw her hands up in the air and walked over to the door and closed it herself.

“They can wait. You need to take a special letter for me,” she told him. Greg started to protest, but she quickly gave him a pad and pen and shoved him into a chair. “You can help me finish what I couldn’t finish on my own,” she said huskily. “Write and say the color RED.”

“Excuse me?” Greg questioned.

“Write and say the color RED,” Cathy repeated.

Greg wrote the color RED on his pad, and said “red” out loud.

Immediately Cathy pulled off her scarf and jacket, then opened up her pants. Then she pulled them off, exposing her plump thighs and wet panties.

Greg jumped to his feet, ready to stop this whole show, when Cathy held her hands up in a prayer position and looked him straight in his eyes for attention. Greg, now showing an erection, sat sharply back into his chair. “Say RED”, Cathy growled. She dug her fingers into her wet pussy and stabbed them deeply, riding the wave of RED over her body. Greg noticed her arousal to RED. He shouted it more for her delight. “RED RED RED!”

Cathy felt so much pleasure from Greg sharing the energy of RED with her; this helped her to focus on what she wanted. Feeling the freeing energy moving vigorously throughout her body and rocking her with tantalizing delight made her pussy wetter and wetter.

“Now write ORANGE and say ‘ORANGE’ Greg!” she said, breathing heavily.

He wrote and shouted, “ORANGE,” now deeply pleased with himself; his erection stood strong and engorged, breaking through his zippered pants.

Cathy touched her belly and felt the heat penetrating up her body and fire growing stronger as she breathed into the color ORANGE.

“YELLOW,” shouted Cathy, and “YELLOW” shouted Greg. Cathy felt the pulsating vibrations of cunt fire flaming into her legs and her trembling desires rose into her ribs. She tore off her camisole and caressed her body all over, moving to the couch where she lay legs spread wide, showing poor stiff Greg her lovely yoni.

“GREEN,” was the next shout, and Cathy began pounding on her pussy with the palm of her hands as she redirected her fingers in and out her waiting wet hole.

“GREEN,” shouted Greg from his chair now fully freed from his pants with dripping cock, and seeing the color GREEN. Cathy turned herself to face him better and look at his strong lingam. She wanted to bless it with her tongue, but she needed more energy for herself; she stayed put and rubbed her yoni till it cried out, drowning in soaked panties that needed to be torn off. She pulled off her panties and licked her fingers and yelled “BLUE!”

Greg hurriedly wrote BLUE and said “BLUE” out loud, not missing a moment as he was now joining in the meditation with the stroking of his wet and towering penis.

“BLUE BLUE BLUE,” she shouted, and at her throat chakra Cathy could feel herself breathing and loving every part of her body. Touch and rocking and thrusting on her couch and she moaned and moaned and Greg began moaning with her. She looked over to him with acceptance and shouted “INDIGO” and Greg shouted “INDIGO” back, realizing how alive his whole body was feeling and noticing how new these sensations felt to him.

“INDIGO INDIGO INDIGO.” Now at her third eye with the color INDIGO, Cathy could see herself getting through the rest of her day with ease and effectiveness. She loved her job and was very good at it and needed her personal sexual power to help her as it always did.

“PURPLE!” she shouted. Her body seemed to convulse with waves of ecstasy. She licked her fingers and rubbed her clit until it swelled up hugely. She pinched it between her two fingers as she started to erupt with orgasm. She yelled just as Greg started to jet out his cock juices. He joined her in her yells. They thrashed with release as they fell into an ever-loving purple haze that seemed to fill the room.

RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE INDIGO PURPLE. Rainbows evaporated as Cathy and Greg re-emerged into their surroundings. Greg noticed the time hadn’t changed much since he first entered the room. Cathy was not late for her next meeting as he had feared. Greg pointed to the clock and started to speak when Cathy covered his mouth with the two fingers that just pleased her pussy. “That’s part of the mystery of being spiritually whole and sexually perfect,” she said.

As Greg smiled and started to leave the room, Cathy said, “Goddess Blessings. Greg.” Then came a knock. She said “Yes” to the door, and her secretary Greg stepped into her office and reminded her that the time for her next meeting was drawing near. Cathy looked up at the clock and noticed it wasn’t much past lunchtime, She also noticed that she still had her hands between her legs. With a smile she realized that she just masturbated to a fantasy. It had felt so real! She thanked Greg for reminding her of the meeting with a special smile that confused him.

The rest of her day went just fine.

Goddess Blessings!

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His Erotic Wave

Raindrops are dripping on my windowsill. The birds are singing, waking me up out of my slumber with their melody. My window is cracked and the cool breeze for this June morning brushes across my face and I open my eyes to the clock this early Sunday morning.

I breathe in a heavy breath and notice the tent rising before me. It’s my cock asking for some personal time. As I start to connect to my penis and tune in to the sound of my breathing vibration I become harder. I feel my chest rise when my hand brushes across my torso on its way to my surging wand. There is no time like the present to focus on my erotic energy. I want to masturbate with my quickening and powerful need to squeeze out my divine juices all over myself. I love masturbating and loving my body. I love squeezing my hard throbbing cock and teasing myself with the chakra colors until I come such a force that sometimes semen shoots over my head! I love my newly-learned ability to honor myself in this way—the way that only those worthy can delight in.

I grab hold of my warrior member and behold one of my greatest assets. I feel my cock heat writhing through my belly and down my thighs. As the early morning dew creeps, I stroke and start to ride my erotic wave.

Thoughts of others attempt to take my mind away from myself and join in sucking my morning come. I don’t join those thoughts today. I give my power and erotic bliss to myself. I focus on the color RED as I raise my strong right hand to my mouth and lick my palm. Then, I open and raise my knees up and spread my thighs wide. I cup my balls with my left hand and, clutching my cock with my right, I see the color RED. I breath deeper and a bit quicker as this first chakra RED grows all over my body and I become RED as the tip of my penis is now wet with my juices. I begin to spill the first lubricants to further enjoy my trance. I stroke over my head gently and use the juice around my shaft to continue the strong vibrations building up inside of me. My left hand, holding and stroking my balls, experiences them tightening and filling up with fluid and preparing me for total ecstasy.

I see ORANGE. I ride the ORANGE wave into the second chakra at my belly, and the initial spasms of ejaculation cause me to tremble. I breathe fully as these sensations to travel through me. Oh God…I already want to come…I need to fucking come—it feels so damn good as my hand is wetter and wetter from the juices seeping out of me.

My desire moves quickly to my third chakra at my ribs. The color YELLOW stands before my eyes as the sun’s energy and warmth pours into me. The sun starts to shine through the rain and into my room and I feel the rays joining the wave of pleasure running through my body.

The tingling feelings travel into my legs and feet and then shoot once more up into my chest! My body begins to jerk. I am enjoying this tug of war between the desire to come or not to come. I rock and thrust my hips My heart center is full of GREEN and the love I have for myself flows through me and I am ascending to an even higher level of cock- teasing now. I close my knees, localizing my sexual energy right at my cock and balls. Then, I open my legs wide and breathe fully. The pleasure shoots up into my heart and the GREEN becomes more vibrant. I squeeze the tip of my cock and float.

My throat chakra is BLUE and my voice sounds are not comprehensible. Still, I know exactly what I mean. I give voice to my pleasures. It makes ecstasy sound like a language. This powerful BLUE chakra center removes any negativity in my mind.

Into my third eye now I see INDIGO and this opens my inner eye wide to fully enjoy the personal pleasures of my body. I focus at the center of my eyebrows and I visualize myself masturbating and I am aroused by my image of my pure body. My desire to come runs throughout.

VIOLET VIOLET VIOLET! I am at the top of my head and it is spinning with the need to release. My scalp feels tingling sensations that began in my feet spread all the way up to and through my scalp. My final self-tantalizing moves are to stroke my hands all over my body. I touch every where I can reach. The heat from my hands moves faster than I can, and reaches parts of my body I can’t reach.

Ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…I jerk with pleasure. I lick my lips and open and close my eyes. The sun is filling the room and I see my body movements bouncing off the walls around me. I am pleased with the sounds and the aromas around me. Even the birds seem to know that I am focused as I hear their melody.

After seeing all the chakra colors, I float with the energy that cascades down and around my body. I stroke my chest and squeeze my nipples for sudden shock and please myself further. I put a choke hold on my erect lingam and proceed to caress it with a purpose. I feel my powers in my body and I want to come from every part of myself. My cock is even harder and I press down into my ball. The pressure keeps building up until I remove my fingers. Then, semen fills up my cock and I shoot over myself with an incredible force. I scream semen continues to squirt from me and land on my body. I roll my hips to keep the sensations coming.

I am pleased, and I am blessed.

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Honor Thy Self

Jake was now 30 years old he had been in and out of several relationships and was beginning to feel a loss of connection within him-self.

He lived with a couple of women and even one he asked to marry, yet he couldn’t shake his desires to be with men and he knew until he could resolve those issues he wouldn’t make any woman a good husband.

Jake was in therapy because he had become severely depressed after his last breakup with the woman he was to marry and his midnight affairs with men were getting riskier and riskier.
Jake had meet a man in a gay bar one night and lead the man into the bathroom and while he was making out with the guy and wanting to do more, before he realized it two other men joined in and before Jake realized what was happening because he was slightly high from the drinks he had earlier, these men stripped him down and pushed his face against the wall and forced their cocks into his ass and penetrated him without his permission! The man he went to make out with forced Jake to suck his cock and came in his mouth. They pushed him back onto the wall and took turns inside of him until everyone had their fulfillment of him. He was hurt, ashamed and now afraid of sexually transmitted diseases. Jake always used condoms with men and women and felt good about being sexually responsible. This terrible turn of events he hoped would wane his desire, but after healing physically and no disease was contracted. Jake desired the contact of a man once again. He thought he was in real trouble then.
His therapist recommended he see a psychiatrist and this Doctor suggested he go on medication. Jake was in a sex addicts group because he thought he had an addiction to men. Jake thought that because he could still desire women that meant he wasn’t really “gay.” He even would not consider bisexuality as an option either. He treated himself like he had a drug addiction. Now medication was the last straw and he didn’t want to do it and at the same time he thought maybe this drug might curve his appetite to be with men.

With such confusion Jake took one last leap of hope and decided to join an all male tantric group over the next week and perhaps there would be a break through, maybe some answers that could heal these desires once and for all he prayed.

Jake was surprised at how many men had the courage to attend this type of group. There were twenty men in total and many of them were in relationships with women or even married. Some men were in relationships with men and comfortable with being in same sex relationships just not evolving as sexual spiritual beings they shared. This was a new approach for Jake and obviously the other men as well. Maybe this spirit and sex thing could help he hoped.

The mornings started early with yoga and then to charka work which is a meditation using breath work with loud breathing and yelling to release the body’s tension from the mind. I wasn’t new to meditating but this type with so many people around I felt awkward about releasing any pain that I might later feel embarrassed about.
During discussion time I found out I wasn’t alone with my concerns. This proved helpful for us all and as the days and time went by more and more pain and misunderstandings left me.

We began with masturbation and learning how to love ourselves in a healthier way. It was hard to masturbate and not fantasize but I understood why it was so important to learn how to share love and stimulate myself first and I began to feel good about doing it this way. Talking about this with my new friends felt good too.

During one of our breaks on my way back to my room one of the other room doors was cracked just enough for me to see in and there he was. Kevin naked and all alone I couldn’t help myself I noticed him from the first day the group began and when ever he talked I was always drawn to know more about him. I looked to see if anyone else was around and we were alone. Kevin was spread out on his bed and dick just lying on his belly waiting for some attention. I could feel my own dick wishing from some attention from him as well. I wanted to join him so bad and suck that dick to attention and make love to him. Then I heard him, “I love myself so much, I love myself so much.” He was chanting this over and over and touching himself so beautifully that I almost felt like I was invading his space. I considered leaving when he turned over and looked right at me. I was startled and hoped he wouldn’t be angry with me. He motioned me into his room quietly. I entered not sure what to do or expect. Close the door he said and make sure it’s locked. I did. Good Kevin said while still touching his dark smooth body. I was waiting for you and hoping you would notice the door open just for you Jake, he said with a sly smile. I was speechless; no one had ever set me up before.

Come over here Kevin requested and I walked over to him and he asked me to remove my clothes. I did and my erection let him know just how happy and excited I was to be there. He sat up and told me to sit in front of him facing him and with my legs over top of his. This was uncomfortable at first but with some shifting I was able to fit my legs over his thighs nicely. Look into my eyes and just breathe he said. In through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly. He did the same. I felt funny at first like why aren’t we fucking yet and I realized right in that moment I have never allowed myself to get in touch with a man on a real personal intimate level before this workshop and I was afraid to put them at the level I had women on, I know I did that because I was afraid that if I did, they would become more to me than just genital pleasure.

I began to feel more and more at peace just looking into his eyes I first just saw myself reflecting back from his eyes but as I allowed myself to relax more I saw him. He looked kind and free, I wished I looked like that I thought. Now, Kevin directed breathe in and out of your mouth only, and bring your lips to mine and open them. When you’re ready he continued breathe in deeply in your mouth and on your exhale blow your breath into my mouth and I will swallow your breath and then I will do the same and together we exchange and share our breaths connecting deeper to each other in our souls.

I was very willing to go further with him, I felt so good and safe in this moment, and I figured nothing could go wrong. As we breathed deeply in and out of each other I started to feel light headed and weak in my body. Then a burst of energy emerged inside me and I felt exhilarated and blended even more into this open and compassionate man.
Slowly at first and then faster with the breathing and soon we began rocking and rocking our bodies together and this sensation took me into the actual wave of the breath. Breath is Life I could believe for the first time in my life. With all of the meditation and breathing exercises I had done up to this point, I finally understood more about what breath of life really meant in the tantric sense. This is the way to connect to another and continue life, we share with each other and in our sharing we extend life for each other. This is why we truly need others in our lives.

Our constant breathing into each others mouths soon brought about a closeness I cannot explain and then Kevin’s penis became as erect as mine and our dicks tumbled and played with each other as our rocking kept up. Soon our tongues joined in and we were now deeply kissing and sucking. My mouth wanted to suck all of him and the trance state I was in made everything around me disappear. The room the bed and sounds outside, I felt as if we were the world and our bodies were floating together in one ball like the Earth in the universe. Then it happened, I completely faded away from everything and was pulled out of this time, this place right now and I felt the pull of being drawn out of my body and into another body and that’s when I opened my eyes to see him.

I heard a voice above me. He is now a man on his way to becoming a warrior. Take him now God-Brother and show him who he is. I looked up to see a man maybe my age but not much older than me it appeared yet stronger and happier. I know I looked just like I felt confused, and when he knelt down and took my penis into his hands and then his mouth I almost fainted.
Everyone around started shouting cheers and began chanting something unrecognizable to me. My penis grew and grew in his mouth and I just went with it. I opened my eyes to see a large group of men and women in layers of circles around me and my god-brother. I started to become aware of what was happening and who I was and the more I realized this reality the more I began to forget where I was just moments ago with Kevin in his room and on his lap.

Mother ~ Father ~ Child was the chant being repeated and I understood why. I breathed in deeply and looked up into the sky and this brilliant warm energy flowed into my body through my head and strait through me into my feet. I felt tingling sensations shooting back into my feet and I looked down seeing the bobbing head of my “god-brother” and this tingling sensation went strait into my very erect dick. He sucked and sucked me and I began shaking violently and the chanting continued louder. I felt heat building up in my penis and I knew I was going to come. Just then another man quite older jumped behind me and poured some oil over my head and rubbed me over my body. The oil smelled of sandalwood and he rubbed me in particular spots on my body as my shaking turned into waves of deep pleasure. He touched the top of my head with the oil and then my forehead, lips and heart. Then he shouted halt to my god-brother and he held his head up and my god-brother was then touched with the oil on his head forehead and then on his lips.

Time for him to give his offering, make him give it now the sun is strong and he needs his warrior spirit to come down on him now, shouted the old man.
My god-brother carrying on held my dripping dick in his hand and started calling it lingam and it hit me this is my drawing down the Goddess ritual for my warrior spirit. A man at his cross over age of eighteen goes through an intense sexual ritual of power by offering his semen to The Goddess through another man as the receiver and crowned God-Brother in the daylight to show your freedom and belief in her. This must be done in front of your village community and it is only a man that can initiate a man and this is the same for the women at their time.
This is obviously my time and now I am dripping seminal fluid and my god-brother is honoring my cock by calling it lingam to show its divine power and he widens his wet mouth and swallows me whole. The back of his throat is just as hot as I am and he buries my lingam deep inside his throat.
The chanting has gone to silence and I see everyone with their hands held up and wide towards the sky.

He grabs hold of my ass and forces me harder in his mouth and I go even deeper I yell from the pulsating of my arousal and I explode my load inside of him. He squeezes my lingam holding me inside and I am thrusting my lingam and more and more come leaves my dick and feel I have enough to fill his body to his brim. He won’t let go of me and caresses my butt and thighs while I start to become limp. The crowed his happy and saying thank you over and over, I even notice some of the women crying and singing for Joy. Yes he is a man now, I hear from a woman somewhere back in the circle.

I am feeling so much joy pleasure and very special now. My lingam is almost completely flaccid and my god-brother finally releases it and lets it fall into his hands. He is cupping my lingam with such tenderness, he looks up at me and says, I am your god-brother for life and I will always love you. He then returns to my lingam and kisses it three times and I am filled with love and erotic rapture.

He stands next to me and the older man steps before us and starts to speak.

I will now place my hands over your head and meet your warrior spirit. He raises his hands to the sky and yells, here he is Great Goddess what do you call him! He puts his hands over the top of my head and I see images of lion’s bears and horses running in the forest, all sorts of animals running and sounds of great beasts moving in my veins. I burn with fire and finally rest my eyes on a big black grizzly bear standing 10 feet tall. The elder abruptly pulls his hands off me and this breaks my vision. You are of the Bear Clan and your animal warrior is The Grizzly. Cheers are heard from the whole group now. The elder holds up his hands and the cheers stop and he says. She has accepted the offering you are now bonded to your god-brother who is also of the Bear Clan. He looks at my God-Brother and with his hand over his heart says, you two will be each others friend support teacher and student and most of all lovers. You two shall make love every third full moon to keep your warrior spirits happy. You two shall marry the other Bear Clan women and continue the life of our people. Go now to your celebration in the lake with your other Bear Clan warriors and we shall see you in three full day’s time on the high sun. My god-brother grabbed me and we ran off with other men following us and cheers of joy from the group we leave behind.

We ran for about ? of a mile into a savannah where other young men had already made themselves at home building campfires and drawing markings onto the ground representing their type of bear spirit.
There must be about fifty of us here and everyone was paired having gone through their own ritual that very day as either giver or receiver. I was giver and my god-brother was the receiver. He was named to be with me three months ago so when he went through his ritual He was able to bring down his animal spirit with the promise of me being given to him at this time. If there is no one fitted for a young man at the time of his cross over in his community there is allowed a waiting period of up to one year if there is a prospect.
Otherwise we sometimes have to go into other villages and offer something to a high priest or priestess to join there community.

Thank God/Goddess my god-brother didn’t have to wait to long for me. He was strong and beautiful and I found myself longing to receive him.
We marked our spot with the grizzly bear symbol and also found scattered tree branches we used to build a small wall around us to show a boundary line to others. The savannah had scattered trees so we were able to locate enough to create what we wanted.

Most every man was naked or had some marking on their body of their animal warrior spirit or maybe an added wrap around their waist and between there legs. This mostly happened if they were so big between their legs their lingam would hang to low to run safely.

After everyone had made the spaces know and began to relax it was time to eat. Earlier that day the elders of all communities had brought food in a hut for us that sat center of our rest spots and we already knew this. Once the sun started to set we opened the hut and pulled out cooked meats prepared by our women and fruit picked by our children and wine made by the Goddess. We ate and drank and celebrated our strength and freedom of life at this time. Everything was so perfect and harmonious in this place I am loving being alive in this moment. I notice while eating that other men are looking at me and my god-brother is looking at them too. As I browse around the group I can see that things are looking becoming very erotic. Men are going to other men and feeding them pieces of fruit and wine. As I continue my survey my God-Brother kisses me and pours wine into my mouth. I instantly get an erection and he strokes it lightly and I grab hold of his for the first time and I want him in my mouth now. I bend down and spill the wine onto his erect cock and swallow him whole into my mouth for the first time. He moans in delight and I suck to show him how much I like his cock and him.

For some time I am playing his flute and it seems I cannot get enough of him and his juices dripping in my mouth. I love the bond between us I feel close and safe with this man. He pulls me up from my melody and gently pushes me back and we lay down he rolls on top of me and embraces me with such strength and warmth I feel as if I can merge right there into his body. He begins looking deeply into my eyes and I return the gaze and together we rest inside each other. I feel like I am home in this place and what ever past I come from or memory of another life fades further from my consciousness. Then I see him, it’s Kevin in his eyes and I remember his body, smell and desire in his eyes for me. This man is my God-brother from another time that is why it was so easy to return here because I was with him before. I smile and look at my god-brother and he widens his eyes and says. You remember me now? Yes I answer, I know who you are.

Good he says and kisses me fully in my mouth and our tongues dance for a long time and so many images of us together flow into my mind I am beginning to feel like I’m floating and I don’t want to leave this place and this time. Then my legs are spread apart and he kneels between my legs and licks me wet at my anus. My floating sensation turns into waves of ecstasy as he licks me and sticks his tongue deep inside of my ass and I relax more and open to receive him. Then he gives me his most precious gift and inserts his lingam gently into me and my body arches to make his entry easier for us both. Slight burning tingles my ass as his body embraces mine and he penetrates me more. One deep stroke slowly after the other as we ride and soon we are rocking and melting into one another.

I move my gaze from him for a moment to witness the most spectacular scene of men making love to men. Enfolded into each other the pairs of god-brothers are playing the flute honoring the bodies of there men and evolving into a sacred understanding of each others role in their lives. Soon the sun sets fully and we are all consumed by the erotic wave of the moon watching us now as The Goddess is full.

Some bear clan brothers get up and start drumming and calling to The Goddess and chanting ensues and we are up and dancing to the sounds of primal play and awakening ourselves to more power and pleasure. The fire is set and grows with our cries to The Goddess for more! Fan-Yun-Fu-Yu we shout to her Fan-Yun-Fu-Yu meaning the acknowledgment of male to male love and anal intercourse. We are dancing to her in thanksgiving and for permission to continue our evolving into each other. Fan-Yun-Fu-Yu and the fire grows taller as Sage and Sandalwood is thrown into it. Soon the moon responds as we see the colors of red orange yellow green blue indigo and purple pulsating from it. This is the connection of the universe to our bodies channeled from the sun and moon into human bodies and the earth. Yells of joy escalate and we run to the lake in our savannah. We all jump in the water as the moon reveals all to us and we pile onto each other as we grope and feel one man and one hard on after the next. It doesn’t matter at this point which god-brother you are with. This is the ultimate of honor and exchange in the warrior bear clan.

My body is being stroked and my dick sucked and I cannot believe my erection is still existing and asking for more. I look for my god-brother and come to realize that everyone looks the same. We are one (the bear warrior clan) and we are not to be with our god-brother at this point in our initiation. We are to unite on the sexual/spiritual level with all brothers now.

I feel his body hot and wet from the water and heat of our day and I look to see into his eyes and immediately I am kissing his face and neck and enter his mouth. He is allowing me access to him and his erection tells me he likes it. I turn him around and stroke his back and right there with the water from the lake as aid I enter my cock into him. I treat him as gentle as I was treated and soon I am fully in him and riding him like I’ve done this before. We rock and rock and I am thankful for this time and place and my body is so alive and welcomed by everyone here. I give him my divine juices and pull my lingam from him and he turns to me and says I honor The God in you and leaves with a smile.

I fall into the water and my body is cleansed and I feel power unbelievable flowing through my veins. I stand and I hear the chanting once again and I join in as I move and swim about like my other bear clan warriors.

I am looking up at the moon and stars and fall back on the side of the lake and watch the sexual play happening before me. Once again locked bodies and lips communicate honor and worshiping of this time of our lives and I am in a space of openness and acceptance of all life.

He places his hands over my face and I look up between his fingers and see my god-brother Kevin. He stands above me with his soaked body and stretches his hand for me. I rise to him and we grip each other tightly. I look into his eyes and say I honor The God in you. He smiles and says, I know. He holds me close and I hear him say, two more days and we go back to our village to protect our women and children. He pulls from me and looks at me and continues, I am you “God-Brother” and you are mine. I will love you for all of your life as you will me. We will be each others support as will our wives and our children. We will always have our time with The Goddess every Third full moon with our warrior bear clan brothers. I feel fulfilled by his words and understand so much more.

Never forget who you are and where you come from. Honor yourself and love yourself so much.

I embrace him and open my eyes in Kevin’s room at the tantric retreat and I am in his arms in the bed and the day has obviously past us.

I rise to see him sleeping soundly and look to see the full moon peering through the windows and I see the rings of color around her. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Purple and I know now that in this time and place I will honor myself by loving myself and my wife and my god-brother that is why I am here.

Goddess Blessings!

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Moonie Moonie Ouchie Ouchie….

Thursday morning, Carl felt another crazy full day of working and feeling like I’m getting no where! Carl called his girlfriend Cynthia and suggested they take the day off on one of the most beautiful days left in the summer and go to the beach. I have a schedule today Cynthia told Carl and I would love to go but I don’t think it would be a good idea. Well Carl replied, I want to go with you, however I will go alone, I am beyond exhausted and frustrated with my work load and honey, I need a break. Cynthia thinking long and hard felt that being in a healing space with her man Carl was worth changing her schedule around for that day.

Cynthia and Carl were off to the beach.

When they arrived they were shocked at how many other people were already at the beach. You would think it was a Saturday and the last day left of the summer. Carl and Cynthia found a secluded spot and made they’re mark. Cynthia made a small snack for them both and they enjoyed that with light talk about the weather and how great of an idea it was to get away for the day.

As the day flew by as quickly as Carl suggested it, they found themselves walking along the beach about one mile from they’re resting place. Carl suggested they sit and watch the waves. “Let’s enjoy our time in this space together Cynthia, I don’t think we’ll ever be here like this now…not ever.” Why do you have to be so intense Carl? asked Cynthia. Well, you know that’s it’s true, Carl said, this moment will not be able to be recreated and so with that, we will not have this moment again, and I love being able to share this moment with you. I wanted this and you allowed it by saying yes and I want to thank you for that. I have other ideas too, Carl announced and he pulled out his erect cock.

Within a moment Cynthia was kissing Carl and Carl continued by wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her tight.

Moonie moonie, Ouchie ouchie, Carl whispered. Confused Cynthia asked, what did you say? Carl asked what? What did you just say while we were kissing? Cynthia asked once more. I didn’t say anything Carl answered.

Hmmm…Cynthia responded.

Continued hugging, touching and kissing soon Carl repeated. Moonie moonie, Ouchie ouchie. With a push Cynthia shouts, you said it again, Carl what does that mean?!
What shouts back Carl?! Moonie moonie Ouch or some shit like that! What are you saying? Cynthia wanted to know. Carl answered, honey, I’m not saying anything. I’m loving being with you now. Carl reaches for Cynthia and they sit down together and lean back onto the warm sand and continue kissing. Soon all else fades away and the embraces lead to desire for more.

Carl sits up and looks at his beautiful woman and says I want to give to you today. She smiles and reaches for his hard dick and replies, I know you do.

He looks around and sees no one in sight and looks up as to get the beautiful rays of the suns permission and Carl sees the sky has turned into a beautiful red color and this red energy sends a strong vibration to his body.

Carl gently opens Cynthia’s legs and dips one finger into his mouth and then inserts it into her pussy. She quickly squeezes his dick in response and Carl says, relax, this is all for you as he removes her had and caresses her face and continues his journey inside her yoni. Gentle strokes sending waves of pleasure throughout Cynthia’s body helps her to relax. Carl begins to visualize walking inside of her pussy and he can see her pink walls soft and silky which begins to drip gently as she is purring in peaceful pleasure. His footsteps in her pussy are the same as his finger stroking.

Her pussy scent is a breezy fragrance of patchouli that makes his dick harden.

I am walking inside of her pussy and oh my God/Goddess I don’t ever want to leave, thought Carl. Soon he inserted another finger now two pressing insider of her body started her instantly to gently rock. Carl once more suggested, relax and this time he bent over Cynthia and kissed her sweetly with is tongue stroking across her lips before he put it into her mouth and deeply kissed her as he pressed his fingers deeper into her yoni and felt her wetness increase. Not moving increases you inner pleasures my honey, let me give you this gift. Carl rose up and looked into the sky to see and warm orange glow building in the sky. Wow he thought, it’s as if the sky is watching us, he says to Cynthia. She opens her eyes and in agreement says, Father Sky is seducing Mother Earth.

Carl’s visualization continues and he is now drenched in her pussy juice and he begins to remove his clothes inside of her yoni he feels a stronger connection to Cynthia that he has never felt before. He lays into one of her folding pink flesh and is captured by her smell and enters into a trance and his cock keeps growing with aching desire to come truly inside of her. He starts to stroke his cock and soon the tip of his dick is wet.

A yellow gaze grows in the sky and Carl can’t help but feel the burst of heat from the sky as he opens his eyes he sees that Cynthia looks as if she has melted into the comfortable sand bed and her hand is resting on his stiffened dick. She’s not stroking it but her touch alone sends shivers throughout his dick. She opens her eyes to see him looking at her and she smoothes her hand over his lingam and up to his face and says I feel you inside of me deeply penetrating me. With a deep breath Carl inserts another finger; now three fingers make way into her and her body arches with permission for more. Oh yes, that feels like your pressing your whole self into me, she says. With a smile Carl says, I am inside of you walking all the way in your holy temple, my goddess. I am a part of you now. Moonie moonie Ouchie ouchie she says. With a confused look Carl asks, what did you say? Nothing Cynthia answers and just rocks her body gently to meet his touches inside of her.

The sky turns into a light green and it feels as if the sky is embracing the earth and Carl is drawn back into is fantasy.
Lying inside and on her pussy bed he is melted into her walls and Carl starts to grind his cock into her walls and pushes is dick in her temple walls. Cynthia feels this and moans from the pleasure and she spasms from her first orgasm. Carl is drenched from her vagina juice and his dick falls out her yoni wall. Carl is so excited he is shocked he has not filled her pussy up with his cock juice. He is dripping so much from his cock its dark red and feeling even more alive than ever in this state of arousal.

The sky is a brilliant blue and the passion between them both can no longer remain is this calm space. Carl looks around once more and still they are free from viewers and he quickly moves into the center of her legs and dives into her wet waiting yoni. He sucks so much of her juice into his mouth that Cynthia’s own mouth began watering from his obvious delicious meal.

Moonie moonie Ouchie ouchie Carl hears from above. He doesn’t want to stop sucking this creamy coochie. Moonie moonie Ouchie ouchie he hears once more and he manages to lift his eyes enough to see Cynthia grinding with pleasure and spasmming from the intensified vibrations rising within her. Moonie moonie Ouchie ouchie comes through loud and clear and they both stop to look around and see who talking. No one is in view and the chant now continues and it brings with it now the ability to influence their passions and control their cautions. Cynthia brings Carl’s head back to her yoni and he with hesitation first continues his mouth watering pleasuring of her body. He is pulled inside once again and as he is fully entering her Cynthia notices the indigo sky above and feels connected to all around her and believes the sand and waves are only there supporting there divine union.

Carl moves from one pink crevice to another and enters his lingam into her yoni wall and makes love to each and every single sucking spot. He is engrossed with pleasure and his dick and tongue sucks in and out all over her holy temple. Her scent has changed from patchouli to add some musk which is probably because of Carl’s body scent forming a bond in her body. With wide open arms and legs he can’t stretch his body enough to be everywhere at once inside her. As much as he can lick and suck is as much more pleasure for them both and Cynthia is involved in one orgasm after another to many now to even count.

Moonie moonie Ouchie ouche is now part of the love making music along with the shore of the ocean and birds chirping up above.

What the hell is a moonie moonie ouchie ouchie isn’t even a concern any longer and if anyone is watching well, that’s good for them, they both think silently.

With bodies embraced and faces locked in tongue delight Carl is making love to Cynthia and she is giving love back fully. They have reached a level within each other that doorways inside have been opened and they are forced to complete this union. Carl looks up from her face into the now night sky and sees a beautiful purple envelop the night and the air strangely smells of sage and lavender now. He is deep within her with is lingam and she receives him completely and honors him with her surrender. Together they stay in motion as if on a mission from God/Goddess and the rumbling from deep inside Carl builds to a motion of trembles which rock into Cynthia’s already electrified body.

Uh uh uh and groans of shear delight and thanks giving that they found this time and place. The breeze of the night air calms them both only enough to hear the sounds of the chant of moonie moonie ouchie ouchie supporting this encounter around them and they start to see in the moonlight other erotic encounters taking place all around and no one noticing anyone else.

Wow, they say together and are both amazed at the love and sexual unions filling the space around them. All sexual positions and smells of erotic play are seen and soon they feel the passions of the other lovers. Within a moment they are spotted by the others and are given a smile or a wink to welcome them there. They continue there joining and soon they realize what has happened to them. We are in a deep state of connection to each other and our love and honor of each other has given us a new consciousness in sexual love and sharing. We are on another sphere and these other people are already here that is why we couldn’t see them until we could truly see and share ourselves with each other. Yes Carl and Cynthia understood completely what has happened. They trusted each other enough to surrender in love and sex and have healed and grown into the state of being-ness.

They continued their inter-union and from afar you could here moonie moonie ouchie ouchie from the group sound of couples making love in a continuous flow of orgasm and ecstasy it rides and rides all the way through them. Carl ejaculates inside of his goddess and feels in power increases his mind and heart expanding.

When they are resting in their sacred space the other lovers are resting one by one as well. Soon the sun starts to shine through the night sky and no can believe they’ve spent the entire day and night making love on this beach.

They all rise slowly and as everyone slowly leaves and goes off to their personal lives there are hellos and good-byes and we’ll see you in the spirit world later as everyone became full aware of what happened to them and why.

On the ride home there was silence, sensing and realizing the beautiful opportunity they both shared Carl touched Cynthia’s hand and said as he turned to look into her eyes.

“I honor you.”

And they drove into the sunrise.

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The Erotic Destruction

Saddened by the loss of divine sexual spirit in man and womankind Goddess knew it was now time to cleanse the Earth of all weak vibrations and bring about the renewal of life for those that once and still believed.

On the day of the new moon Goddess began by stretching her arms high towards the sky and spreading her legs wide to expose her yoni to the earth. She gave out a cry so loud that all humans loss hearing. In her tears her body grew larger and exceeded the height of the tallest building on our planet. Standing erect her body covered the sun and caused an eclipse, and it was hard for the normal human eye to see. Now deaf and blinded by her presence Goddess started peeing on the earth body and the humans. She became aroused by her hot urine and her erotic desire mixed with her wetness created scents of sacred frankincense and myrrh. This first round of her cleansing caused several deaths of those dead to the bliss of the body. She then pressed her long fingers into her wet dripping pussy and deeply penetrated herself. Her moans traveled all over the earth and sexual desires rose up in people all over the world. Soon Goddess needed to be gratified even deeper in her yoni well and looked onto the earth for something to press into her body for even greater pleasure. Then she saw them, the trees stretching high to reach her and lubricating themselves with their sap to please her. She pulled several bunches of trees at one time and inserted them inside and grinded them in and out and vibrated from the new sensations.

Men and women all over became out of control as if possessed by a seducing source that needed quenching. However without sight and hearing all were left to masturbate themselves and ride their own erotic wave painfully.

Goddess’s breasts still growing and her nipples were now the size of mountains sprang forth milk smelling of lavender and pouring onto the earth and drowning many people with darkness in their hearts and bringing sight to others of true inner erotic beauty. The trees were devoured by her pussy as she pulled many more to continue her dildo thrusts until her need was served.

People now being able to see and still not hear yet felt the abandon of life and were drawn to each other for life giving connection. Lover’s strangers and friends began the fuck of the millennium. Goddess could see many people stroking and fucking and loving and sucking anyone and the only one they could love. Life was felt to be coming to an end as we know it but no one could understand why. Our society’s consciousness became very good at avoiding and not taking responsibility for the loss of spiritual and sexual connection, so random acts of sex became connected to more false power and violence than love and erotic life.

Goddess walked across the planet killing those weak vibrations and freeing the strong vibrations that would be left to rebuild our world. As she walked she found a body of water large enough for her to step into it and Goddess bathed her body and her heart started pounding so loud from her pain of ending life on earth and the pleasure of her powers filling her with the excitement of what was to come. Her pounding heart was heard by everyone and the sound brought freight or peace to souls. Then through the beating rose a deep pulling in her pussy and emerged a large cock out her open cunt. She stroked her cock and made it grow even longer and used the body of water to enhance her dicks pleasures. Stroking and stroking hard her dick stretched to the length of her legs and she felt the need of her dick for satisfaction. Her cock began dripping at its tip and sniffing like a dog out of the water and onto dry land. Goddess’s dick wanted to be sucked and ridden on its shaft. Soon the cock scent of sage hypnotized women from all over and they were led to the lingam to worship at its tip. They came in huge numbers and peeled off their clothes and began to pleasure themselves as they walked into the cock’s tip and melted into the dripping fluid and this made the cock larger. The lingam became the size of a UFO and other women came and crawled onto the shaft of the cock and grinded their wet nasty pussies on the dick and erupted into orgasm, only to die from the excitement. Screams of pleasure and constant need continued for a while and soon all that was weak was served to please our Goddess.

As she was now just about complete of eating and using the humans that no longer served the life force for any of us. She jerked her cock with one hard strong pull and pulled it from her pussy to turn it around and put it back inside of herself. At this time all other humans on earth could see and hear her cries and passions for all life and pleasures of the body. Her moaning and grinding was one huge jolting Huuuu to Ohmmm sent to us all.

We all watched with awe and understanding as Goddess jammed that cock into her wide cunt and rubbed her mile long clit so hard that soon she squirted out massive juices from her pussy and her yoni rain fell on all the earth and we drank her pussy juice and were renewed by her life and her death.

The Goddess body died and melted into dust which the wind took and blew her ashes up into the now dark sky where colors of Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Purple covered the earth.

The body spirits that survived were 77% female and 23% male.

And the rest was left for us to deal with.

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Lost in The Goddess

It was late in the day. Walking along the trail, John knew he needed to hurry because soon it would be too dark to walk.  He was already starting to lose sight of the trail markings on the trees that showed him way back down the mountain. 

What a beautiful day John thought, reflecting back on his hike along the Appalachian Trail, up to a spectacular view of the Seven Lakes.  He’d had a good lunch and a long nap with a beautiful breeze brushing across his body as he slept. 

 Now it was getting late, and just above the tip of the trees John could see the many bright colors around the sun as it dimmed into darkness.  Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet hues encircled the sun as it began to fade and drop behind the horizon.

It became even darker, and John noticed the full moon begin to appear. He expected that in this magical moment, anything could happen.  Soon it was too dark to go on, so John stopped to pull out his flashlight and have a drink of water.  While sitting he heard the sound of a woman singing.  He looked around and saw no one, but the singing became louder.  It was beautiful to hear, and John felt drawn to the sound, but not being able to see the person who was singing concerned him.  John stood and turned on his flashlight. The bright light pierced the darkness. All he could see were tree branches and leaves moving in the wind.  Thank God it was a warm day, he thought, with the promise of a warm night.  The singing stopped, and soon John continued his journey down to his car.  As he trudged along, the singing began again as if the sound was following him.  He quickened his pace, and yet he felt pulled to stop at the same time.  He was so distracted by the meditative erotic-sounding melody that he dropped his flashlight. It fell onto a rock and broke apart.  He stopped to try to find the flashlight when he was suddenly grabbed around his face and pulled onto the ground.  He began to struggle against the body atop him. It felt like a woman and her smell enveloped him. She covered his face with a soft cloth so he couldn’t see in the darkness.  She continued her melody and soothed John with a voice of loving sounds. Her breath was a violet scent caressing his sense of smell. 

The mystery woman began to gently touch his body, beginning at his face, then cupping his chin. The caresses moved down his chest and onto the soft bulge in his pants.  She sniffed him and licked his face with her lavender tongue.  She spoke to him with the same intoxicating sounds of her music. 

“You’ve wandered into my territory,” she began.  “Everyone knows not to enter these grounds during the time of the full moon.” 

 “I’m sorry,” John said. “I was not aware that I had been trespassing.”

“I don’t believe you,” the temptress said. “Why is your cock so hard if you are innocent?”

“I can’t help it,”  he replied. “I’ve never been tackled by a woman like this before and your hand is there and your smell arouses me. I swear I didn’t know I was on forbidden grounds.” 

“Too bad,” she said. She rose and pulled John up with the strength of two men,  guiding him along the path. John could hear sounds of other women encircling him.  He was guided to a tree and pushed against it. The mystery woman had tied his hand together, and although John was concerned for his safety, his cock stayed hard. 

One by one, each woman came up to him and caressed his body and licked his face or neck.  Each woman had her own very special scent that almost sent him into an erotic coma.  His cock began to ache for attention.  His mouth watered as the women rubbed their breasts against his body. They began to undress him, exposing his body and his throbbing cock to the warm night air. 

John heard the om chant building around him. The sound of om encircled him as one woman began and then another, sending continuous flows of pleasant-feeling vibrations throughout his grounded body. 

Then came a screeching sound that startled everyone, and frightened John the most.  “Yee yee yee yee yee, ya ya ya ya ya!” screamed someone, with enough force to end the chanting.  It came from an austere-looking woman, who commanded him, “Bow down before your Goddess.” He heard her steps approaching him.  He heard the others as they rustled down onto the ground.  John didn’t think the order was for him as well, but he was forcefully shoved to the hard earth. 

“Didn’t you hear my command, you man?” the commanding woman asked.

“I’m sorry. I did not realize you meant me too,” he replied. 

“You sure are playing the innocent tonight!” she yelled at him.  “You know exactly what you are doing!  Now stay right there on your knees and don’t move!”

He was confused, but his obvious erection remained. It was as if his dick had full knowledge of what was going to happen.  As John knelt, he felt a smack on his butt and he jerked his body forward and fell.  He was pulled back up and received another smack, and then another, until his butt was red and tender.  Three sets of hands rubbed oil of lavender and sage all over his body.  The oil was cool and relaxed his body and soothed his ass, as he stood receiving the anointing. Then one of the blessed him.  She walked over to him and bent to his feet, and said “ Blessed are thy feet.” The words were repeated by all in the circle as the priestess kissed each foot.  “Blessed are thy knees,” was intoned, and repeated by the group, and his knees were kissed. “Blessed is thy sex,” and as this is repeated, a wet mouth covers John lingam, holding still for a moment. His penis gets harder, and with every stretch of his begging cock he receives a long wet tongue stroke on the divine rod.  “Blessed is his heart,” they all say, continuing the ritual. “Blessed are his lips,” and as this is repeated a sweet tongue enters Johns mouth and sucks his tongue. 

“Mother, Father, Child!” This new chant begins in a low hum and slowly grows to a loud chorus all around him. 

One by one, the women, each with a different scent, crawl along John’s body and mark him with their teeth.  All sorts of marks are left on John’s body, and his level of arousal increases with the sharp sensations coming from the lips and teeth of the temptresses.  Soon they come in groups and push his body around and take him together. He can no longer focus on the scent of one woman and this confusion causes his breathing to become harder and faster.  His cock is sucked so hard that it begins to feel tender—he feels he may ejaculate at any moment.  As if his mind was read, the Goddess pushes into his body and grabs his lingam and says, “No ejaculating, or you will be sorry. Your semen is not good enough to give to me yet.” 

John sucks in his breath and is pushed down onto the soft ground and is pulled by his arms and legs and spread-eagled, exposing his balls.  Wet mouths pull and lick his testicles, sending fire up his spine.  The pungent smell of pussy envelops his nostrils as a woman sits on his face—he enters her with his tongue.  His lingam is sucked and stroked and pulled on, and oil is constantly being poured over him. Everyone enjoys the pleasures of his body.  He squeezes his body tight, trying his best to hold onto his ejaculation.  He begins to feel pain with the need to shoot his load.  He also doesn’t want the stream of sensual delights to end: one pussy, then another atop of his face, lips and more lips pulling at his cock, and now teeth nibbling his toes, and saliva dripping all over him as more women are hungry for his flesh.  It seems to him that the priestesses haven’t had a man in a long while.

John is flipped over again, but this time they remove the binding around his wrists, freeing his hands so that he is able to mingle with the group.  He shares as much as he can, touching everyone on and around him as he lies on his belly.  His body is being probed for more to be given to this hungry group.  His ass is spread and a tongue pursues his opening and goes deeper into his anus.  The wetness and depth of the entry sends him to another level of ecstasy.  He starts to see the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, all around him.  He wishes he could open his eyes to see what was truly there.  A finger enters him and he is lifted onto his knees.  He is now being fed fruit—grapes, pomegranates, and oranges begin to drip from his mouth as a tongue sucks his lips.  The pressing in his ass continues and John knows he is going to burst all over everything now. He screams loudly, saying, “PLEASE GODDESS—I NEED TO GIVE MYSELF TO YOU!!” John can barely breathe from the insistent groping and touching and biting and penetration all in and over him. “Please, please, please let me come—I need to so badly, Goddess!” he cries with erection bigger than he’s ever experienced.  The pain and pleasure is almost too much to bear. 

 Quickly the blindfold is removed. Standing before him is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen: long hair, wild eyes, dark silky skin, the scent of sage and lavender flowing from her, and the smell of ylang ylang. John risked a glance around him for a glimpse the other succubus’s in the group.

 John quickly surmised that there were about twenty women—all shapes and sizes of women, one as beautiful as the next, and the aroma of desire for his flesh and soul.  He had never seen women like this before. Some of them had markings on their body and/or faces. Some had bald skulls, and glowing auras of sexual power and need. Looking at their bushes, their yonis, he saw some with mountains of hair, and some clean and hairless.  Some of them had clitorises so big John swore they had to be an inch long. He couldn’t stop staring and wondering which one had entered his body and which one had sat on his face.  “Could I have had that big clit in my mouth?” John wondered and hoped.

“Stand up!” commanded the head Goddess. John rose quickly. He felt dizzy and almost fell as quick as he stood. 

“What do you want?” asked the Goddess.  

Looking puzzled John pointed to himself and asked, “What do ‘I’ want?” 

“You wandered into our garden and participated in our ritual and gave yourself freely.  Now, in order for us to let you ejaculate, you must want something.”

With his mouth open wide, he said, “Well, could I make love to you?”

Gasps and sounds of shock told John quickly that that was not an option and that there might be trouble for even  asking.  The Goddess walked up to him slowly and peered into his eyes, going deep into his soul.  He felt she saw everything in him. He was left with nothing hidden when she walked away. 

The Goddess approached him where he leaned, breathless, against a tree, and motioned for him to come closer.  When he moved towards her she smacked the hell out of his face, then grabbed his neck and forced her tongue into his mouth.  While kissing, she pushed him back against the tree. The other priestesses started to move toward them.  The Goddess pulled from John and yelled, “NO!  Stay back, watch, and hold the circle. Afterwards take me to the river.” 

One of the priestesses called out, “Great Goddess, you have not had a human man inside of your womb for a very long time. You might kill him with your yoni!” 

“That is his problem!” shouted the Goddess. “This is for healing, this if for life!” 

John was shocked by what he heard, but that did not deter him or his cock.  The kissing began again. This time the breathing was more than just sharing—all the breaths were becoming one within the Goddess.  He clearly saw the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  Hot sensations moved along his spine, and he felt more alive than he ever had embracing a woman’s body.  The Goddess lifted her right leg up and opened wide. She took John’s long cock and said to him, “I,” with her eyes wide and wet mouth, “I honor your cock and your warrior soul.  Enter my temple and fuck me hard.”  With that order John pounded his cock into her Goddess temple. The wet silky walls of her insides helped him easily enter her pussy deeply.  As he slammed her, her pussy grew wetter, and John felt his dick become even bigger. “Oh Goddess, oh Goddess!” John called to her. He began feeling her whole body—caressing her back and face, touching and stroking her long hair, and feeling that round ample ass. He picked her up and spread her legs apart. Propping her up against the tree and gripping her ass harder, he fucked her even deeper.  His groans became louder, and her moans told him of the pleasure he was giving her.  He couldn’t believe that not too long ago he was about to spew his come all over the place. Now he was inside a beautiful temple, a holy woman’s yoni, and he could last as long as she needed him. The pleasure he was giving her made him feel so good and powerful.  He actually felt himself growing taller with this power. He felt a pulling sensation within his body, and quickly looked around to see if he really had grown taller—in fact John was much more statuesque, and so was his Goddess.  They were beginning to tower over everyone.  The cheers from the crowed below let him know he wasn’t imagining this at all.  He was growing taller and his Goddess was growing too. 

“How is this happening?” he asked the Goddess.

“We are a part of everything,” she told him, “and when we experience loving intercourse this way, connecting at the soul level, your divine consciousness expands and evolves. Then you are able to share with everything around you in your world.”  John’s dick grew larger with the comprehension of her words. 

As he could now see into this Goddess, he began to share her knowledge, and to know her soul.  She told him to let her down. She pulled his lingam from her temple and turned around to embrace the top of the tree, which was at the level of her arms.  They both had grown so tall that they were at the height of a twenty-foot tree.  She looked at him and said, “I want you to enter my ass.”  John then bent down onto one knee and spread open  her buttocks to smell her there.   The scent was delightful—he thanked God for the opportunity to be lost in the Goddess.  He licked her and made her ass ready for his  enormous cock. He stood up and gently stroked the tip of his dick next to her waiting ass hole—his dripping cock slid into her easily.  They groaned together as he rode her ass all the way to the heights of ecstasy.  “Yes! Yes! Yes!” yelled the Goddess. “I am yours— take me all the way!” 

He rode her and rode her, and melted into her body.  He was lost inside her, and never wanted to be found.  He belonged with her, and their bodies knew it—and now their souls did too.  “Fuck me more! Give it to me more—give me your offering, your divine gift of life in my ass.” 

“Yes, Goddess, you deserve it! You found me and took me into your power and you made me yours.  Now I will make you mine.  I will fuck you into my body!”  John fucked his Goddess, biting her neck and pulling at her hair.  She loved it, and she needed it.  “I will give it to you now Goddess!” he screamed.

“Yes,” she agreed, “yes!”  Pounding deeper and deeper into her ass, John screamed and gripped her breasts as he spurted his seminal juices into her sweet ass.  He came so much he flooded her ass—some of his semen spilled out of her ass onto the ground, and onto the priestesses looking in awe from below.  They were delighted and thankful to slurp up his come as it rained down from the sky.

John never left the Garden of the Goddess, and the two of them most certainly lived happily ever after. 

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Priestesses of Passion 

It was a normal full moon evening. I walked through the woods to my favorite location in the clearing to begin my late night ritual in honor of the Goddess.

It’s always been important to me to honor The Goddess and The Goddess within me through a ritual of chant dance song and sexual pleasure. This clearing in the woods I found years ago has always held a sacred peaceful and special place in my heart and mind. I often think of this place if I ‘m angry or confused— it brings me peace and wisdom.   

I have never shared this place with anyone, although I have done rituals with others in other places—even in a forest clearing. I just always wanted and needed this special space for myself.  

This particular night would be different. 

I went to my sacred clearing and began preparing a fire for light. As the fire grew I laid the flowers I brought as an offering around the edge. I threw sage into the fire to cleanse the space around me. I began my chant of the goddess trinity, Mother ~ Father ~ Child. 

I chanted louder and louder as I felt more powerful and thankful to be here and able to acknowledge the power within me. 

Mother ~ Father ~ Child
Mother ~ Father ~ Child 
Mother ~ Father ~ Child  

I brought out the special bottle of red wine I saved just for tonight with a mixture of fresh fruit I prepared, and I followed with my Goddess Communion—first eating some fruit in honor of my body, and then, drinking the wine in honor of my mind. 

The fire flames suddenly shot up powerful red and orange jets six feet in the air. 

That’s when I heard her—a sigh of wonder and shock behind me. I turned to see who was there, but there was no one. I thought maybe my ears were beginning to play tricks on me, with the wine I was continuing to drink, and the crackling of the glorious fire. 

I began dancing wildly around the fire, throwing off my clothes—calling out my name to the Great Goddess. 

I am here Great Goddess. I am here Great Goddess!  

I was sweating, my body glistening in the campfire light. As I continued my salutation to the Goddess, I began feeling hotter, wetter, all over my body. I could see my silhouette bouncing off the trees around me and on the ground. The wind began to blow and the fire danced and grew bigger, dancing with me. 

That’s when I saw her! A beautiful longhaired wild-eyed woman emerged from out of the shadows. She stood silent. I stopped moving. Breathing heavily, I looked to see if was anyone else was there. I began to feel afraid and she called to me. 

“No need to be afraid, my priestess—you are safe here with me.” I instantly felt calm. She moved towards me and her dark eyes became sparkling silver blue—it seemed as if she could see through me. I was transfixed by her grounding energy; her wild hair made her look like she had just been jumping around in revelry.   

There seemed to be an innocence within her, yet, it appeared exactly she was going to do to me as if she had planned it from long ago. I couldn’t slow down my breathing and this just made me become even more aroused. I noticed a dripping was coming from my yoni. I was dripping from my yoni from intense pleasure at the sight of her. I couldn’t run to my sacred clearing, because here she was right in it.

We were face to face, and she smiled and lifted her right hand to give me a flower, a big beautiful sunflower. I took it, and started to thank her, but she covered my mouth with fingers that smelled like lavender. I breathed in this scent and lifted my eyes in understanding. She began caressing my body gently, first my face and hair—across my eyes and to my ears. I felt like I might fall back, but felt completely grounded and I knew I wouldn’t. She moved her caresses to the front of my body, pausing at my nipples, which were dripping with sweat.  She touched the sensitive tips, and squeezed them a little—I looked into her eyes to see red glowing from them.  She bent over and lightly tongued each erect nipple.  I felt shivers of excitement come into the crown of my head and move all the way to my feet, just from her light licking.  She continued her touches at my belly and hips, moving towards my crotch.  I was still dripping out of my yoni, and I felt a bit embarrassed.  She moaned in pleasure as she stroked me there. Her tonguing caresses found my legs, all the way down to my feet. She knelt down to kiss the tops of my feet. 

She crawled around to the back of my body, spot-kissing my ankles, and began administering light strokes up the back of my body.  She stopped at my round, firm bottom and kissed every inch of it.  My ass never felt as loved as it did in that moment.  Thank you, Great Goddess I said to myself.  She followed the crease of my lower back up to the nape of my neck with her kisses, then stroked the back of my head.  I fell into a trance and began rocking my body—I heard songs of pleasure and thanksgiving in my head.  She moved around to my front and looked into my eyes. I saw waves of green flowing from them.  I lifted my hands in a prayer position in front of my heart and said, “I honor the Goddess.” 

She nodded in acceptance. I moved my hands to her face and gently touched her body all over.  She was as soft and firm as I was, and her rich honey skin glowed the more I touched her.  I lowered her onto the dry dirt by the fire and straddled my body over her.  I reached for the sage and tossed more into the flames.  The fragrant woodsmoke caressed our bodies to aid in the cleansing ritual we’d just done with our touches. I sat on top of her yoni, which was wet and only getting wetter.  She looked so beautiful—I felt the same.  Her eyes were glowing orange and I felt like I wanted to be inside her.  I bent over, my hips in the air, and kissed her lips.  She tasted like fine red wine and smelled like grapes.  Our lips met and our tongues touched, and the shivers returned from my crown to my feet.  She grabbed me and pulled my hips onto her body.  I discovered that her pussy was as wet as mine and I didn’t feel ashamed any more. I pressed harder on her and rocked to the rhythm we were creating between us.  I felt drugged and light-headed from excitement. This is when I started to see images of having been with her before—so many images of loving this woman as a friend, partner and priestess.  I began to let myself feel and act on this closeness.  I moaned and held my head up to get some air.  She moved her hands to my nipples again, and as she squeezed and fondled them, I had my first explosion, right on top of her.  I came so hard I thought my heart would fall out.

This energy continued to grow—I bent over to her neck and sucked her neck with my wet mouth, marking her as mine.  I ached between my legs—she open her legs open more to fully connect our yonis. She smiled and moaned—I noticed a powerful violet coming from her eyes.  I continued to grind on her—I felt my clit growing.  “More,” she demanded, as I probed deeper into her, “more!” The smell of sex was strong in the air, adding to our pleasure.  I rocked her to a jolting orgasm and we both fell back onto the ground, now wetter than when we began.  After catching my breath, I slid over to her and blessed every part of her body, saying, “Blessed are thy feet, ankles, knees, thighs, yoni, belly…”, every part of her sexy form.  She, in turn, blessed every part of my body.  I smiled, feeling the power of the encounter.  The level of freedom and acceptance I felt with this person was unbelievable.  I wanted more, so I opened her legs and stuck my tongue straight into her opening. She arched her body and spread her arms across the ground, forming a sacred bed, an altar for our erotic worship. She allowed me to have my way with her.

I glided my fingers in and out of her loving lavender-smelling pussy and kissed her all over her yoni.  I inserted several fingers into her and she writhed with gasps of spoken pleasure, broken by the sensations I was sending into her body.  And I knew what she was saying. Then I was seeing images of fucking her so good in our past lives that I just couldn’t stop myself.  I finally pulled out of her and turned her over on her belly. I proceeded to clean some of the dirt off her body, then lick her ass and spread her cheeks to smell her more.  I licked her clean, and lifted her onto her knees and held her tightly.  I pulled a flower from the altar and stoked the area between her pussy and butt checks. Leaving the flower between us, I pressed myself onto her backside and pumped as if I had a penis to enter her.  She groaned as if I had a penis that most certainly did enter her and she yelped Yes’s for me to continue.  We both exploded this time—I fell back on the ground with a sigh and she laid over me and stuck her tongue deeply into my mouth without a word.  I received her and held her tightly, never wanting to let go.  She fucked me hard and tight, never being more than an inch or two from my yoni.  She pumped and pumped on me and I felt her clit grow.  I felt her psychic penis enter me as I had entered her, and she fucked me all the way to fucking rapture.

We lay there, completely exhausted, for a while, then we fed each other the rest of the wine and fruit.  I felt heavenly, and definitely blessed.  She spoke to me of our lives together, and the things we learned from each other in each of those lives.  She was happy that I found our sacred place, although over the lifetimes this spot was many things for us, it was now in close vibration with the way we most enjoyed living together.  It had taken all these years of my rituals here to hold a vibration in this space for her—to make it happen here with me.  She saw the portal—from and through distant lives—and could only wait for the opening was complete, and the time was right to come through and join me.  I was in tears and ecstasy with all I was hearing and remembering.

We embraced and made love again to the waking sun shining through the trees.  The fire was low and the scent in the air was wavering.  “I must return to my time,” my love expressed to me as we stood and embraced once more.

“I will always love you and be with you, my Priestess. Don’t forget to be sexually wise as you honor others.  Continue your work—you are almost there.” 

As she walked into the last bit of the shadows of the dawn left, I called to her, “What was the name I called you most?” 

She looked back and smiled with Indigo eyes glaring and answered “Goddess” and then vanished. 

I remained for a time by the embers of the fire, meditating on the memories of that night and giving thanks. Then I dressed and left. 

See you next full moon, I whispered as I left, smiling to myself.

Goddess Blessings!

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